Photo courtesy Samuel, Son & Co. We ve got about 600 sales professionals and right now I couldn t accurately tell you who is doing what and where in this organization.The company also worked closely with Oracle and Deloitte to ensure payroll processes conformed to Canadian standards, managed differing payroll cycles, and complied with payroll regulations for both union and non-union employees.For example, we have 22 different vacation plans in our Canadian workforce and 12 different 401 k retirement plans in the US with limited difference between them—why?I see huge value in putting more decisions and activity into the hands of the employees and line leaders, he says.For example, if the company deadline for entering information on annual pay increases coincides with testing of the next bundle of code, Busch s team needs to build a timeline that accommodates both deadlines rather than just pushing off testing, as had been the practice with upgrades to on-premises software.Once all data is on the same platform, Busch eventually wants to present the consolidated data in a dashboard allowing executives to easily compare workforce and productivity data points across the company s operating sites.
Big data-as-a-Service, or BDaaS, is a way of accessing analytics tools or information from an outside provider.This can help organisations to gain insights into the meaning of data so that they can gain competitive advantage by improving customer relationships and business decision making.BDaaS is designed to help businesses to free up resources by taking advantage of tools that are being provided by an outside organisation.Like SaaS, BDaaS is a form of managed service that often relies upon cloud storage in order to provide data access to both the outside analytics company and the company that owns the information.The area has gained increased interest over the past couple of years as companies have looked to leverage their data in a way that doesn't create costly overheads and rely upon a complex installation and integration process.Simply put, BDaaS is an ideal way to remove the tech complexity from doing data analytics, leaving the business to focus on simply using the data insights to improve its performance.
Encryption, corporates have heard of itEnterprises are routinely storing corporate password files in the cloud through Microsoft s OneDrive backup technology.OneDrive is the most common Office 365 application, with 79.1 per cent of organisations using it, according to a study by cloud control tech vendor Skyhigh Networks.Businesses and employees are still taking a relaxed approach to document security, especially when you consider the high frequency of threats, said Hawthorn.This percentage will only increase as OneDrive becomes more tightly integrated to the rest of the suite.Hawthorn concluded that the need for employee training is particularly acute in heavily regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare, two of the biggest users of Office 365.The study found that the occurrence of Office 365-related threats is common, 71.4 per cent of companies have at least one compromised account each month, 57.1 per cent have at least one insider threat and 45.9 per cent have at least one privileged user threat.
Nearly three quarters 71.4 percent of Microsoft Office 365 enterprise customers have at least one compromised account each month according to a report by Skyhigh Networks, which found use of the cloud-based office suite among employees is rising rapidly.The company, which offers insights into how Office 365 is being used in a corporate environment, collected data from 600 businesses and 27 million employees and discovered 22.3 percent of workers were now using Office 365 – an increase of 320 percent from 6.8 percent nine months ago.According to the report, 17.1 percent of files stored on OneDrive can be considered sensitive .This includes confidential data, personally identifiable information, health data or payment details.On average there are 204 files in each corporate Office 365 environment that stores unencrypted passwords called passwords .This percentage will only increase as OneDrive becomes more tightly integrated to the rest of the suite.
Amazon s released AWS instances packing 2TB serving mega memory-hungry workloads such as SAP HANA.X1 instances use four Intel Xeon E7 2.3GHz processors with 10Gb per second of dedicated bandwidth and large L3 caches targeting high-performance, memory driven apps.According to AWS, these big bandwidth, mega-memory instances are ideal for running in-memory databases like SAP s HANA, plus Apache s Spark or Presto.The news comes in the wake of SAP announcing HANA is now ready as a certified – and therefore supported – option on Microsoft s AWS rival, Azure.X1s were already slated for delivery in the first half of 2016 but AWS was keen to point out SAP HANA on AWS was, all the same, just better.X1 instances are certified and available for SAP S/4HANA, Business Suite on HANA SoH , and Business Warehouse on HANA.
