Hit me baby one more time.Glu Mobile hopes that its new Britney Spears: American Dream game will follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a mobile gaming sensation which has generated something like $80 million for Kardashian alone since in debuted in 2014.San Francisco-based Glu has struck celebrity mobile game deals with stars who collectively have more than a billion social followers.Glu has to pay these celebrities royalties, but the strategy is a way to avoid spending a ton of money on advertising a game, as it relies on the cachet of celebrities and social media to spread awareness of the game.As with the Kardashian game, the Britney Spears game is aspirational.You also have to fend off rival singers to reach the top, perform at venues from the local Starbeans to international stadiums, and try to get your own stage at Planet Hollywood, the big casino in Las Vegas where the real Britney Spears performs.For Spears, the game represents an opportunity to expand her entertainment empire, as mobile gaming has become a very lucrative endeavor for Kardashian.Glu learned the hard way that fans didn t like its rendition of Katy Perry when it launched a game last fall.Glu is also working with other celebrities including chef Gordon Ramsay and performer Taylor Swift.Niccolo De Masi, CEO of Glu, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the game has tested well and he has high hopes for it.This is a partnership with a woman who has been around as a performer for 17 years.
But almost as soon as Icahn took over in March, he wavered on investing the full $100 million, spooked by the prospect of two new casinos in the northern part of the state.Icahn will wait until the referendum to commit to spending that much money on a casino that could be at an even worse competitive position with new in-state rivals.Less visible repairs include fixing leaks in a roof.Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner who has received some help from Icahn courting political donors, lost majority control to bondholders in the casino's 2004 bankruptcy filing.The Taj Mahal took $180 million from gamblers last year, ranking it 7th out of Atlantic City's eight casinos.Should Icahn agree to go all-in on upgrades to the Taj Mahal, Rodio envisions new nightclubs, branded restaurants and other attractions to fill the vast empty spaces that exist in numerous areas of the sprawling casino complex.
Brazil, Mexico and the United States have the most competitive markets for apps in the world, based on a study of nine major regions analyzed in the 2016 App Olympics report by Cheetah Ad Platform.The Cheetah Ad Platform, owned by Cheetah Mobile, analyzed data from 52 million Android smartphone users to see how users engage with their mobile devices and apps across the globe.Thousands are being introduced every day.The app scorecard by country looks at stats such as the average app usage per user per month, and engagement, or the average times apps are opened per user per month.The average user spanning the entire world uses an average of 27 apps and engages with 39 apps per month.Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. have the most competitive app markets, while Brazil has the highest user engagement and app competition, Cheetah said.Brazilian consumers use an average of 29.23 apps and engage with 53.62 average apps per month.Nine countries were monitored, each with high engagement in gaming app categories, including education, action, trivia, simulation, sports, strategy, casino, word, and lifestyle app categories, which include productivity, shopping, social, and personalization.The study notes app categories with low competition, which represent opportunities for app developers to break in, as well as those with high competition, showcasing which apps are in demand for these specific countries.The study showed that communication and social apps are used three to 10 times more than other apps.In Mexico, communications apps are used most.France has the lowest average app usage compared to other countries at 24.56 apps per person.India has a very strong gaming category, and Canada is most active with board game apps.The U.S. favors communication apps, with 2.52 communication apps per person.
REUTERS/Erik De CastroMANILA Reuters - More than three months have passed since $81 million was stolen in a brazen cyber-heist from Bangladesh's central bank and sent to Manila – yet authorities in the Philippines appear no closer to nabbing those who laundered most of the money through a bank and casinos here.Several official and private investigators said they had hoped to make headway by following the money trail in the Philippines, but they told Reuters it has gone cold.Nearly half the high-end gamblers there are ethnic Chinese, from mainland China or other parts of the region.The AMLC has filed criminal complaints against the manager of the RCBC branch that received the funds, the owners of relevant bank accounts at the branch and the owners of the remittance agency that it says was a "cleaning house" for the money.Senator Panfilo Lacson, a former national police chief, has told Reuters that Wong is "a friend of mine".The focus of the Senate committee's report is likely to be on drawing up legislation that can strengthen anti-money laundering laws and ease bank secrecy laws, rather than identifying who was behind the laundering.
