Antoine Dodson of the Bed Intruder Song Image: Gizmodo, Photos: Apple/YouTubeOn Wednesday, Mic published an extensive report on leaked internal emails from Apple employees that discussed the sexist, toxic work environment at the company.The anchor of the story, and the incident that apparently sparked an internal email thread among 12 employees, was an account by Danielle a pseudonym , who started a recent workday with what Mic says was her male coworkers publicly joking about rape.A team member had referenced the Bed Intruder Song —a popular internet meme since 2010 that set a dance tune to a local TV interview about a house intruder who allegedly tried to rape the sister of the meme s star, Antoine Dodson.The video has been viewed 133 million times on YouTube and the song hit number 89 on the Billboard 100 charts when it was released.The following exchange was censored by a source who said it included sensitive Apple code information.
While this service doesn t offer a true alternative to Spotify, in terms of on-demand listening, the new $4.99 per month paid option offers a wider set of features, including the ability to skip more songs, more replays, and support for offline listening.The new service will replace the existing paid option, Pandora One, which focused only on eliminating ads.This announcement comes only days after the company confirmed it had acquired the licenses to music from three of the top rights holders, Sony Music, Universal Music and the Merlin Network, which represents some 20,000 independents.In addition, Pandora made deals with the Sony-owned distributor The Orchard and over 30 other independent labels and distributors, it said.The understanding was that the acquisition of these licenses will allow the company to expand its business to better compete with on-demand services like Spotify and Apple Music.The announcement also seemed to put pressure on Warner Music, which Pandora had also been in talks with, according to sources at Billboard.
The Estimote Mirror is a new product in a line of Bluetooth beacons that react to smartphones around them.This device uses similar technology to that of the rest of the Estimote Beacon line, but here makes a display – a TV screen, poster-sized billboard display, anything with am HDMI-input – show content based on a user being within proximity.This device may well bring about the age of Minority Report shopping at last.In it, John Anderton walks through a shopping mall in which all advertisements are personalized, sending propositions to Anderton by name.The way Estimote s newest beacon works is similar.Users will find themselves tended to personally – in one possible use of the device – showing them which products are in the store they re visiting based on their interests.
Cryptocurrency mining malware discovered targeting Seagate NAS hard drives A malware variant named Mal/Miner-C also known as PhotoMiner is infecting Internet-exposed Seagate Central Network Attached Storage NAS devices and using them to infect connected computers to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency.Miner-C, or PhotoMiner, appeared at the start of June 2016, when a report revealed how this malware was targeting FTP servers and spreading on its own to new machines thanks to worm-like features that attempted to brute-force other FTP servers using a list of default credentials.Steam Spy and the specter of game sales transparency The Ukrainian Sergey Galyonkin was living in Cyprus when he decided he wanted to know precisely how many video games had been sold on Steam that week.In contrast to the film, music and TV industries, for which an orbiting constellation of organizations such as Billboard and Nielsen track and release thorough performance data, video game companies remain notoriously coy about their sales figures.Sharp and bright, lacking consideration or mystery, randomness or error.Analog photography takes the sense of a moment and turns it into a tangible image.
Frank Ocean's album "Blonde" is now available on Spotify, nearly three weeks after it was released as an Apple MusicSpotify confirmed to Business Insider that the album went live onThe critically acclaimed album debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 album chart after selling 276,000 equivalent album units from iTunes purchases and
For a long time, Apple's 8MP camera was the pick of the bunch for those looking for the best image quality in a smartphone.Heck, Apple even rammed it down our throats with smug billboard posters preaching the line 'shot on iPhone'.Thing is, the competition caught up, and for the last couple of years Apple has seen the crown of best camera in a smartphone slip from its grasp.Apple determinedly stuck with the 8MP camera all the way up to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus after we first saw it in the iPhone 4, but Samsung fought back with the likes of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge S7 Edge, jumping ahead of the mighty iPhone when it comes to image quality at least .Even the bump to 12MP on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus failed to see the Cupertino firm fully close the gap with its South Korean rival.Plenty of other manufacturers have tried dual-lens technology on their phones already with the HTC One M8, LG G5 and Honor 6 Plus all feature double snaps, while Huawei took a more extreme, imaginative route with their dual lens P9 Plus.
Neither Kanye West nor Drake have any trouble selling albums on their own, but they ll soon join forces and give each other a boost.West confirmed in a recent Vogue interview that the two rappers have a collaborative album in the works.It seems they ve heard the many fan pleas for just that over the years.Speculation about a joint project abounded after a billboard was unveiled in Los Angeles in late August showing their music company logos alongside one another, accompanied by the cryptic message, Calabasas is the new Abu Dhabi.tweeted out an image of the sign at the time, sending fans into a tizzy over the possibilities.MUSIC @GOODMUSIC August 28, 2016
a week ago was released on Frank Oceans new album Blonde exclusively at Apple Music, something that has been the record company Universal Music, to see red.According to Billboard are looking now Universal Music to drag Frank Ocean to court for breach of contract.the Reason is that the artist promised to launch their next album by the record label, a promise he evaded by the day before the launch of the Blonde releasing a visual album called the Endless.The potential hit songs ended up, however, on the Blonde.Lucian Grainge, ceo of Universal Music, has as a result of the controversy determined that the Apple Music and other music services will no longer be allowed to sign exclusive agreements with the company's artists.By signing a contract directly with Apple said to Frank Ocean get to keep 70 per cent of the proceeds from the Blonde, which can be compared with 14 per cent of his previous album with Universal Music.
