housing expenditure as a percentage of retirement growth, because housing can keep housing services produced by along with as an asset, which is not desired for one reason or another gave up, told Yle.Traditional Finnish savings thinking comes from the fact that the ownership of the apartment is pension reserves, said Danske bank's leading pension expert Susanna Miekk-oja."the Home should, however, good to keep and sell it only then, when the need for care.the Responsibility of the ministry of finance is moving towards more and more people to himself."Miekk-oja has four decades of experience in the banking and investment sector.His specific knowledge of the sector's 50 -advice.
America is still under dire threat of an electromagnetic pulse sending it back to the dark ages, according to Chris Currie of the US Government Accountability Office.In testimony given to the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee's subcommittee on oversight and management efficiency, Currie reckons there's not enough effort going into protecting the electricity grid from a catastrophic attack.To bring down cities currently needs an air-burst nuke-scale attack, something that would probably draw a catastrophic response against the perpetrator.The thrust of Currie's testimony is that with no single federal program or entity in charge of EMP risks, the US is still unprepared for either event.While the Department of a Homeland Security has been working on the question, Currie feels there's still confusion about who is responsible for EMP risks: DHS had not clearly identified internal roles and responsibilities for addressing electromagnetic risks to the electric grid or communicated these to external federal and industry partners , his testimony states.Existing DHS programs can be used to collect electromagnetic risk information: better collection of threat, vulnerability, and consequence information through existing DHS programs and strengthened collaboration with federal partners could help DHS better assess the relative risk ranking of electromagnetic events versus other risks and help inform asset protection priorities , his testimony says.
Done right, your editorial calendar will help you manage ideas, streamline content production and promotion, align content with key touch points along the buyer s journey, and craft content that addresses key customer pain points while providing the fuel for marketing and sales to nurture prospects and turn leads into customers.If you choose to utilize an existing template, eliminate extraneous fields that you won t use; they re only a distraction.Here s a look at a few essential elements most businesses will use for an effective editorial calendar:Title or topic: You may not have a finalized title for every piece of content that goes into production, but you should have a general topic or working title.Product or service offering: If your company sells multiple products or services, aligning each content asset with the related offering in your editorial calendar results in more relevant content.In either case, it s helpful to document writers and editors responsible for each content asset for historical analysis over time.This field allows for quick reference and filtering when you re looking for ideas or assets relevant to an upcoming promotion or event and also helps you get more traction out of ideas – rather than disappearing into the black hole of a months-old email thread, you can rediscover ideas you can use today that would have gone unutilized otherwise.
Our primary family digital photo library now at 50,000 photos , for example, still lives on our desktop as well as in the cloud , as do our Quicken finances, TurboTax taxes, and other critical files.Throw in innovative new small form factor desktops like Intel s Skull Canyon NUC and you have people who may not have considered desktops giving them a serious second look.That number is expected to eventually fall below half, but in many business environments, a fixed, large computing device is still very much an asset.The most compelling and newest demand for desktop PCs, however, is being driven by virtual reality.They still provide the best experience for a wide variety of consumer and business computing applications, and for that reason, will continue to hold an important place among technology solutions for some time to come.Bob O Donnell is the founder and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research, LLC a technology consulting and market research firm.
There are a number of CMS options to choose from – each aimed at a particular type of content:Website CMSDigital publishingDigital Asset Management DAM All of these CMS's have easy to use interfaces that are ideal for helping your business manage the content it produces.There are many systems to help you manage digital publications for in-bound marketing, and lastly if you have masses of images, text, video and graphics, a DAM can be a godsend.Large e-commerce websites or a simple blog can both be managed with a CMS.It's important to audit your precise needs now and what these may be in the future.It will also save you money compared to the costs of employing an SEO expert.For example, a page might be tagged as news, but it could also be tagged as a feature, and the keywords are likely to be things that describe what the content is about.
