Image: Bandai Everyone’s favorite digital pet, the Tamagotchi, is being reinvented for its 25th anniversary. The new Tamagotchi Smart puts the creature into a colorful smartwatch, allowing you to strap your digital pet — and all the chores that come with it — directly to your wrist. Kotaku reports that the new device features a touchscreen for petting your little friend, voice recognition for chatting, and a pedometer. Oh, and it can also display the time. Neat. After their original release of the Tamagotchi in the late 90s, there was a global flurry of enthusiasm, leading to a spin-off anime series, video games, and a movie. The Tamagotchi Smart is fundamentally very similar to the 90s toys, but benefits from 25 years of tech progress. Its screen is... Continue reading…
It’s almost hard to believe that Tamagotchi is already 25 years old now, but that’s exactly what the franchise is celebrating this year. Despite all the advancements in technology, especially in toys, brand owner Bandai still believes in the joys of a simple egg-shaped device that houses a virtual pet. That said, there is always room for improvement and that … Continue reading
The Bandai America lineup of Tamagotchi virtual pets has been around for many years. The company has announced a new version called Tamagotchi Pix, the first virtual pet to feature an integrated camera. Bandai America says the camera will allow users to take pictures with their virtual pet and interact with the character in a new way. The company has … Continue reading
Pokemon plushies are nothing new, and we’ve seen some very interesting ones throughout the years. When the topic is memorable Pokemon plushies, no doubt many people immediately think of things like gigantic Snorlax pillows or Metapod sleeping bags, but now their might be a new competitor for the title of “strangest plush Pokemon product,” on the market. This, ladies and … Continue reading
With a heavy focus on technology these days, kids that get exposed to related subjects at an early age get a distinct advantage over their peers.In the Society 5.0 future that Japan envisions, such subjects may, in fact, become a necessity.Educators, schools, and companies have long been pushing the STEM (now STEAM) category to acclimate kids better to sciences and maths.And what better way to capture kids’ attention than by bringing the millennia-old benefits of play to combine toys and technology in the one thing that best mixes them both: robots.As one of the world’s leading toymakers, Bandai is in the perfect position to reach kids of all ages and introduce them to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts.For years it has been partnering with education-oriented companies to produce toys and tools that kids would both enjoy and learn from.
Twenty-two years after its initial release, and several years after countless revivals and re-releases, Tamagotchis have returned yet again with some interesting features like smartphone connectivity and the ability for your virtual pets to marry someone else’s and have kids.As with almost all the previous iterations of Tamagotchi, interacting with your virtual pet and navigating the menus is all done with three simple buttons, but with all the new features it might be time for an upgrade.The new version is considerably larger, and as a result, it might have a hard time competing for pocket space against a smartphone.It works, once you get used to how the navigation works (the buttons are unlabelled) but as the menus, settings, and options have expanded quite a bit in this version, it might finally be time for Bandai America to consider introducing an alternative—like a tiny touchscreen now that smartwatches have demonstrated they’re not impossibly small to use.The Tamagotchi On’s full-colour screen isn’t new—that feature was introduced as far back as 2008 with the Tamagotchi Plus Color in Japan—but it’s finally making an appearance here in the West.The colours are vibrant, even in bright light, and given the screen’s small size the lack of pixel density isn’t an issue.
Before iPhones and Galaxies, before the Nintendo Switch or even the Pokémon Mini, the "it" device to have in your pocket was a Tamagotchi.Now, Bandai—the Japanese toymaker that invented the Tamagotchi in 1996—has reimagined the Tamagotchi for a new generation.The new Tamagotchi looks a lot like the old one.It's not just meant to appeal to nostalgic adults, but to reintroduce the pleasures of the retro toy to a new generation of kids.Find a Tamagotchi egg and you can raise it from babyhood to childhood all the way to adulthood, at which point you can marry them off or “breed” them with other Tamagotchis.Tara Badie, Bandai America's director of marketing, says the company has updated Tamagotchi products throughout the years.
Limited run of Tamagotchis to go on sale in US next month.Remember all the Tamagotchis you killed 20 years ago?Well later this year you'll be able to neglect a whole new batch of the virtual pets when Bandai brings the beloved 90s phenomenon back to celebrate its 20th anniversary.Going on sale in the US in November, the new set of Tamagotchi toys are smaller than the originals – they've shrunk in size by about 60% – but otherwise look and operate much like people in their late 20s and early 30s will remember.There are six different designs inspired by the original run from Japan, and the packaging is the same too.Players will also find the same group of pixelated pets to raise as well.
The retro craze is in full swing, and Bandai America is adding adorable fuel to the flame by bringing back Tamagotchis.It announced today that on November 5, it will be rolling out a limited supply of the virtual pets to stores globally.The new Tamagotchis will cost $15.Before Neopets and Nintendogs, Tamagotchis were the original virtual pets that taught children everywhere about mortality and the consequences of their own inactions.They were a staple in the ’90s, egg-shaped handheld devices that housed a tiny digital creature for you to love, feed, and play with.The mini Tamagotchis will feature six designs from the original Japanese launch, and each will also have six characters to choose from.