Bad weather has delayed the delivery of mail to different parts of Southern Finland this week and late last week, the Mail told.the Delays have been on the evening of the day of distribution, i.e. the so-called letter mail.most commonly, these have been one-day delays, but the post has been able to even remain completely without sharing two consecutive weekday.the end of the year delays should no longer be.
emissions of the scandal because of bad difficulties, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen reduced the number of employees up to 30 000, the news agency Reuters reported.staff reductions are agreed to Volkswagen and the company's employees unions.Volkswagen and the unions also agreed that anyone does not terminate in 2025.This means that large-scale staff reductions be implemented by granting the severance package, by offering early retirement and by reducing part-time work tekijötä.staff reductions, Volkswagen aims to cut costs in their home country Germany, where its costs are relatively the Same time the company is trying to get the size of billions of euros, which it will have to use fines and compensation related to the company's emissions scandal.
in Order to be able to understand who Vladimir Putin is, you must first know where he came from.The New York Times Moscow correspondent Steven Lee Meyers has built a broad portrait of the eastern neighbour of the master.the Book explains how the background stay in strasbourg to block, colourless but the peak always faithful intelligence service of the third series of officers became russia's new tsar.the Book begins with putin's grandfather who put the food themselves to Stalin and still managed to survive.putin's childhood home was a 17-square of the joint housing unattractive in the floor of the house.Judo saved from being bad for you.
Exact figures on how much it is costing British firms vary but recent research from the UK government found that eight out of ten large companies had suffered a breach and most were seeing attacks on at least once a month.But nowadays it is increasingly attracting professional criminals.They can make good money from cybercrime and the risk of getting caught is low.Even if they do get caught the punishments are far less arduous than if you get caught robbing an actual bank or dealing drugs.The huge growth of Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have also made it much easier for the crooks to get paid.The traditional way of protecting a business against cyber-attack was to protect the perimeter.
Easy tiger ... the Kellogg s mascot has had a tough few days on Twitter.If you think your Thursday was bad, just bear this in mind: someone woke up, went to their job where they pretend to be Kellogg s Frosties mascot Tony the Tiger on the internet, and had to ask people to stop sending them anthropomorphic animal porn.The clearly heartfelt plea to keep things gr-r-reat came about after an emotional few days for the furry community on Twitter.The definition of the term furry is contested, even among furries themselves, but it usually refers to the fandom of people who identify with, roleplay as, and usually wear fursuits to mimic, anthropomorphised cartoon animals.Basically, if the suave Disney version of Robin Hood – who is a literal fox – spoke to you on a romantic level, you may appreciate where they re coming from.Of course, as an anthropomorphised cartoon animal, Tony the Tiger is the daddy of all furries, and so there s a fair amount of artwork featuring him.
after Reading an article about how the Us president Donald Trump I hate bad news, I was left to ponder the business leaders similar pattern of behavior.the Article quoted a Washington Post story, which discussed Trump's reactions to the women's march news coverage as well as Trump and president Barack obama's inauguration, the audience number of comparison:"president Trump had just returned to the White house Saturday's final inauguration event, a peaceful interfaith prayer moment, when the anger of the thunderhead began to accumulate.Trump turned on the tv and saw a slice of confrontation – on the one hand, different parts of the world organised huge demonstrations in his day-old president, through the against the and on the other hand, few people read inaugural audience, around which remained empty on the broad white areas of the National Mall park.As we know, in a hurry convened a press conference.Spicer played the occasion, the obvious lies Trump the inauguration of the public amount, and the suppliers the criticism was harsh.
Atria Finland ceo Mika Ala-Fossi I hope that the stir Brazil from rotting flesh to infuse faith in the domestic meat industry.Ala-Fossi comment Marketing"Such kohut, which in itself are bad, I hope I wake up Finnish consumers to the fact that those things that we are fine, are not self-evident.They should be appreciated and they are pretty unique, too," Ala-Fossi says M."I don't think that the case marked the sector as a have to understand that the food market is globally big.They are big business and their economic significance is large.
Kesko was eventually to sell only ten of them in 60 Siwa and the choice of the house, that Competition and consumer authority, FCCA ordered it last year to sell to its competitors.Yesterday, Thursday, Kesko announced that the remaining 50 store eight is amended during April K-Mart, but the remaining 42 will be closed the end of the month.Eight trade end up in independent retailers form M-chain entrepreneurs in different parts of Finland, one of the HOK-Elanto and one of the Pirkanmaa cooperative store."we prepared for the fact that this would happen.Just a few metres away we have a K-mart and a little farther from the ABC, and joining also Lidl and S-Market.All is simply not enough customers.