The Finnish company has reentered the mobile phone and tablet markets on a global basis, now that Microsoft's control of its name has ended.The Nokia brand and its intellectual property will be licensed to HMD Global, a newly created Finnish company which will develop, produce and sell a range of Android smartphones and tablets.The new company intends to invest over $500m £345m over the next three years to support the global marketing of Nokia-branded phones and tablets.An exciting new chapterRamzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies, said in a statement on 18 May: "Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Nokia brand in an industry where Nokia remains a truly iconic name.Nummela says HMD will be "completely focused" in creating a "unified range of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, which we know will resonate with consumers...our business model is centred on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing."Nokia recently announced plans to buy Withings, the smartwatch and smart bathroom scale maker, and is currently producing the Ozo, a £43,000 camera rig which can shoot 360-degree video and audio, intended for virtual reality film making.
Image caption Microsoft's feature phones run a small number of apps but are less capable than smartphonesMicrosoft is pulling out of the "feature" phones business.The Nokia brand is very strong in certain markets too and HMD will probably target these emerging markets."Calling NokiaIn a separate agreement, HMD has acquired the exclusive rights to use Nokia's name for a new range of smartphones and tablets.The executive worked at Nokia for 13 years, serving as its chief procurement officer until 2012."Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centred on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing," said HMD's chief executive Arto Nummela.But the deal allows it to benefit from its mobile legacy without taking on much risk itself.
There s the silent protagonist: a buzz-cut, space marine who sprints hyperactively through monotone corridors, firing shotgun rounds into the faces of occult-ish monsters.Doom made millionaires of its young designers, a group that included the wunderkind programmer John Carmack, who last month was awarded a Bafta fellowship, the Academy s highest honour.Then last year s Undertale allowed you, finally, to befriend them.This is a game designed to be played molto allegro; Run isn t a toggle on the keyboard – it s the default pace.2016 s Doom borrows the concept.Still, at least the sky is a nice shade of mustard yellowDoom s muscular campaign is its strongest asset, but there is some joy to be had in its fidgety multiplayer mode although this, bizarrely, requires the console game to reboot each time you wish to play online .
MoreA Microsoft logo is seen on an office building in New York City in this July 28, 2015 file photo.REUTERS/Mike Segar Reuters - Microsoft Corp said it is selling its entry-level feature phone assets to FIH Mobile Ltd and HMD Global Oy for $350 million.FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Co Ltd , would also acquire Microsoft Mobile Vietnam as a part of this deal, Microsoft said.The company said its 4,500 employees from Vietnam will transfer to or will have an opportunity to join FIH Mobile or HMD Global Oy.Microsoft will transfer all of its feature phone assets, including brands, software and services, care network and other assets, customer contracts, and critical supply agreements to both the companies as a part of the deal.Reporting by Sangameswaran S in Bengaluru; Editing by Sunil Nair
Valentina PalladinoFitbit devices are known for being easy-to-use, fitness-first products, but now the company that makes them may be planning to tack on extra features.Fitbit released a statement today announcing that it has acquired "wearable payment assets" from the Silicon Valley company Coin.Existing Coin users will be able to use their devices for the duration of their "lifetime"; the card itself can last two years without any recharging.One of the biggest differences between standalone fitness trackers and all-purpose smartwatches is mobile payment support: the Apple Watch has Apple Pay, and Google has Android Pay for its smartphones while Android Wear users eagerly await its inclusion on their wearable devices.Jawbone was the first big fitness tracker company to integrate mobile payments into its Up4 wristband, but that feature is in partnership with American Express, so only AmEx cardmembers can use it.Earlier this year, MasterCard and Coin announced a partnership to bring mobile payments to a bunch of fitness-related wearables, including the Atlas wristband, but there's no word on whether that plan will continue now that Fitbit essentially owns that technology.
