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Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris has positioned himself as a leading advocate for hydrogen as the alternative-energy choice for the future. Hydrogen has been seen as losing out to battery-electric technology in the auto industry, even though hydrogen is abundant and, with fuel-cells, offers a lightweight counterpoint for all-electric propulsion. Hyperion has auto, aerospace, and energy divisions, but Hyperion Motors made waves by launching an exotic hypercar, the XP-1, to showcase hydrogen's capabilities. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Talk with Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris for a few minutes and it rapidly becomes obvious that he isn't in the auto business, despite the fact that he just launched a wild-looking hypercar, the XP-1, that could notch 0-60 mph in under 2.2 seconds. Hyperion Motors represents just one facet of an ambitious hydrogen-powered business strategy. Along with Hyperion Aerospace and Hyperion Energy, the auto arm and its debut product are designed to achieve Kafantaris' ultimate goal: to reinvent and revitalize hydrogen power. Hydrogen fuel cells have been a viable form of energy generation — they've long been used by NASA — and automakers including Toyota, Honda, and GM have pushed them as a way to leave the internal combustion engine behind. But advances in battery-electrics and the ascent of Tesla over the past decade have put fuel cells in the rear view mirror, even if not everyone agrees with Elon Musk's dismissal of the tech as "fool cells." Kafantaris is eyeing a comeback, and that starts with changing the narrative.  "We needed to focus on a car, to tell the story in a compelling way to the consumer," Kafantaris said in an interview with Business Insider. Thus, the XP-1, a car that's quicker to 60 mph than any Tesla, with double the range to boot.  Show them the hypercar, and they will come The XP-1 is "designed to function as an educational tool for the masses," Kafantaris said. The overarching point is that hydrogen's combination of abundance and portability makes it an ideal fuel for all-electric vehicles. And, of course, the only by-product is water, which is synthesized by a fuel cell's power-generating process. Kafantaris, who studied engineering at Ohio State before moving to Transportation Design at Detroit's College for Creative Studies, is quick to point out that hydrogen is actually a way to store useful energy, particularly if you want an efficient, zero-emissions way to go fast. "You don't have the extra battery weight," he said, referring to the bulk of lithium-ion batteries, which are the main way that energy is currently banked for EVs. "So you can have better acceleration and handling — and the same amount of energy as a car that weighs twice as much. This is why NASA has been using hydrogen for 60 years. When you go to space, you want to be as light as possible." The XP-1, at 2,275 pounds, is a potent featherweight. Made of composites, Kevlar, aluminum, and titanium, it has no hefty engine or battery pack to haul around, just electric motors serving up punishing torque, so using hydrogen to max out performance made sense. True, hydrogen refueling infrastructure is in its infancy. But with just 300 vehicles slated for production, Hyperion doubtless expects to localize XP-1 sales in places like California, where a smattering of hydrogen stations serve those few buyers who drive one of the three fuel-cell cars on sale in the US today: the Toyota Mirai, Hyundai NEXO, and Honda Clarity.  While those cars have their fans, Kafantaris bills the XP-1 as the far more compelling pitch for what the most abundant element in the universe can do. Energy is the focus "The XP-1 will be the least exciting vehicle from Hyperion," Kafantaris said, but he doesn't plan on becoming another Tesla rival. "I don't want our focus to be manufacturing," he said, echoing sentiments recently offered by Henrik Fisker, whose struck a deal with contract builder Magna to assemble his new Ocean EV. "Our focus is on the energy side," Kafantaris said, adding that hydrogen has its most "impactful applications in aerospace and industrials." To support that vision and enhance the consumers' understanding of hydrogen as a medium of energy storage, he said Hyperion would undertake the assembly of a nationwide network of refueling stations. But he's also managing expectations.  "To be an innovator, you have to set aside your biases," he said. "In five years, if hydrogen isn't the best solution, I'll know that."  Still, he puts a lot of stock in atomic number one. "Until we have cold fusion, hydrogen will be best."FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why hydrogen cars will be Tesla's biggest threat
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As Slack works to entice large organizations to deploy its channel-based collaboration app, the company is touting a variety of security upgrades, including an expanded enterprise key management (EKM) system and stronger compliance capabilities.Among the updates announced Tuesday is the extension of EKM to give admins greater flexibility over the encryption of message data. Slack’s EKM, introduced in 2018 for Enterprise Grid customers, can now cover data sent by users accessing the Workflow Builder automation tool. The company also plans to expand EKM to messages sent in Slack Connect - the company’s  recently announced platform for multi-company conversations - when it launches later this year. To read this article in full, please click here
