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"Quantamental" is gaining hype on Wall Street. It's a type of investing strategy that tries to blend the best of quant funds and fundamental analysis. Bringing the two disciplines together is a feat in itself — hedge funds have tried and failed many times to get the culture and responsibilities just right. But both sides need each other, as fundamental analysts struggle to sort through massive amounts of data and quant models malfunction during never-before-seen market conditions brought on by the coronavirus. "I don't see my job as automating away humans," Man GLG's Paul Chambers told Business Insider. "I'd rather turn them into robo cops or Terminators, a machine-augmented human." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. This story was originally published in May.  With a degree in physics and experience working as a scientist on airspace-weapon systems, Paul Chambers has the type of background many believe is the future of Wall Street. And while traditional portfolio managers might fear for their future at the sight of someone like Chambers, the reality couldn't be farther from the truth.  For Chambers, who heads up quantitative investment and research at $26.7 billion hedge fund Man GLG, it's all about bringing the two sides — man and machine — together. "I don't see my job as automating away humans," Chambers told Business Insider. "I'd rather turn them into robocops or Terminators, a machine-augmented human." Chambers and Man GLG aren't alone in their efforts. Across Wall Street, from highly quantitative shops like D.E. Shaw to well-known stockpickers like Steve Cohen, hedge funds are working to find the sweet spot between human and machine.  The push comes following a recognition in recent years that both sides could benefit from learning from each other. Commonly referred to as "quantamental," the strategy has picked up steam in recent years with funds on both sides of the aisle trying their hand at it.  Traditional managers have felt a growing pressure to use cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to digest the seemingly endless amount of data made available to Wall Street. Meanwhile, recent events, like March's market downturn driven by the coronavirus epidemic, have been a lesson for quants about the need to diversify their systematic models. "The two sides are becoming closer to one." said Chambers, who re-joined Man last year to "supercharge" the work already happening at the hedge fund leveraging quant data in the discretionary world. "Some quant performance has faded as easy trades have been arbed away, so it benefits them to learn what drives different types of companies to get the most from the data, and discretionary managers want to access the data that quants can unlock in order to remain competitive." No simple solution to bridging the gap Quantamental might be a topic du jour among hedge funds, but the increased buzz has hardly led to a standardized approach.  Take mutual-fund manager Strategic Global Advisors. Founded in 2005 as the brainchild of Gary Baierl, a former quant at Causeway Capital, and Cynthia Tusan, a portfolio manager at Wells Fargo, the firm attempted a quantamental approach from the get-go.  Brett Gallagher, SGA's president, told Business Insider the firm's strategy starts with a quantitative model built based on 15 factors. The suggested portfolio is then analyzed by fundamental analysts who have the option to kick stocks out — they typically reject 10-20% — but can't add any in.  That's followed by portfolio construction, which is then given a final look by the portfolio managers to make the last tweaks. Adjustments made by humans to the model are tracked and analyzed to recognize commonalities that could be plugged back into the model to improve it.  "I think having the fundamental overlay — we call them the gatekeepers — is really important to what we do," Gallagher said. "Even moreso in this time of craziness where there are a lot of things that may make the quantitative model look a little bit wonky on certain aspects. We have the analysts there who can scoot out the issues." PanAgora Asset Management, meanwhile, takes the opposite approach. George Mussalli, PanAgora's chief investment officer, told Business Insider the firm was unhappy taking a purely quantitative approach, finding it difficult to get differentiated results in what was quickly becoming a crowded field.  As a result, the fund adjusted its focus to discretionary idea generation that could lean on the quantitative techniques they'd already built up. At it's core, Mussalli said, it's about understanding the fundamental framework of companies and industries and then finding the necessary data to emulate that.  "What you end up with are very differentiated signals, very differentiated approach," he added. "You're using the power of quant and the techniques of breadth, portfolio construction, and risk management to build the best portfolio. But what you get is a portfolio that acts very differently than a lot of other portfolios." At Ray Dalio's Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world with $160 billion in assets, the process is led by "human understanding," the firm's co-CIO Greg Jensen told Business Insider in an email. "Nothing in our process is purely 'quantitative' in the sense that it is based on statistical relationships or historical patterns that machines are discovering. Everything is grounded in human understanding, and every part of our process is inspectable to us, so that we can have the computer read our logic back to us in more or less plain English and ensure that our decisions are consistent with that understanding," Jensen wrote. Still, there are times that the machines can outweigh the people — Dalio himself was overruled in 2018 about a trade involving the US dollar, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Quantamental isn't without its own challenges There is no denying interest in pursuing quantamental strategies is rising, but the trend hasn't been adopted with open arms by everyone in the space.  Josh Pantony, CEO of Boosted.ai, a fintech that helps fundamental managers use quantitative tools, recounted a particularly difficult sales call. "The most brutal feedback I ever got from a prospective client was, 'Using your platform would be an admission of failure to my investors,'" he said.  Pantony's experience isn't an outlier. In many cases, fundamental managers view the usage of quantitative techniques as a threat to their job.  "I think it's always something that a true MBA from Harvard who is great at Excel and finance but doesn't know anything about coding worries about in the back of their mind," Daniel Goldberg, founder of advisory and consulting firm Alternative Data Analytics, told Business Insider. Culture needs to be a key consideration of bringing both sides together. Speaking on a webinar in April, Carson Boneck, the chief data officer at Balyasny Asset Management, said transparency between the two groups was critical. Having "translators," or employees that can work with both quants and portfolio managers, also helped the process. Balyasny ran into its own trouble with the strategy — the firm cut a 10-person team known as Synthesis after only a year because of poor performance in 2019. Coatue, the Tiger Cub manager known for fundamental stock-picking, rolled out a quant strategy a year ago — but has already returned outside capital after the pandemic overwhelmed its data-driven processes.  Industry sources echoed a similar sentiment, adding that quant teams brought into discretionary firms need to have clear responsibilities that show they are having a direct impact on the firm, as opposed to side projects that won't affect actual returns.  "Nobody likes to be put in a room and told to collaborate," Man GLG's Chambers said. "What you need to do is find a way for both sides to get something out of the process. ... Quants can't be seen as service providers." To be sure, quant-based shops have their own issues attempting quantamental strategies. For one, quants tend to take a build-over-buy approach, believing proprietary tech to be a key differentiator. But when it comes to the tools needed for quantamental strategies, they often don't have the same expertise and struggle with the process, Emmanuel Vallod, cofounder and CEO of SumUp Analytics, a natural-language-processing platform that analyzes text, told Business Insider. The issue of explaining models also tends to be a hangup for quant-focused firms, as they aren't accustomed to having to break down models to the level required by fundamental managers. "There is a need for explicability of the algorithm that is much, much, much higher than what systematic quants are usually requesting," Sylvain Forté, CEO of SESAMm, a provider of alternative-data analytic tools, told Business Insider "Reconciling the two worlds is not easy." Whichever side you approach the process from, nearly all agreed it takes time. It's not something that can be expected to work overnight. Constant tweaking of the system is required to find the perfect blend. Most firms can't resist pursuing quantamental strategies There will always be those who remain either purely fundamental or quantitative. Quants like Renaissance Technology or stock-pickers like Warren Buffet have been successful for too long to drastically change their ways now. But for the rest of the industry, a shift towards the middle seems more likely. "I don't think anyone can sit still," Andrew Fishman, president at Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, told Business Insider. The true definition of quantamental is probably lost forever as it has "one of those wildly generic Wall Street terms that is so amorphous that it doesn't mean much," according to Ryan Caldwell, chief investment officer and co-founder of Chiron Investment Management, a $1.8 billion manager that was bought by FS Investments at the end of last year.  But, Caldwell says, the evolution is necessary with alpha — returns generated beyond what the market churns out for everyone — becoming harder and harder to find.  Fundamental analysts have been pushed even further away from the research that was once the backbone of MBA programs across the country thanks to alternative data that can track supply chains more efficiently. No longer is it about "shaking info out faster than the guy sitting next to you," Caldwell says. "The fundamental part of this is understanding the macro environment with which we operate in," he added. And, during a global pandemic that has introduced never-before-seen volatility and record-low interest rates into the equation, quants can't rely on analyzing past situations to react to today because today is unprecedented.  "We would worry about any approach reliant on historical patterns or quantitative models based on historical data, whether combined with fundamental measures or not, as so much of the current environment and where we're likely headed isn't in the data, and instead requires a logical understanding of the economic machine," Bridgewater's Jensen wrote.  Former Goldman Sachs PM Mike Ho put an even finer point on the future. Quantamental, Ho wrote in a 2017 Medium post, will eventually be like "dating in the 7th grade": Everyone says they're doing it, even if they're not. Ho, who ran a firm called Quantavista for a time, is now at Steve Cohen's Point72. "We suspect quantamental may become an official word in the coming years, too. But, by then we'll probably all drop the 'quantamental' term and it will just be the way that most investment analysis is done," Ho wrote. "After all, why would you not want to combine quantitative and fundamental analysis?"SEE ALSO: Billionaire Steven Schonfeld poaches a top quant from Glenn Dubin's Engineers Gate to run a new fund SEE ALSO: The chief data officer at $6 billion hedge fund Balyasny explains how to merge quantitative and fundamental trading strategies — and the importance of 'translators' to bridge the gap SEE ALSO: 'Quantamental' investing is suddenly a buzzword in the hedge fund world, and we talked to the CEO of a fintech that just nabbed $8 million to help power the approach Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why American sunscreens may not be protecting you as much as European sunscreens
Companies that use Microsoft Search, the Bing-powered search platform designed to sniff out internal corporate information, can save between $15 million and $43 million over the course of three years, Microsoft claimed.Microsoft made this assertion – backed by analysis conducted by Forrester on Microsoft's dime – earlier this year, but reinforced it this week when it cited the research firm's report after it made search one of the five reasons that purportedly gave Edge a, well, edge over Chrome in the battle for best corporate browser.[ Related: FAQ: What the new Edge offers the enterprise ] "Previously, if your organization wanted to standardize on a single modern browser for use across all platforms, your only option was Chrome," Brad Anderson, the company's top executive in its Microsoft 365 group, wrote in an Aug. 4 post to a company blog. (That admission-of-sorts was remarkable on its own, as to Computerworld's knowledge, Microsoft has not ceded such before.) But the new Edge, the one Microsoft released in a stable form only in January, has five advantages, in Anderson's eyes, over Google's über-dominant browser – even when both were built atop a foundation laid by the open-source Chromium.To read this article in full, please click here
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As your organization embraces the cloud, you may find that the dynamism and scale of the cloud-native stack requires a far more complicated security and compliance landscape. For instance, with container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes gaining traction, developers and devops teams have new responsibility over policy areas like admission control as well as more traditional areas like compute, storage and networking. Meanwhile, each application, microservice or service mesh requires its own set of authorization policies, for which developers are on the hook.To read this article in full, please click here
Boston Scientific spent the last four years overhauling its IT department.  The medical device manufacturer improved its hardware, pivoted to agile-like teams, and created new innovation studios to pursue the latest in digital health technology, among other improvements.  When the coronavirus hit, that transformation proved critical to keeping the business afloat.  "It's because we made all of those changes in the last few years that we were so well-positioned to make the swift, dramatic changes that COVID forced upon us," Chef Information Officer Jodi Eddy told Business Insider.  Sign up here to receive updates on all things Innovation Inc. MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS — Back in February, Boston Scientific chief information officer Jodi Eddy extolled the medical device company's four-year digital transformation, detailing the many improvements to operational speed and efficiency to Business Insider.  This was just as COVID-19 was beginning to make more headlines in the US, but still weeks before the pandemic overtook daily life the way it has now. But those advancements would prove to be a lifeline for the company after it, like many other firms, transitioned the majority of its employees to remote work and suddenly had to make difficult decisions about the future.  It's yet another example of how digital investments enabled businesses to accommodate — nearly overnight — entirely new operating procedures and stay resilient during an unprecedented global health crisis.  "We have been preparing for this moment for the past four years through this transformation," Eddy told Business Insider in a July interview. "It's because we made all of those changes in the last few years that we were so well-positioned to make the swift, dramatic changes that COVID forced upon us." The digital transformation included improvements to basic IT functions but, on a deeper level, required a pivot to more cross-functional teams that paired tech professionals with business experts to dramatically cut-down the time it takes to get new products or innovations out the door — a management style commonly referred to as agile, one that companies like Fidelity have also used to improve productivity in the last few months.   Boston Scientific — which reported $10.7 billion in revenue for 2019, a 9.3% boost over the prior year — also propped up new innovation studios that could capitalize on the latest tech in digital health and launched an automated dashboard to give senior leaders a quick overview of everything from day-to-day financial metrics to cybersecurity incidents. The overhaul also enabled Boston Scientific to quickly handle increased usage of tools like augmented reality-based device support and online medical education courses.  "This global pandemic has broken down barriers that were there in the past," said Eddy. "It was just, 'Are you ready to go from zero to a hundred overnight?' And I would say we went from zero to a hundred in like a week. Maybe not overnight."  Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships For Eddy, most of the past four years was spent building up Boston Scientific's defense against something as significant as the coronavirus pandemic.  It tapped Office 365 and Microsoft Teams prior to the shift to remote work, which made the pivot to virtual collaboration easier. The company also created what Eddy calls an "omnichannel" experience for employees, under which they could access their documents and other data on any device.  Boston Scientific also used zScaler for its cloud security needs — a platform that other CIOs also relied on during the outbreak for its ability to rapidly grow with business needs. So when COVID hit at full-force and remote work became the norm, there was "minimal" work that Eddy had to do apart from increasing the user licenses for its virtual private network.  "Because we were so well-positioned on the defense side, we were able to quickly shift our priorities to offense," she said.  Reports that the executive team used to look at quarterly were now being viewed daily — and sometimes, like when it came to admission numbers at hospitals across the globe, the cadence picked up to hourly dispatches. The information came in use as Boston Scientific plotted out its immediate response and plan for the rest of 2020.  "We basically had to rewrite our annual operating plan like everybody else in like a period of weeks, something we usually spend months on," she said.  And like at other firms, the pandemic had the silver-lining at Boston Scientific of highlighting just how critical IT — a department that is historically used to operating in the shadows — is to the enterprise.  "It went overnight from 'nice to have' and important for efficiency to drive optimization, to business-line critical for operations," said Eddy. "The big opportunity and innovation is now: How do I leverage digital? For the CIO, that puts you squarely in the middle of commercial operations."SEE ALSO: The top 16 companies using artificial intelligence to revolutionize drug discovery, according to experts Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Pathologists debunk 13 coronavirus myths
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Wednesday's tech antitrust hearing was a grueling six-hour event in which House committee members grilled Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai about their companies' market power.  Cook, Apple's CEO, received what seemed like the fewest questions, but he was asked about the App Store and how Apple treats app developers.  Zuckerberg was probed on Facebook's acquisition strategy and whether it bought companies like Instagram to "neutralize" a competitor.  Pichai, who is CEO of Google-parent Alphabet, received what seemed like the most questions from the committee on matters ranging from perceived conservative censorship to Google's search dominance.  Bezos had perhaps the most surprising admission of the day when he admitted Amazon may have violated its own policies when it comes to third-party seller data and its private-label business.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Four of tech's most high-profile leaders spend nearly six hours on Wednesday being grilled before the House Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee.  The hearing allowed subcommittee chair Rep. David Cicilline to compel Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, to answer questions on their companies' acquisition strategies, data collection tactics, advertising methods, and behavior toward consumers and third-party vendors that use their platforms. The hearing also opened up the floor to questions unrelated to antitrust. Several members of the committee grilled executives like Zuckerberg and Pichai over what they see as conservative censorship on their platforms, and Cook and Bezos were questioned on topics like cancel culture and charitable donations through their platforms.  