As part of the letter, Google has asked developers to allow this feature, called Family Library, for previous purchases.It s important to note that developers can indeed decide if they want to enable the feature for past purchases.It s not yet known exactly how the feature will work on the consumer side of things — for example, we have yet to see how Google will verify different family members.It s possible that the same concept will apply to Family Library.The new feature is certainly a welcome one for families with multiple devices.No longer will the kids in the family have to pay to access apps that the parents already have — the feature could also help prevent children from making large purchases without the parents knowledge.
Even today, it s great fun, testing your reflexes at a constant clip as you try to leap between rooftops, into tight office windows, and over fast-falling alien ships.I vividly recall playing it daily for weeks and weeks, frequently delaying my bedtime as one more game before shut-eye ended up being an hour or more of lost sleep.Due to a back-and-forth legal battle with a notorious trademark troll, the game was pulled from the App Store a couple times and even renamed on multiple occasions.See larger imageSurely one of the all-time great iPhone high-score chasers, Orbital $3 challenges you to keep shooting balls into a tight game board—and once each stops bouncing, it expands until it touches something else.And so it goes, as you carefully shoot more and more balls into the limited space while trying to clear the ones already there, all the while ensuring one doesn t bounce the wrong way and end up below the line.See larger imageOnce upon a time, Words With Friends free seemed like the biggest mobile multiplayer game in the world, as the asynchronous turn-based approach was perfect for on-the-go play and fans often juggled several games at once.
This keynote will likely touch on the new Android N operating system, with a likely reveal of Android VR and possible news of the new Nexus smartphones.If you have a Google Cardboard VR device, or a compatible alternative, head over to YouTube to watch the Google IO 2016 – Keynote 360 livestream.Google IO livestream: how to watch the keynote on an Android deviceIf you have an Android device then you'll likely be particularly interested in what Google has to say at this year's keynote.Not only can you watch the livestream from within the app, you can view all the events that are coming up, browse the topics, themes and speakers for the whole conference and much more.Google IO livestream: how to watch the keynote on an Apple deviceGot an iPhone but still interested in what Google has to offer?You can still easily watch Google's livestream on a competing device Apple take note either through the YouTube app, or via the Google I/O 2016 app on Apple's App Store, which comes with the same features as its Android counterpart.
MOUNTAIN VIEW — Google is getting in on the bots game, joining Facebook and Microsoft.This summer, the search giant plans to launch a new messaging app called Allo, Google representatives announced at the company s I/O developer conference on Wednesday.The app incorporates Google s intelligent assistant technology and is to allow users to accomplish more things without having to launch other apps.By simply typing questions or commands within Allo, users will be able to make dinner reservations, check sports scores, find photos or check their flight reservations.So it can understand the context questions are asked in.So, in one demonstration, Google representatives showed how users could use Allo to find information about soccer star Cristano Ronaldo and then get Allo to find videos of him by just typing best tricks.The Google assistant was able to glean that the user was interested in seeing videos of Ronaldo from the context of the conversation.Google s move into text bots follows Facebook and Microsoft.Meanwhile, Facebook at its F8 conference last month unveiled similar features that are coming to its popular Messenger app.Bots have the potential to make it less important which operating system users have on their smartphones.Troy Wolverton/Mercury News Tags: allo, bots, chatbots, facebook, Google, intelligent assistants, Messenger, Microsoft, Skype, the google assistant
See larger imageInternodal s $12 Agenda Minder Mac App Store Link helps you prepare for your meetings by organizing any relevant information into an interactive agenda.The app records your daily transactions and includes a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through its every single aspect.See larger imageI-SmartSolutions s Rainbow integrates with popular cloud-sharing services—like DropBox, MediaFire, and Google Drive—to help you effortlessly move your data from one service to another.Once you ve linked the app with the services you use, you can rename, copy, create, and delete files and folders at will, just like you do with the Finder.See larger imageIf you want to give your index finger a little break, Pilotmoon Software s $3 RapidClick takes over your mouse-clicking duties.Designed for gamers and for people with limited dexterity, the app automates the process of tapping your mouse repeatedly by simulating mouse actions at regular intervals that range from 20 times a second to once an hour.
Alphabet Inc. s Google outlined several initiatives around virtual-reality in a bid to compete with rivals like Facebook Inc. that have taken an early lead in the emerging technology.Google is already a prolific maker of virtual-reality headsets, with its Cardboard offering that uses a smartphone as a screen and costs $20.Google has given out more than one million of the devices, including to most subscribers of the New York Times as part of a partnership with the paper.Oculus also offers virtual-reality software, including an effective app store that is also available on Samsung s devices, which will compete directly against Google s new VR software.HTC Corp. has partnered with gaming firm Valve Corp. to offer a high-end VR headset, and Sony Corp. is planning its own headset for its PlayStation game console later this year.Google also said its model headset will offer higher-quality experiences than smartphone-based devices, reducing complaints of motion sickness.
