GIFFirst revealed earlier in the year at CES, Speck s ultra-thin folding Pocket-VR viewer is finally available for those who want to dabble in virtual reality and are looking for a cost-effective solution that falls somewhere between Google s cheap Cardboard and Samsung s pricey Gear VR.What your $70 alternative to Oculus Rift gets you is a VR viewer made of durable plastic—not cardboard—that cleverly folds flat so it s slim enough to stash in a pocket.Designed for either the iPhone 6/6s or the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Pocket-VR won t actually work with other smartphones since it requires them to be wrapped in an included case for the viewer to properly and securely assemble.The Pocket-VR s open design gives full access to the touchscreen and buttons on whichever smartphone you re using it with, which solves a an annoyance with Google s Cardboard viewer.You re definitely paying a premium for that convenience here, but also its well though-out design that you can quickly whip out and use anywhere.
Sharing your personal contact information can open the floodgates to spam messages, unwanted solicitations and cold calls – not to mention potential identity theft.Your calls and texts are fully encrypted with the VolP-based app for iPhone and Android, keeping you clear of wiretaps and other snooping technologies as you choose specific lines for different purposes such as work, personal life and beyond.Contractors, freelancers and project managers have the ability to post contact information on the Web, while circumventing the annoyance of putting your permanent, personal contact info out there for all to see.While traveling, you can also use KeepSolid to obtain local numbers, saving serious cash on long distance calls.Enjoy smooth, pay-as-you-go communications, no matter where in the world you may find yourself.KeepSolid Phones gives you access to numbers in over 30 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Bahrain, Cyprus, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Japan and beyond.
A tradition founded in 2008, the Google IO is an annual software development conference held in San Francisco, California where each year, the multinational company behind Android, Chrome and the famous search engine casts lose its magic casket full of plans for the upcoming year.This year, the Google IO is to be held on the fateful day of May 18, and as I sit just 30 minutes away from its scheduled commencement, here are my best predictions on what to expect from IO 2016 this year.And indeed, tech s biggest giant will be sure to scoop in on the action as it announces some of its biggest plans with virtual reality this upcoming year.Wearable AndroidsEver since it was first announced two years ago in yet another IO Conference, Android Wear has taken the slow way, much to the annoyance of excited fanfare.People are even saying that Android Wear is becoming stagnant, which is why Google has scheduled a section of the Conference titled: What s new in Android Wear .Check out this cool infographic on Australia s political climate based entirely on Google Search Results.
messages in most browsers might be enough to counter the annoyance of hitting backspace and losing a bunch of form content you just finished inputting, Google thinks we can do better.Its solution isn t complicated though: just remove the backspace functionality altogether.As online content writers, you can believe the Digital Trends staff has faced its fair share of lost work because of hitting backspace accidentally, but that annoyance extends to many people worldwide who have faced similar issues.One user in a Chromium bug post via Engadget from late last month noticed the change without being aware of it, and highlighted how they had always used backspace rather than their mouse.For that I have to move my mouse hand towards the keyboard, and then back ?In the announcement detailing the change, it pointed out how just 0.04 percent of page views are navigated to through use of the backspace key.
Image: Screencap from Timeless, Star Trek Voyager, Paramount viaStar Trek Voyager went off the air 15 years ago today.To commemorate this very depressing occasion, here are what I truly believe are the five best nonsequiturs but not from the episode Non-Sequitur from that occasionally brilliant, often unintentionally hilarious show.These just happen to be my favorites, but please share yours in the comments.1 Get the cheese to sickbay.4 ROMULANS?!Bonus: Alien who puffs out his face in annoyance
Microsoft's aggressive campaign to get users to download and install the new Windows 10 operating system appears to be accelerating.Users on Windows 7 and 8.1 are getting pop-up windows, announcing that "Windows 10 is a Recommended Update for this PC," alongside a time when it plans to do the update.Here's the tricky part, though: As Microsoft itself acknowledges on its support page, clicking on that red X in the upper-right-hand corner doesn't cancel the upgrade; it lets it proceed as planned.To cancel the upgrade and stay on your existing version of Windows, you want to push the somewhat less obvious Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade" It's right below the date, in the above screenshot .As PC World reports, some users are making the mistake of merely clicking the X, and then finding themselves shocked when their PC suddenly runs Windows 10, seemingly without permission.Microsoft is really accelerating its push to get Windows 10 everywhere, as soon as possible — starting July 30th, Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer expires and the operating system will cost $119 and up.Microsoft has faced accusations of nagging customers to upgrade to the point of serious annoyance, and even claims of upgrading some customers without their permission.There are lots of legit reasons why people might want to stay on Windows 7 or 8, and they'd want to hold off on the upgrade.So for those holdouts, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Microsoft promises that it'll stop nagging you about Windows 10 after the free upgrade offer expires.In the meantime, there are free tools like Never 10 that can permanently block the Windows 10 upgrade.Also, you should know that if you've already gotten Windows 10, you can fall back to your previous version of Windows within 31 days, for free.A Microsoft spokesperson says: With the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ending on July 29th, we want to help people upgrade to the best version of Windows.As we shared in October, Windows 10 will be offered as a Recommended update for Windows 7 & 8.1 customers whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept Recommended updates.
