Just before the stores open in Tokyo s Akihabara electronics district, buses pull up, unleashing Chinese tourists and their credit cards to snap up televisions, rice cookers and other gadgets.Walk into any department store and there they are, buying mascara, t-shirts and other merchandise.China s infatuation with Japanese products is now discovering a new source of satisfaction: the internet.And Amazon.co.jp is responding.On June 30, the web retailer quietly rolled out a Chinese-language version of its shopping site in Japan, along with new, reduced shipping rates to mainland homes and businesses.It s another example of how Amazon.com Inc. is evolving in Asia to open up new streams of revenue and make up for the lack of a bigger presence in China, where Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. dominates.Underscoring that potential, e-commerce demand from China to Japan is projected to almost triple to 2.34 trillion yen $22.5 billion in 2019, according to Japan s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.The opportunity is huge, said Jasper Cheung, president of Amazon Japan.
Two months ago, Visa Inc. V -1.44 % Chief Executive Officer Charles Scharf told analysts that Visa and PayPal Holdings Inc. PYPL 0.05 % could go through one of two doors.The other door is where we go full steam and compete with them in ways that people have never seen.PayPal, the internet payments pioneer spun off from eBay Inc. EBAY -0.03 % last year, announced July 21 that it would end its long-running fight to steer some customers away from using Visa and other cards.In exchange, the credit-card company agreed it wouldn t increase fees to PayPal and would provide it with a new way to accept payments in stores via smartphone taps.It also underscored that in the battle between Silicon Valley and entrenched financial firms, the newer players may eventually ally with firms they once hoped to compete against.While the business of handling payments without cards has been lucrative for PayPal, company officials say it is already less of a focus, in part because of new rules that reduced debit-card fees.
SHANGHAI—A Chinese consortium led by Shanghai Giant Network Technology Co. and joined by a private-equity arm set up by Alibaba s Jack Ma, agreed to purchase an Israeli games business for $4.4 billion in cash.The consortium of 11 investors will purchase a 100% stake in Caesars Interactive Entertainment s subsidiaries, including mobile-games unit Playtika.Caesars Interactive Entertainment has developed casino-style games including Caesars Casino, Bingo Blitz and World Series of Poker.Founded in 2010, Playtika is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel.Playtika specializes in free-to-play, casino-style games such as Slotomania and Bingo Blitz that use virtual currency and are designed for mobile and social platforms.Caesars Entertainment spent around $100 million to buy Playtika in 2011.
A new study details that mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay are on the rise, but consumers want more — and it s coming.Urban Airship says that in the last three months, 67 percent of millennials have used a mobile wallet, and 51 percent of users over the age of 35 are also fans.But it s not payment solutions we re taking advantage of.Instead, Urban Airship says we prefer loyalty cards and coupons when using our phones or wearables.Urban Airship is also rebranding its mobile wallet service as Reach to make it easier for companies to distribute diverse, large-scale wallet engagement campaigns.Reach s first big project was Politico s Brexit tracker, though Urban Airship says Reach will enable non-technical business users to import data from other systems to instantly create individualized passes en masse.
As Uber itself notes, accurate maps are at the very heart of its service and form the backbone of its burgeoning business.With this in mind, the company is planning to invest a hefty half a billion dollars in boosting its mapping technology and data, enabling it to rely less heavily on Google Maps and helping it toward its lofty goal of a ridesharing service using driverless vehicles.The intention to double down on its investment in mapping was revealed by Uber last week, while the $500 million figure was disclosed over the weekend to the Financial Times by an unnamed source familiar with the company s plans.Brian McClendon, Uber s mapping expert who also once led the Google Maps team, said in a recent blog post that existing maps are a good starting point but fail to provide the detailed information necessary for building the most effective and efficient ridesharing service possible.He explained, There are other things we need to know a lot more about, like traffic patterns and precise pickup and drop-off locations.Moreover, we need to be able to provide a seamless experience in parts of the world where there aren t detailed maps – or street signs.
