The YouTube video service has announced a major update to the iOS app. A picture-in-picture mode will be added to it, which will allow you ... The post YouTube to officially launch picture-in-picture mode on iPhone and iPad appeared first on
If you've read much tech news lately, you might be feeling a slight sense of shock right now.A series of newly publicized documents related to an Arizona lawsuit reveals that Google's had some complicated systems for collecting location data across Android over the years — and that, according to the info, the company at one point tried putting a catch-all location toggle into the software's Quick Settings panel but saw a substantial increase in the number of users who took advantage of it with that more prominent positioning in place.To read this article in full, please click here
Android 12 Bea 1 Generic System Image (GSI) was made available for download this morning before the official Android 12 Beta 1 for Pixel devices. GSI packages for ARM64, ARM64+GMS, x86_64, and x86+GMS are available for download now for the masses – though we’d recommend you be thoroughly in-the-know about how this software works and what a misstep can do … Continue reading
Nothing good lasts forever and this is the situation with system updates for smartphones. It only takes about two or three years for a flagship ... The post Samsung Galaxy S8 series will no longer get updates appeared first on
Chinese smartphone companies are known to be one of the slowest in terms of providing software updates. However, the situation has improved over time. OnePlus ... The post OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T receives a new OxygenOS update appeared first on
Back in October 2018, Samsung launched a smartphone dubbed Galaxy A9 (2018) in several markets. The device was launched with Android Oreo out-of-the-box which soon ... The post Galaxy A9 (2018) has received a new security patch out of the blue! appeared first on
Although it was partly born of that modular phone dream, Fairphone pursued a path towards more practical sustainability, especially when it comes to Android updates. That mission was sorely put to the test with the Fairphone 2 which is now in its fifth year. Although it was already in testing last year, the phone is finally getting Android 9 Pie. … Continue reading
Android Go is the new version of the Android Oreo.Google has developed Android Go for entry-level smartphones.Though Android Go does not have a full array of features, it holds plenty of tricks.The primary aim to develop Android Go OS is to:Run it on phones with RAM less than 1 GB.Solve the memory consumption problem.Make the preinstalled apps consume less space on the phone.For More:- Best Android App Developers in India
Users of the Samsung Health app might have to upgrade their Galaxy device soon to avoid the dropping of support.
OnePlus fans are egerly wanted Android 11 update on there smartphones. Today the company announces the schedule of the Oxygen OS 11 update based on ... The post OnePlus Releases the schedule of Oxygen OS 11 on eligible phones appeared first on
OnePlus usually tries to roll out Android updates and security fixes as religiously as possible, even if it sometimes ends up late or, worse, a bit buggy. Android 11, however, seems to be a pretty testing release for it, as it continues to hit a few critical snags in trying to get it out to its supported phones. The company … Continue reading
It’s that time of the year again when we look back to the past 12 months and take out our crystal balls to divine the next 12. Of course, we’re not fortunetellers or clairvoyants but we do know a thing or two about watching market dynamics, guesstimating future movement, and having some optimism for the future. COVID-19 has clearly shaken … Continue reading
The smartphone market was much different nine years ago. Apple was still collecting the fruits as a predominant smartphone company, while other companies were trying ... The post Galaxy S2 (2011) receives unofficial Android 11 update appeared first on
Long-term patching problems still haunt web giant's mobile OS platform Google and Qualcomm have linked arms to extend the lifecycle of new Android devices, meaning future phones could receive as many as three major operating system updates provided they're running the latest Snapdragon silicon.…
The key players of global API Management market report include IBM Corporation (U.S.), Microsoft Corporation (U.S.), Akana, Inc. (U.S.), CA Technologies, Inc. (U.S.), Cloud Elements, Inc. (U.S.), Hewlett-Packard Enterprises Co. (U.S.), Mashape Inc. (U.S.), MuleSoft, Inc. (U.S.), Oracle Corporation (U.S.), RedHat, Inc. (U.S.), SAP SE (Germany), and others are profiled in MRFR Analysis and are at the forefront of competition in the global application programming interface management market.OverviewApplication programming interface management is the procedure of publishing, documenting and supervising application programming interfaces in a secured, scalable environment.One of the major driver contributing to the growth of the application programming interface management market are mobility and application proliferation, increasing number of mobile subscribers, the rising social media applications, growing demand for private and public APIs, increasing popularity of web APIs, increasing advancements of internet of things and big data.However, data security, legacy investments in SOA and performance monitoring by skilled professionals are hindering the growth of the market.Get a Free Sample @ NewsDecember 2017, Telefonica Selects CA Technologies for API Management.CA Technologies’ API management tools enable enterprises and telecom companies to bring in house application development and launch technical support applications for their customers.December 2017, Microsoft Tackles Vehicle Fleet Management With New Bing Map APIs.Microsoft has released three new fleet management APIs for Bing Maps that developers can use to create applications for transportation companies and other vehicle fleet managers that value precise travel guidance and tracking.Google added several new security capabilities that it has integrated into Android Oreo, the latest version of its mobile operating system.November 2017, Aapi Debuts New Portal that Makes APIs Easy with Unified Developer API Platform.
