Well, close followers of Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, will know by now that the company releases all sorts of products, even those that have nothing to do with chips and software.The company has a series of backpacks and it is still unleashing more.Recently, Xiaomi launched a colorful 10L backpack for only 29 Yuan ($5).Interestingly, this is one of the few Mi backpacks that come with a Mi logo in front.If you need to own this backpack, head over to Xiaomi Youpin to grab one at launch price.This backpack is not only very cheap, it comes with eight colour options which include red, navy blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, black and greenish blue.
Grilling food coincides with spending time in the great outdoors.Whether you’re having a BBQ in the backyard, camping with friends, or backpacking through the wilderness, eating is an important component — and plenty of time and planning goes into preparing your meals.Grilling is typically associated with heavy metal equipment and although some companies have developed portable aluminum grills, they’re not necessarily good for the environment.The extraction of aluminum through open-pit mining is an energy-intensive process and is associated with the release of harmful environmental pollutants.CasusGrill is a portable, biodegradable grill — serving as the perfect way to grill food in the outdoors anywhere, anyplace.CasusGrill weighs in at just 2.2 pounds and measures about 12 inches by 9 inches so that you can easily carry it on your person or in a backpack.
In honor of E3 2018 coming to an end, we're hosting an Instagram giveaway to alleviate that last gaming itch.You all won't want to miss this online sweepstakes.One follower will win a PUBG Miramar Map care package containing a military-style backpack, Miramar license plate with game codes, a ghillie suit, leather water pouch and more!This package was only for the media, so it's not even available for retail.You can enter to win* by heading over to our Instagram account and liking the post about the giveaway.You must be following to win.
And as Xhaka suits up to represent his home country of Switzerland in its World Cup opener Sunday against mighty Brazil, he’ll need all the rest he can get.To do that, Xhaka has become a sleep science guinea pig of sorts.Under Armour, the US-based sporting apparel company that sponsors him, has probed and prodded Xhaka to find out what makes him tick when he’s not on the field.But they’re also trying some fishy-sounding next-gen tech, like special sleepwear and sheets with ceramic woven into the fabric.The material is supposed to stimulate blood flow and keep sleepers warmer—it supposedly absorbs heat from the body and re-emits it back as far-infrared radiation, and some small studies have shown that ceramic fabrics can help with arthritis and menstrual pain.But the connection with better sleep hasn't been proven—and at $200 a set, it's an investment fairly limited to pro athletes.
Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is currently manufacturing anything possible.In recent times, the company has released a gaming mouse, sneakers, backpack, and gimbal.Now, the company has released a smart pet dog locator and filter jug.The product features four major functions which include a 30-day battery life, precise positioning, motion monitoring and pet friend exchange.The Xiaomi smart pet dog locator is an electronic dog tag with waterproof features so when the dog is lost in the rain, you can still track the pet to its location.It works for 30 days so it saves you the trouble of frequent charging.
While exploring the outdoors can be both exhilarating and rewarding, there are risks associated with any kind of physical activity — enhanced by the unpredictability of nature.If you’ve ever been injured, lost, or involved in the rescue of a friend in the backcountry, you can appreciate the ability to get into contact with other people, and were likely grateful for your cell phone signal or network connection.But much of the time there is no cell phone signal or network connection in the backcountry — leading to horror stories of people left to fend for themselves because they were incapable of calling for help.GoHeart aims to solve this problem with the GoHeart Mesh, a powerful outdoor networking device.GoHeart Mesh features a user-friendly interface that allows outdoor enthusiasts to get help, track other users, and communicate without the internet or a telecommunications signal.This small, handheld device fits easily into your pocket or backpack — leaving no reason to go without it.
After your child is born, resuming an active, outdoor lifestyle is no small feat.For a serious hiker, a backpack model is the only way to go and for a full-day hike, there are few options better than Kelty’s Journey PerfectFIT Elite.The pack is light when it’s not fully loadedOut of the box, the base weight of the pack is surprisingly light, tipping the scale at just 7 pounds, 4 ounces.Though it seemed like this would translate to feeling light on our shoulders, when amassing a collection of lunch food, snacks, spare clothes, diapers and water (there is a hydration system pocket that fits a 60-ounce bladder), the weight adds up quickly.The PerfectFit suspension system can easily and quickly be adjusted to the wearer for smaller and larger torso sizes.
