China's Chang'e 5 mission to the moon has succeeded in bringing back nearly four pounds of lunar rock, which has been handed over to scientists for study.
A small steppe for probe, giant leaps await science ... and propaganda China has landed its Chang'e 5's probe and its precious payload of Moon rocks.…
The 'deep space self portrait' was released to coincide with National Day in China.
The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has plans to send more than 50 spacecraft into space with more than 30 launches in 2019, according to Chinese state media.That includes sending another lunar lander to the Moon at the end of the year on the first sample return mission in decades.The country made history on Jan. 3 when the Chang'e 4 lunar probe landed in Von Karman crater on the moon's mysterious far side.A few hours after landing, the probe sent back the first photo of the moon's unexplored side.Chang'e 4 launched Dec. 7 and entered lunar orbit five days later.Baohua Yang, vice president of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said at a press conference that major missions such as the third Long March 5 large carrier rocket will be launched in July, Xinhua Net reported on Friday local time.
China is working to launch a sample-return mission to the moon before the end of 2017.The mission, known as Chang'e 5, will be the first to bring lunar material to Earth since the Soviet Union's Luna 24 spacecraft did so in 1976.The robotic craft will ride atop China's Long March-5 booster, departing from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in southern China's Hainan Province.China's Moon Missions Explained Infographic According to Chinese news services, the over-8-ton Chang'e 5 is comprised of four parts: an orbiter, a lander, an ascender and a "returner" an Earth re-entry module .The mission will be China's first automated moon surface sampling probe.