Tesla held a grand opening for its $5-billion Gigafactory in Nevada last week.This massive facility, which will have the largest foot print of any building in the world when complete, is critical to achieving CEO Elon Musk's lofty goal of building 500,000 vehicles annually by 2018.That many cars will require more lithium-ion batteries than are currently available.By all recent accounts, Gigafactory 1 is an impressive, huge, still-under-construction space filled with industrial robots and Tesla vehicles.The partnership with Panasonic and the state of Nevada is slated to employ 6,500 people.And it's an integral means to an end for Musk's overarching vision, Tesla's Master Plan: accelerate the end of humanity's dependence on fossil fuels by attacking major challenges, such as carbon emissions into the atmosphere, at a monumental scale.But if Tesla is going to succeed with the Gigafactory — nd the future Gigafactories he want to build around the world — it needs to overcome a problem — one that we're familiar with from its current factory, in Northern California.Get better at building carsTesla has the capacity to build 500,000 vehicles a year at its Fremont, CA plant.But last year it barely managed to build 50,000.It has made some moves to that end this year, bringing on a former Audi executive to oversee car building and proposing that the Model 3 will be far simpler to construct than the Model X SUV, whose complicated design led Musk to admit that Tesla had been guilty of "hubris" is creating it and that they probably shouldn't have built it the way it was engineered.We can give them the benefit of the doubt in this point.But we should also note that with the opening of the Gigafactory, Tesla has just added yet another manufacturing challenge to its already overfull plate.Is making batteries different from making cars?Lithium-ion batteries aren't as difficult to construct as Tesla's vehicles.
Open Source can often feel like a lazy way to distribute software, but Facebook is giving it a bit of structure with its new Incubator hub.Incubator isn t for everyone: it s limited to Facebook s own projects.What Incubator provides is a new way to think about open source.Speaking to TechCrunch, Facebook says successful Incubator projects will be carefully scrutinized and managed.Proper documentation, community engagement and widespread adoption will help Incubator projects graduate into their own standalone repos.That s not to say you can t take advantage of Incubator projects it s open source, of course!
Vojtech It s a comforting thought: The camera adds 10 pounds. it means that the "you" that you see in photographs is notIn real life, you re better: you're moreAnd it turns out that this age-old line isn t just a tale that we spin to make ourselves feel better about bad group photos. camera really does add 10 pounds.
Even the most technically complex interactions can look as simple as getting an SMS text when presented as a conversation.Before diving into our redesign, it is important to consider some fundamental questions.Fundamentally, enterprise software helps the user answer one or more of the following questions:Instead of having to sift through the drop-down menus, tables, functions and buttons found in today s software, tomorrow s conversational interfaces will be able to send and receive messages in plain English.What about the valuable insights trapped in the data?Perhaps catching up on how the kids are doing, how s business or a bit of gossip — we test interest to see what s worth talking about.
Well, it was good while it lasted.PokéVision, the website that showed you where to find a given Pokémon at any time, is offline and it looks like it won't be coming back any time soon.PokevisionAccording to the site's Twitter account, they're taking the site offline out of respect for the creators of "Pokémon GO," Niantic and TheWill keep you guys posted
DeBord/BI Modern cars are much safer than the automobiles of yesteryear.They're also more powerful and faster.But cars are still cars.Even the most advanced 21st-century vehicle still has four wheels and a motor.Except in one area: on the dashboard.
To use Google's reverse image search, simply click the camera icon in the search box at Google ImagesReverse image search involves choosing an image and using a search engine to find the same image on other web sites.There are several other services, including meta-services like Image Raider, which will "search by image on Google, Bing, and Yandex" with up to 20 images at a time.Reasons vary, but usually it's either to authenticate an image, by finding its source, or track its use across the web.Searching for publicity and advertising images will show you how much traction your press release or blog post got, and you may well find coverage that text searches have missed - perhaps in foreign languages.You may also find your images re-used in contexts you're not happy about, such as illustrating stories about a rival company's products.