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Strong internal communication tools are paramount to delivering targeted and relevant information to remote employees everywhere.  These five tech platforms are proving to be major players in the employee communications software market, which is expected to grow to $1.6 billion in the next five years, Research Dive predicts.  The platforms innovatively mirror the way people consume content outside of work with internal social media, hyper-personalized content, and built-in engagement analytics.  "The need for this type of solution has definitely been validated," Smarp CMO Bruno Bin said. "The ecosystem is so complex for communications technology that these platforms do different things in different ways. It's a really tough place to navigate." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In the never-ending battle to get employees' attention, the look and feel of communications inside large companies now mirrors the external campaigns that marketers use to engage and sell to customers. The approach has given rise to a new category of employee communication software. "Internal communications and employee communications needs to be more like the external world," said Bruno Bin, CMO of internal communications platform Smarp. "There's a huge demand now for employee communications, and the primary goal is to make sure employees get information that's targeted, relevant, and timely at the individual level." The employee communications software market accounted for $527 million in 2018 and is expected to grow to $1.6 billion over the next five years, according to research firm Research Dive. The field is crowded, with a tool existing for every potential communication pain point for every type of worker. However, here are a few major players that stand out for their visibility in the marketplace, innovations, and likely staying power. Smarp Smarp, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, delivers curated information to its customer's employees by customizing the content that each user sees or receives.  By integrating with a company's digital assets — including intranet, email, Slack, or Yammer — Smarp is able to tailor content for each employee by their location, division, role, expertise, or other key factors. Then, it delivers the customized content over email, mobile app, social media feed, newsletter, or other channels. Smarp's technology also allows employees to suggest new content or provide material that can then be shared across the organization or with specific groups. Smarp's "content booster" capability helps companies expand their reach and foster conversations internally and, in some cases, externally, too.  Since launching in 2011, the platform reported serving around four million employees worldwide through customers such as Amazon, Marriott, KPMG, and BDO.  During the pandemic, clients that used Smarp for crisis communications were able to adjust content in real time, Bin said. Multinationals, for example, whose employees experienced COVID-19 phases at different points in time, were able to communicate policies pertaining to their specific locations. Using AI-enabled content and aggregators, Bin added, employees received news and policy updates relevant to them, while Smarp's analytics helped communicators adjust the content, formats, and processes for particular groups. "One client might see the London team likes video content better," Bin said, describing a typical scenario. "If you want the London team to engage with safety information, then we need to create videos. That's one actionable insight." Bin said the company's pipeline of sales prospects in the first quarter grew by 400%. When lockdowns were announced, Smarp saw a 160% average increase in new users each week, while first quarter sales rose by 91% year over year. "The need for this type of solution has definitely been validated," Bin said. "The ecosystem is so complex for communications technology that these platforms do different things in different ways. It's a really tough place to navigate." SnapComms New Zealand-based SnapComms specializes in providing targeted tools, templates, and widgets to meet specific audience needs. Its solutions range from lock-screen messages to tickers and quizzes, depending on a customer's immediate needs and goals. Since its founding in 2007, SnapComms said it's risen to serve 2.5 million paid enterprise users in more than 75 countries. Between March and May 2020, traffic to SnapComms' website was twice the average for the prior 12 months, said General Manager Philip Nunn, and its average sales doubled compared to the end of 2019. With employees not opening emails or visiting intranets as much as leaders would like, SnapComms saw an opportunity to both reduce email overload and drive traffic to existing content on a company's sites. "What we've all seen is the need for people to communicate effectively, quickly, and consistently," Nunn said. "But you need a way to cut through that noise, to get information to the right employee, at the right time, in the right way." SnapComms specializes in pushing information right onto desktops, mobile devices, and digital billboards. To reach employees, clients release critical information through pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, wallpapers, and screensavers.  The company developed nearly 30 content templates during the pandemic, such as work-from-home equipment survey checklists and hand hygiene illustrations as screensavers, Nunn said.  Having boilerplate content that companies could then customize helped leaders communicate about critical subjects quicker, Nunn said. "The employee has a lot of power in terms of what they want to read," Nunn said. "They're used to snackable content. If your proposition doesn't look like that, then it's not going to be read." Workplace from Facebook Workplace from Facebook first launched in 2016 with the same posting and commenting features people used on Facebook. At the time, Yammer by Microsoft led the pack for enterprise social media. Since then, Facebook's employee communications platform has evolved, much as its parent company has. It now provides groups, live video broadcasting, video and audio calls, and personalized news feeds. Each customer owns its employee data, reporting tools, and content, said Julien Lesaicherre, director of global sales and customer success at Workplace from Facebook.   "Think of Workplace as a fast-growing startup within Facebook," Lesaicherre said. "Workplace is a comms tool for businesses wrapped in social DNA. We're leveraging the best of Facebook. We adapt the code and security foundations for Workplace." Workplace also provides a knowledge library, HR compliance tools, and polls and surveys. For companies with offices around the globe, captions in multiple languages, translations, and caption editing are also connecting colleagues better and more frequently. "It's something we're really proud of because what we want to do is break down the silos between people," Lesaicherre said. "Internal communications has never been so important. That's the message we hear both from internal communications people and CXOs [chief experience officers]."  