Wednesday's hearing was the first time Bezos testified before Congress and the first time all four major tech CEOs testified alongside each other. The subcommittee said it would use the testimonies it gathered Wednesday to complete its year-long investigation into whether Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google engaged in anticompetitive practices. But if you didn't sit through all six hours of testimony, here's what you need to know about how each CEO was questioned Wednesday's hearing. Tim Cook was scrutinized over Apple's treatment of app developers Cook was largely left alone for a significant portion of the hearing. When he was questioned, Cook was mostly asked about the App Store, and whether Apple applies rules differently to different developers. Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia, told Cook the committee's investigation had found that "the rules are made up as you go, they are arbitrarily interpreted and enforced, and are subject to change whenever Apple sees fit to change." Cook denied that's the case, saying the company treats every developer the same.  "We have open and transparent rules, it's a rigorous process," Cook said. "Because we care so deeply about privacy and security and quality we do look at every app before it goes on. But those rules apply evenly to everyone." When Johnson asked whether Apple would ever raise App Store commission fees, Cook replied that doing so would push developers to other app stores. "It's so competitive I would describe it as a street fight for market share," Cook said. Cook also denied assertions that the company would retaliate against developers who complained about Apple's policies, saying that "it's strongly against our company culture" to bully or retaliate against people.  Mark Zuckerberg was pushed on Facebook's acquisition tactics and its treatment of rivals Zuckerberg, along with Pichai, seemed to face the brunt of the committee's questioning. Lawmakers devoted a significant amount of time to how Facebook treats rivals in the social media space. Rep. Pramila Jayapal questioned Zuckerberg on whether the company's competitive strategy includes outright copying features from rivals, and Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook has "certainly adapted features" from other companies. Lawmakers also grilled Zuckerberg on whether Facebook had ever threatened to clone a rival's product in an attempt to acquire it, like in the case of Snapchat and Instagram, and whether he saw the acquisition as a means to "neutralize" a competitor, which Zuckerberg denied. "It was clear that this was a space that we were going to compete in one way or another," Zuckerberg said about Instagram. "I don't view those conversations as a threat in any way." Elsewhere in the hearing, Zuckerberg addressed what some lawmakers viewed as conservative censorship on the platform. Zuckerberg defended Facebook's content moderation policies and said he would investigate complaints of bias among moderators.  "We want to make sure that anything we do reflects the values of the company that we'll give everyone a voice," Zuckerberg said.  Sundar Pichai faced accusations that Google abuses its search prowess to identify competition and crush it Like Facebook, Pichai had to defend Google over assertions from GOP lawmakers that its platform is inherently biased against conservatives, that it actively attempted to help Hillary Clinton get elected in 2016, and that it's censoring information about an unproven treatment for the coronavirus a malaria drug called hydroxychloroquine. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, Democrat of Pennsylvania, described several of these notions as "fringe conspiracy theories."  But Pichai faced a tougher line of questioning when it came to Google's power over its competitors — Cicilline pointed to Yelp, specifically, as a competitor that Google has wielded unfair power over by threatening to delist Yelp in search results. Cicilline questioned Pichai over what the committee sees as a conflict of interest: that Google search results will frequently point users to other Google products, like YouTube, over competitors. Pichai denied that search results favor Google products. "We have always focused on providing users with the most relevant information," Pichai said. Pichai was also questioned over Google's relationship with China — he initially told the committee he didn't have "first-hand knowledge" of China stealing information from Google, though it was one of the main reasons Google pulled out of China. (Pichai later corrected this statement.) Jeff Bezos was grilled on Amazon's relationship with third-party sellers Bezos wasn't questioned for a significant portion of the hearing after what was likely a technical issue. But lawmakers quickly piled on the questions for Bezos on multiple aspects of the company's business, particularly its relationship with third-party sellers. In perhaps the most revelatory moment of the hearing, Bezos told the committee that he couldn't guarantee Amazon had never violated its own policies when it comes using trend data about third-party sellers to dictate Amazon's private-label products.  Amazon was accused of using its size to bully and harass third-party vendors, and that sellers have no other choice but to work with Amazon because "it's the only game in town," according to Cicilline.  Bezos didn't deny that that type of behavior had taken place, but stopped short of admitting any wrongdoing on Amazon's part.  "It does not seem like the correct way to treat her," Bezos said about comments from a third-party seller who said she'd been crushed by Amazon. "I don't understand what's going on in that anecdote. I do not think that's systematically what's going on."Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Leslie Odom, Jr.'s $500,000 gamble that led to a starring role in 'Hamilton'
