Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The WallStreetBets subreddit, which has seen a significant increase in attention in recent days following the meteoric rise in GameStop’s stock driven in part by traders on the forum, has been made private. Reddit confirmed to The Verge that the subreddit’s moderators were the ones to make it private. If you try to access the subreddit as of 7:06PM ET, you’ll see a page with this message: We are experiencing technical difficulties based on unprecedented scale as a result of the newfound interest in WSB. We are unable to ensure Reddit’s content policy and the WSB rules are enforceable without a technology platform that can support automation of this enforcement. WSB will be back. However, it’s not just people who weren’t... Continue reading…
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Discord has banned the r/WallStreetBets server, the company confirmed to The Verge. Reddit’s WallStreetBets subreddit is the driver of an unprecedented rally of GameStop stock, and has received a great deal of attention in the press as the stock continues to soar. Discord says it did not ban the server for financial fraud — rather, it was banned because it continued to allow “hateful and discriminatory content after repeated warnings.” The Verge gained access to the server and can confirm the claim that users of the channel were spamming hateful language, including racial slurs. Here is Discord’s full statement: The server has been on our Trust & Safety team’s radar for some time due to occasional content that violates our Community... Continue reading…
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Nokia shares were up on Wednesday, garnering the attention of Reddit traders. The company also announced the rollout of the first-ever 1T clear-channel interface.
Nokia shares were up on Wednesday, garnering the attention of Reddit traders. The company also announced the rollout of the first-ever 1T clear-channel interface.
Never underestimate the corporate world’s ability to take something that should be intuitive, and make it weird by overthinking it. Case in point: We used to say, “B2B doesn’t have to be boring.” Which indicates that for a long time, folks truly believed that B2B did have to be boring — that B2B buyers were a unique species of creature that operated without emotion and wanted the driest content possible. Now we’re talking about how we need to “humanize” B2B content.  And doesn’t that sound like some kind of filter you run your content through after you make it? I picture something that looks like a fax machine, where you load the content in the top, and push a big red button marked “HUMANIZE.” “We’re ready to ship that blog post, Johnson — wait! Don’t forget to humanize it!” Now, I get that B2B brands are dealing with millions of dollars worth of business. It makes sense to be mindful about how you represent the brand. But there’s a difference between caution, and so much second-guessing that you end up having to relearn how to talk like people. We can’t make content first, and then “humanize” it as an afterthought. Content should be about humans, by humans, and for humans, from the early planning stages to publication and beyond. Here are a few ways you can make your content more relatable. 5 (More) Ways to Humanize Your Content Nearly all of the marketers I know are actual humans (I’m still convinced Brian Solis is a highly advanced android from the future, but that’s beside the point). We’re all capable of making content for and by humans — we just need to unlearn some misconceptions and give ourselves permission to do it. These tips can help you start. 1 — Talk Like a Person Corporate jargon is a language all its own, with its own vocabulary, cliches, and even sentence structure. It can sound stiff, dry and deeply unnatural to your audience. For example, we might say: “Going forward, our software solution can be used by busy sales professionals to activate their data and achieve more meaningful results.” When what we mean is: “You can find more potential prospects in your data with our solution.” There are a few elements that set corporate-speak apart from actual human language: Passive voice. For example, “This article was written by me” is passive. “I wrote this article” is active. Active voice is more powerful, more emotionally compelling, and far more natural. Lack of “I” and “you.” I blame high school English class for this one. Every piece of marketing content should have an actual author who is present in the text. The word “I” is not your enemy. On the flipside, it’s okay to say “you” when you’re talking to your audience. Engage them directly! Even better, if you and your audience are part of the same group, use the most powerful word of all: WE. We need to address this problem. We all feel a certain way sometimes. I can’t overstate how powerful a sincere we can be. Fussy vocabulary. Don’t utilize a less common word when you can use a simple one instead. Jargon. If you’re talking about how your solution delivers customer-centric data-driven insights… well, that’s how the marketing team would talk about it, sure. But what does it mean to your audience? Use terms that match how your audience talks and thinks — and don’t just guess. Part of keyword research is learning your audience’s preferred terminology. 2 — Feature Your People The first section is all about the minor adjustments that make your content sound more human. For the rest of the post, we’re going to talk about how to make sure it actually is more human.  