As the first collected edition of Unfollow hits comic book stores this week, the high concept behind DC/Vertigo's social media thriller threatens to overshadow the comic itself.In large part, Unfollow works because writer Rob Williams leans into the sticky parts of the series' DNA including tongue-in-cheek references to Willy Wonka's golden tickets while steering the larger tale in another direction.Unfollow begins with Larry Ferrell, bazillionaire founder of social media empire Headspace, choosing 140 users at random to inherit his fortune upon his death.Most of this first collection follows prizewinner Dave, an average young guy from St. Louis, Missouri, as his increasing paranoia over his part of the Ferrell fortune leads to tragedy, even without outside influence.While there is murder, the focus is on those left behind—those who have theoretically benefited from Ferrell's gift and stand to be protected by aforementioned God-whisperer Deacon or inspired by self-appointed leader Akira.Other prizewinners include a BBC journalist made suicidal by what she witnessed in Tehran, a humble British accountant, and a cynical socialite who might be the smartest character in 140 Characters.
And GDS's Verify still not readyHMRC is pushing ahead with its own plans to build an online authentication portal following the decommissioning of the current Gateway portal in 2018, according to multiple sources.One source said the department is building its own authentication capability that will deal with businesses – something the Government Digital Service's online authentication system Verify cannot do."It doesn't want to publicly admit it is building its own system, as it's a sensitive issue with the Cabinet Office.A spokesman from HMRC confirmed that the department will use a replacement for Gateway for business users, currently managed by the Department for Work and Pensions.That was in addition to 11,000 people using GOV.UK Verify to file their self assessment tax returns in 2015.In 2016 a total of 9.24 million users paid their tax online, with at least half of those having elected to use an accountant.
Reuters – Federal agents acted in good faith in executing a warrant to search a Connecticut accountant s records that had been seized 2-1/2 years earlier, a U.S. appeals court said, in a closely watched case testing how long the government can keep a criminal suspect s computer data.But the 2nd U.S.Circuit Court of Appeals in New York on Friday avoided the question of whether keeping the records that long violated Stavros Ganias constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment.The 12-1 decision, one of the rare cases heard by the entire court, restored Ganias 2011 jury conviction and two-year prison term for tax evasion.A three-judge panel had overturned both in June 2014.At issue were computer files seized in November 2003 by U.S. Army investigators examining possible overbilling by a military contractor that employed Ganias as an accountant.But rather than purge unneeded files, the government held onto them, and in April 2006 got a warrant to search them for evidence of unrelated tax evasion by Ganias.In the 2014 ruling that voided the jury verdict, Circuit Judge Denny Chin, the dissenter in Friday s decision, said the government went too far by searching computer records it had long considered irrelevant for evidence of a new crime.Writing for the full appeals court in an unusual, 60-page joint opinion, Circuit Judges Debra Ann Livingston and Gerard Lynch did not resolve that issue.But they cautioned law enforcement to be more careful, citing significant privacy concerns and Fourth Amendment issues arising when the government retains hard drives and other digital media containing vast troves of personal information, much of which may be entirely irrelevant to the criminal investigation that led to the seizure.The government did precisely what the Fourth Amendment forbids: it entered Ganias premises with a warrant to seize certain papers and indiscriminately seized – and retained – all papers instead, he wrote.Stanley Twardy, Ganias lawyer, said he was reviewing the decision and might appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.U.S.Attorney Deirdre Daly in Connecticut said: The court s thoughtful opinion provides a nuanced and balanced analysis of the complexities surrounding searches of digital media.Several criminal defense advocacy groups supported Ganias appeal.Google parent Alphabet Inc also supported Ganias, and said additional privacy safeguards may be needed when law enforcement asks service providers such as Google to help search users content.The case is U.S. v. Ganias, 2nd U.S.