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Coronavirus has changed everything. Make sense of it all with the Waugh Zone, our evening politics briefing. Sign up now.Hundreds of thousands of parents in private rented housing have had to cut back on food to help pay their rent since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.More than one in seven – some 429,000 adults – made the admission during a YouGov poll for housing charity Shelter. And nearly one in five – 458,000 adults – say they are more fearful than they were before the pandemic that their family will be made homeless.Robert Jenrick, the housing secretary, promised in March that “no renter who has lost income due to coronavirus will be forced out of their home” and the government introduced an eviction ban in England and Wales.But this will come to an end on August 24 and landlords will once again be able to begin eviction proceedings.As HuffPost UK reported earlier this week, renters are still being served eviction notices despite the current ban.The research conducted for Shelter published on Thursday also showed 49,000 parents who privately rent have had to resort to using food banks to survive. Polly Neate, Shelter’s chief executive, said many families “feel like they’ve been sold down the river without a paddle”.“Families are going hungry and taking on risky debt to pay private rent, and yet for too many even these sacrifices won’t be enough to avoid homelessness,” she said.“These parents need a way out of living hand to mouth, but so far, the government has offered them no alternative to private renting. This must change if we are ever going to build this country back better.“As rescue and recovery packages roll in, the government needs to prioritise building safe homes that everyone can afford.“Cuts to stamp duty are not a solution when you’re struggling to keep a roof over your head, and terrified of becoming homeless at the hands of this crisis.”Deborah, 54, a cleaning manager who lives with her daughter in Southport, said she was left with just £150 a month for food after paying rent and bills.“I’m not asking for handouts, I’m just asking for a decent and affordable place to live. I worry about becoming homeless 24/7, day in, day out,” she said.Related... Exclusive: 300 Health And Care Workers Have Died Of Covid. Just Two Families Have Had Payout 'Premature' End To Furlough Will Leave 3m Jobless, Think Tank Warns Private Renters Handed Eviction Notices During Lockdown Despite Ban
Jeff Bezos said it's possible Amazon's policy against using seller data to dictate its own private-label products has been violated in the past.  "We have a policy against using seller-specific data to aid our private label business, but I can't guarantee you that that policy has never been violated," Bezos told Rep. Pramila Jayapal at Wednesday's tech antitrust hearing.  Bezos went on to say that the policy itself is "voluntary" in that Amazon chose to create it and that the company treats it "like any internal policy" when it comes to enforcement.  A Wall Street Journal investigation from April found that Amazon was using sales data to inform its own product categories. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos admitted that it's possible Amazon's policy against using seller data to inform its own private-label products has been violated in the past.  During Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing, Bezos was asked by Rep. Pramila Jayapal about Amazon's private-label business and how it competes with third-party sellers on the platform after a Wall Street Journal investigation from April found that Amazon was using sales data to inform its own product categories. Bezos replied that while Amazon has an internal policy that prohibits that practice, he can't say for sure that the company has never violated its own policy. "We have a policy against using seller-specific data to aid our private label business, but I can't guarantee you that that policy has never been violated," Bezos said.  Bezos went on to say that the policy itself is "voluntary" in that Amazon chose to create it — it's not a policy any other retailer has. When it comes to enforcement, Amazon would treat its policy regarding seller data "like any internal policy," Bezos said.  Bezos' comments appear to be the first admission of potential wrong-doing when it comes to misusing seller data. Amazon's associate general counsel, Nate Sutton, testified before Congress last July and denied that Amazon utilized individual seller data to compete with vendors on its own platform.  When the Journal published its investigation in April, a company spokesperson said that it looks at sales and store data to provide customers with the best experience, but that "we strictly prohibit our employees from using nonpublic, seller-specific data to determine which private label products to launch." Bezos told Rep. David Cicilline that as a result of the Journal's article, the company is investigating any wrongdoing.  "I do not want to go beyond what I know right now," Bezos said, but that Amazon is "looking at that very carefully." Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What makes 'Parasite' so shocking is the twist that happens in a 10-minute sequence