In response to the pandemic, Lesaicherre said Workplace prioritized connecting frontline workers with other members of the organization through its platform. For workers who don't have email addresses, for example, Workplace provided unique codes they could use to access the platform.  Some companies that needed to connect remotely moved quickly to deploy Workplace within days to thousands of employees, Lesaicherre said. That led to Workplace hitting five million paid users at the end of the first quarter, up from three million in October 2019.  Workplace has since rolled out Workplace Rooms, which is similar to Zoom Rooms, and voice and HD video calls. It adapted the Portal videoconference tool, which has a smart camera that moves with the speaker, for Workplace in June. And it plans to adapt Oculus for Business to provide VR-enabled connections with coworkers.  Slack When Slack first came along in 2013, it fit tidily into the workforce collaboration category. Quickly enough, Slack became the place to go for water-cooler conversations and tidbits usually shared between colleagues bumping into each other in the office. Conversations combined with collaborations have turned Slack into the default employee engagement tool for many companies, from large enterprises to small businesses. With shelter-in-place orders, in addition to colleague-to-colleague interactions, groups that typically communicated in email or in person are also using the platform more. Leaders are using it to post announcements or explain key changes. Mission-critical departments, such as facilities and security, have created Slack channels to post vital information or answer questions.  Slack wrapped up the year's first quarter with more than 90,000 net new organizations on its free and paid plans, the company said, and its revenue hit a record $201.7 million for the quarter, an increase of 50% year over year. As the workforce went virtual, people connected to Slack for more than 10 hours per day, the company reported. Time spent actively using Slack per day went from 90 minutes at the end of Q4 2019 to 120 minutes by the end of Q1 2020.  "It's powerful to see how quickly, easily, and seamlessly Slack has become our 'office' — regardless of where in the world our employees are based," said Amanda Atkins, director of internal communications at Slack. "All the communication, collaboration, announcements, discussions, brainstorming, and even social interaction that may typically happen in an office setting can fully happen in Slack." Across the globe, Slack users have used emojis 80% more than they did before shelter-in-place orders went into effect, Atkins said. Another popular feature is the Workflow Builder to automate routine processes, of which 10 million have run.  Simpplr  In June, Simpplr nabbed a top spot in Forrester Research's report of the top 12 intranet platforms that matter most. It signified that the six-year-old Silicon Valley company's bet on building a cloud-based hub for all "top-down" information has paid off. "We looked at communications stack and we realized that while email and Slack are great, they're noisy places," said Sam Keninger, Simpplr's vice president of marketing. "You need a space where you control and curate the message, and you make it universally accessible to everybody." Keninger said that it's critical for employees to consume and acknowledge the messages coming from senior leaders because the content covers essential material such as health and safety protocols and specific requirements for working virtually. "When you need compliance or to know the company's stance on Black Lives Matter, 100% readership matters," Keninger said. Companies have used Simpplr to advance those communications at a greater pace than ever before. Compared to the same period in 2019, the level of activity on Simpplr platforms has doubled, the company reported. The company also saw a 20% to 40% uptick each month since March of people using its intranets.  Simpplr has also been fast-tracking deployments for companies that reached out in need of a solution immediately, he said. Topa Equities, for example, had a daylong sales cycle and went live a few days later. "I truly believe that we went through a one-way door in March, and we're not going back," Keninger said. "If I'm the CEO, the first thing is to please my shareholders. The next important thing is to communicate and engage my employees."SEE ALSO: PR and communications experts reveal how companies can level up their internal comms to keep employees happy and engaged NOW READ: CEOs and executives who've been managing remote teams for years share the tools they use to keep their employees motivated and happy Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why Pikes Peak is the most dangerous racetrack in America
Data Quality Tool Market SizeData Quality tools signifies a range of tools that are used to ensure the quality and reliability of data in numerous business processes.These tools incorporate in business operations in the form of analytics, BI, and among others that helps to formulate an efficient and robust business decisions.The benefit of customization, which allows enterprises to fulfill their respective organizational needs and enhances security to gain better control over data in on-premises solutions will aid in the growth of data quality tools market segment during the forecast period.The artificial intelligence for data quality, increasing demand for data quality functions in big data and the growing speed of data accumulations are expected to boost the growth of the data quality tool market over the forecast period, 2017-2023.According to Market Research Future Analysis, Global Data Quality tools Market has been valued at approximately USD 1539 billion by the end of 2023 with 16% CAGR during forecast period 2017-2023.Market Research Future (MRFR) recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Data Quality tools Market: include SAP SE (Germany), Microsoft Corporation (US), IBM Corporation (US), Experian Data Quality (US), SAS Institute Inc. (US), Informatica Corporation (US), Pitney Bowes (US), Information Builder (US), Oracle Corporation (US), Tamr (US), Talend (US), Syncsort (US) and Trianz (US) among others.Moreover, North America’s overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) continues to grow with a strong hold in the telecom, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.The implementation of quality tools and services is expected to reach new trajectories.