Android Picture in Picture (PiP) mode is a phenomenal feature of Android that allows Android users to watch videos in a tiny overlay window as well as use other apps at the same time.For example, you can watch your favorite web series on Netflix while chatting with your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook.So, if you haven’t used the “PiP” mode on your Android mobile, then we suggest that you should try this fabulous feature right now.Here’s how you can use the Android “Picture in Picture” mode on your Android smartphone.How Can You Enable Android Picture in Picture Mode?Follow these steps to enable Android “Picture in Picture” mode:Head over to the settings menu of your Android smartphone.Now press the “Apps or Apps & Notifications” option.Next, choose the app in which you want to enable the “PiP” mode.Finally, enable the “Allow Permission” option using the toggle button near it.Note: If your smartphone runs on Android Oreo and above, then you don’t have to enable Android “Picture in Picture” mode manually.How Can You Use Android Picture in Picture Mode in Google Chrome?Follow these steps to use Android “Picture in Picture” mode in Google Chrome:Navigate to a website that contains videos.Next, play the video and go full screen.After that, hit the “Home” button to see the video in “Picture in Picture” or “PiP” mode.Now, you can see your video as well as use other apps at the same time.How Can You  Use Android Picture in Picture Mode on YouTube?Note: You must have a YouTube Premium subscription to use the Android “Picture in Picture” mode on YouTube.Follow these steps to use Android “Picture in Picture” mode:Navigate to the video that you want to watch in the “PiP” mode and then hit the “Home” button.Now, your video will start playing in the “PiP” mode.You can also use the “Background play” feature instead of Android “Picture in Picture” mode if you want to watch videos when your mobile’s screen is off or when you are using other apps.To do this:Go to the YouTube app and tap on it to open it.Now navigate to the settings menu of the app.Next, tap on the “Background & Downloads” option.Now hit the “Playback” option, which is present under the “Background Play” section.Next, you will see three options on your screen (Always on,  Headphones or external speakers, off).Finally, select the “Always on” or “Headphones or external speakers” option to complete the process.How Can You Use Android Picture in Picture Mode on Facebook?Follow these steps to use Android “Picture in Picture” mode on Facebook:Hit the Facebook app icon to launch the Facebook app.Next, navigate to the video that you want to view in the “PiP” mode.After that, play the video and then hit the little square, which is present on the top left corner.Now your video will start playing in the “PiP” mode.How Can You Use Android Picture in Picture Mode in VLC?Follow these steps to use Android “Picture in Picture” mode in VLC:Open the VLC app.Now hit the “More” option, which is present on the bottom right side of your screen.Next, hit the “Settings” option.Now, scroll down a little and hit the “Background/PiP mode” option present under the “Video” section.Finally, hit the “Play Videos in Picture-in-picture mode” option to complete the process.You can also use the built-in pop-up player of the VLC app to enter the “PiP” mode.
Samsung Electronics has launched a mobile application that allows users to easily locate their misplaced or stolen smart devices.
Realme has released the ColorOS 5.2.1 update to Realme C1 phones. This update brings a variety of new features, including smart bars, updated Android security ... The post Realme C1 now receiving ColorOS 5.2.1 update appeared first on
I can’t remember the last time I wrote an article about Meizu smartphones. Well, the years passed, and the world changed. Meizu once was one ... The post Meizu gives up and Android 10 won’t come for Meixu X8 and Note 8 appeared first on
Asus’s mid-range smartphone serries which appears to have been lost; has been one of the slowest Stock Android powered smartphones to haven’t received the Android ... The post Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Android 10 Beta 4 Arrives with Bug Fixes appeared first on