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The Mobile Radiography Systems Market Research Report – Global Forecast till 2023 report provides detail information and strategies of top key players in the industry.The report also gives a broad study about different markets segments and region.The is expected to register an approximate CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period, i.e.from 2018 to 2023.OverviewMobile radiography systems are the advanced paradigms of medical imaging, enabling the critical patients and healthcare givers an ability to address the emergency setting at ease while maintaining the diagnostic accuracy.Factors such as increasing emergency and critical hospital admission, increasing global burden of diseases, a rising number of radiologic technologists, the growing number of medical imaging procedures, and increasing healthcare expenditure are some of the major drivers for the global mobile radiography systems marketSegmentationThe global mobile radiography systems market industry analysis is segmented on the basis of system, power source, imaging type, application, end user, and region.Based on system, the market is segmented into general radiography system, computed radiography (CT) system, fluoroscopy system, magnetic resonance imaging system, others.The power source segment is sub-segmented into In-line mobile radiography systems and battery-powered mobile radiography systems.On the basis of imaging type, the global mobile radiography systems market is segmented into film type and digital.Based on application, the market is sub-segmented into imaging and image-guided procedures & biopsies.The imaging segment is further divided into orthopedic imaging, chest imaging, dental imaging, and others.By end user, the market is segmented into hospitals & clinics, academic & medical research institutes, and diagnostic centers.Table of ContentChapter 6.
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The idea of a music festival in 2020 was an absurd thought only a month ago, when the general consensus was that festivals and live, large scale events wouldn’t return until 2021 at the earliest.Earlier this year, one by one, favourites of the UK festival circuit uploaded inevitable cancellation notices onto their social media accounts as the virus took hold. Glastonbury, Latitude, Wilderness and We Out Here were a handful that lamented the loss of the 2020 festival summer with heartfelt notes. Festivals, experts said, would be the last to reopen because of their scale, which meant social distancing was surely almost impossible: what would a socially distant mosh pit look like? Or a socially distant rave tent? It seemed a foregone conclusion.Fast forward to July, and restrictions were easing quicker than some predicted (quicker than some may have liked). Newly relaxed social distancing rules meant that although festivals still seemed unlikely, and perhaps made for an uncomfortable thought, they were now technically possible - if the right person fancied taking on the Herculean challenge of negotiating with their local council to forge a ‘covid secure’ venue.Enter events organiser and entrepreneur Robyn Isherwood. As restrictions lifted, Robyn, who grew up in Gisburne, created a blueprint for the UK’s first socially distanced festival on the Gisburne Estate in Lancashire in just a few days. No one had done anything like this before, but Robyn’s credentials meant she had a fighting chance: her day job as an organiser of lavish events for high-net-worth clients means she is used to finding solutions for seemingly impossible tasks.Usually reserved for weddings, the lush country estate became the Gisburne Park Pop Up festival only two days after outdoor events were given the go ahead. Only weeks ago, this would have all seemed impossible. “When the first headline hit, calling us ‘the UK’s first socially distanced festival,’ I thought, oh gosh, what am I doing? I’ve never done a festival before,” Robyn told HuffPost UK from the Gisburne Park Pop Up midway through the second weekend of events (the festival runs until the end of August across weekends and on selected midweek nights). We were slumped in soggy deckchairs on a Saturday afternoon, minutes after one of the family-friendly shows scheduled as a part of the festival’s line-up had finished.