The Swedish music service has increased the number of paying users, with 9 million in half a year.Troy Carter, Spotify's head of creative services – which seems to correspond to some form of artistkontakt – go hard out against the Apple music in an interview with musiksajten the Billboard.He criticizes the service, above all, to work actively with the exclusivity and the claim that it leads to more users begin to find their way back to the pirattjänster to find music.Exclusivity is bad for the artists, consumers and the entire industry , " he says to Billboard.We have, on several occasions has reported that Spotify has been without a new release from heavy artists such as Adele and Drake.In the interview, he also provides an update on how many paying users Spotify has.
Spotify, an increasing number of paying customers.Spotify's paying users is growing faster than ever, and are now up to 39 million, writes Billboard.In the latest figure from march of this year had the streaming service 30 million paying users, which was an increase of ten million subscribers in just over nine months.This was Spotify-manager Troy Carter in an interview with Billboard.Now Spotify has put in even a switch in the tillväxtstakten and gained nine million new paying subscribers in five months.As a comparison, the reported competitor, Apple 15 million users in June.
Britney Spears career may be filled with no shortage of ups and downs, but the pop sensation has impressively managed to remain a relevant fixture in the entertainment industry for a good 15 years.Currently holding a residence in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, Spears recently took some time off from performing to record her ninth studio album; not too shabby for someone who endured and came back from a highly publicized nervous breakdown a few years back.DON T MISS: A celebrity you ve never heard of already has an iPhone 7Spears forthcoming album, titled Glory, isn t slated to hit stores and streaming services until August 26.But as things tend to go with big name releases, the album was leaked online over the weekend.In the wake of the leak, Billboard put up a rather mini-review of Spears latest effort.
Geoffrey Colon works at the intersection of marketing, tech, and popular culture.Data punk, DJ, podcaster, and author, Geoffrey is a communications designer at Microsoft, where he markets search advertising products for Bing.He has written for The Futurist, Advertising Age, and Fast Company, and been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Billboard Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Los Angeles Times.He has also appeared on NPR and Cheddar TV.Colon has written his first book Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal AMACOM out now on Kindle, Audio and Hardcover.Prior to joining Microsoft in 2013, Geoffrey was vice president of digital strategy at Ogilvy & Mather and digital community supervisor at 360i in New York City.
According to the latest update from ShtGvr—an app that ranks how many shits the world could give about a particular topic, and something I just totally made up—most users could only spare, on average, a total 1 out of 10 shits about what Britney Spears next album cover will look like.There are several reasons for this, though the main one might be that Spears, despite having made several culture-shifting singles and music videos, has never managed to put out an album cover that didn t appear as though it was made in either a state-fair photo booth or a factory that turns out Russian bootleg CDs and also maybe bucket hats .Even with her numerous crimes against typography, few artists have been less controversial, and therefore less interesting, when it comes to album-cover aesthetics.Yet there about 1,224 fans who are very, very concerned about the design of Spears next album, Glory.They ve all signed a recently launched petition demanding that RCA change the record s artwork, saying it s not suitable representation of the music that Britney is putting out, despite the fact that only one single from the album has been released so far.There was also a call for people to stop listening to Suicide Squad-bashing movie critics 22,028 signees and counting ; a demand that Madonna not be the lone artist to pay tribute to Prince at the Billboard Awards 9,047 beautiful ones signed that, to no avail ; and a request to bring George Lucas back to the Star Wars fold 25,899 names, including at least one Gungan .
The car-as-target effort is moving forward on many fronts, reflecting the fact that sending advertising to your vehicle is, as engineers like to say, a non-trivial task.In Montreal, Dannon Yogurt is running a campaign that displays a different visual ad for up to four traffic speeds.When that project is fully rolled out, a digital billboard might show an ad for an eco-friendly product if several hybrid cars approach at the same time, or there might be an ad for a refreshing drink, targeted at a long-distance truck in one lane.Kevin Foreman, GM of geoanalytics at traffic analysis/connected car firm Inrix, told me about the three Bs for inside-car messaging.Similarly, ads on mapping apps or Foursquare point out the nearest places to eat.A dot placed on a car dashboard, for instance, could result in a compatible app sending your phone a personalized message to pick up milk every Thursday evening as soon as you get into your car.