Magnus HagdornThe government can prosecute and imprison people for crimes based on evidence obtained from their computers—even evidence retained for years that was outside the scope of an original probable-cause search warrant, a US federal appeals court has said in a 100-page opinion paired with a blistering dissent.The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that there was no constitutional violation because the authorities acted in good faith when they initially obtained a search warrant, held on to the files for years, and built a case unrelated to the original search.But the appeals court said the authorities' behavior was acceptable and didn't reach the constitutional question of whether the Fourth Amendment rights were breached for accountant Stavros Ganias, who was sentenced to two years in prison.He challenges his conviction on the ground that the Government violated his Fourth Amendment rights when, after lawfully copying three of his hard drives for off-site review pursuant to a 2003 search warrant, it retained these full forensic copies or mirrors , which included data both responsive and non-responsive to the 2003 warrant, while its investigation continued, and ultimately searched the non-responsive data pursuant to a second warrant in 2006.But the government asked for the full appeals court to rehear the case en banc, and the court agreed to do so with all 13 judges.But the majority concluded that the law did not allow "officials executing a warrant for the seizure of particular data on a computer to seize and indefinitely retain every file on a computer for use in future criminal proceedings."
Svetlana Blackburn was working as senior finance manager in Oracle's cloud businessGeneric snap for court issuesA senior finance manager in Oracle s cloud business has complained to a federal court that she was terminated from her job because she refused to go along with, and threatened to blow the whistle on accounting principles that she considered to be unlawful.A Certified Public Accountant, Blackburn had received a positive performance review in August 2015, but in the following month her supervisors had charted a course that veered from legal, ethical and company standards.Her employment was terminated within weeks, on Oct. 15, after she continued to resist and warn of the accounting improprieties, according to the complaint.We don't agree with the allegations and intend to vigorously defend the matter, said Oracle spokeswoman, Deborah Hellinger, in an email.Blackburn accuses Oracle of unlawful retaliation under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which is legislation that aims to prevent corporate accounting fraud and errors.The former employee also claims to be protected under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which provides that an employer may not discharge or otherwise discriminate against an individual who makes disclosures required or protected under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
Whilst we would like to think that our jobs, industries and income will not obey the basic rules of change, we would be naive to assume that the existing paradigm will remain.People Per Hour provides people offering services as a commodity for just about anything; be your PA, your PR Guru, your salesman, Accountant, artist.....all by the hour but with defined goals and measurable results.No employment laws to be fearful of and limited by because there are no employees, just service providers.But is it sustainable in areas of our lives where we are focussed on people and relationships?One live example is that the biggest and best blue chip employers are finding that they cannot recruit the best anymore with just a remuneration package; purpose and mission are more valuable than pay to the young who have different views about housing, cars, entertainment and values.The young put a premium on their freedom to think, do and speak over stable employment.
Serial litigator was asking for $600,000 damages and still fighting over online saleA Massachusetts accountant has vowed never to sell anything on Craigslist again, after getting embroiled in a nearly seven-year legal fight over the quality of a printer he sold online.Zavodnik initially filed his complaint in Marion County's small-claims court asking for $6,000 in damages the maximum amount allowed , as the printer was defective when it arrived.But that case was dismissed when Zavodnik admitted he had already thrown away the printer and could not produce it as evidence.The case was referred to the court of appeals in March 2012.Both sides appealed that verdict, but this time the case was heard quickly – later that month."With regard to damages, Zavodnik did not ask Costello to admit any facts that would justify an award of damages in excess of the purchase price," the judgement reads.
The contemporary project prompted Ward to consider adding modern, high-end suspension, powertrain, and build materials to the FJ40.Rather, his ability to foresee market trends and his attention to detail laid the groundwork for a booming business, satisfied customers, and industry acclaim.Rusted, patina exteriors hide advanced suspension systems, intricate interior features, and high-end materials.ICON engineeringLike Rob Dickinson s Singer Vehicle Design, ICON takes the whims of the affluent, pumps them with Ward s vision, and produces the level of aesthetic grace and performance that accountant-leashed automakers could never mimic.An Atlas II transfer case designed for on- and off-road performance is mated with Dana 60 front/44 rear axles and optional ARB locking differentials.Also included is a BULL BAR front bumper with integrated LED lights, a rear ICON design tow and tire carry bumper, and integrated storage lockers.
It boils in the industry, says co-founder David Wengbrand. Ulricehamn-based Wrebit has developed a mobile application for the smallest companies, which do not need any advanced features for posting. Then we have a lot of other stuff going on, but where I do not want to reveal too much. The Swedish company that contributes to the boil include Billogram, Dooer, Wint, Mr. Shoebox and Red Flag - all with slightly different angles but with a common idea of ​​streamlining reporting as much as possible. The 2 million now invested in Wrebit come from the venture capital company Almi Invest, the investment company Stahl Invest and Inkinvest that is an incubator of Borås. We feel we differentiate ourselves a lot from the competition, and we want to show it more clearly to customers, says David Wengbrand.