News: Several Intel Capital employees are expected to be transferred with portfolio.The company said 212 portfolio firms have gone public on several exchanges globally and more than 383 were acquired or participated in a merger.Earlier this month, Intel sold $2.75bn worth of bonds to refinance existing debt and a portion of notes that are due to mature in 2017.The company is shifting its focus to cloud in order to address the decline in the personal-computer market and its failure to capitalise on the switch to smartphones.As part of its changing focus, Intel is planning to cut 12,000 jobs, which equates to 11% of its workforce.The company hopes to save $750m this year, with annual run-rate savings of $1.4bn by mid-2017.
Back in 2011, unable to cope with competition from Android and iOS, Nokia famously switched to Windows Phone as the operating system for its smartphones.Now Nokia Technologies has granted HMD global Oy -- a new company based in Finland -- exclusive rights to make Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next ten years.HMD plans to spend $500m over the next three years to support the global marketing of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, funded via its investors and profits from the acquired feature phone business.After the deal with Microsoft is completed, Arto Nummela will become HMD's CEO: he has previously held senior positions at Nokia and is currently the head of Microsoft's mobile devices business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa, as well as heading up Microsoft's global Feature Phones business.Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centered on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing."HMD is owned by Smart Connect LP, a private equity fund managed by Jean-Francois Baril, a former Nokia executive, as well as by HMD management.
This means that these computerized advisors can offer both mass affluent and wealthy investors a variety of benefits, such as lower fees.Respondents to the survey also said that robo-advisors would by far have the greatest effect on the financial services industry both one year from now particularly in the Americas and five years from now.This is all further evidence that we ve entered the most profound era of change for financial services companies since the 1970s brought us index mutual funds, discount brokers and ATMs.No firm is immune from the coming disruption and every company must have a strategy to harness the powerful advantages of the new fintech revolution.The battle already underway will create surprising winners and stunned losers among some of the most powerful names in the financial world: The most contentious conflicts and partnerships will be between startups that are completely reengineering decades-old practices, traditional power players who are furiously trying to adapt with their own innovations, and total disruption of established technology & processes:Traditional Retail Banks vs. Online-Only Banks: Traditional retail banks provide a valuable service, but online-only banks can offer many of the same services with higher rates and lower fees Traditional Lenders vs. Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces: P2P lending marketplaces are growing much faster than traditional lenders—only time will tell if the banks strategy of creating their own small loan networks will be successful Traditional Asset Managers vs. Robo-Advisors: Robo-advisors like Betterment offer lower fees, lower minimums and solid returns to investors, but the much larger traditional asset managers are creating their own robo-products while providing the kind of handholding that high net worth clients are willing to pay handsomely for.As you can see, this very fluid environment is creating winners and losers before your eyes…and it s also creating the potential for new cost savings or growth opportunities for both you and your company.After months of researching and reporting this important trend, Evan Bakker, research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has put together an essential report on the fintech ecosystem that explains the new landscape, identifies the ripest areas for disruption, and highlights the some of the most exciting new companies.These new players have the potential to become the next Visa, Paypal or Charles Schwab because they have the potential to transform important areas of the financial services industry like:Retail banking Lending and Financing Payments and Transfers Wealth and Asset Management Markets and Exchanges Insurance Blockchain Transactions If you work in any of these sectors, it s important for you to understand how the fintech revolution will change your business and possibly even your career.And if you re employed in any part of the digital economy, you ll want to know how you can exploit these new technologies to make your employer more efficient, flexible and profitable.Among the big picture insights you'll get from The Fintech Ecosystem Report: Measuring the effects of technology on the entire financial services industry:Why financial technology is so disruptive to financial services—it will soon change the nature of almost every financial activity, from banking to payments to wealth management.The basic conflict will be between old firms and new—startups are re-imagining financial services processes from top to bottom, while incumbent financial services firms are trying to keep up with new products of their own.Both sides face serious obstacles—traditional banks and financial services firms are investing heavily in innovation, but leveraging their investments is difficult with so much invested in legacy systems and profit centers.Meanwhile, startups are struggling to navigate a rapidly-changing regulatory landscape and must scale up quickly with limited resources.The blockchain is a wild card that could completely overhaul financial services.This technology could lower the cost of many financial activities to near-zero and could wipe away many traditional banking activities completely.This exclusive report also:Explains the main growth drivers of the exploding fintech ecosystem.Frames the challenges and opportunities faced by incumbents and startups.Breaks down global and regional fintech investments, including which regions are the most significant and which are poised for the highest growth.Reveals which two financial services are garnering the most investment, and are therefore likely to be transformed first and fastest by fintechExplains why blockchain technology is critically important to banks and startups, and assesses which players stand to gain the most from it.Explores the financial sectors facing disruption and breaks them down in terms of investments, vulnerabilities and growth opportunities.And much more.The Fintech Ecosystem Report: Measuring the effects of technology on the entire financial services industry is how you get the full story on the fintech revolution.To get your copy of this invaluable guide to the fintech revolution, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.BUY THE REPORTThe choice is yours.But however you decide to acquire this report, you ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the fast-moving world of financial technology.