It s no wonder that software development kits SDKs are making mobile game and app developers weary.Herzliya, Israel-based SafeDK released the report today as part of an effort to educate mobile app and game publishers and developers about the trends that they should pay attention to on a macro level.The report analyzes SDK trends in the Android market based on deep analysis of tens of thousands of free Android apps and hundreds of SDKs.The first report looks at data from April 2016 that draws from more than 30,000 Android apps, including popular free apps that are regularly at the top of the charts.It also looks at hundreds of SDKs that are used by big and small companies around the world.The report addresses facts like how many SDKs, on average, are integrated into mobile apps and how this number changes based on the app category and number of downloads.2 at 27.5 percent, followed by Facebook Audience Network at 22.5 percent, UnityAds at 19.5 percent, and Mopub at 19.2 percent.In mobile apps, the average number of SDKs used in games is 17.5, followed by sports apps at 16.5, shopping at 15.1, news and magazines at 14.9, and weather at 14.4.Within mobile games, casino games lead the way with an average of 18.7 SDKs per app, followed by 18.4 for action games, 18.1 for role-playing games, and 17.9 for strategy games.The chart below shows the most popular categories for types of SDKs.And this chart shows the top makers of SDKs.
Catena Media, which has the mission to channel players to various casino sites on the web, has been significantly boost growth. In the first quarter, revenue grew 69 million compared to 18 million at the same period last year. This represents a revenue increase of just over 280 percent. Follow the course here. Growth during the first quarter of 2016 compared with the fourth quarter of 2015 consisted largely of organic growth, although it should be noted that at the end of this quarter, two acquisitions, writes Catena's CEO Robert Andersson. The company has high profit margins, although they declined slightly in the first quarter landed the profit before tax of 35.6 million compared with 11 million at the same time last year.
PodcastIt's our weekly tech-cast - hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Ben Kepes.This week, the threesome discuss Cloud Foundry, scale-model space shuttles, platforms and tricky windows.Our special guest this week is Mark Twomey aka Storagezilla of EMC.1:00 Ben and Ed from the cult of Cloud Foundry 5:28 Pivotal misses CF Summit 6:50 Curry run: India launches mini space shuttle 11:50 Windows gets tricky 13:50 Cisco bets big on subscriptions 17:28 Battle of the bots 21:00 Google bets on Caesars casino exec as its new president of enterprise sales 22:09 Flashback: Reach out and touch someone 22:39 Zilla is back 25:49 Google Home and the Star Trek future 32:27 Siri is a bag of bricks 36:30 Tim Cook, visionary?41:50 Disney kills Infinity 45:13 PaaS, Pivotal and Cloud Foundry hypeListen with the Reg player below, or download here.Podcast Subscriber LinksFeed URL for other podcast tools †Juice, Zune, et cetera: http://nekkidtech.libsyn.com/rss
Las Vegas is about to get a piece of Manhattan glitz, as Irving Azoff, the chairman and CEO of Azoff Madison Square Garden Entertainment, looks to bring a brand new, non-sporting arena to America s raunchy desert playground.The builders are billing their new 400,000-square-foot space, which will be located on Sands Avenue on property owned by the casino group, as the world s largest venue built specifically for music and entertainment.For reference, Madison Square Garden itself, with chairs on all four sides, seats just over 18,000.Because it won t be designed to serve the needs of sporting crowds, each and every seat will be in front of the stage, providing optimal views and audio for the audience.I don t worry about the other four arenas , Azoff said, I just know we re going to build the greatest place in the world for acts, they are going to want to play there.Because of permitting and construction, the new venue is still several years away.
My goal is to get down to 1-1 communication with our consumer, says Jason John, the company s CMO.That means, he says, that all your platforms, tools, and technology have to talk to each other in a clear and cohesive manner, and data must be clean, filtered, and fully integrated.That s easier said than done, he admits, but the core component of making it successful is how good your data is, how clean it is, and then auctioning off it is more palatable.John will be joined be an expert of pros including Casino del Sol s Steve Neely, Allen & Gerritsen s Tim Parcell, and VB analyst Jon Cifuentes.To learn more about how marketing automation can help you achieve the holy grail of ROI — engagement, retention, and lifetime value — register today for free.In this VB Live event, you ll learn:Exactly what marketing automation can and can t doHow to frame the marketing automation question for the C-suiteHow to maximize ROI by using automation tactics that work bestSpeakers:Jason John, CMO, Publisher s Clearing HouseSteve Neely, CMO, Casino del SolTim Parcell, VP Experience Planning, Allen & GerritsenJon Cifuentes, VB Insight analyst, VentureBeatModerator:Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeatThis webinar is sponsored by IBM.