Amazon Web Services AWS — the e-commerce company s cloud computing division — is also set to reach a major milestone this year, on its way to $10 billion in sales.Amazon says AWS is now bigger than was 10 years ago and is growing at a faster rate.After facing harsh criticism over the treatment of its employees in a New York Times story last August, Amazon used its letter to shareholders to comment on the company s culture:A word about corporate cultures: for better or for worse, they are enduring, stable, hard to change.They can be an advantage of disadvantage… We never claim that our approach is the right one — just that it s ours — and over the last two decades, we ve collected a large group of like-minded people.Folks who find our approach energizing and meaningful.Amazon's annual letter to shareholdersIn addition to the Amazon Web Services growth, Amazon said its Prime memberships are growing as well — up 51 percent last year.With more than ten years of marketing management experience, she has contributed to a variety of traditional and online publications, including,, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. Inc. CRM 1.43 % over 17 years has built an $8 billion business selling software as a service delivered over the Internet.The company has been especially effective at selling new products such as its Marketing Cloud digital marketing and analytics service to its existing customers, said Credit Suisse AG in a report issued this week.Salesforce said it would bring in between $1 and $1.02 a share in adjusted earnings during 2017.The multibillion-dollar revenue stream makes Salesforce a mature cloud-computing business by some measures, but its core businesses are still growing at a rapid clip, said Brent Thill, an analyst with UBS.It doesn t feel like they re middle-aged or aging, he said.With adjustments, they totaled 24 cents, a penny ahead of analyst expectations.
Don t be fooled by the brick-and-mortar stores it s got, this is still Amazon from the block.Or rather, the web.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has promised to bring more of Amazon offline and into the physical sphere, though it s unclear yet as to how many more really is.And there are no signs of slowing.Already, the company plans to open a second physical bookstore, this time in Southern California the original opened in Seattle late last year .Bezos has also indicated that Amazon Web Services cloud computing unit alone is expected to hit $10 billion in sales this year, marking yet another area of high growth for the company.
Star Google exec Diane Greene says that it's not winner-take-all as the company races to overtake the leading $7 billion Amazon Web Services cloud computing juggernaut."One very pleasant, slightly a surprise, is how much the Fortune 1000 wants to have a Google approach to the cloud," Greene said at this week's Google I/O developer conference." A quick reality check bears Greene out: Companies like Apple and Spotify made headlines when it came out that they were moving huge chunks of their technology from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform — but by all reports, Amazon's cloud still hosts significant chunks of their data in both cases.Punch in a credit card number, and get access to fundamentally unlimited supercomputing power.Generally, people think of Google as a distant third-place player, of big interest to small startups, but lagging in selling to the lucrative enterprise market.But in the seven short months since Greene took over leadership of Google's cloud computing business, the search giant has seriously accelerated its push to win over big businesses and large enterprises.Indeed, Google thinks that the cloud could make it more money than ads by 2020.Greene recounted some meetings with top, Fortune 50-level customers in the last few weeks, where they were already basically sold on the Google Cloud Platform.
The federation of service providers and software vendors will begin stocking its virtual shelves from June 7Xavier Poisson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's vice president for hybrid IT in Europe, Middle East and Africa, at a meeting for Cloud28 partners near Amsterdam on May 19, 2016Cloud28 , the cloud services federation backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, now wants to help you install enterprise applications, not just choose them from its catalog.The federation plans to open its new App Center for business later this summer, and will begin stocking its virtual shelves on June 7 with the opening of an App Onboarding Center.Once strictly an open source, OpenStack shop, it is now embracing Microsoft Azure, VMware, Ormuco and Docker.One of the advantages of Cloud28 for participating service providers operating in only one country is that it makes them more visible to independent software vendors from other countries looking for new distribution channels, said Khaled Chaar, managing director of German cloud service provider Pironet NDH.Although many applications are already cloud-ready, for a typical business the 20 percent or so of the applications it uses that aren't cloud-ready are probably the most valuable, industry-specific ones, he said.Making it easier to move those to the cloud will present significant advantages, he said.
Photo: SAP News During SAP's annual mega news conference revolves around cloud computing and memory database Hana. But beyond Hana missing the red thread. Approximately 1,300 companies have jumped on the latest suite S / 4Hana which was released just over a year ago, but surveys have shown that many large companies have doubts about whether the new system is really worth the large investment. Moreover, presented integration solutions that include the Microsoft Office 365 cloud services and cloud services from SAP. Different employees, such as business executives, to be able to see the activity from different perspectives. There seems to be something wrong with any of the products or services to be launched in Sapphirenow.
