ORLANDO, FLORIDA—If nothing else, cloud technology has simplified the IT landscape, reducing the pressure on businesses to manage hundreds of different applications for myriad different purposes.“I don’t think we’ll return to the complexity we created in the past,” said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd during a keynote presentation on March 21 at Oracle Industry Connect here.The current generation of Oracle financial, HR, and other applications that are used broadly across industries is built on the same code base, making it easier for those applications to interoperate, Hurd said.Oracle is “working to do the same” for applications that address specific retail, hospitality, health sciences, and other industry needs, he said.The overarching value proposition of cloud technology is that its providers are now taking on the cost of developing and enhancing it, putting together hardware, platform, and infrastructure ecosystems and assembling suites of applications rather than selling “piece parts you assemble then yourself,” Hurd said.The resulting savings by not having to buy lots of servers and run data centers “is what has driven this momentum” swelling the sails of cloud technology, he said.
I dreamed I called Joe Hill last nightMore than 17,000 workers for AT belonging to the Communications Workers of America downed tools and went on strike in California and Nevada on Wednesday after restructuring talks broke down.The dispute centers on AT's plans to make engineers servicing the US giant's U-Verse TV service also do repairs and maintenance on its cables and hardware for landline phone services, which is expected to lead to layoffs.The outsourcing of local call centers overseas is another major sticking point."AT made more than $16bn in profits last year, paid out $46m to its top executives and spent billions on costly mergers, but it's attempting to move good quality jobs out of California and Nevada," the CWA said in a letter [PDF] to management last week."Workers are standing up for their communities."
Getting into the habit of hitting the gym a couple times every week isn’t easy, but a new report suggests there are two things that will help get you off the couch: convenience and quality.The report, from New York-based firm Dstillery and featured in the Wall Street Journal, is based on anonymized information from 7.5 million mobile devices that were taken to fitness centers all over the country throughout February and March.According to Dstillery’s analysis, the average gym goer doesn’t stray too far to get their sweat on.In fact, the less they have to travel, the more likely they are to go with some regularity.We’ve talked about how important location is when choosing a gym, but not how much travel distance can affect motivation.The sweet spot, it turns out, is around 4 miles.
The recently born Hafury brand — which falls under the Cubot umbrella — have just announced their first device to come into the market, it’s the Hafury Umax.Let’s check it out!The Hafury Umax comes with a large 6.0-inch HD display, so it’s mostly a media consumption device to watch videos, read ebooks or play games with a slightly more immersive experience.The phone is powered by a MediaTek MT6580, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (expandable up to 256GB).Join GizChina on TelegramAs far as cameras go, we find a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing shooter.The phone also packs a big 4500mAh battery and runs Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, thus you should get a pretty good battery life.On a side note, Hafury is said to have an independent R and after sales service centers in EU, USA and Africa.The Umax in particular supports more frequencies that work in the US, so it’ll definitely get sold over there as well.The Hafury Umax will be released to the market in April and Hafury say it’ll cost $80 top, which suggests it’ll probably cost $79.99.
Back in May 2015, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg lost her husband, Dave Goldberg, after he suffered a cardiacNearly two years later, Sandberg announced on Tuesday the release of her new book, "Option B," which centers around her personal journey since her husband's death and other stories of people "who have braved many different kinds of adversity."
Facebook and Nokia have found a way to push a lot more data through a submarine cable across the Atlantic, which could help the social network keep up with the growth of video and virtual reality.On a 5,500-kilometer (3,400-mile) cable between Ireland and New York, the companies tested a new technique developed at Nokia Bell Labs for increasing the efficiency of fiber-optic cables.They say it comes close to the absolute limit for sending bits over a fiber.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said VR is the future of social media.If it is, then the networks that link consumers and data centers will have more data than ever to carry.For example, Netflix recommends subscribers have at least a 5Mbps broadband connection to stream HD video and 25Mbps for Ultra HD (4K) streams.
A dark web drug dealer was arrested by US authorities on 20 March for allegedly selling a high-strength synthetic opioid called fentanyl on a popular underground marketplace called AlphaBay.Chukwuemeka Okparaeke, who went by the name "Fentmaster" on AlphaBay, has been charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute large quantities of fentanyl, according to the US Justice Department.Ironically, the dark web drug dealer was caught not because authorities linked him to his Fentmaster persona on the dark web; instead he was spotted for his "suspicious" behaviour at the post office.Okparaeke allegedly wore latex gloves while making his deliveries at the post office, which roused officials suspicions.Fentanyl is believed to be 50 times stronger than heroin and according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the drug caused nearly 10,000 deaths in America in 2015, The Register reported.Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said: "The defendant's alleged scheme combined one of the gravest current threats to public health – highly addictive and potentially lethal opioids – with a very modern criminal tool – the darknet.