Combining sensors and tags that provide data about the dimensions of different cargo and containers with systems that provide real-time data about empty space in a trucking fleet can help operators fill that empty space and recover much that revenue leakage.Healthcare: Using asset tracking with traditional systems for keeping medical records can improve patient care at healthcare facilities.For instance, collecting data from barcodes assigned to individual patients along with software systems for tracking medical records can reduce errors like giving patients the wrong medication or wrong doses by 42%.Zebra Technologies already provides the asset tracking, bar code scanning, and enterprise mobile devices for collecting and sharing real time data for these use cases.It s so big that it could mean new revenue streams for your company and new opportunities for you.Businesses will be the top adopter of IoT solutions because they will use IoT to 1 lower operating costs; 2 increase productivity; and 3 expand to new markets or develop new product offerings.networks The important role analytics systems, including edge analytics, cloud analytics, will play in making the most of IoT investments The sizable security challenges presented by the IoT and how they can be overcome The four powerful forces driving IoT innovation, plus the four difficult market barriers to IoT adoption Complete analysis of the likely future investment in the critical IoT infrastructure:   connectivity, security, data storage, system integration, device hardware, and application development In-depth analysis of how the IoT ecosystem will change and disrupt 16 different industries To get your copy of this invaluable guide to the IoT universe, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.
For investors in Taiwan s $841 billion stock market, Tim Cook matters more than Tsai Ing-wen.While the ascension of independence-leaning Tsai to the presidency on Friday has sparked concern relations with China will deteriorate, JPMorgan Asset Management and BlackRock Inc. say the bigger risk is the slowdown in the global smartphone business.Apple reported its first quarterly sales decline in 13 years, with Chief Executive Officer Cook acknowledging on April 26 that -- nine years after the iPhone s game-changing debut -- the market had stopped growing.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. both reported falling profit last quarter.Investor confidence in Taiwan s stock market reflects "export demand, and by far the dominant export demand factor is electronics and Apple in particular," said Howard Wang, Hong Kong-based head of greater China for JPMorgan Asset Management, which managed $1.7 trillion as of March 31.Pegatron Corp., which assembles iPhones, missed profit expectations and said April sales dived 16 percent.TSMC, one of the largest manufacturers of the application processors that are a mobile device s brains --- cut its 2016 smartphone demand forecast in April.In March, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to "resolutely contain Taiwan independence secessionist activities in any form," a warning to Tsai s incoming government.The Communist Party considers the island a province, even though it has been governed separately for more than 66 years, and reserves the right to use force to prevent it from moving toward formal independence."Taiwan having a government that s uninterested in unification with China is nothing new," Chou said, referring to two former presidents who leaned toward independence.She will focus on economic and social issues."