Before he was old enough to drink, Chris Poole controlled one of the most influential internet communities in history.At 15, he founded the freewheeling online image board 4chan, which achieved notoriety early on for hatching memes among a stew of not-safe-for-work content, ranging from inventive pornography to stomach-turning gore.Poole s control of the site caused him to field phone calls from the FBI and appear in court, left him nearly bankrupt and turned him into a human "punching bag."For the young New York-born techie, it was a formative experience, that forced Poole to reconcile his love for community and the benefits of anonymity with his contempt for some of the objectionable content on the site.And when he stepped down in 2015 and later sold the site, most assumed it was to escape into his own anonymity after the stress and the challenges that came with running the controversial forum.And in one of the most surprising moves in tech this year, Poole has resurfaced at Google, leading the internet company's fledgling entrepreneurship program.Browsers of the site's more controversial boards or anyone aware only of 4chan's headline-grabbing hijinks like rigging a Time poll or attacking Scientology through Anonymous, the hacktivist group it spawned , would picture Poole as this maniacal, caricature of a human being.
When Foursquare launched its app in 2009, founder Dennis Crowley wasn't quite sure where he was going with it.The idea was that people would use the app to "check in" to particular locations, which seemed like a fun andFoursquare's business model is selling its unique location-based data to companies, such as mobile advertisers and
Gordon Bellamy, visiting scholar at the University of Southern California, has kindly agreed to emcee our GamesBeat University talks at GamesBeat 2016.Bellamy, who did the same for us last year, will host the university talks during the breaks in the mainstage action at GamesBeat 2016 on Tuesday.The university talks are livestream-only educational sessions that will take place while the physical conference on our mainstage is on breaks or in breakout sessions.Check the livestream post on Monday for the link or head to twitch.tv/gamesbeat.Here s our schedule of talks.12:45 pm August 2 TuesdayWhat we learned about VR development.Fireside chat between Dan Fiden, chief strategy officer of FunPlus, and Brandon Laatsch, founder of Stress Level Zero.1:05 pmFor a more open and diverse game business.
Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group Nhat V. Meyer PALO ALTO -- About a year ago, the exodus from Gryphon Stringed Instruments grew pronounced.Unable to rent affordable apartments, longtime employees quit or announced plans to leave the Bay Area."The money pressures ate them alive," said Frank Ford, sitting with his partner, Richard Johnston, in the back of the legendary guitar shop they founded in 1969.Those rents are beyond many middle-class earners -- and, in fact, studies indicate that Silicon Valley's middle class is shrinking and that Bay Area workers increasingly move to far-flung parts of the region in search of affordable housing.The situation is "not sustainable," said Matt Regan, senior vice president of public policy at the Bay Area Council.
Targeted advertising has only become more ubiquitous as companies access increased amounts of user data, and Apple wants to increase its presence in this space.According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple plans to roll out a redesigned version of its Apple Store mobile app for selling devices that will use a customer s buying history to recommend further purchases, taking a page from Amazon.com Inc. s playbook.While Bloomberg s sources are identified only as people familiar with the intended revamp, the new Apple Store app is expected to roll out within the next two weeks.The app could include a For You tab to recommend future purchases based on buying history, although it isn t clear what data exactly Apple might use to make these recommendations, whether it be downloads from the App Store or physical device purchases from a real-world Apple Store or Apple.com.The next update would also consolidate features found in the separate iPhone and iPad versions of the app, bringing along a more streamlined and consistent interface as well.The Next Web suggests the recommendation tab could potentially feature items that may appeal to you based on previous purchases.