You’ve heard it before: VR is almost certainly the future of gaming, but the technology just isn’t there yet for mass appeal.That’s neat enough on its own, but Sandbox takes immersion a step further by incorporating motion capture technology for more realistic movements and in-game actions.Then you strap on your headset – a modified Oculus Rift in my case, but the company use the superior Vive Pro in other locations – and a VR backpack PC that’s lighter than you probably think.Lastly, you attach this doodad onto each of your limbs.The power of shiny balls allows the motion capture cameras to accurately track individual arms and legs as you move around the room.The game we played was called Deadwood Mansion.
Today’s creatives have a number of different tools in their arsenal from cameras and lenses to drones and stabilizers, and Lowepro designed its latest backpack with that flexibility in mind.Announced on June 12, the FreeLine BP 350 AW is the first in Lowepro’s new line made for versatile content creators.The key to the FreeLine BP 350 AW’s flexibility is a redesigned interior divider, which the company calls QuickShelf.As the name suggests, instead of compartments, the new dividers create a padded shelf for gear.The three-tier shelf can also be quickly removed from the bag to move from photo bag to everyday backpack.The new divider system can fit up to a full frame DSLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 mounted along with additional lenses.
LOS ANGELES—After rival Microsoft showed 50 games from a wide range of genres in a very traditional E3 press conference yesterday, Sony promoted its PlayStation platform with a focused and unconventional presentation.The event started out in a small, church-like space with hanging lights—very unusual for this kind of press conference.After that, the press conference awkwardly moved to a commentary desk for discussion while attendees relocated to a much larger, more traditional venue.From there, Sony unleashed rapid fire trailers and gameplay clips from Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding, Sucker Punch's Ghosts of Tsushima, Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, and several others.The Last of Us Part IIIn an extended clip of The Last of Us Part II, we saw previous-game-survivor Ellie at some kind of dance.
A remote operated vehicle to follow them through the forest – here are the four finalists for the role of Squad Mission Equipment Transport.The u.s. army's infantry soldiers have a standardpackning weighing from 27 kg to just under 55 kg.The new vehicle category ”BATTER” (Squad Mission Equipment Transport) should also be able to be remotely controlled by soldiers. " I am no soldier, but I have worn a backpack – and I can say that I am much faster without a backpack on my back.to avoid having To lug the weight will make the soldier more mobile and deadly, " says Erika Hanson on the Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport in a press release.in three years, BATTER-concept to be operational.
I'm loaded up with a rifle, headset and backpack.In a crumbling mansion, zombies are everywhere, jumping on me from behind, dropping from the ceiling.My partner next to me revives me with his hand on my shoulder.There's Star Wars VR at Disney, and Ghostbusters VR at Madame Tussaud's, and VR shoot-em-ups in Vegas.Sandbox VR, a company that started with multiplayer VR centers in Hong Kong and Singapore, just opened its first US location in San Mateo.The setup, similar to what The Void has used in its location-based VR centers, has HTC Vive Pro headsets, backpack PCs and haptic vests for up to six-player games in open spaces.
Here we are in the first week of June, the weather is getting warmer and you might not be spending as much time on your phone or PC, which means you could have missed some juicy news.If you think that’s the case, then keep reading to find out what have been the most interesting headlines in the past 7 days!Xiaomi appears to be a company that is never resting, indeed after launching the Xiaomi Mi 8 lineup last week, they are now back in the news with a plethora of new gadgets; including a smart wind fan, a new backpack, Sneakers 2nd gen and a gaming mouse, among other things.Huawei isn’t much behind Xiaomi as far as activeness goes.In a couple days we’ll finally see the much awaited VIVO Nex.As some of you may know, the smartphone will be available in three versions for different price ranges.
Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, unleashed at least three new products and they are quite interesting.The company has a mouse before now but it recently released a new gaming mouse, Xiaomi sneakers 2, and a new backpack.Today, Xiaomi launched a stylish commuter backpack that can accommodate a 15.6 inches notebook and it has 4 levels of splash-proof.Xiaomi’s new commuter shoulder bag uses a simple and stable square design concept with leather embellishment which holds water for a short period of time thus it is splash resistant.The internals is designed with a velvet cloth which is scratch-resistant and the front compartment has sufficient capacity.The zipper pocket can accommodate private items and the lining pocket can hold a mouse.