Being an artist is not an easy task, but technology can help you in various ways.Here is the list of some fantastic Android apps for all the artists out there.ArtFlowArtFlow is an app for drawing and painting that provides you with a variety of features including 70 types of brush, features to adjust colors, up to 16 layouts, tools to paint high-resolution canvas, pressure simulation tools to give your drawing a realistic look, and various other stuff.These apps provide you with plenty of features, and they are very easy to use because of their straightforward user interface.Some of Autodesk’s apps are AutoCAD 360, Pixlr, SketchBook, FBX Review, etc.It is a quite simple application that offers you a variety of decent features, including built-in tools such as a metronome and guitar tuner, cross-platform support, 12 different track recording features, and various other stuff.This app offers you a MIDI controller, a built-in piano roll editor that you can use to find specific chords, various audio effects, cross-platform support, and much more fantastic stuff.