Technical managers are often promoted to their positions of leadership by rising through the ranks – more so than most other disciplines.This is a practical move considering that business decisions today increasingly hinge on the nuanced details of underlying technology.Technology leaders need to assess technical options, align recommendations with business requirements, and communicate these decisions to non-technical stakeholders.Although everyone is different, I ve found that the principles outlined below provide a strong foundation for becoming an effective technology leader – that is, one who is able lead a team, implement change, and consistently achieve results.As an individual contributor, it is acceptable to view technology through a purely engineering lens.This means you need to make decisions based on the messy realities of the business, which requires considering financial constraints, organizational culture, office politics, human foibles, and business results.New managers often make the mistake of making the case for their initiatives in technical terms rather than business terms, and they become frustrated when they fail to receive the proper support.Technology managers should talk to their colleagues and listen to their challenges.
The top-end, premium offerings from the likes of Samsung and Apple are great and all, but millions of other people have those.If you have more money than there are people in your country, you're probably looking for a phone that only you and maybe a few of your rich pals own to differentiate yourself from the great unwashed masses.Unfortunately for the insano-rich Apple fanboys out there, these phones all run the Android operating system, as Apple doesn't let other phone makers use the iOS operating system.Funnily enough, most of these smartphones have the same specs as the normal phones we the hoi-polloi use.At the same time, some of them come with special exclusive features.Others just look pretty.Maybe enough leather and diamonds will help you look past the normal specs on some of these models.Check out the most luxurious and expensive smartphones you can buy: View As:
Theranos has a lot to prove.And on August 1, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will have a chance at some redemption.She is presenting data on the company's controversial "revolutionary" tests that take only a finger-prick's worth of blood.That's happening at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's annual conference in Philadelphia.Theranos has never publicly shared any its data before, saying for a long time that it'd rather go through the FDA approval process.This will be the first time Theranos data has been presented at a medical conference.Holmes is talking now because Theranos has faced withering criticism — ranging from reports that it tests don't actually work to a government shutdown of one of its labs — for almost a year.Even so, it might not be the data that puts the company back in good graces, lab-testing experts told Business Insider.Here's what's in store, according to the presentation's abstract:It's going to be an education session, which means that it's not pegged to specific study data and conclusions that a study-poster presentation would display.This also means that there won't be independently validated data.Theranos will be presenting data that intends to show how the company's finger-prick blood test, which requires only a small amount of blood, stacks up to a typical blood test that draws a few tubes of blood from a vein.Among the tests Theranos will be demonstrating is a test to diagnose the Zika virus.But that information is essentially "useless," since it's still not validated by independent reviewers, Dr. Eleftherios P. Diamandis, head of clinical biochemistry at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, told Business Insider.That's because it won't be independently validated data from a large amount of test samples.
You don t need a degree in marketing to get started with your career and get your foot in the door, or grow your business with proven marketing techniques.The Professional Web Marketer s Certification Bundle will guide you to fully certified mastery of modern marketing essentials such as Google Analytics and the social media world dominated by Facebook, Twitter and beyond.For a limited time, you can take 98 percent off the total price for this great bundle on TNW Deals.Through two in-depth courses you ll explore the vast possibilities of social media marketing, and learn how to leverage sales and advertising techniques to take your company to great new heights.Google Analytics will soon become second nature, as you learn to measure and evolve your marketing efforts with your audience in real time.As you become familiar with the most popular social media platforms of today, you ll discover how to approach each platform and master its individual marketing potential while mastering tools such as Bitly, Woobox, Hootsuite and Storify to more fluidly connect with your audience and command attention.
There are a lot of apps out there.We're here to make sure that the best gems don't fall through the cracks.This time we've got some great photo apps, updates to Snapchat, and more.Here's everything you may have missed in July from the app world: View As:
Tesla will soon be getting some serious competition.Porsche is doubling down on its electric car efforts and plans to roll out its first fully electric vehicle, dubbed the Mission E, by 2020.In fact, Porsche, which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen, said earlier this week that it plans to hire 1,400 people to bring its Mission E to life, according to a Reuters report.Previously, the company said it would be hiring about 1,000 people.Porsche originally revealed the Mission E as a concept car at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt last September.At the time, the company revealed that it would have a range of more than 250 miles and include a number of other innovative technologies.While the company has not yet revealed what high-tech features will be included in the production model, the Mission E concept that was shown last year does give us a glimpse of what to expect in the final product.Here s a look at some of the coolest features in the Mission E concept that could end up in the production version.