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So while it will take some work to save that money, it is certainly doable for young couples or even singles wanting to get into their own home.It can be a quick and easy way to buy a first home or even a house and land package from a custom home builder in Melbourne without needing to save at all.It’s also easy for those looking to buy a home to forget about the additional costs that come with the actual purchase.Those costs include stamp duty, settlement costs and loan establishment fees.From that, you will also be able to find out what your options are regarding the LVR and deposit.Find out what those total upfront costs will be and that should be your savings goal.At this stage, you then need to work out a weekly budget that will let you save the extra cash you’ll need to get that deposit.A great free tool is PocketBook, which you can use to track your spending, so you know exactly what areas your money is going towards.Budgeting and saving are not always easy so one useful way to better manage your expenses is to allow yourself a weekly ‘float’.Transfer your weekly spending money into a separate account and only access it via debit card.All those savings you are collecting should be transferred into a separate high-interest saving account, not to be touched.For homeowners who are looking to build their dream home or perhaps downsize, you are likely in a slightly different position.
Purchasing your first home is an exciting process, however, saving for a deposit and obtaininga home loan can be an arduous process.As a custom home builder, we are more than readyto help you build your dream home, but first, you need to obtain a home loan.Before you approach a lender or mortgage broker, you will need to be well-prepared.We canprepare a fixed quote for your new home to submit to your lender but you will also need to getyour financial affairs in order to create the best impression possible.So, start paying downcredit cards and any other debts such as personal loans to ensure your credit rating ispositive.The more knowledge you can acquire about the whole home loan application process beforeyou step into the fray the better, so here are some terms you need to get to know:What is mortgage insurance?Mortgage insurance is only applicable when you borrow more than 80 per cent.If you default on your loan, your lender may start legal proceedingsto obtain the arrears which could mean you need to sell your home or the bank mayforeclose.If you are eligible for a First Home Buyer’s Grant, thisshould assist you with raising money for the deposit.
Buying a house can be one of the most daunting experiences in your life; there are so many factors to consider and ensuring you are carrying out your due diligence is essential.If you are new to the housing market and you are looking to find out what to do when buying a house, we’ve put the basic steps together for a quick and easy overview on where to start.Steps for buying a house for new home buyersWhile you might have researched and gathered all the features you would like in your home, there are some basic steps to consider when buying to make sure you are making a wise investment.If you have chosen to go down the house and land package route, be sure to search the best home builders in and around Canberra to get a feel for the companies that have a good reputation and may have been award-winning builders in recent years.Visit display homes – what better way to get a feel for the quality of a builder than to walk through one of their display homes and get a feel for their building and workmanship.Local builders in Canberra often have display homes available to the public, and this is a great way to kick the tyres and understand the attention to detail your builder will provide if you engage their services.Talk to a finance broker to determine borrowing capacity – before you start considering what you will pay, it is important to determine what you can afford to buy based on your income and expenses.Your accountant and finance broker can help to determine the amount you can borrow based on your income and outgoings, and this will ensure you aren’t looking at properties out of your borrowing capacity.Get a home loan – now is the time to look around at banks and credit unions to find out the best loan for your needs.Home loans have a variety of features including overdraft facilities and much more, and you should take the time to chat with your mortgage broker or bank to understand the difference and what is best for your needs.Talk to a home consultant about best options – having a chat with home consultants will allow you to understand floor plans, features, inclusions, fixtures and what you envisage in your home.
Are you searching for the cheapest suburbs to buy in Melbourne for your new home?While the price is a major factor in your choice of suburbs in Melbourne, there are also a fewother factors to consider when you are selecting the location to put down some roots including lifestyle,convenience, access to shops, community and much more.In this article, we explore some of the cheapest suburbs to buy in Melbourne and share some of the ideallocations that should be on your radar if you want to have all the modern conveniences and a bustling lifestylewith plenty of access to facilities.The importance of choosing the right suburb for your lifestyleWhile the lowest price may be the driving factor in your choice of suburb for your Melbourne house and landpackage or new build, it is important to consider a few factors before you settle on a location.To make sure your chosen suburb stacks up to other locations on your checklist, ensure location alone is notthe sole decision-maker for your choice of suburb for your new home.Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to select the best suburb for your new home:Local amenities and facilities – consider if your suburb of choice is close to public transport,schools, childcare, parks, doctors and bike pathsProximity to the CBD or your work – while we all want to live in an oasis of calm, driving or usingpublic transport to get to the Melbourne CBD or to work is important, and you want to make sure youare in close proximity, so you don’t spend hours a day getting yourself in and out of workProximity to shops – for many of us, having a shop nearby for your daily bread, milk and paper is agreat way to get involved in the community and have the quick and easy conveniences you needwithout having to drive for long periods in the carBy keeping these lifestyle factors in mind when you are looking for a suburb to buy into in Melbourne, you willbe able to manage your daily route into work a little easier, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and have access to youreveryday needs.Popular suburbs in Melbourne that are affordable and offer plenty of conveniencesUp-and-coming suburbs that boast all the lifestyle features you’d expect from a thriving community includeTarneit, Aintree, Plumpton, Wyndham Vale, Donnybrook, Clyde North, Melton and Fraser Rise – to name afew.Whether you are considering purchasing an existing home, or you’re interested in designing a custom home tosuit your needs perfectly and purchasing a house and land package, there are plenty of cheap suburbs to buyin Melbourne that offer an abundance of community and lifestyle features.At Achieve Homes, we’re a leading home builder specialising in house and land packages and new houses inMelbourne’s most affordable and progressive suburbs including Tarneit, Aintree, Plumpton, Wyndham Vale,Donnybrook, Clyde North, Melton and Fraser Rise.We build in some of the most affordable suburbs in andaround Melbourne and focus on locations that have the perfect mix of community, location, convenience andfacilities.Are you searching for the cheapest suburbs to buy in Melbourne to build or buy your forever home?The friendly and professional team at Achieve Homes build stunning new homes in some ofMelbourne’s most affordable suburbs and build in locations that are both cheap but offer all theconveniences you and your family are searching for.Get in touch to explore our house and landpackages, display homes and new houses in up-and-coming suburbs across Melbourne.