Everything you need to know about the Huawei P10The Huawei P10 release date draws ever closer and, with a press conference now just weeks away, the rumours have become interminable.Huawei has consistently impressed us with flagship smartphones, and so it s no surprise that the tech world is excited to see what the Huawei P10 has to offer.The Chinese tech giant has already confirmed a press conference for the end of February where we ll see a new flagship device , but the finer details remain a mystery.First, here s a brief rundown of release dates for previous flagship Huawei smartphones:The next big clue comes from Huawei itself: the company has invited journalists to a press conference at MWC 2017, Barcelona s annual technology tradeshow.
Circuit breakers broke bad, workload moved but array flipped out under heavy has revealed that a bug in the firmware of its storage arrays was behind last week's data loss incident.That mess took the company's NA14 instance offline, so it took steps to move it into a Chicago data centre.Once these timeout conditions began, a single database write was unable to successfully complete, which caused the file discrepancy condition to become present in the database.The data loss came about because while Our internal backup processes are designed to be near real-time, however the local copy of the database had not yet completed.Salesforce says the circuit breakers that started the mess passed March 2016 tests, but have been replaced anyway.We do know, thanks to a 2013 post by site reliability engineer Claude Johnson that Salesforce has in the past used ZFS and Solaris-powered servers for storage.
Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke and Daario Naharis Michiel Huisman This Sunday will bring with it the proverbial good and bad news: Game of Thrones fans have a new episode to look forward to, but it will also bring us to the season 6 midpoint.Season 6 shows no signs of slowing down with the latest episode.Brienne Gwendoline Christie goes on a mission.In the latter, the atmosphere definitely looks tense, so perhaps he s answering for the horrible decision he made to marry her off to Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon .The photos also show Jon Snow Kit Harington looking quite intense, most likely contemplating his move on Winterfell, and a new priestess, Kinvara Ania Bukstein , makes an appearance.On top of that, we see Daario Naharis Michiel Huisman sticking close to Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke in spite of her rebuffing his earlier rescue attempt.
The first trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot was met with a flurry of dislikes and negative comments when it dropped in March, but Sony Pictures is ready to make a second impression.The firestorm of criticism may very well have had something to do with the fact that Sony opted to make its leads women.Many of the negative comments referred to the gender swap, as the Washington Post pointed out when the controversy erupted.In the new trailer, stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon face a grave threat: Someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal activity, according to Erin played by Wiig .The situation is apparently apocalypse-level bad, and it ends up going all the way up to the government, from which the women seem to find more resistance than assistance.There are plenty of funny moments in the trailer, from the women finding out that they re the only ones who should have to deal with such an evil to Kevin the receptionist Chris Hemsworth acting as more hindrance than a help.
NEW: Google Home is the internet firm's latest productGoogle is already a huge part of daily lives but now it wants to help you even further.The tech giant has just unveiled its Google Home speaker which not only plays music but can become a fully functional personal assistant.Ask it what time you need to leave the house or how bad the traffic is and Home will tell you.Google is boasting that the Home will even be able to change dinner reservations, text friends, check flight delays and even set the heating via Google's Nest.Google Home can also stream entertainment around your home including music and movies.There's no word on when Google Home will become available or any prices but the firm has confirmed it should launch later this year.
The PredatorArnold Schwarzenegger could appear, according to Shane Black:These things all happened in 1990, but now it s 25 years later.Coming Soon X-ForceX-23, the female clone of Wolverine and current Wolverine in Marvel s comics , is on the cards to appear in the film, according to Bryan Singer—who phrases it in the most alien manner he could:I have discussed that with the studio.Marvel TelevisionIn an extensive interview for The Hollywood Reporter, ABC s new Entertainment Chief Channing Dungey discusses the recent tumultuous news about the network cutting Agent Carter and passing on Marvel s Most Wanted for a second time, leaving Agents of SHIELD as ABC s sole Marvel venture.Here s the good news: According to the site, Dungey challenged claims that the network was distancing itself from Marvel output by revealing that the network is currently working on several undisclosed TV projects with Marvel presumably one of these was the previously uncovered Damage Control comedy , with the aim of creating new shows that would be beneficial to both brands.KryptonA very early and still unreleased teaser for Syfy s new DC prequel series was shown at NBC s upfronts presentation.GothamFinally, pictures from the season finale, Transference, have been released.