Bill 74 has passed almost without notice the casino industry being the notable exception and will see the government agency in charge of lotteries in the province, Loto-Québec, draw up a list of online gambling sites that they will then send to ISPs.Incredibly, the ban does not apply to all gambling sites – just those that Loto-Québec doesn't like – and legislators were quite open about the fact that a goal of the law is to increase revenue to the local, officially approved gambling service Espacejeux.Officially the idea behind the law is to protect the citizens of Quebec – "especially young people" – from sites that do not promote "responsible gaming rules."Another legal argument to be put forward is that the law attempts to usurp federal telecommunications law.The passage of the law was recently raised in the House of Commons of Canada, with one minister pointing out that such a law would violate the country's net neutrality position.Despite Quebec's size and importance, its government is not the most Net-savvy or even consistent.
The last six years he has been a consultant in the lucrative market for gambling online. In parallel, Edward Ihre file on, and sought financing, Codeta - a new Swedish network-based gaming company with the ambition to become a global major player. The question must be asked directly: why do we need yet another gaming company? We have found a position that is completely vacant, said Edward Ihre confidently. Edward's brother, Christian Ihre who founded the brand agency LynxEye, is co-founder of Codeta together with the business developer Yrsa Thunholm. With the shareholder list is also Willem De Geer, former CEO of technology company panopticon sold to US Data Watch for SEK 300 million, and Max Kållberg and Karl Samuelsson, with a past sports rights giant IEC in Sports.
Image caption Microsoft's email spam filters stopped working on TuesdayMicrosoft has tackled a problem with its email filters that had prevented them from properly screening out spam.It first acknowledged the problem with Outlook and Hotmail on Tuesday evening."Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail," a service page update stated.The company later said it had managed to put in place two sets of fixes to protect users' inboxes and its own infrastructure."Look at all of these great deals I've been missing out on for years," Peck Ed wrote."Now if you chaps will excuse me, I'm off to become a... millionaire getting a great deal on my car insurance with my new Russian bride at the Casino with my free bets."
And the San Francisco company is doubling down on the talent it has in that category.GamesBeat has learned that Zynga has hired Monty Kerr, a cofounder of rival social casino gamemaker PlayStudios, as a senior vice president at Zynga.Kerr will also oversee Zynga Poker, which is the social game company s flagship game, alongside general manager Eddie LeBreton.The moves are part of the latest tactical decisions by Frank Gibeau, Zynga s new chief executive.They reinforce Zynga s focus on social casino games.Slots, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Slots, and Black Diamond Casino.Kerr has founded a number of game companies.He cofounded PlayStudios in 2011.Details of the transaction aren t available.In the most recent quarter ended March 31, Zynga said that its mobile bookings for social slots games were up 77 percent over the prior year and up 13 percent from the previous quarter.
Admittedly, Atari isn t the entertainment powerhouse it once was.The company has spent the last few years digging attempting to reinvent itself after declaring bankruptcy in 2013, focusing largely on mobile gaming plays and casino deals.Now the one-time gaming juggernaut is lending its legendary name to a line of connected home devices.It s not exactly a new console, sadly, but the iconic brand will grace a wide range of new Atari products created by French wireless networking company, Sigfox.There s not a lot in the way of details surrounding what appears to largely be a licensing deal, but the initial products will include low priced home, pet, lifestyle and safety devices, featuring Sigfox s low-energy technology.The products are said to be targeted toward both at mass-market consumers and charity organizations.
From left: Paradox ceo and co-founder Fredrik Wester, tricycle Zbee from Clean Motion and the holding company Optimizer Invest at Catena Media's ipo.But it has not prevented teknikbolagens ipos from the to surpass all expectations by far.the Company is engaged in the internet of things and has climbed closer to 80 per cent on the subscription price of sek 22 since the listing on First North at the end of may. The company, whose market capitalisation amounts to eur 104 Million, will help giants like Ericsson and Nokia to plan, build and operate telecom networks.First, in third place pops a miljardbolag up.Leovegas is despite its jumboplacering one of the list's second-largest company with a market capitalisation of nearly sek 3.5 billion.Read more: Comment: Illröda warning lights on techhimlenBolagVerksamhetNoteringTeckningskursUppgångBörsvärdeClean MotionElectric vehiclesmay 26, 20168 sek94%206 MTalkpoolInternet of thingsmay 24, 201622 sek79%104 MCatena MediaCasinoteknikFebruary 11, 201633 sek75%2919 MParadox Interactivegame Developmentmay 31, 201633 sek70%5755 MNepa ABDigital studiesapril 26, 201645,5 kr34%443 MCleantech Investthe Accelerator for the cleantechbolagapril 6, 20169,3 sek11%213 MLeovegasCasino gamesmarch 17, 201632 sek9%3489 Mthe increase is estimated at 10, Tuesday 7 June, compared with the listing price.