An international consortium of humanitarian aid groups has announced the winners of a competition to develop educational apps for Syrian children displaced by that country’s brutal civil war.The two winners are Feed the Monster and Antura & The Letters, games that are designed to help improve the literacy skills of the estimated 2.5 million Syrian children who are now without schools.The two titles were chosen as part of EduApp4Syria, a $1.7 million competition that was developed as a partnership between the Norwegian government with the All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development and partners such as USAID,World Vision and the Australian Government.The competition, including the development process and judging, was overseen by Alf Inge Wang, a game developer and professor in the department of computer science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.“I’m passionate about finding new uses for games,” he said.“One of my goals is to find the sweet spot between learning and having fun.”The two apps in this case, he said, were chosen because they came closest to that sweet spot.Feed the Monster was developed as part of a joint venture of Apps Factory, the Center for Educational Technology, and the International Rescue Committee.The game gives kids monsters to collect and raise and teaches them Arabic reading and writing along the way.Antura & The Letters was the result of a collaboration between the Cologne Game Lab, Video Games Without Borders, and a Lebanese game developer Wixel Studio.The game mixes animated characters, virtual worlds, and quizzes to improve literacy skills.The competition was originally announced in September 2015.Wang said after he was recruited to run the competition, he spent time visiting refugee camps to understand what might be possible.
More Charts   Apple last week announced its plans to set up two new R centers in China, its latest effort to boost its standing in the world’s second-largest economy.The company said it’ll invest more than $500 million in research in the country.The commitment to China could help Apple curry favor with local officials.Either way, as this chart from Statista shows, any boost would be a big help for the iPhone maker.Though China remains by far the second-biggest market for Apple’s flagship product after huge gains a few years back, its sales have cooled significantly over the past year.Analysts at UBS expect it to be the one major region where iPhone sales keep falling in 2017.In lieu of the iPhone, Chinese consumers have flocked to increasingly competitive (and typically more affordable) devices from local brands like Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.Beyond those more traditional opponents, though, Apple’s success in China may also be affected by President Trump back home.
IBM and Red Hat are working together to encourage the use of OpenStack and make it easier for to companies to shift their Linux workloads into private clouds.IBM said that Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage on IBM Private Cloud will be generally available at the end of March, ahead of which IBM has become a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider.Big Blue said this would help "enterprises benefit from the OpenStack Platform's speed and economics".Also as part of the agreement, Red Hat Cloud Access will become available for IBM Cloud by the end of the second quarter, allowing Red Hat customers to move unused Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions from their data centers into IBM Cloud data centers worldwide.Red Hat Cloud Access allows Linux customers to retain services and support while moving workloads into the cloud."Our collaboration with IBM is aimed at helping enterprise customers more quickly and easily embrace hybrid cloud," said Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager of OpenStack at Red Hat.
Intel has announced its first Optane-branded solid state drive.Dubbed the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X, the chipmaker says the drive is designed to be used as either a storage or caching product in data centers.The P4800X add-in card features a capacity of 375GB, latency of less than 10µs, 4K random read / write IOPS of up to 550,000 / 500,000 and an endurance rating of 12.3 petabytes written (PBW).Intel and Micron jointly announced 3D XPoint, the technology behind Optane, in 2015.The biggest benefit of Optane could have to do with boosting the physical memory of a server.Ars Technical highlights that two-socket Xeon systems can support a total of 3TB of RAM but up to 24TB of Optane while quad-socket systems can accommodate 12TB of traditional RAM and a whopping 48TB of Optane.
We’ve been hearing about Intel’s new Optane storage technology for quite some time, and the included support on Intel’s Seventh Generation Core processor line was all the confirmation we needed it was right around the corner.Instead, the first Optane drives are built with enterprise use cases in mind.Intel says the consumer versions will come later, but for now, the DC P4800X is bound for all work and no play.Data centers will be able to leverage the much faster storage solution to handle larger amounts of data without spending a fortune on dedicated RAM.It holds the potential to dramatically outpace other SSD solutions and reduce latency to speeds more similar to RAM.It’s also far more durable than NAND-based SSDs, although only extensive testing can say for sure exactly how much longer they’ll last.
Countly’s Open Source, scalable and self-hosting capability represents a new category of collaborative and secure technology.Many banks got involved but the business was eventually sold to MasterCard in the late 1990s.Tim Jones (l) and David Everett (r)What are the differences between Tibado and Bitcoin?Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that builds on the blockchain, with two characteristics: (i) No collateral and (ii) transaction assurance by giving bitcoin incentives for miners to confirm transactions and to write them into a general distributed ledger (known as a work function).Unlike Bitcoin, Tibado is a design for fiat or fiat-denominated digital cash which leverages collateral of existing currencies.If Alipay took a Tibado license and issued RMB, that would be a fiat-denominated private currency.Security is enhanced through:Digital coins are created, merged and split in Hardware Security Modules that are stored in secure data centers.Such wallets may also be created on merchants’ smartphones.We believe that most banks and merchants will prefer to accept digital coins in their local fiat currency relative to cryptocurrencies when their central bank gives the go-ahead for fiat digital cash to be issued.