In this article, we share tips on how to choose a home builder for your brand new home.What should you look for in a home builder?Whether you are planning a renovation, knockdown or a new build, you will need to ensure you ask the right questions to ensure you have a builder that meets your needs and budget.Locally owned and operated builders offer a personal service, and deal with owners directly, offering a personal service that provides peace of mind from the start of the build to completion and beyond.To ensure you are choosing a builder that is of the highest standard, be sure to explore their past builds and whether they have a history of quality work.Many new home builders and building specialists that are specialists in their field are recipients of industry awards and accolades and checking out any awards is a great way to check if you are choosing a builder that is a local expert.Builders that are highly regarded are respected in their community, by both local trades and their customers – be sure to check out reviews and explore display homes to get a clear idea on previous work and to ensure their references and reputation check out.What questions should you ask your home builder?Before you jump into choosing your home builder, it is important to explore some important elements to ensure you are getting the perfect home to meet your needs and budget.We’ve outlined some considerations ahead of choosing your home builder:Location – Understanding the local areas the builder works in is a great way to find out if they are a good fit.Many new home builders have specific locations they build in, allowing for more competitive prices and an abundance of quality trades and support.Price – You do get what you pay for when it comes to building a new home or creating a knockdown/rebuild, and understanding the total costs is important.Often, new home prices can seem too good to be true, and you want to find a builder that offers transparent quotes and an all-inclusive price for new home builds.Quality new home warranty Services – From house and land packages, knockdown and rebuilds and new home design, your builder should offer a range of building services that accommodates your needs.Design – Search for a builder that understands your lifestyle and can create a custom design that suits how you live.
It’s tricky when you’re first in the market to purchase a home to understand when is the best time to buy a house.If you’re buying for the first time, throwing in the First Home Buyers Grant, the property search, legals and all the info that goes with it can leave you with a head full of information and no idea of where to start.If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can use the first home buyers grant to your advantage as you step into your first home, or you are at a cross road as to when is the best time to buy a house, we’ve put together the basic info to help give you some clear information to get you on your way towards your new home.How does the homebuyers grant work?The First Home Buyers Grant or First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) was introduced over 20 years ago in 2000 to help first home buyers get into the housing market.The grant is a one-off payment for first home buyers that are eligible to build or buy a home to live in.The FHOG is a national scheme, and each state and territory has their own eligibility requirements and grant amounts, so to find out more regarding the grant amount and finer details it is a great idea to get in touch with your state scheme to get the full rundown.As well as the home buyers grants, the new Home Builders grant announced by the Federal Government recently offers additional benefits for those looking to build their own home.The Home Builder scheme offers an additional $25,000 grant for new home builds and renovations from June 2020.To view all the information and eligibility click here.Why is now a good time to buy a house with the new homebuyers grant?If you are in two minds about whether or not now is a good time to buy a house with the new homebuyers grant, consider the benefits of being able to use the First Home Owners Grant and the Home Builders grant of $25,000 to create your dream new home.With the first home owners grant varying based on the state or territory from $7,000 to $20,000 based on the state, the combination of buying a house and also adding in the Home Builders grant if you meet eligibility and are building a new property or renovating is a huge windfall for individuals entering the property market for the first time.View the state-by-state guide for the First Home Owners Grant here.Combining your state’s First Home Owner Grant, stamp duty concessions, and the Home Builders grant for those looking to build is a unique opportunity to get ahead in the property market.If you’re in the market to get the most bang for your buck for your first home purchase, now it a great time to buy your new home or build a new home with the First Home Owners Grant.If you would like to find out more about the best time to buy a house or how to use the first home owners grant to get into your new home, get in touch with Achieve Homes to explore house and land packages and arrange your pre-qualification for the grant.