One Twitch troll paid the price – literally TwitchA prankster who donated A$50,000 £25, 690, $37,400 to Twitch streamers with the intention of cancelling the payments at the last minute found the joke turned on him, after PayPal reportedly refused to pay the money back.Over the past few months, a number video streamers on Twitch have found themselves on the receiving end of some substantial donations from one particular user, often running into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.These donations were coming from a user going by the name of iNexus Ninja, apparently without any explanation for the apparent generosity.For Twitch users watching the money pour in, it probably seemed too good to be true and indeed it was: it eventually transpired that iNexus Ninja was a Twitch troll who planned to wait a month before cancelling the transactions through PayPal.In a turning of the tables, PayPal is said to have denied his request for a refund, despite Archer making multiple attempts to get his money back.Judging by his boasts of expensive tech purchases, casino wins and expensive dining habits on his Twitter account, it appears that money is a plentiful commodity for the young man, and Archer doesn't seem particularly fazed by this turn of events.
I am the marketing coordinator for a nightclub at a casino which it's demographic travels roughly from a radius of 25 miles away.Friday's seem to be the struggle with overall volume.On the plus side; we do attract a very high ratio of woman on Friday's, but the overall attendance is lacking.While dealing with the summer months and interests are emphasized on the lake, camping, outdoor venues etc...We could look into celebrity appearances and what not, but until numbers consistently increase i'd rather not risk the capitol.What are some marketing techniques or ideas that i can do to improve overall revenue and attendance.
Mr. Green-founder Michael Pawlo and Bredbandsbolaget's founder Mattias Söderhielm invests millions to build the app Red Flag, to make life as an entrepreneur easier and more enjoyable. When I first heard rumors that the entrepreneur Michael Pawlo, as in business circles is primarily known as the man behind the online casino Mr Green and Mattias Söderhielm, founder of including Bredbandsbolaget and city train, pulled a startup together, I was naturally curious. We speak unwillingly on projects prior to launch, but now we had no choice after all when you sniffed it out, says Mikael Pawlo. Exactly how much money the duo has pumped into the project, which is mainly aimed at small business owners, want Pawlo not reveal. According to information Breakit duo in spring pitched his idea to investors, with the aim to bring in more than 15- 20 million kronor in funding. Exactly how the business model will be developed remains to be seen.
The sale is hosted by the Bittrex exchange, one of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.A total of 6,627,494 Breakout Coins BRK will be offered for Bitcoin at a base price of no lower than 0.00022222 BTC about 14.4 cents at current bitcoin exchange rates , which along with a prior sale and tokens for incentivising players and gaming sites, will bring the total number of BRK to ever be in existence to 19,500,000, according to co-founder Paul Kim.Breakout Coin is part of the Breakout Chain blockchain for gaming, created by lead developer James Stroud, PhD, a co-founder of CryptoCertify, the cryptocurrency auditing and certification company; Randy Kim, a professional poker player with 20 years' experience in Los Angeles casino management; Paul Kim, with 25 years of experience in IT, computer science and gaming; and Gian Perroni, an iGaming executive with over 18 years of online gaming experience."The online gaming world has been waiting for a solution like this for many years," said Perroni."Breakout Coin will be used to denominate many of our gaming properties, and will be accepted at all of them, including our soon-to-launch eSports platform and our full digital game download store."Miners who are responsible for the processing of BRK transactions also earn another type of token called SisterCoin SIS .
I think people should be horrified about the possibilities of people nameless and unidentified, beyond oceans…behind veils of anonymity, being able to…direct huge amounts of money to people to whom it doesn t belong…that is a huge problem, and a huge threat to our financial system, Manhattan s top federal prosecutor, Preet Bharara said at a Wall Street Journal conference here on Tuesday.Asked whether people should have confidence in Swift, the global bank messaging service used to carry out the theft, Mr. Bharara replied: I don t think there is any reason for people not to have confidence in any particular institution.Mr. Bharara s office and the FBI in New York are investigating the suspected theft by computer hackers, who tried to steal nearly $1 billion through extensive penetration of Bangladesh Bank s computers, dozens of orders on the official interbank fund-transfer network, and a money trail that ran through the Philippines murky casino business.Several other hacking incidents at banks in Vietnam and Ecuador that stole money via Swift have raised questions about the system s vulnerability.Separately in the WSJ interview, Mr. Bharara criticized an appeals court that last month overturned a marquee case stemming from the financial crisis that his office had brought against Bank of America.Respectfully, we disagree with it…we think it s wrong, Mr. Bharara said of the appeals court decision, which he said underscored difficulties in prosecuting cases tied to the 2008 crisis.