This year, sponsors face another problem: more competition.Athletes can t talk about non-official sponsors or post about them on social media during the blackout period that started last month.Athletes very much hope to loosen these restrictions further, but the situation is already creating more competition among brands to find Olympians who can help them maximize their sponsorship dollars.If you pay me to be on a billboard, a commercial, I ll throw in some social.Most intriguingly this year, it s also creating opportunities for athletes who in years past might have struggled to sign sponsorship deals at all.All They See Is Gold
Celebrities get paid an incredible amount of money to promote products on social media.The Kardashian sisters are probably the most visible face of this phenomenon, having all put their names behind weight-loss products and pharmaceuticals on multiple occasions.It s an ethically problematic form of marketing, and it raises all sorts of questions about disclosure and transparency.But until recently it was limited to those with massive followings on social media.Put simply, Scoutsee is a platform that lets you promote specific products on your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, in exchange for a cut of the sale price of that item.Powering this is Scoutsee s own patent-pending technology, which combines proprietary link structures with a product catalog and secure payment gateway.
Marketing has always been about a company selling a product to the masses.Think of TV ads playing in the background of millions of homes.Think of magazine ads sitting in millions of doctors offices.Marketing, for a long time, has been about casting the net as wide as possible, hoping to reach a few people and turn them into customers.But thanks to messaging apps and conversational marketing, this is about to change.Consumers will no longer be blasted by millions of ads irrelevant to their situation, needs, or issues.Through messaging applications, brands will be able to reach their customers on a one-to-one level via a channel that allows for conversations, deep learning, and extreme targeting.1.When we see an ad in a magazine, on TV, or on a billboard, we typically don t engage with it.We see it, acknowledge it whether consciously or subconsciously , and move on.
You hate creeping through traffic.But advertisers love it, because you re a captured audience with plenty of time to consume sophisticated messages.If you re zipping along, they have just a moment to pitch you burgers, or tires, or cloud services.In the days of yore—like, last year—that meant Mad Men had to choose between big visuals targeting leadfoots and text-heavy spots for the rush hour warrior.For five weeks this summer, eight digital billboards along highways in Toronto and Montreal tailored messages to suit how fast people were moving.The multinational food giant Danone was the first to try the new strategy, displaying four ads based on congestion levels, from Moving right along to I m never getting there!
When the International Olympic Committee announced changes to its famously draconian rules policing marketing related to the Games, a little women s sportswear company in Seattle was ready to roll.The marketing team at nine-year-old Oiselle got to work on a campaign to submit a series of posters that feature Kara Goucher, Kate Grace and Mel Lawrence to the U.S. Olympic Committee for approval.After a lot of back and forth, the USOC signed off.But by that point, Oiselle had decided it couldn t meet the committee s conditions, which included starting the ad campaign in March and running it continuously for at least six months.But as of Wednesday, even companies that got waivers face tight restrictions: they can still feature Olympians they ve backed, but they can t make any reference to the Games, and definitely can t use words including Rio, gold or summer in any marketing materials -- including, according to the IOC, social media.The IOC considers these terms to be its intellectual property and aggressively restricts its use to companies like Nike Inc., Visa Inc. and McDonald s Corp., which pay hundreds of millions to use those words and images in ad campaigns.For more news on the Olympic Games in Rio, click here.While always a source of aggravation for companies that sponsor Olympians but don t sponsor the Games, complaints reached critical mass in 2012, when athletes and their sponsors learned that the IOC was restricting social media posts in addition to traditional television and billboard ads.The committee agreed in February 2015 to relax its rules: companies that aren t official sponsors would be allowed to promote their athletes under certain conditions, which included submitting any campaign for committee approval by Jan. 27.Small companies cried foul, saying for groups of their size, the new rules are as onerous as the old ones.That s just not the way a small brand operates, said Lee Cox, global marketing director for shoemaker Hoka One One, which sponsors Peruvian runner David Torrence and Team U.S.A. triathlete Katie Zafares.
Jack Johnson right of Vine pop star duo Jack & Jack has made international news for asking his Twitter fans to send him their passwords so he can "hack" them and leave them a personalised video messageA young pop star is asking his fans to give him their Twitter account passwords so that he can send them personalised messages as part of a social outreach campaign, but cybersecurity experts are unimpressed.Jack Johnson, 20, and Jack Gilinsky, 19, make up the pop duo Jack & Jack, a US pop-rap duo that gained fame after making it big posting comedy videos on the social media app Vine.Although not signed with any record label, the duo have released several singles through iTunes, one of which made it to number 2 on iTunes and number 87 on US Billboard Hot 100 Chart.But now the socially-savvy Johnson, who has almost 4m followers on Twitter, might have gone a step too far by starting a hashtag called HackedByJohnson on 12 July and asking his fans to send him their passwords via the Direct Message function on Twitter, so that he can leave them short personalised video messages as part of a promotional campaign.I'm hacking Mack and I'm gonna give you a somersault," Johnson says in a short 20-second video clip posted on the profile of the user @niallsstitches.