“I’ve never had such a large health and safety document, we worked together with the council to get it right,” says Robyn, her tone brightly confident. “They came down on the opening night!” View this post on InstagramA post shared by GISBURNE PARK POP UP (@gisburneparkpopup) on Jul 15, 2020 at 1:45pm PDTEtched onto the grass that forms the bank of a river in the valley on the estate are tens of newly-drawn hexagonal shaped pods, each designed to house six festivalgoers who stay inside their pods, socially distanced from other guests during their visit to the festival.In each pod are chairs, tables and umbrellas (it rains a lot up north...) facing a stage, which is located on the other side of the water. It’s a proper festival stage with pyrotechnics. The idea is for guests to book into socially distant yurts, located on the estate a few minutes’ walk away, and ferry themselves back and forth to the festival site on foot over the weekend. You book to see DJs and live bands play individual shows spread out throughout July and August, rather than buying a traditional all-in-one festival ticket.The vibe differs depending on the event you book, but throughout the three events HuffPost UK attended, ticket-holders stayed socially distant and the vibe was relaxed. On Saturday afternoon, a family musical show suffered from downpours but the children gazing across the river to the stage seemed to connect with the performances despite the weather.Parents kept warm with bottled cocktails. Musical numbers were from shows like Mary Poppins and Frozen and looked particularly pretty performed against the rugged limestone backdrop behind the stage and the water trickling along in front.For theatre shows like this, there’s a slight lack of intimacy, given the obvious challenges with the layout, but that feeling dissipates with the main live DJ shows at night, when there’s less of a need to watch performers and more of a broad audio-visual experience with pyrotechnics, like lasers and glitter cannons. The site was pushing towards full capacity for Hot Since 82, the main DJ act on the Saturday night, and the atmosphere felt energetic. In the evening you feel more restrained in your hexagonal pod, because people are dancing around you, so at first it’s strange not to join them - but that’s forgotten by nightfall: without the light reminding you of the white lines surrounding you in your pod, you forget the odd circumstances and just dance.Robyn designed evening events to start at 5pm and finish at 11pm, and in what she describes as the ‘witching hour’, from around 9.30 inebriated folk occasionally attempt to bumble into their friend’s socially distant pods. They’re quickly removed and warned by lurking security. Food and drink is available on digital menus, accessible by scanning a barcode left on tables, and everything’s comically delivered in brightly coloured wheelbarrows. Staff gently slide plates onto tables, their faces obscured by visors and masks. Colour-coded areas mean staff reduce their contact, and service is very good.You can only escape the pod to go for a quick wee, and on the Sunday, during an afternoon show from a local band playing greatest hits, I may have snuck off for one extra toilet visit than I truly needed, just to move my body and break things up. But the idea is a little bit of dancing, a little bit of sitting down, and with dinner in-between, you have enough variety to stomach the idea of being kept in a pod. And the general vibe is strong enough to make you not mind anyway: with no one else escaping their pods, it’s straightforward enough to adapt to this newly engineered form of socialising. In fact, Robyn’s idea for pods may transcend the lockdown and become a newly established way to do festivals.“The biggest amount of comments we’ve had back is guests asking why more festivals can’t be like this,” says Robyn. “It’s nice having your area, and your flag to order your drinks instead of queuing for an hour, you don’t want to dance the whole time…”It may allow for comfort, but Gisburne Park Pop Up doesn’t allow for getting blissfully lost with new friends, or going deep into a crowd to get nearer a band. And ticketed events don’t go on longer than five-and-a-half hours, so it’s all about getting immersed in the entertainment quickly. View this post on InstagramA post shared by GISBURNE PARK POP UP (@gisburneparkpopup) on Jul 17, 2020 at 6:36am PDTThis is certainly no ordinary festival experience, but there’s no doubt that Robyn Isherwood has achieved something genuinely iconic with her hexagonal social distancing pods, which allow staff and punters to co-exist safely - more than that, they provide the only way for festival fans to rave at all this summer. And she has a point about it being a luxury to have a comfy seat in front of a stage.On more of a mass scale, all sorts of logistical challenges may crop up with expanding this model to a bigger site - but on a small, luxury scale such as Robyn’s, Gisburne Park Pop Up offers perhaps the most hedonistic experience this side of 2021.Stumbling back through the fields to my yurt along the rows of twinkling lights and hearing the crackle of punters’ late night fires, I felt the first proper dose of freedom from the constraints of lockdown - and that’s worth the ticket price alone.Gisburneparkpopup.com, tickets start from £20READ MORE Missing The Wimbledon Queue? Join The Hordes At Tesco Instead Adele Putting On Her Glastonbury Dress To Watch Her Headline Set On TV Is A Total Lockdown Mood Glastonbury Organiser Michael Eavis Makes Ominous Admission About The Festival's Future