Microsoft enterprise licensing slinger and software asset management biz Crayon has finally filled the empty seat at the top of its UK organisation after grabbing former Di Data s local sales director Richard Lockey.The exit of Gareth Johnson in January and the last-minute decision of the candidate chosen to replace him not to join the company meant the position was bereft of a permanent successor for some months.Talking to The Channel, Lockey said he is still getting my feet under the table but fully expected SAM first, cloud first will remain the strategy.It is to a degree but we have considerable expertise and need to show the differentiation we have, he claimed.It also has Centres of Excellence for SAM, though none based in Britain.It is a Microsoft licensing solution partner - though the financial rewards here aren t what they used to be - and also carries a certification as a cloud solution provider.
With new software, Storage Center and EqualLogic systems get common management and replicationDell's sign on the show floor of Oracle OpenWorld 2015.New operating systems will help to bridge the gap between Dell s Storage Center and EqualLogic PS arrays, giving administrators a single management interface and a way to replicate data between the two systems.Only now can they be managed with one tool and carry out bi-directional replication.So with Dell about to take over EMC, customers may be in for a long wait for things like unified management, Conner said.That comes as businesses look to IT infrastructure as a competitive asset.To meet that demand, Dell has added quality-of-service features to SCOS 7.
Behind the hype lies the fact that AI research hasn t made any serious breakthroughs in recent years; computers have got faster, so the same brute force techniques now deliver their results more rapidly.Please peruse the many witty entries to last week s Spotify "name-your-own-Alan-Partridge-style TV show competition.Now it explains why Silicon Valley companies need to invent an imaginary chat companion.Like sterilsed milk.Now that the low-hanging fruit search, free music, free email has been plucked, we can see them for what they are, quite transparently, which is consumer data slurping operations.Only by putting a real digital economy in place will the next generation of nerds be incentivised not to treat huge aggregations of personal data as an asset.
Help desk deals with PC exploded in Iraq.Jackson told us the client had a number of contracts and had civilians supporting military operations in Iraq.Caller: I need a new laptop Jackson: Ok. At which point Jackson heard more and sharper cracking sounds, by now clear enough to be identified as gunfire.We were going from somewhere in Iraq to somewhere else in Iraq and insurgents attacked our convoy.Jackson: Acts of insurgency in a combat zone are not covered under manufacturer's warranty.Jackson understands the call was later used in staff training, making it an example of your call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes actually coming true.
Chinese O2O healthcare services startup, Ping An Health Cloud Co. Ltd., announced a hefty round of Series A funding on Friday.The Ping An Insurance subsidiary raised $500 million USD, putting the company at a valuation of around $3 billion USD.The development of China s online healthcare industry is still in its early stages, said Tao Wang, the Chairman of Ping An Health Cloud, in an article by NetEase Finance  link in Chinese .This round of funding will help Ping An Doctor 平安好医生 open the era of internet healthcare 2.0′.Users can make doctor appointments through the app, pay for private online consulting, purchase medicine, find nearby pharmacies and hospitals, track how many steps they ve taken, post pictures of their gym workouts, and more.According to Ping An Insurance s annual financial report for 2015, Ping An Doctor has partnered with 40,000 external doctors and has about 30 million users.Last September, WeDoctor announced a $394 million USD round of Series C funding, following a $100 million USD round of funding from Tencent in 2014.Launched in June 2015, Ping An Doctor is just one piece of Ping An Insurance s internet finance ecosystem, which includes Ping An Haoche Ping An Good Car, our translation , an automobile e-commerce services platform, and Ping An Haofang Ping An Good House, our translation , a platform for crowdfunding, trading, renting, and obtaining loans for real estate property.These internet finance businesses are a way to boost Ping An Insurance s customer base and encourage customer migration across the company s various businesses, such as insurance, banking, and asset management.Ping An Insurance also has a venture capital arm called Ping An Ventures, whose investments include Chinese e-commerce app Mogujie in 2015 and U.S biotech startup 20/20 GeneSystems in January.A spokesperson from Ping An Health Cloud did not respond immediately for a comment.Image credit: Shutterstock.