Choosing the right house and land package within Canberra can be overwhelming, particularly for new home buyers, and there are a range of factors you need to consider ahead of purchasing a house and land package from Canberra builders.If you’re in the market for a new home or house and land package in or around Canberra or you’re starting to do your research for the future, as local expert builders, we’ve put together some great tips to ensure the entire process is smooth and there are no surprises.Tips for choosing the right house and land package in CanberraWe’re all unique when it comes to the style, size and location of our home, and your builder should be focused on creating a home design that suits your needs to a tee.But how do you make sure you are considering all the key points when you are choosing a house and land package?Here are some things to be aware of when choosing the right house and land package:Look for a house and land package with a fixed price – the term ‘turn-key solution’ is a common one in the house and land package industry and you want to make sure that you are choosing a package that outlines all the costs upfront and there are no hidden surprises.If a house and land package seems too good to be true, chances are it is.Ask about inclusions, selections, and after-sale service.Choose a style or design that will be suitable for now and in the future – future-proofing a design of a home is essential if you are planning on staying in the home for the long term.While you might have a young family when you move in, choosing a design that suits teenagers with multi-purpose spaces can be beneficial for resale value and also ensure your property will suit your family in the future.Consider the re-sale value when selecting your location – when you’re selecting your house and land package it might seem unusual to take in consideration selling it, but ensuring you are keeping in mind the location and the local community is important to ensure you are building a house in a community that is desirable and great infrastructure.Ensure you can customise your design to suit your family or needs – when you are selecting your house and land package builder in Canberra, be sure to engage a builder that can create a custom design to suit your exact needs.One size fits all doesn’t always work when it comes to home design, and choosing a builder that takes the time to ensure your home design suits your exact needs is essential.Achieve Homes are the experts in Canberra for house and land packages, including designing and building of homes, knockdown and rebuild and much more.As the local specialist in Canberra for quality new homes, Achieve Homes is proud to be the recipient of a wide range of awards including Winner 2019 HIA Professional Medium Builder/Renovator of the Year (ACT/Southern NSW), Winner 2019 HIA Small Lot Housing of the Year (ACT/Southern NSW), Winner Master Builder Association 2019 – Custom Home Less Than $350,000 and much more.Whether you’re searching in Canberra for house and land packages, new home development, contract building project, custom home designs, or knockdown rebuilds, Achieve Homes is focused on 100% satisfaction guarantee and the highest level of workmanship.Let us find the perfect home for you in the ACT.Whether you’re searching for the ideal home design, or you want to discuss a unique design for your dream Canberra home, speak with Achieve Homes today to arrange an obligation-free quote from our Canberra builders.
When you are about to build a new home or jump into the property market for the first time, grants can make that first leap a little bit more palatable and help to ensure you get the perfect property to suit your needs.The Home Builder home buyers grant is an exciting opportunity to rebuild a home after a knockdown to create a unique and stylish property of your dreams.There are plenty of benefits for using the Home Builder grant, with eligible individuals receiving $25,000 towards their new build or renovation.The grant does include new home builds, which means individuals wishing to knock down and rebuild on their existing block can benefit from the $25,000 to put towards their construction across Australia.Benefits of a knock down and rebuild projectThere are plenty of benefits for a knockdown and rebuild, particularly if you love the location of your property, but you need a new home to suit your needs.The Home Builder grant offers lots of opportunities to knock down and rebuild and new home builds clients including the features below:Cheaper than renovating or moving – when you start tallying the costs of renovations, a knockdown and rebuild can be far more cost-effective than working around the old floor plan and the existing building.A new home means you will have all-new fixtures and fittings, including electrical, plumbing and flooring, so you have a quality, new build that will stand the test of time.
First home buyers getting into the Canberra home market have some great options when it comes to home buyers grant to put towards buying a new home or a house and land package.In this article, we share the grants available for individuals in the ACT and Canberra, and how first home buyers can save thousands towards their first home.What grants are available for first home buyers in CanberraThere is a range of grants and initiatives from the government for new home buyers entering the market, in particular, grants for first home buyers which are available in a range of forms for every state and territory across Australia.Canberra home buyers looking to create the perfect property can, in some cases, take advantage of concessions and grants from the government to help towards the cost of the home.There are two main grants to help new home buyers purchase a home for the first time, including home buyers concessions (which have replaced the First Home Buyers Grant) and also the new Home Builder scheme.Home buyers concessions – Every case is unique, however, if you are a first home buyer, you can be eligible for Home buyer concession scheme in the ACT and Canberra.