Google is updating its Android Studio developer environment with a whole slew of upgrades under the hood that ll make it faster.The company unveiled the new tool at its Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View.Making the developer experience easier is critical to companies like Google to encourage developers to build apps Android-first, which is important to capture moments of exclusivity over the App Store.This is a huge pain point for developers, who need to monitor the experience and tune the app constantly.Tests are critical for ensuring that new deploys don t break the app before shipping it off to devices and quickly identify issues with the application.There s a new layout designer that has more features, making it easier to lay out what developers want the app experience to be like.
VR is hot this year, and of course, Google had little VR-related stuff to present the evening's keynote at Google I / O and can called this Daydream. Daydream means that it has optimized the Android N VR which will provide a better VR experience, and it stated that several mobile manufacturers would have handsets with support for Daydream fall. Besides that, Google has developed a reference design for VR headset, which seems to be a little more advanced version of Google Cardboard which also includes a controller, see picture below. The first VR headsets with Daydreams reference design will be launched this autumn. The third component is in Daydream Daydream Home which is a sort of app store of VR materials to phones Daydream support. The above found a presentation of Google's new VR platform Daydream.
This new Google Apps API, or application programming interface, provides the "hooks" that turns Google Docs into more of a platform — outside services can now integrate with Google Apps in a deeper way than ever before.At launch, Google is announcing integrations with a wide range of business apps, including Salesforce, SAP, and Trello, with more to come as more developers adopt that API.Enlisting these developers is a sign that the search giant is renewing its push to topple Microsoft Office's stranglehold on workplace productivity.The new API is starting with the Google Sheets spreadsheet app and Slides presentation tool on the web, but the search giant promises it'll expand all over.Less tedious click-and-drag, more doing."Users were more focused on the process than their goals," says Google Docs Group Product Manager Ritcha Ranjan.Here's a video of these integrations in Sheets: And in Slides: The next app store It's worth noting that it's very similar to similar moves made by Microsoft around its Office 365 cloud productivity suite, which has been making its own play to attract outside developers.Tools like Google Apps and Office 365 follow you around from device to device, and bring all your documents with you.This is a big way to help Google Apps, now 10 years old, grow into a new decade.NOW WATCH: A bulldozer company knocked down the wrong house, and it's blaming it on Google MapsLoading video...
The federation of service providers and software vendors will begin stocking its virtual shelves from June 7Xavier Poisson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's vice president for hybrid IT in Europe, Middle East and Africa, at a meeting for Cloud28 partners near Amsterdam on May 19, 2016Cloud28 , the cloud services federation backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, now wants to help you install enterprise applications, not just choose them from its catalog.The federation plans to open its new App Center for business later this summer, and will begin stocking its virtual shelves on June 7 with the opening of an App Onboarding Center.Once strictly an open source, OpenStack shop, it is now embracing Microsoft Azure, VMware, Ormuco and Docker.One of the advantages of Cloud28 for participating service providers operating in only one country is that it makes them more visible to independent software vendors from other countries looking for new distribution channels, said Khaled Chaar, managing director of German cloud service provider Pironet NDH.Although many applications are already cloud-ready, for a typical business the 20 percent or so of the applications it uses that aren't cloud-ready are probably the most valuable, industry-specific ones, he said.Making it easier to move those to the cloud will present significant advantages, he said.
Nevertheless, a quality base design might help keep the growing roster of crappy VR headsets at bay.The unnamed device looks a bit like a Roku remote, and has motion sensors built in.This will certainly help phone makers claw some market share from the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, both of which have motion-sensitive controllers.It comes with an app store – a modified version of the Google Play Store – chock with familiar software like Google Photos, YouTube, and Gunjack VR.According to the search engine giant, eight hardware partners have already agreed to make Daydream-friendly phones: Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel.HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift:What did you think of Google I/O 2016?
OS X Photos makes it super-easy to create basic slideshows from still images, but such presentations tend to be fairly basic, with only rudimentary control over the end results.Both versions adopt a new, darker user interface with the option to switch back to the classic look if you want which really helps make images pop off the screen, as well as Animation Assistant, which automates the process of enhancing slideshows with motion.Stories can be used to create complete, start-to-finish presentations using royalty-free music in a variety of themes like Sightseeing, Beach, or Zoo, each with pre-composed placeholder shots the user swaps out for their own images.There are also a variety of other drag-and-drop snippets for intros, titles, split-screens, effects, credits, and music, so even if you choose to build entire slideshows from scratch, FotoMagico 5 helps automate the process without the cookie-cutter look and feel of a template.Editing text in previous versions was rarely a pleasurable experience, but Boinx finally kicked the slow, inefficient OS X font panel to the curb, incorporating native formatting options directly into the Options sidebar.The company also answered the call when it comes to audio, introducing precise keyframe control over volume level—perfect for situations where automatic ducking of the music track can t handle the job.
