The days of the VHS tape may be officially gone forever, but those with a hankering for the early 90s have something to look forward to yet: Crystal Pepsi is coming back, and the company is hiring some of the top stars of the era to celebrate it, according to Billboard.The soft drink maker will throw a party to celebrate the rerelease of its clear-looking version of the brand s flagship beverage — which hasn t been available on store shelves in 23 years — by hosting a minifestival featuring Salt-N-Pepa, En Vogue, Biz Markie, and Lisa Loeb.Billed as the Summer of 92 Concert, the party will mark the official relaunch of the nostalgia-steeped soft drink, which was crafted again after an outpouring of fans requested it be remade during a social media campaign last year.We re not just trying to bring the product back, we re trying to bring the 90s experience back.It felt like the stars were aligned with Pepsi with this one, said Pepsi Marketing Director Lina Lagos of the event.We happen to have a very authentic connection to the 90s with this quirky, iconic brand.
I'm designing advertisements for a local annual food festival.Recently, National Geographic published an issue of Traveler Magazine and later made it an article on their website about the best food festivals in every state and they chose this event as the best in our state.The festival organizers want me to convey this info in a billboard design and I want to make sure it's done correctly / lawfully / ethically.The article online is titled "The Best Food Festival in Every US State" and there is a paragraph for each festival.The festival's paragraph is too long to use on a billboard so would it be fine to say something along the lines of "NAT GEO calls us the 1 Food Festival in the State"?Is it that simple or do I need to request permission?
Imagine forking out £9.99 a month for a subscription to a premium music platform only to find that your carefully curated selection of pre-owned live songs had been replaced with dull studio remakes.Well, that s the predicament several users of Apple Music found themselves in after merging their libraries with Apple s. Fortunately, Apple is making amends, according to The Loop, which reports that the tech giant is quietly rolling out a fix for all subscribers.The problem arose because Apple had deployed a less accurate version of their matching technology, which sometimes confused songs.The new version, however, relies on a more sophisticated audio fingerprint, which was already available as a premium service called iTunes Match.Match currently provides a platform for users to upload as many as 100,000 songs to the cloud for £21.99 a year and is set to be refreshed later this year.The switchover won t be instant.
Apple has submitted a new proposal to the United States Copyright Royalty Board regarding streaming royalty payments, one which executives at the tech giant hope will simplify the manner in which rights holders are paid for streaming music plays, according to Billboard.Streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and others currently pay publishers and songwriters based on a complicated formula designed to pay out between 10 and 12 percent of streaming services overall revenue.That percentage is determined based on backroom negotiations with record labels and copyright holders, and is difficult for everyone involved because of a lack of standardization.Apple wishes to simplify the whole process, by paying 9.1 cents per 100 streaming plays — essentially making each 100 streams equal the royalty rate of a single paid download.This would make accounting simpler industrywide, and create a transparency of payment never before seen in the digital music age.But it would also seriously hinder industry members who like the revenue-based streaming model — players like YouTube and Spotify, who operate free ad-supported streaming.
Apple is proposing a radical change to the way artists are paid when their music is streamed online, Billboard reports, and the suggestion could hurt rivals like a tricky process: Every streaming company negotiates its ownIt's so confusing that streaming service Spotify even has a post on its website that tries to explainApple wants to shake up the current system.
Copyright regulators in the US are currently working out ways of improving the incredibly complex system for calculating how much artists get paid when one of their songs is streamed on Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music or any of the other services.Apple has put forward a proposal of its own, according to Billboard, where music makers get 9.1 cents for every 100 plays which is the same as they get for one digital download .That sounds straightforward enough, but it means companies pay for individual streams rather than out of their revenue as a whole.That would leave services that offer free tiers - hello Spotify - paying out more money.Apple Music, of course, doesn't have a free option, although you do get the option of a three-month trial if you're a brand new user.Apple itself hasn't made any comment on the reported proposals.
I take a lot of photos and I get a lot of spam related to those photos, says Ison, but in this case I received two very cryptic emails from two different people the same agency.I just got some awesome news.US - Minneapolis - 7th St. E/O First Ave. S/L US - San Francisco - Skyway Brannan AU - Perth - Forrest Place CBD CN - Guangzhou - Xin Da Xin Mall DE - Berlin - Karl-Liebknecht-Straße IT - Milan - Vip Prima Pagina Viale Monza MY - Selangor Darul Ehsan - NKVE Damansara Toll // utah shotoniphone6sThe photo Apple ended up featuring in its Shot on iPhone campaignWhen the budding photographer did reply to the email, the first thing the agency did was to put an incredibly strict NDA in front of him.He signed, meaning he couldn t talk about anything, to anyone, for any reason; in fact, Ison was hesitant to even name the agency.
