Nothing good lasts forever and this is the situation with system updates for smartphones. It only takes about two or three years for a flagship ... The post Samsung Galaxy S8 series will no longer get updates appeared first on
Users of the Samsung Health app might have to upgrade their Galaxy device soon to avoid the dropping of support.
Today, Google announced six of its latest updates that are coming to Android phones. The update includes a password checking tool, schedule messages, TalkBack update, Google ... The post Google announces 6 new features for Android phones appeared first on
Android users are getting new messaging, Android Auto, and password management features, along with a new TalkBack screen reader version for the visually-impaired. Beginning to roll out from today, the new updates won’t just be limited to Android 12 – which opened up for the developer preview last week – but will work with multiple generations of the OS from … Continue reading
Mobile gaming has become a large and lucrative industry but while almost everyone these days has a smartphone, not everyone has it in their hands all of the time. Some might be more comfortable playing with a keyboard and mouse or spend most of their time in front of their desktops and laptops. That situation has given birth to Android … Continue reading
With every new Android version comes a flurry of fancy fresh features. Some of them immediately transform the way we work, while others just quietly fade away without making much noise.And then there are the features that fall somewhere in between — features that seem useful, maybe even pique our interest when we first hear about 'em, but then get lost in the shuffle and forgotten as time wears on. Especially when said features are out of sight and not at all obvious, they're all too easy to overlook and abandon.To read this article in full, please click here
In this article, we will discuss how you can get Pixel 5 wallpapers on any Android smartphone.When it comes to aesthetics, software, UI design, and more, Google offers the best experience to the users.Still, when it comes to hardware, it might get criticized by other hardware manufacturers.Google is not so good.Recently, Pixel 5 has been announced, and it offers a handful of live wallpapers that have impressed us.Luckily you can install these live wallpapers on any of your Android smartphones.So, let’s get started with the steps for the same.Get Pixel 5 Live Wallpapers on Any Android SmartphoneBelow we have mentioned a general guide that works for all Android smartphones with Android Nougat or higher.Visit APKMirror and download the APK file for the Pixel 5 live wallpaper.Further, install the live wallpaper APK on your device.In case any prompt window related to security appears, click on “Settings” and then enable installation from unknown sources.After installing the Pixel 5 live wallpaper, you need to install the Wallpapers app from Google on PlayStore.You need to then open the Wallpapers app and scroll below to the “Live Wallpapers” section.On opening it, you will find all the Pixel 5 wallpapers, including Stepping Stones and Moving Shadows.Click on the desired wallpaper and tap on “Set Wallpaper,” and you will have it on your smartphone.Install Pixel 5 Live Wallpapers on MIUI and Realme UIYou can follow these steps to install the Pixel 5 live wallpapers on MIUI and RealmeUI:In case, you don’t see the “Open” button on the Wallpapers app; then you need to trigger it manually.First, you need to install the Activity Launcher on your Android device.Once the installation is completed, open it and figure out the “Wallpapers” option.Further in the “Wallpapers” menu, click on the first option appearing there.
One of the major selling points of Xiaomi as a smartphone brand is its regular release of software updates. Xiaomi does not just release regular ... The post Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Mi 8 Lite gets the MIUI 12 update globally appeared first on
OnePlus posted on the community forum to explain the reasons for the delay of the Oxygen OS for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. According to ... The post OnePlus 5/5T bug is delaying system updates appeared first on
Android hackers prove it can be done, but it was no mean feat A group of Android tinkerers have found a way of sideloading an unrestricted OS onto the LeapFrog Epic, a kid-friendly tablet.…
Google revealed a statue for the release of Android 11 this week, complete with an augmented reality experience for your phone. Google used to make a slightly bigger deal of revealing a special statue at the launch of each new version of Android, each with their own unique desert. The donut, the Oreo, the Nougat, and so forth. The latest … Continue reading
Android 11 is now official. Smartphone companies are launching their beta programs with the Android 11 operating system. OPPO is also one of those brands, ... The post OPPO To Skip ColorOS 8 And Launch ColorOS 11 appeared first on
Aside from Pixel handsets, models that ran on stock Android OS such as the Nexus catalogue and a few from Motorola will get LineageOS 17.1 later on.
In 2020 we can pretty much say that lovers of battery are finally getting served with the 4,000mAh capacity becoming a standard on smartphones. There ... The post Gionee M30 goes official with 10,000mAh battery and Android Nougat appeared first on
It was found in July 2014 by the Khronos group and then officially registered on February 19, 2015.The Vulcan API achieved the benchmark on 22nd August 2016 and Google declared that Android Nougat will be supporting Vulcan.After that Unity stated that version5.6 of their game engine will support Vulkan, and then Croteam's stated that they are adopting Vulkan API in its games to provide cross-platform friendly games.Why Vulkan API is regarded as a game-changerVulkan aims to lower the number of work drivers do and not to make things faster in the tech world.This is the reason behind the Vulkan API regarded and utilized.The Vulkan has made Mobile app development solutions more interesting and it mainly helps the developer to create 3D content.Benefits of the Vulkan APIThe Vulkan API game-changer it has eminent in handling things in Mobile App Development.However, to list some here are some important points:Reduces LoadThe Vulkan API mainly aims to reduce the driver's load.This ultimately allows it to resolve the CPU bottlenecks, this is the reason for many OpenGL applications hurt.Better graphics and performanceThe Vulkan API reduces the load on the CPU, provides better graphic content.Vulkan API improves the performance of the app and presents excellent graphic content.
Google took its time to release the Google Pixel 4a for sure. After long months of waiting, those whoever pre-ordered the recently released phone will ... The post Download and install Google Pixel Eclipse Live Wallpaper on any Android device appeared first on
The latest update for the OnePlus Nord enhances low-light selfies and improves macro camera.
Google really is going all-in on the This Is Spinal Tap references.
With Tap, Tap, you don't need to wait for Google to bring back the Pixel's double-tap gesture.
I sure do love me a good time-saver. And sometimes, the best time-savers of all are the ones that are right under the surface of our favorite apps and services, just waiting to be seen — or maybe remembered.I'll admit it: Even as someone who uses and thinks about Android almost constantly, as part of both my life and my job, I frequently find myself surprised by how often I stumble onto something that I knew about at some point but long ago forgot to keep using. It happened to me with some of the Gmail tips we talked about last week, and now it's happened to me again with a powerful shortcut system built right into Android and supported by tons of different apps.To read this article in full, please click here