Zynga announced today that it has launched Wizard of Oz: Magic Match, a free-to-play, match-3 puzzler based on the classic film.Zynga has started to find success in the mobile space thanks to its slots offerings, including one based on Wizard of Oz.It makes sense that it would go back to that golden brick well for a different type of game.Wizard of Oz Slots is currently the 184 ranked game on the iOS app store, according to App Annie.While match-3 games have flooded the market trying to capture Candy Crush Saga s success, many still remain popular.The Wizard of Oz film has captured the hearts of fans across generations through an endearing story of friends working together to solve an imaginative puzzle, said Mark Turmell, the senior creative director at Zynga, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.. Wizard of Oz: Magic Match keeps the movie magic alive with exciting match-3 gameplay and fresh new features.
Adobe has provided free iOS apps for creating visually rich social media posts, web-based stories and animated videos for a while, in the shape of Adobe Post, Slate and Voice respectively.The creative software giant has now updated these mobile apps and integrated them with a new web app called Adobe Spark, renaming the iOS offerings Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video.Most people know what they want to achieve, but they lack the design skills, and the time, to create beautiful content that'll look good on any device.You can use the new Spark web app to create all three types of content -- social posts/graphics, web stories and animated videos -- on desktops, laptops or any other platform that can run a browser.Adobe Spark is available for free in English only at, with paid-for versions planned in due course.Adobe is also teaming up with social change platform to co-create training materials for petitioners and change agents.
The platform app developers for Android use to publish and maintain their apps in Google's app store, Google Play Developer Console. So far, the console only been available via the web but now Google has released it as an app, this is to give developers the ability to more quickly access information, get notification or respond to comments and ratings. The app is designed with material design and uses the card to view information. It is worth noting that you do not have access to as much information through the app, which can be accessed via the web, but you can get, for example, statistics from the last three months installs and uninstalls, and the ability to sort them by Android version, app version, country, and language. It is also possible to display crash reports and see what caused a crash by calling the app stack trace. Has launched an app in stages and through beta or alpha channels that can be accessed although the information in the app.
There are apps for those who want to save for their retirement, apps for those who want to pay bills with a credit card, apps for mobile payments and apps for those who want to invest by lending money directly to small business owners or small property projects. The sun is shining with dazzling rays, the ice has melted and the banks will fall around in a desperate hunt for Fintech companies But now awakened sinner. Swedbank went out in February that it is open to both partnerships and outright acquisitions of new fintechbolag. Nordea has launched an accelerator program for fintechbolag to get closer to the new technology. One guess is that the young sparappen Dreams gets a new partner soon. Read more: Dreams Launches saving robot on Facebook Another guess, I get kredda my colleague Viktor Power for, is that the banks in the future become a kind of App Store fintechtjänster.
Google hopes that within a couple months, apps will move to a stable beta release and finally work on Chromebooks this fall.That s huge, great, awesome news for lovers of Chromebooks of which they are supposedly very many .That promise resulted in a limited project, called App Runtime for Chrome and brought a dozen or so apps like Duolingo, Evernote, and Vine to Chrome OSNow, you re getting all of them—that is if developers build the apps for the platform.Keyboard, mouse, and touch input will seamlessly work togetherUsers will get Android notifications on their ChromebooksAndroid apps benefit from the Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity setup by the user or the administratorFile sharing is seamless between Chrome and Android apps through the Files appPerformance of demanding apps such as games or design apps is excellentChromebooks have always been an excellent cheap computing option, but it lacked a robust app store to make it a true laptop competitor.Don t get too excited quite yet.These apps still need to be optimized for the new platform and won t be ready until some time in the fall.
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Google s two popular operating systems, Android and Chrome OS, soon will run the same apps.On Thursday, Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., GOOGL -0.90 % said the Google Play app store will soon be able to install Android apps on Chromebook laptops as well as on the lesser-known Chromebase all-in-one computers, Chromebox desktops and computer-in-a-stick Chromebits.Rather than push for more Web apps, Google decided to add Android app compatibility.You ll be able to download and use Android apps, so you can make a Skype call, work with Office files and be productive offline—or take a break with games such as Minecraft, Hearthstone or Clash of Clans, Reid and Taylor wrote in the post.The same apps that run on phones and tablets can now run on Chromebooks without compromising their speed, simplicity or security.This move doesn t mean all Android apps will suddenly look great and work well on a laptop with a trackpad and no touch screen, for instance.
I dunno, looks like a game to me...Liyla and the Shadows of War is currently listed on Google Play as an Adventure game, and it includes "challenging decision, events and puzzles awaiting for you sic " according to its online press kit.The rejection didn't go into detail about where Apple draws the line between "Games" and "News," but Apple's App Store Review guidelines have laid out the company's thinking since 2010: "We view Apps different than books or songs, which we do not curate.Naomi Clark points out on Twitter that Israeli Heroes, an Angry Birds clone about sending missiles at foreign-looking cartoon bombers, is currently listed in the iOS App Store under Games.Yet a number of Civil War-themed games were removed from the App Store last year because of imagery related to the Confederate flag Apple later sought to reinstate some of those games and Apps that were using the flag for "educational or historical uses."Retailers and platform holders have the right to arrange their storefronts any way they see fit, of course, and game makers can always take their content to more open platforms.