You can still use it—but it doesn t look right anymore, because the company just revamped its look.The logo still has the overlapping red and yellow circles and sans-serif font, but all the elements are slimmer, flatter, less fussy.But no matter who s doing the rethinking, Mastercard s indelible identity is the kind companies generally prefer to leave alone—especially businesses that handle money.It s modernized and optimized for relevance in an increasingly digital world.Translation: Companies want their logos to look good everywhere you encounter them—on a billboard, a laptop screen, a smartwatch, or a phone.It s also got the lowercase letters from 1968 s Master Charge logo; the overlapping, rather than interlocking, colors from 1968 and 1979; the vibrant color palette of the 90s; and the dissociated name or, in design-speak, wordmark from 2006.
MoreA billboard displays the logo of Snapchat above Times Square in New York March 12, 2015.SAN FRANCISCO Reuters - Venture capital investments in startups rebounded in the second quarter, as a general stock market recovery helped restore confidence, according to a new report published on Friday.Investors plowed $15.3 billion into venture-backed startups in the second quarter of this year, a 20.5 percent increase over the $12.7 billion invested in the first quarter, according to the MoneyTree Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association.The report's conclusions are based on data from Thomson Reuters.In terms of total dollars, second-quarter investments outpaced all but three quarters since 2000, the height of the dot-com boom, suggesting that despite widespread concerns over valuations and a dormant market for tech initial public offerings, venture capitalists and institutional investors are not shying away from writing big checks."It's not heading straight to the moon and it's not going off a cliff," said Tom Ciccolella, who leads the venture capital practice for PwC, a consulting firm.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA is zeroing in on a specific question about the Tesla Model S that was involved in a fatal crash in May, while the vehicle was operating in Autopilot semi-self-driving mode.According to the New York Times, NHTSA has asked Tesla to provide extensive information on the crashed Tesla's Forward Collision Warning  FCW and Automatic Emergency Braking AEB systems, as well as the Autosteer function that enables a Tesla vehicle in Autopilot mode to navigate a roadway.Tesla is also being required to furnish information on incidents or customer complaints that could be related to FCW and AEB issues.The NHTSA requirements are detailed in a letter that was sent to Tesla in June, the New York Times reported.This shows the NHTSA's investigation is less about Autopilot as a complete technology and more about the specifics of the crash, which occurred in Florida.Tesla didn't immediately respond for a request to comment on the NHTSA letter.The Autopilot accident happened when a Tesla Model S failed to recognize a semi-trailer crossing in front of it on a highway because the trailer was white against a bright sky.It's possible that the Model S mistook the trailer for a billboard or road sign, but the minutiae of what went through the system's electronic brain is still to be determined.The Model S went under the semi-trailer, tearing off the roof of the car.NHTSA wants to understand why the vehicle's systems couldn't pick up the threat directly in front of it and activate the FCW and AEB technologies.These types of crash-avoidance systems aren't unique to Tesla or Autopilot; many automakers now offer something similar on new cars and trucks.However, self-driving technologies in general are now being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, which sent a team to the site of the Tesla crash an unusual move for an agency that's better known for investigating commercial airline accidents .So while NHTSA works to determine why the Model S that wrecked couldn't stop itself or avoid the semi-trailer, the NTSB will be aiming to figure out if this crash raises any alarming questions about the rollout of autonomous driving features, not just by Tesla but by other automakers.NOW WATCH: 7 mind-blowing things Elon Musk believesLoading video...
Four years ago, cinematographer Oliver Curtis went to Cairo for a freelance assignment.Like any good tourist, he visited the Great Pyramid of Giza.He was duly impressed, too—not by their immense size or majestic tombs, but by what he saw when he turned around: smoggy suburbs, a brilliant green golf course, and the trash of countless visitors.Explore the World s Most Morbid Tourist AttractionsLet s Gawk at the Gawking Tourists of ParisBritish People on Top of Tour Buses Look Generally Displeased
Spotify is considering a new attempt to launch in Russia, according to data. Spotify NTL closed down its office in Ryssand last year and laid their plans for the launch of mothballs. That decision may now be about to be reconsidered, writes the Russian business daily Vedomosti, referring to the sources according to Billboard. Spotify has chosen not to comment on the findings. Spotify has created a Russian subsidiary in 2014 and was preparing a launch. In February last year, decided quickly to close down its office and put the whole effort of mothballs.
More Charts   In the wake of Brexit, somebody drove a mobile billboard around London with a message on it imploring startups to "Keep calm and move to Berlin."But as this chart from Statista shows, Berlin doesn't really need the help.It's already the top of the heap in Europe when it comes to size of venture capital investments, and investment is growing faster there than in London.Interestingly, VC investment in Stockholm skyrocketed last year, vaulting the Swedish capital ahead of Paris.NOW WATCH: HILLARY CLINTON: The problem with corporate America's obsession with 'quarterly capitalism'Loading video...