British fintech startups have announced at least £40 million of investment in just over a month since the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, according to an analysis byNine funding deals in the fintech sector totalling £40.6 million have been announced since June 23, when Britain shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union.
Apps are more powerful than ever, but its hard to know which ones will waste your time and which ones will save it.That's why we've assembled a list of apps that will make you more productive, and take away some of the stress from your life.From fan favorites to cutting-edge newcomers, these apps help you sketch out an idea, take detailed notes, or stay in touch with your team.Whatever your day consists of, these apps will help you get more done, faster.Additional reporting by Steven Tweedie View As:
A skydiving world record was set in the California desert on Saturday as Luke Aikins became the first person ever to jump 25,000 feet without the use of a parachute, landing in a net positioned on the ground instead.The 42-year-old, with over 18,000 previous jumps under his belt, experienced two minutes of free-fall before landing in a net measuring 100-by-100 feet suspended with four 200 feet tall cranes.The Fox network broadcast the event live as part of a TV special called "Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent."Almost immediately after Aikins landed, he climbed out of the net and was greeted by his wife and 4-year-old son."I'm almost levitating, it's incredible," the skydiver said.While the event involved almost two years of planning and preparation, Aikins was almost forced to wear a parachute by the Screen Actors Guild out of concerns for his safety.
GungHo Online Entertainment is in an interesting phase of its business.Its breadwinner, Puzzle & Dragons, is still doing well in Asia, and in May it hit the 10 million download landmark in the U.S.And it s working with 17 Bit to release Galak-Z, a fun, niche mech-roguelike for the PlayStation 4, on mobile.Oh, and it s working with one of the most distinctive game developers: Goichi Suda, aka Suda 51, whose Grasshopper Manufacture studio is known for stylish, sometimes violent and bloody games.It s not a big difference for us.Our independence is just becoming official, as far as how the company is set up.At the management level, we re now officially independent and that s the attitude we have now.
Regulation crowdfunding allows any American startup or small business to raise up to $1 million from friends, family, and followers on debt and equity crowdfunding platforms that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.The initial data is revealing just what advocates of the move expected: A slow logical progression of offerings and a rational approach by investors.Unlike the gross exaggerations by the investor protection advocates, there is no sign of a Wild West here.Investors aren t rushing to these deals and treating it like going to Vegas.They realize this is patient capital meaning their money will most likely be tied up for 5 years .Three campaigns have already hit their funding targets and closed $617,000.And being one of the first to get funded is a marketing story for themselves.One campaign, Beta Bionics  they make a wearable medical device that autonomously manages blood sugar levels in people with diabetes , already hit the maximum $1 million funding cap from 780 investors.This provides evidence that there is appetite for increasing the maximum raise from $1 million to $5 million as per the recently passed Fix Crowdfunding Act.
Thermometer does much more than just read your temperature.The FDA-approved thermometer pairs with a free companion app that allows users to quickly log their symptoms, get accurate temperature readings, and receive medicalOnce the thermometer reads that you have a fever, it can give you basic medical advice like whether you should see the doctor right away, if there are any medications you
Kanye West is playing corporate matchmaker between Apple and Tidal in the least conventional way imaginable.Last month, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Apple was considering a buyout of Tidal, a music streaming service bought by Jay Z in March 2015 for $56 million, to boost its Apple Music business.Now Kanye West is pressing the Cupertino-based technology giant to go through with the acquisition, despite what he describes as a beef between the two firms.In the first of a series of tweets, West wrote: This Tidal Apple beef is fucking up the music game."The rapper went on to demand meetings with high profile members of the industry like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Beats founder Jimmy Iovine and, of course, Jay Z, saying: Fuck all this dick swinging contest.We all gone be dead in 100 years.