The headphones feature Klipsch's patented oval earbuds, which are supremely comfortable.There's also an included cable clip, which you'll need to fight cable noise – I found I could hear my heartbeat and breathing while listening to music softly, but it's not an issue with music at normal volumes.The controls can be used to play/pause, skip tracks, change volume and activate Siri on the iPhone, but Android users won't be able to skip back to a previous track with a triple-click, which is a minor annoyance.Music sounds effortless with the X6i though, admittedly, it lacks the detail of more expensive headphones.Most companies rely on cramming in two or more of these drivers in each earbud to get rich, balanced sound, so it's impressive that Klipsch managed the same feat with a single driver.Audiophiles on a budget should check out the Shure SE215 $99 and bass lovers should look at the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ears.
None of these headphones are cheap by any means, but all of them offer sound quality that both audiophiles and EDM junkies will love.Design and featuresI usually avoid talking about packaging but Klipsch deserves praise for its presentation of the Reference X8Ri Hybrid.The earbuds are suspended in a clear plastic box and look like flower buds with the cable neatly tucked away in a plastic base – a subtle touch that goes a long way in assuring you that you're buying a premium product.The Reference XR8i are built exceptionally well with its zinc earbud housings and thick, black and gold cable.The controls can be used to play/pause, skip tracks, change volume and activate Siri on the iPhone, but Android users won't be able to skip back to a previous track with a triple-click, which is a minor annoyance.Klipsch's oval ear tips do a great job of being comfortable and isolating you from the noise, all without the need for active noise cancellation, which requires battery power and bulky circuitry.
Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail spam filters went off piste on Wednesday, dumping an avalanche of unwanted bumf in inboxes."Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail," read a warning that briefly popped up on Microsoft's service status page.The glitch lasted around 12 hours, during which time the filters failed to hold back tons of offers for dodgy pills, marriage proposals and other crap from people's email accounts.Microsoft is in the process of migrating its backend over to its Office 365 service but it s not immediately clear whether or not a snag in this process caused the problem.On a 'normal' day I might get one to two spams through the filters, said Reg reader Paul, who first alerted us to the problem.— Zack M. @Zelakto June 1, 2016Orlando Scott-Cowley, cybersecurity strategist at email security firm Mimecast, told us: "Excessive spam is not just an annoyance – it s increasingly riddled with malicious links and malware that can compromise organisations and put valuable data at risk."
GIFMosquitos are little bastards that do more killing, spread more disease, and cause more annoyance than any other creature on Earth.That s because they have a really sophisticated needle-like system for biting us to suck our blood.It s a gnarly process.The proboscis of the Mosquitos hides six parts: two shafts with tiny teeth are used to saw through our skin; another two are used to hold the tissue apart; a sharp labrum shaft is used to probe for a blood vessel to suck blood from it; and the final shaft is meant to drool saliva into us to keep our blood flowing.That s six needle-like objects used to do the damn job of biting us.That last part, the hypopharynx, with the saliva is the one that causes the itchiness and is the one that delivers deadly viruses and parasites like Zika and Malaria.
If you re an Android user who drops cash on app subscriptions from time to time, did you know that 70 percent of your money lands in the developer s pocket, while the rest goes to Google?The Mountain View company has, however, had a change of heart, and is about to start handing developers an 85 percent cut, sources told Re/code on Wednesday.Google has reportedly been testing the new revenue split for around a year, though it s not clear when the company plans to roll out it out to all developers on a permanent basis.The report of the expected change comes on the same day that Apple revealed a major shake-up of its own app store, which, among a slew of changes, will also see developers taking an 85 percent cut of subscription sales, up from 70 percent.To the annoyance of many developers, Apple has always made it so users who want to pay for a subscription have to do so via its own billing system, ensuring the tech giant makes money out of every sale within its app ecosystem.And it s worth noting that for the time being at least, the 70-30 split for regular app sales looks set to remain in place for both app stores.
Mosquitos are little bastards that do more killing, spread more disease, and cause more annoyance than any other creature on Earth.That s because they have a really sophisticated system for biting us to suck our blood.But exactly how they bite might surprise you.It s a pretty gross process.Mosquitos use two needles with tiny teeth to saw through our skin; another two needles to hold the tissue apart; a sharp labrum needle to probe for a blood vessel to suck blood from; and a final needle to drool saliva into us to keep our blood flowing.That last needle, the hypopharynx, with the saliva is the one that causes the itchiness and is the one that delivers deadly viruses and parasites like Zika and Malaria.