We're searching for top company cultures to be featured on our annual list.Last fall, it took out a billboard ad proudly proclaiming itself to be pro-GMO.Its leaders believe in what they produce, which gives its culture an authenticity it might otherwise lack.At my data marketing company, we pride ourselves on a culture of transparency, execution and learning.We also try to be cool i.e., not jerks in our dealings with others; and we strive to represent ourselves in the market the same way.We pitch ourselves as an outsourced team that can execute, iterate and strategize quickly, with full visibility and high-touch communication.
Drake's album "Views" has topped the Billboard 200 album chart for its ninth straight week — the longest consecutive streak for an album since Adele's "21" dominated the charts for 10 straight weeks in 2012, according to The New York Times.Drake's album began its run on the charts with an explosive first week that tallied 852,000 physical album sales, but since then, "Views"
This time around, the 49-year-old entrepreneur wants to continue to execute his vision and keep Flipboard going for many years to come.At first glance, the company might not seem like anything spectacular, particularly in a fluctuating marketplace.McCue shrugged the rumors off, saying that it s all in the same vein as the dead unicorn meme.You have to change, McCue explained.As for a lack of fanfare, he pointed out that Flipboard doubled its monthly users from 40 million to 80 million in less than a year.He describes the problem there as two-fold: There was no scale of users and they weren t able to have enough runway to get the scale to happen.Advertisers have a plethora of opportunities to market their products, including running sponsored tweets on Twitter and buying ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or even on Google.Take Banana Republic as an example: If the clothing retailer wants to market its next line of khakis, it ll buy placement on a billboard in San Francisco, an ad in Vogue, TV commercials, and more.
A lot of Android phones are loaded with ads and crapware.It hurts the user experience, but in exchange for using your phone as a billboard, the OEM gets cold, hard cash from the advertiser.Amazon is now moving the choice for this option to the user, where it is loading unlocked Android phones with ads and offering them to users at a discount.The program is called "Prime Exclusive Phones," and at launch it offers the unlocked Moto G4 for $149.99 with lock-screen ads or the BLU R1 HD for $49.99 with ads, both $50 off.Amazon's announcement calls this "breakthrough pricing" that is enabled by "personalized offers and ads, including deals and product recommendations, displayed on the phone's lock screen.When a customer sees an offer, they can tap to learn more about it or simply unlock their phone to dismiss."
Digital billboards have taken another step — metaphorically speaking — toward becoming full-fledged interactive media.In a new campaign for Dannon Yogurt s DanActive drinkable yogurt, four levels of traffic speed were employed for the first time to trigger different messages on roadside digital billboards.Previously, messaging on digital billboards has changed according to only two traffic speeds: fast-moving and slow-moving.The campaign, which began earlier this month and is continuing into July, is run by Y in Montreal for Dannon Yogurt s ad agency, Carat in Montreal, and involves Canadian out-of-home media operator Dynamic Outdoor and real-time traffic data provider Inrix.The messages appear on two dozen roadside digital billboards in Toronto and Montreal.Other billboard campaigns — such as ones by out-of-home media operators Lamar, Clear Channel Outdoor, and JCDecaux — sometimes also utilize such aggregate data as weather conditions or nearby major sporting events in addition to two traffic speeds, Inrix General Manager of GeoAnalytics Kevin Foreman told me.
Some day in the not-too-distant future ads you see on billboards will be there simply because of the make, model, and year of the vehicle you re driving.Cloudian and Dentsu tested smart billboard vehicle recognition earlier this year with impressive results.Combining big data and deep learning, the test identified vehicles in traffic correctly 94 percent of the time.With all those stored images, the deep learning artificial intelligence processes learned accurate pattern recognition of fast-moving vehicles several hundred feet distant.The choice of ads to be displayed to specific vehicles is determined by the advertisers.Truck drivers might be shown ads for upcoming trucker-friendly stops.
25 is now available on a variety of online music streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Tidal.DON T MISS: Galaxy Note 7 shaping up to be Samsung s most powerful smartphone yetNotably absent from the list, which was confirmed by Billboard, is Google Play, but Mashable says that Google Play is also going to get access to Adele s newest album.The renowned artist told Time that streaming is a disposable way to listen to music, deciding against making 25 available to her fans prefer to stream their music as opposed to buying a physical or digital copy of the album.After all, 19 and 21 are both available for streaming, and the latter was also made available on music streaming services well after its commercial debut.To date, the album spent 10 non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard 200 since its initial release on November 20th, 2015, and the move to streaming will likely give it another significant boost as her ravenous fans begin listening to the album online and adding songs from 25 to their playlists.They actually promote mental health - and if you're with Cricket, they can earn you some reward points, too.