However, this didn t happen overnight; here s where many marketers have gone wrong:You followed the wrong metricsAs marketers, when we sit in meetings with executives, they say the same thing over and over: Show me the data.We know the best marketing efforts are tracked, analyzed, tweaked or even tossed out based on the results that they show.However, the data that we have been leaning on is frequently from discrete campaign results that miss the true impact of a campaign s broader implications.You didn t treat your users like individualsA recent study we conducted found that users hate it when they are delivered the same generic experience as the next person.It s up to us to break out of the bad habits that I listed above and enter a new age of mobile engagement where we bring better, more personalized and more thoughtful mobile engagement to our users.He oversees global marketing, branding and advertising.
At its I/O 2016 developer conference, Google today launched Android Studio 2.2 preview, the latest version of its integrated development environment IDE .You can download the new version for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly from the Canary page.If you are already using Android Studio, you can check for Canary updates in the navigation menu Help Check for Update on Windows/Linux and Android Studio Check for Updates on OS X .Google released Android Studio 2.1 just three weeks ago, so this preview is coming very soon out of the pipe.And yet Stephanie Cuthbertson, Google product manager for Android, showed a long list of features that 2.2 brings to the table:On stage, Cuthbertson also shared that 94 percent of the top 125 apps and games in Google Play now use Android Studio.Not bad for an IDE that only launched back in December 2014.
It stores data on every ride you take using the service, as well as the ratings that drivers give their passengers.UK residents can file something called a "subject access request" with a company to find out what data is held about them.Please give me details of the source of this data if available.If you need any more information from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible.It may be helpful for you to know that a request for information under the Data Protection Act 1998 should be responded to within 40 days.If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer.Here's what I found:Uber knows where I've beenThe document Uber sent me included the precise locations of where I had requested rides, where each ride began, and where it ended.Five is the best, meaning they were a great driver, and one star means you had a really bad experience.But what you might not realise is that drivers are also encouraged to rate their passengers.I'm not doing that again.Uber stores every email you send itIncluded in the data Uber sent back to me was a record of every support email I've sent the company.Feedback I sent about driversEmails about my request for the dataI've spent over £750 on Uber in less than two yearsThe PDF file that Uber sent me meant that many of the figures weren't readable.
On Wednesday, Charter Communications completed its massive purchase of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, which means that America s newest three-headed cable monster has finally hatched out of its $65.5 billion egg.It will also see the cannibalization of one of America s most hated companies: a Charter spokesman told Bloomberg that the Time Warner Cable name will soon disappear altogether, folded into Charter s Spectrum brand.But as Gizmodo has pointed out more than once, the deal has some potentially bad consequences for customers.Though it was subject to a number of regulatory conditions, including a limit on data caps and an agreement not to charge streaming companies like Netflix special fees, these conditions are only in place for seven years.Charter claims that it will maintain a superior product set at highly competitive prices, but such a massive conglomeration can and should leave consumers feeling a little uneasy.Larger, more powerful companies, which Charter has just become, means less space for the small companies—and that, of course, means consumers will no doubt get screwed over in the end.
You look at some of these tech stocks that are so, so weak as a concept and a company, and they re selling for so much money.He slammed companies that have never made any money and that have a bad concept.Trump s less nuanced version ruffled some feathers.Finally someone calls it out, veteran VC Marc Andreessen tweeted sarcastically, prompting one commenter to suggest Trump might try to build a firewall and get San Francisco to pay for it.The phrase make bubbles great again began popping up on social media — a play on Trump s make America great again campaign slogan.Trump also managed to anger some people on the other side of the Bay this week by calling Oakland one of the most dangerous places in the world in an interview with The New York Times.The comment prompted a biting reply from Mayor Libby Schaaf.Chris Christie, left, takes questions from members of the media during a news conference on Super Tuesday primary election night in the White and Gold Ballroom at The Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., March 1, 2016.
It s one of the biggest travel hassles and the biggest single source of airline complaints: Your flight gets canceled and the airline leaves you in the lurch with no word on when you ll go or a poor promise of a seat several days later.In January Delta began using an automated rebooking system called Viper that weighs factors such as which passengers will miss connections.United has its own new rebooking system that it says lets the airline rebook passengers faster and opens up seats so that fewer passengers get told they ll have to wait three or four days for a flight.But rebooking an airline involves complex passenger issues like who s connecting and where they re going, how many unaccompanied minors might get stuck at an airport overnight, and how many seats will open up when passengers just scrap their trips because of storm delays.Whether using a kiosk or Delta s website or mobile app, travelers are offered what Delta thinks is the best available option, plus a list of alternatives.Before the Baker, Southwest was making cancellation decisions manually, a six-to-eight-hour process.