They meet the waitress, the sales clerk, the serviceman.I ve walked out of stores that felt too pushy.Let s consider three types of business websites:Local business: Your website is an extension of a real business, where you come face to face with your customers in the flesh store, theatre, trades .Service business: You interact with your customers, but not always in the same city accountant, coach, translator .This is especially true because, people will be handing money over online.One of the best things about shopping locally is that you get to know the store.
Microsoft has been accused of tricking users into upgrading to Windows 10 after the exit button on a pop-up window activated the download rather than cancelled it.Accountant Ron Bowen was out of work for nearly a week after his machine upgraded to Windows 10 seemingly of its own volition.But that didn't help.There is now a button on the taskbar that gives you a zoomed-out view of all the apps you have running, and lets you select the one you want or create multiple virtual desktops.How to cancel an upgradeIf you have unwittingly scheduled an upgrade, it is still possible to cancel it before it is installed.1985: Windows 1: The first version introduced programs like Paint that are still in use1987: Windows 2: New graphical applications like Word and Excel proved popular1990: Windows 3: A leap forward in visual terms, it was also a commercial success1993: Windows NT: An enterprise-oriented version of Windows designed for servers and workstations1995: Windows 95: Many people's first foray into Windows introduced the Start Menu and Taskbar1998: Windows 98: The first Windows to come bundled with Internet Explorer2000: Windows 2000: Designed as a new alternative to NT for businesses2000: Windows ME: "Millennium Edition" was widely derided as a poor stopgap until XP was released2001: Windows XP: Possibly Microsoft's most successful OS ever, support was only officially ended in 20142007: Windows Vista: This long-awaited update had many security and performance flaws and set Microsoft back years2009: Windows 7: Microsoft put a lot of effort into improving on Vista, with 7 well received2012: Windows 8: Designed for tablets and mobile as well as PCs, it controversially got rid of the Start Menu2015: Windows 10: Pitched as Microsoft's last version of Windows, it introduces a new browser, Edge
A Swedish entrepreneur adds an average of 40 hours per month of management - it is an easy way to dramatically reduce the time. Working time and energy should be laid on data related to its own operations to do - not on paper invoices to be certified and paid and receipts to be stored, recorded and put into binders, which are then passed on to the auditor. With our digital system, we can halve the time as an entrepreneur spend on administration, says Björn Elfgren, president of the digital accounting firm Wint. The idea for Wint occurred in a summer cottage down in Blekinge, where Björn Elfgren and some accountant colleagues talked about the things that annoys the customers on who takes unnecessary time and drag down productivity. A mission began crystallizing and shortly afterwards said they quit their jobs at some of the major accounting firms, invested the money they had and started Wint with the goal of changing the accounting industry. As a customer, you get a new billing address, which means you do not have the envelope opening, attestation and accounting.
Facebook is testing end-to-end encryption on its Messenger app with "secret" conversations that users can set to self destruct.It combines the encryption options currently available on Facebook's WhatsApp service with the ephemerality of Snapchat.Facebook said the new option will "better support conversation about sensitive topics"."Your messages and calls on Messenger already benefit from strong security systems — Messenger uses secure communications channels," wrote Facebook in a blog post announcing the update."We ve heard from you that there are times when you want additional safeguards — perhaps when discussing private information like an illness or a health issue with trusted friends and family, or sending financial information to an accountant.""To enable you to do this, we're starting to test the ability to create one-to-one secret conversations that will be end-to-end encrypted and which can only be read on one device of the person you re communicating with."
Karen Bradley is new culture minister as John Whittingdale leaves cabinet after 14 months, while Ed Vaizey stays put as digital economy ministerJohn Whittingdale has been ousted as culture minister, but new Prime Minister Theresa May has not heeded calls by one ISP to replace Ed Vaizey as minister for the digital economy in her cabinet reshuffle.Bradley, who was elected as MP in 2010, worked in the Home Office and is a trained accountant.Whittingdale only assumed the position in May last year following the Conservative s victory in the 2015 General Election.The former private secretary to Margaret Thatcher has previously served as chair of the Culture, Media and Sport parliamentary select committee.Previously a vocal critic of the television licence, his 14 month tenure was characterised by a major review of the BBC and a new funding agreement that saw the end of the fee being top-sliced to fund government broadband projects like Broadband Delivery UK BDUK .