However, the number of hacked high-profile Twitter accounts is reaching epidemic proportions, with mischief-makers hijacking the streams of Katy Perry, Mark Zuckerberg and even the NFL in recent weeks.Not only do you need your password, but you also have to enter a one-time code into a second pop-up screen.That code will typically come from your phone via a text message.It s a great way to block would-be hackers who may have gotten your user name and password, but probably don t have your smartphone in their hands.I d imagine many would consider it an annoyance, even if it does stop hackers from ruining your social media lifeCelebrities are different, though.Hacked Twitter accounts hurt Twitter s reputation as much as it does the celebrity s.Twitter has said very little publicly about the growing number of hacks beyond reminding people to implement better password security and announcing that it s comparing the various password leaks with its own data to, I guess, try and get ahead of the problem and warn people.
Less than 24 hours ahead of the Microsoft E3 press conference, leaked Xbox One S images display a purportedly 40 percent smaller console with a slimmer design according to The Verge.The new model is stark white in color, which adds to its slim appearance and may indicate a move away from the traditional black Xbox console.The new 4K Ultra HD UHD video capacity coupled with High Dynamic Range HDR support appears to be the new standard in stand-alone consoles, and rumors purport that Sony s next PlayStation installment will also offer 4K HD.For a point of comparison, a standard High Definition TV offers 1080p, and 4K UHD has a stunning four times the number of pixels.If there is a significant difference other than the color change to white, it is not immediately apparent.That means no more bulky cords to keep furniture from pushing all the way against the wall, which was a constant annoyance from previous models.
Credit: FacebookFacebook wants its Messenger app to be the main hub for all your conversations.If you don t see it yet, it s rolling out now in the latest update from the Google Play Store.You can toggle off this setting to switch back over to another SMS app.Once enabled, Messenger can handle all your SMS and Facebook conversations.You do, however, get to use all those stickers, emojis, and location-sharing features that are native to Messenger with your SMS chats.Why this matters: One annoyance of over-the-top messaging clients is they often don t include an option to send an SMS message, which is still a popular way to contact people as it doesn't require your contacts to use the same app or service as you.
Some things are just little annoyances, but it s the little things that you forget over and over.If you keep a journal of what annoys you about your home, it will help you remember to actually fix it.Maybe you constantly stub your toe on the coffee table, or find yourself frustrated every time you go to put certain pots and pans away.That s why Katie Holdefehr at Apartment Therapy suggests you start writing it all down:Keep a mindfulness journal for a few days of all the little slip-ups you experience at home... As you start to write down these incidents, you ll likely become more aware of how you move within and feel about your space.You may find yourself noticing things you would typically gloss over, or you may realize how much time you spend avoiding an issue.So when something annoys you around the house, right it down or stick a note in your phone immediately.
Nothing in this demo will be in the final game, and some of the settings here are borrowed from Capcom s earlier, equally terrifying, Kitchen VR demo.Again, playing the game on your TV, this doll might be a mild annoyance, or even go entirely unnoticed.That is, of course, until one of the team goes missing.Of course, nobody creates a sense of unbarring helplessness like Capcom, and returning home to play the PS Plus version of the demo, I still never get out alive.Japanese developers are often criticised for sticking rigidly to a well-trodden path, but Capcom must be applauded for taking a direction nobody could have foreseen.If the game takes a similar direction to the concept demo, we could be in store for an incredible experience.
For the most part, multitasking on the iPad is a great addition, but depending on how you use your iPad, the new feature can be more of annoyance than a boon to productivity.You can totally disable the iPad s multitasking under Settings General Multitasking.Set the Allow Multiple Apps toggle to off.This will disable both Slide Over and and Split Screen mode.Obviously this isn t useful for everyone, but if you don t use Slide Over and find it annoying to accidentally pull it up, at least there s a way to disable it.How to Disable the Slide Over Sidebar on iPad OS X Daily
Microsoft is finally ending the malware-like trickery of the "Get Windows 10" upgrade offer that's shown to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.Critically, pressing the X in the corner of the window will have the same effect as the decline option.Microsoft's statement on the change, attributable to Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, reads:Our most important priority for Windows 10 is for everyone to love Windows.Since we introduced a new upgrade experience for Windows 10, we've received feedback that some of our valued customers found it confusing.We've been working hard to incorporate their feedback and this week, we'll roll out a new upgrade experience with clear options to upgrade now, schedule a time, or decline the free offer.The aggression of the Windows 10 upgrade offer has been causing discontent and annoyance since its introduction, and while many people have taken advantage of the upgrade, there are plenty who don't want it and don't like being nagged by it.
Having web pages load dynamically means you can start reading content and viewing images sooner.The downside of course is that scrolling an unfinished page can result in your position jumping around, making it near impossible to peruse anyway.As of Chrome 51, this particular annoyance may soon be history.If you re using the latest version of the browser, you can enable the feature easily by hitting up the browser s internal Flags page.To access it, type the following into your address bar:Scroll down — or use in-page searching — to locate the Scroll Anchoring toggle pictured in the lead image .