Apple Inc. launched a new round in its charm offensive in China, announcing two additional research-and-development centers ahead of speeches Chief Executive Tim Cook is scheduled to give at a major Chinese government conference.The new centers, to be set up in Shanghai and Suzhou, bring Apple’s total commitment to R facilities in China to more than 3.5 billion yuan, or about $500 million, the company said Friday in an...
For that reason, a separate opportunity that Brian Ruder, co-head of technology at the global PE firm Permira, expects to see more centers on maturing tech companies that haven’t yet gone public.TC: Obviously, it’s not brand new, this trend of PE shops gravitating toward software companies, even if it did seem to become more of a “thing” beginning last year.But we evolved [over the last decade] beyond just buying classically undervalued and under-managed companies and into buying great growth businesses that just need larger and larger pools of capitals.What we’re looking for are companies that have good growth opportunities and to back them aggressively.BR: LegalZoom had filed to go public and was out on road in the wake of Facebook’s IPO and it pulled [its offering].We were able to come in and invest a lot in the company and [reduce] ownership of its earlier investors down for [a return that made them happy] and get everyone aligned.
China’s genomics powerhouse BGI resumed Tuesday its application for a listing on the Growth Enterprises Market (GEM) board on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, after being stuck in the country’s clogged pipeline for one year, local media is reporting.Earlier the genomics giant’s IPO review was suspended due to incomplete documents.If successful, the listing may make the company’s market cap top RMB 100 billion, according to an earlier report (in Chinese).Dubbed the “Tencent of China’s biology sector”, BGI is one of the leading genome sequencing centers in the world.Its five largest customers include China National Tobacco Corporation and the University of Oxford.With the improvement of people’s livelihoods, the increase in life expectancy and the rollout of the country’s two-child policy, more spending is expected on genetic testing services, which will boost the performance of the genomics giant.Of the total RMB 1.71 billion revenue booked in 2016, the genomics firm’s core business – reproductive health-related genetic testing services – contributed RMB 929 million.The Shenzhen-headquartered firm plans to raise RMB 1.73 billion from the initial public offering, and use the cash to build its cloud service ecosystem, upgrade the platforms of its medical test solutions and precision medical service, construct its genomics research center, according to the prospectus it filed with the Shenzhen bourse.Though BGI has become a market leader in the country’s genomics market, the rapid growth of other players has made them competitors to reckon with, including Berry Genomics (“贝瑞和康”), Daan Gene (“达安基因”), CapitalBio (“博奥生物”), NOVO Gene (“诺禾致源”).China’s genome sequencing market is predicted to witness an annual compound growth rate of more than 20% (in Chinese), while the global genome sequencing market is predicted to reach US$ 11 billion next year, with an annual compound growth rate of 29%, according to an estimate by BCC Research.
Now, it's becoming increasingly obvious that it's easier said than done.There are lots of ways to outfit your unfurnished apartment.You could scour Craigslist looking for deals on used futons and entertainment centers.You could make the trip to your local Ikea and stock up on assemble-it-yourself bookshelves made of wood and particleboard.Well, you could have, but now that last option doesn’t look so feasible anymore.New reports suggest that the company has begun winding down its operations.
During several years elskatten been pointed out as an obstacle to competition when Sweden is trying to attract data centers.And last year, the government decided, therefore, to lower it to the same level as the Swedish basic industry.But around 3 000 the data center was not part of the tax cut because it did not include the data centers that is located under a power of 0.5 MW.This in spite of protests from the affected operators and a number of bodies.Digitaliseringsminister Peter Eriksson regretted the border before the decision is made. " I think it is unfortunate that the change is not competitively neutral.
During several years elskatten been pointed out as an obstacle to competition when Sweden is trying to attract data centers.And last year, the government decided, therefore, to lower it to the same level as the Swedish basic industry.But around 3 000 the data center was not part of the tax cut because it did not include the data centers that is located under a power of 0.5 MW.This in spite of protests from the affected operators and a number of bodies.Digitaliseringsminister Peter Eriksson regretted the border before the decision is made. " I think it is unfortunate that the change is not competitively neutral.
they say a Dear child has many names, and today, Wednesday, launch an international femdagarskonferens in Luleå and Vuollerim, Crowdsourcingweek Arctic Circle.After two days of discussions in Luleå, sweden, bussed visitors to the much smaller society Vuollerim in the interior."we are in the north of Sweden is due to the Luleå is far ahead of the game digitally, for example, when it comes to data centers.Then there is the exotic for many to go so far north," says Truus Heremans at the Crowdsourcing week London office.Services like Airbnb and Uber have transformed their respective sectors in the foundationDelningsekonomi has been the word on many people's lips in recent years.