To start with, I said above that every piece of content should have an actual author who is present in the text. That means using first-person pronouns regardless of what Ms. Funke in 9th-grade English would say. But it also means having a point of view, an individual outlook on the world as opposed to a corporate one. One of the best ways to do this is to co-write the content with people in your company. Writing about your brand’s customer service? Interview a customer service agent. Want to explain how your solution works? Feature one of your R&D folks or engineers. As the marketer, of course, you’ll help shape and polish the content. But you’ll be ensuring each piece has a unique point of view, and that it doesn’t all sound like marketers trying to sound like other folks. 3 — Make Your Customers the Stars Another easy way to make your content more human is to feature your customers. It makes sense: Your target audience is people who would benefit from your solution, which means they’re folks who are a lot like your existing customers.  This goes beyond just featuring customer success stories or case studies. Those are a staple of content marketing, of course, but they’re not the only way to get customer voices into your content. Look for ways to bring your customers’ expertise to a wider audience. What do they know about their business that could help others in a similar situation? What can they say about current trends or upcoming developments?  Putting customers front and center not only helps humanize your content and bring more value to your audience, it also helps deepen your relationships with the customers themselves. 4 — Co-Create with Influential People In the B2C space, influencer marketing is more like micro-level celebrity endorsement — it’s all about giving people money to feature your product. B2B influencer marketing is more about co-creation — working with experts to make content that is valuable to your audience. It’s not, “Bob Johnson says to try our solution.” It’s “Here’s what Bob Johnson says about the future of your industry, and we’re happy to bring you his insights.” When you involve influencers in your content, you’re adding additional human voices to your content. Let the influential people in your industry add their credibility, expertise, and most importantly, personality to your content. It’ll make your content smarter, more personable, and more likely to connect with people. [bctt tweet="“Let the influential people in your industry add their credibility, expertise, and most importantly, personality to your content. It’ll make your content smarter, more personable, and more likely to connect with people.” @NiteWrites" username="toprank"] 5 — Find the Stories As the survivor of many college creative writing classes, there are three words tattooed on my heart: Show, Don’t Tell. Look for the stories that illustrate what you want your reader to know.  We understand this instinctively in conversation. Humans are hardwired for narrative. You wouldn’t say to a friend, “Our new dishwasher is 37% quieter than our old model! It registers at just 15 decibels, more quiet than a whisper!”  Instead, you might say, “So last night, I started the dishwasher, but I forgot the baby was sleeping! I was so scared she would wake up — it took so long to get her down last night. And you know that old dishwasher sounded like a freight train when it hit the rinse cycle! But the new one is so quiet she didn’t even stir! She was in such a better mood today after a good night’s sleep.” Whenever you find your content getting sales-y, try to refocus on the story. Look for the emotions, the moments of drama that relate to what you’re trying to say. And no fair saying there are no emotional stories to tell about your brand’s solution. If human beings are buying and using your product or service, they are experiencing emotions and generating stories.  [bctt tweet="“If human beings are buying and using your product or service, they are experiencing emotions and generating stories.” — Joshua Nite @NiteWrites" username="toprank"] Humanize for Human Eyes Every B2B marketer is also in someone else’s target audience. We have all experienced an emotional connection with content, even with marketing content (mine will always be the Like a Girl campaign). So it should be intuitive to make the kind of content that we respond to — “humanization” shouldn’t be an afterthought. This doesn’t mean, of course, that your case study about your SaaS should make someone break down in cathartic tears. But it should mean that the case study tells a compelling story that it engages the reader’s attention and rewards it, and sounds like it was written by a person rather than a committee. Need help utilizing data-driven customer-centric content (just kidding)? Check out our content marketing page and hear what our customers have to say.   The post 5 Ways to Humanize Your B2B Content Marketing – And Why It Matters appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
2021 starts off with a little treat for people who enjoy spooky games, as Polish developer Bloober Team is set to release their latest effort, The Medium, later this week. The Medium comes out on the new Xbox consoles and PC. I’ve been playing it for a couple of days and it’s… ok. Bloober Team has been making a name for themselves in the horror genre since they released Layers of Fear back in 2016. Before then, the Polish developer made some smaller titles that didn’t garner a lot of attention, but genre fans were pleasantly surprised by the first-person… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Medium