From plenty of home buyer government initiatives, deals from home builders and, for many, more available cash to invest in a property as opposed to spending on travel, the current economic situation provides a range of benefits for smart home buyers looking for a great opportunity.Home buyer government initiatives and benefits for new home buyersThere is a range of grants and initiatives from the government for new home buyers entering the market, in particular, the First Home Owners Grant and also the new Home Builder grant.The Home Builder provides eligible owner-occupiers with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home.The grant is focused on assisting the residential construction market and encouraging new home builds and renovations.The First Home Owner Grant offers a grant to individuals across Australia varying in amounts based on the state or territory.There is an additional amount for First Home Owner Grant recipients in regional Victoria, with approved applicants receiving $20,000 for new homes built in regional areas.Benefits of buying a new home during the COVID-19 pandemicDue to the market conditions following the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of opportunities for people wishing to purchase and hold a property or even purchase a property to rent out and live in it at a later date.Benefits include:Low-interest rates for mortgagesPositive time for investors looking to hold propertiesPositive economic data emerging for the housing marketOpportunity in buyer’s favourite areasAuction clearance rates have been in decline, meaning more houses remain unsold and on the marketPre-approved home buyers have more choices and can get a better dealThe emergence of positive economic data following the pandemic has meant that now is a great time to buy for new home buyers or investors that want to secure a great rate if finance and snap up some great opportunities in the property market.
Whether you’re looking to build as an investment or you are searching for that perfect location to build your forever home, selecting the perfect builder that understands your vision and has a deep understanding of the local area is an absolute must.When searching for the ideal custom builder in and around Melbourne’s west, there are a few essential features you should be mindful of to help ensure you find the perfect custom builder to help create the perfect building for your needs.If you’re searching for the perfect builder to suit your new home build needs, consider the following before you make your selection.Portfolio of previous builds and work – every quality custom builder will have a portfolio of some of their work to showcase their experience and new home builds.Ask prospective builders to provide a few examples of their work or even visit properties that they have constructed including display homes to get a feel for the quality, workmanship and fittings to understand if they are a good match for your vision.Professional service – one of the key points to consider is the custom builder’s dedication to customer service and communications.
To further limit the spread of the virus, authorities also announced the closing of the border between Victoria and New South Wales to further limit the potential spreading of the virus to other states across the country.As the number of cases surge across the state, the initial lock downs of several suburbs that were deemed “hot spots” for the re-emergence of the virus have led Victoria to reimpose Stage Three restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne.What this means for home buyersIt was only just a few weeks ago that display villages and open houses were beginning to reopen to the public, however due to the current restrictions, most have been forced to close temporarily.Despite that, some home builders are allowing customers to book a private viewing of display homes to allow them to view the home in-person, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.Virtually visiting display homesThanks to modern technology, home buyers still have the opportunity to virtually “visit” display homes via 360º virtual tours of the homes.In fact, home buyers can take advantage of these virtual tours by taking their time exploring the homes and even taking screenshots of any particular designs or fixtures they may be interested in.On top of that, virtual tours present the opportunity for home buyers to “visit” the display home at their convenience as often as they like.Home buyer grants for pandemic buyersJust a month ago, the Australian government introduced the Home Builder grant program for eligible owner-occupiers, including first home buyers.
Premier Daniel Andrews has officially announced Stage 4 restrictions within Victoria.Victorians are subject to an overnight curfew, between 8pm and 5am daily, and will only be permitted to leave their homes for one of the following reasons:To purchase essential supplies and food Daily exercise for up to one hourCare and health careWorkFor more information on the Stage 4 restrictions, you can visit the official government website.What this means for home buyersAchieve Homes will proceed with all construction of current and future contracts, as residential building is permitted to continue.To ensure the safety and well-being of our entire team, all Achieve Homes staff members will adhere to strict social distancing rules including frequent sanitisation and the wearing of face coverings at all times.Visiting display homes in VictoriaAlthough potential home buyers within Victoria are not permitted to visit display homes at this time, Achieve Homes customers can virtually “visit” our display homes within Victoria, as well as in Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales via 360º Virtual Tours.You can also book an online consultation and our sales consultants will be able to assist you remotely.Home buyer grants for pandemic buyersThe $25,000 Home Builder grant provided by the Australian government will still be available until December 2020.Eligible Australian citizens will be able to use their grant to:Purchase a house and land packageKnockdown and rebuild their homeBuild their new home on land they already ownFor more information on the $25,000 Home Builder grant, get in touch with us today.A message from Achieve HomesFrom all of us at Achieve Homes, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time.Even remotely, our team is still working hard for our customers.We strive to bring you the best service no matter what.We’d also like to express our deepest gratitude to all the essential workers – Thank you for all your efforts in serving our community!