Last May, Google revealed a significant number of changes coming to AdWords during the Google Performance Summit; most of which revolved around mobile and local realities.One of those declared changes, that has to do with a so-called local three-pack, flew under the radar until it was recently fleshed out in greater detail.Did you notice when searching for a local business on Google a map on top of the search results listing three local businesses relevant to your search query?This list of three local businesses is informally called the three-pack, and sometimes referred to as the map-pack.This so-called three-pack is where many of us go when looking for a restaurant, an accountant, or a hair salon.It is also where local small businesses get many of their leads and customers.
When you hear the word spreadsheet, a cold sweat likely breaks out unless you re an accountant or data nerd, of course .They re boring, but necessary — and Google turned them into art.In collaboration with Refinery 29, Google wanted to bring two artists together under the auspice that they d create art in Sheets, the spreadsheet tool inside of Google Docs.Google asked the two artists — Marina Esmeraldo of Barcelona, and Mallory Heyer in New York — to break the grid.The idea was to push Sheets to its limits, but not with numbers or datasets.After a few Hangouts chats, the two realized that cells were basically just points on a map, which could be colored to create a larger mosaic.
Yeah, that s Peter Serafinowicz encased in a giant, bright blue Tick costume.The new Tick show is gonna be weird.This morning Amazon announced that The Tick will return next month on its streaming service, and in the process unveiled the show s banner—giving us a look at the back of the new Tick costume—and two new stills from the show.One gives us Serafinowicz in all his bright blue glory, the other features Whoopi Goldberg interviewing another superhero.Check them out below, alongside the official synopsis for the series:In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an underdog accountant with zero powers comes to realize his city is owned by a global super villain long-thought dead.
Comedy fans will soon get to weigh in on Amazon s latest lineup of prospective series.The online retail giant/streamer announced today that it is bringing three pilots — The Tick, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, and I Love Dick — to viewers on August 19.Amazon also released new images, offering fans an early look at the shows to come.Amazon s version will be live-action, starring Peter Serafinowicz Guardians of the Galaxy as the titular character.Little do the people know, though, a supervillain believed to be dead rules a city.When an accountant tries to prove that the supervillian is alive, he ends up teaming up with the titular blue superhero.
One of them sounds like the sarcastic giggle of a skinny kid who used to insult his tormentors in ways that they wouldn t even understand.After the humble indie-publisher beginnings of the Tick comic-book series, he d gone on to write and produce for shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Venture Bros., Firefly, Gotham and Powers.io9: The Tick never had any kind of lore around it, but the basic set-up in the description for the Amazon show is much different than the previous versions: In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an underdog accountant with zero powers comes to realize his city is owned by a global super villain long-thought dead.That is very much a lot of characters in a lot of genre expressions and it s totally real and good.Edlund: I d say it will be the same dance: Arthur will realize that he desperately needs The Tick, given the plight he s gotten into.
The certainty of nothing except death and taxes is a frequently referenced adage, and in the upcoming film The Accountant, Ben Affleck embodies a character that spends much of his time dealing with — and apparently dishing out — both elements.And thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures, we now have another look at the October movie.The new trailer puts Affleck front and center as a brilliant mathematician who has translated his talent into a job managing the assets of some of the world s most dangerous criminals, only to find himself targeted when he gets caught up in a new client s scheme — one that involves an accounting clerk played by Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect .Directed by Warrior filmmaker Gavin O Connor, The Accountant also stars Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons Whiplash , Jon Bernthal Daredevil , Cynthia Addai-Robinson Arrow , Jeffrey Tambor Arrested Development , and John Lithgow 3rd Rock from the Sun .Simmons plays the head of the Treasury Department s Crime Enforcement Division, who makes Affleck s accountant character the focus of a far-reaching investigation.The script for The Accountant was penned by Bill Dubuque, who wrote the 2014 drama The Judge.