Injectable biodegradable self-healing hydrogels have received much attention in local tumor therapy due to their ease of operation, low side effects, high drug entrapment rate, and controllable drug release capacity.However, most of the self-healing hydrogels reported so far lack the real-time loss tracer monitoring ability of self-degradation as well as the degradation therapeutic properties of tumor microenvironment response, while their biological activity needs to be further improved.Recently, Lei Bo's group at Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, developed a new class of citric acid-based bioactive hydrogel materials, which have multifunctional characteristics such as stable photoluminescence, injectable, self-repair, temperature sensitivity, and pH responsiveness, and effectively achieve non-destructive tracing ability for local microenvironment responsive therapy of tumors and degradation of self-repair materials, and the results were published in Biomaterials.Citric acid based medical materials are an important class of biomimetic elastic bioactive materials, and are one of the few synthetic medical polymer materials approved by the US FDA for in vivo implantation.Traditional citric acid polymers have the problems of poor mechanical properties, rapid degradation, local acidity of degradation and single function, which limits the wide application in the biomedical field.In recent years, Professor Lei Bo's research group has done a lot of research work focusing on the functionalization modification and biomedical application of citrate-based polymer materials: polysiloxane-based inorganic-organic bioactive materials with multifunctional characteristics have been prepared by molecular silicification; efficient loading and controlled release of siRNA and miRNA have been achieved by cationic polymer modification for cancer therapy, bone tissue regeneration and obesity therapy; anti-infection, anti-tumor, wound tissue regeneration promotion applications have been achieved by antibacterial peptide functionalization modification; the biological effects of functionalized citrate-based polymer materials on promoting skeletal muscle regeneration through MAPK/p38 α signaling pathway have been found, as well as promoting wound tissue repair and regenerative biological effects by promoting immune cell polarization.
Like other developed cities, Hong Kong will be temporarily in economic difficulties due to COVID-19 in 2020 .At the time of the profits tax filing season, you who are new to the road have to be busy with the company's funds, but also have to worry about starting a tax filing .In the end Internet filing and electronic filing respectively do?How to fill out the tax return ?What is the tax refund procedure?The following Sforzando has specially sorted out the top ten common problems of Hong Kong profits tax to alleviate your business troubles.Sforzando Profits Tax FAQ 1How is the Year of Assessment for Profits Tax calculated?Under the Hong Kong tax system, whether it is salaries tax, personal assessment or profits tax , the tax year refers to the 12 months between April 1 and March 31 of the following year.Sforzando Profits Tax FAQ 2Annual corporate tax (Profits Tax) of tax returns ( Tax the Return ) when issued?Inland Revenue Department ( of the Inland Revenue Department / short IRD) will be issued annually in April and the first working day after a large number of individuals and organizations associated tax profits tax returns , which the tax return were BIR51 (corporation), BIR52 (OCs People outside of Hong Kong) or BIR54 (for people who do not live in Hong Kong).Attention: Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the profits tax return for the previous year of assessment ( 2019/20) that the Inland Revenue Department should issue in April this year has been issued on May 4, 2020.Sforzando Profits Tax FAQ 3When should I submit the profits tax return ?Generally speaking, the Inland Revenue Department requires that the Profits Tax Return and any required supplementary forms should be returned to the Inland Revenue Department within 1 month from the date of issuance .Taxpayers or groups may consider applying for an additional extension.Sforzando Profits Tax FAQ 4Is there any difference between online tax filing and electronic filing of profits tax ?No.As for the "Submission of Profits Tax Return " service, which means signing and submitting the Profits Tax Return via the Internet , (A) the director, secretary and manager of the corporation; (B) the first partner of the partnership business; (C) The proprietor of a sole proprietorship business (only in the case of a transition from a partnership to a sole proprietorship within the relevant tax year) can be executed.Sforzando Profits Tax FAQ 5Can any company use the online tax return service to fill out and submit profits tax returns?It's not.Included in the conditions for small corporations and small partnership businesses that are applicable to online tax returns are mainly focused on the income, business scale and business area during the relevant tax year, such as:The total income for the year of assessment does not exceed HKD$2 million;Failure to declare deductions for R expenditures or intellectual property rights generated by R activities for income or sales gains;Failure to declare deductions for energy-efficient building installation expenses;Did not apply for tax relief for avoidance of double taxation arrangements;Have not obtained any advance rulings on tax matters;No need to submit any supplementary forms (S1 to S10);The partnership business cannot have more than 6 partners (including those who have withdrawn).Sforzando Profits Tax FAQ 6If I want to submit a profits tax return for the company through the online tax return service , does the company need to open an "e-tax" account?Currently, "eTax" accounts only provide personal identity opening services.
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