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Europe's fastest-growing tech companies like Revolut and Babylon Health are permanently shifting towards more flexible remote working policies. London-headquartered neo-bank Revolut says 70% of its employees don't want to go back to working the same way they were pre-pandemic. Startup accelerator Founders Factory says that productivity has increased with remote working.  But, European venture capital firms Connect Ventures and Beringea found that 45% of the companies they had invested in thought the mental health of their teams has suffered.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Europe's tech startups are following Silicon Valley's lead when it comes to a permanent shift towards more flexible working.  US tech giants like Google have recently revealed plans to continue remote working until summer 2021, while Twitter told employees as early as May that they can work from home forever if they want.  Now, European tech startups like $5.5 billion neo-bank Revolut and telehealth unicorn Babylon Health told Business Insider that they too plan to implement flexible, remote working options long term. "I think it's been a bit of a test bed for lots of companies, including us, who have been forced into this quite radical shift in the way we work," says Babylon Health's chief commercial officer Amanda Cupples.  "From a value-add perspective, clearly that old model — that model of  high-density, open plan working — doesn't work in this environment, so we have to shift," she adds. "The question is how do we make sure that shift's a positive one that allows us to grow as a business." Cupples says that Babylon's London headquarters are still open, but the startup won't review plans for a large-scale return to the office until autumn. The company has more than 2,000 employees globally. "The one thing we do know is that it won't be a return to the pre-Covid model of five days a week in the office, which is largely what we did with some exceptions." Revolut, also headquartered in London, likewise plans to shake up the old model of the five day in-office working week. The company has around 2,000 employees. The fintech says 70% of its employees don't want to go back to working how they were before, with most wanting to balance time in the office with remote working some days a week. At current estimates, that would mean a maximum of 60% of employees in the office at any one time, says VP Lesley Smith.  "We've been impressed with how quickly people adapted to working outside the office and how they maintained productivity and team working wherever they worked from," Smith says. "People are saving the time from the daily commute and that's good for work/life balance." But, the knock-on effects from remote working have not been all positive. While productivity is good, mental health has declined A survey by London-based venture capital firms Connect Ventures and Beringea of 31 portfolio companies found that, while only 12% of startups felt that productivity had fallen, 45% felt that the mental wellbeing of their teams had suffered from the shift to remote working.  "There's definitely a general desire to work more flexibly, but I think there's also a general acknowledgement that there is value in face-to-face collaboration," says Babylon's Cupples. "I think that's what's going to make people want to come back, because there are certain things that people are missing and they're mostly around culture and communications." For many tech startups, productivity has increased with remote working. "In one of our surveys, both our team and startups indicated that productivity ... felt higher in this remote-first world," says Louis Warner, chief operating officer of startup builder Founders Factory. Founders Factory hosts a number of its startups at its offices, and runs accelerators as well as startup-building programs. "During the lockdown period for instance, we have hosted two virtual investor showcase events which have been our best attended to date with over 500 investors in attendance, we have helped our startups close approximately £30 million in funding, and we have welcomed 15 new startups to our program," added Warner. Almost half of Founders Factory's portfolio startups are considering a more flexible working environment, either "remote-first" or more working from home days, with 35% looking to return to the office "as soon as possible". This is consistent with the outlook for other small tech startups. 80% of the early-stage startups surveyed by Connect and Beringea expect to return to the office by the end of 2020, but only 22% expect that the entire workforce will be back within the next one to two years.  For lawtech startup SeedLegals, around half of the workforce are "happy at home" and half have plans to return to the office in the next few months. "Based on those results, we've given notice on our current office space, and have two months to decide what to do next," says CEO Anthony Rose. "Currently our thinking is that we'll find some, possibly smaller, space, to reflect the changes in people's desire for flexibility in their working location." But Rose isn't sure this is sustainable long term.  "In my opinion, there are two stable scenarios: Everyone in the office, or everyone at home. The in-between state, with some employees at home and some in the office, may be the worst of both worlds," he says. "You'll be trying to hold meetings with half the team sitting together, talking to a laptop on the desk with tinny sound and small videos of the rest."Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The rise and fall of Donald Trump's $365 million airline
If you are in search of a quality builder in Electronic City, Mahendra Homes would be the best choice as they have a reputation for being one of the most trusted builders in Electronic City, Bangalore.For more reasons, read on!Project Completion TimeThis is something which is more often than not is overpromised to homebuyers and somehow most builders never seem to fulfil it.This is why we have earned the tag of being one of the most trusted builders of Electronic City, Bangalore.Materials UsedWe understand that everyone wants a home with strong walls and best quality fittings as it represents a major achievement in most of our timelines and is something that all of us cherish and wish to be permanent.Ensuring the best quality possible, we have constructed our projects using good quality aluminium, superior quality water-proofing for the terrace gardens, teak wood for the main doors, anti-skid bathroom tiles, etc.Quality Brand PartnersWe are very particular regarding whom we partner with as our motto itself is “Excellence in Quality” so this is something which we think cannot be compromised at any cost and hence have chosen to partner with premium brands like Hindware, Finolex, OTIS, CERA, Racold, Anchor, Supreme, etc.Previous ProjectsSince our inception in 2011, our premium projects in Electronic City, Mahendra Elena and Mahendra Elena-5 have received glowing reviews and accolades from our clients thus giving us a tag of being one of the most trusted builders of Electronic City.With over 40 amenities, 77% open space construction, water harvesting methods, 100% power back- up and several other features Mahendra Homes is set out to not just build homes but craft communities where you make memories.
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