Photo: SAP News During SAP's annual mega news conference revolves around cloud computing and memory database Hana. But beyond Hana missing the red thread. Approximately 1,300 companies have jumped on the latest suite S / 4Hana which was released just over a year ago, but surveys have shown that many large companies have doubts about whether the new system is really worth the large investment. Moreover, presented integration solutions that include the Microsoft Office 365 cloud services and cloud services from SAP. Different employees, such as business executives, to be able to see the activity from different perspectives. There seems to be something wrong with any of the products or services to be launched in Sapphirenow.
Microsoft's Dustin Campbell and Mads Torgersen, C Program Managers, with Xamarin monkeysExclusive interview At Xamarin's Evolve conference in Orlando, at the end of April 2016, I had a rare opportunity to sit down with Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell to discuss the future of the C programming language.This is a moment of change for Microsoft's development tools, as the company transitions from focusing entirely on Windows, to creating cross-platform tools that it hopes will push developers towards its Azure cloud services, either as a back-end for mobile applications, or as a deployment platform for server applications irrespective of the operating system.Other new features include local functions - that is, functions nested within other functions, with access to local variables - and the ability for functions to return values by reference ref , accompanying the existing ability to pass in ref parameters.Like, you really need to deal with this now, or all code forever will look like spaghetti.The computer science grand old man, Tony Hoare, who actually worked for Microsoft Research for many years and still comes in on Thursdays, he gives a talk about his billion dollar mistake, how he invented the null pointer and wants to apologise.Somehow, through all those years of being a Windows language only, except for Mono, which wasn t a Microsoft effort, somehow we managed to avoid Windows-isms in the language.
That number could be dialed after a user sees an email or a web page on a desktop/laptop machine, or it could be the result of a click-to-call link in an email or web page on a mobile device.Salesforce will now show such info as the caller s email address, name if known, ad or email that led to the call, any resulting purchases and about a hundred other pieces of data, which are automatically added to the caller s profile in the customer relationship management system.Invoca VP of Marketing Kyle Christensen pointed out that the customary announcement — This call may be recorded — is generally heard at the beginning of an incoming call.Call operators can see first-party or third-party data that is immediately displayed when the caller is identified, matched on the fly by caller ID, email address or other linkages.Christensen said this is the first time phone calls have been detailed to this degree on the platform, with phone-related actions now available at decision points in Journey Builder, Email Studio and other Salesforce tools.Invoca had previously integrated its platform into Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, but those implementations were intended to assist outgoing B2B calls in Sales and incoming customer service calls.
SAP has released a beta version of its Hana Cloud Platform for Cloud Foundry.The software giant yesterday released a Cloud Foundry beta service that works on the Pivotal-inspired open-source cloud.Coming with the beta is support for Java, Node.js, HTML5, MongoDB, Redis, PostgresSQL and RabbitMQ.SAP said this would let developers build apps and services using the combination of Cloud Foundry and SAP s HANA Cloud Platform.Also announced was a cloud edition of its HTML5 Fiori UI environment.It includes monitoring and analytics, ability to manage mobile applications and systems management.
Ernst & Young EY and GE Digital have partnered to develop and deliver Industrial Internet of Things IIoT services.The alliance intends to help industrial firms achieve increased productivity from capital assets and processes linked in the cloud.GE and EY will help industrial firms to enhance productivity of their existing assets and reshape their enterprises.It now joins GE's ecosystem of global alliance partners, offering its members access to digital tools and domain expertise from across GE.EY global sector head for technology and leader for the GE alliance Jeff Liu said: "With data and digital technology impacting every industry, businesses are under tremendous pressure to adapt in almost real time."Our expanded relationship with GE and approach to digital operations will enable us to bring innovative IIoT services to market to help clients dramatically improve productivity, reduce cost and increase revenues."
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has previously said his goal for the company is to hit $10bn in annual revenue.The cloud-based CRM company says the expansion of its London-based office will be necessary to house new hires.Salesforce has previously said it will recruit more than 1,200 people in EMEA this year, to help support a growing customer base in the region.Many of those roles will be based in the UK, which Salesforce describes as "one of the company's largest operations outside the US".Ed Vaizey, the UK minister for culture and the digital economy, welcomed the news, saying: "Digital innovation is at the heart of the U.K. economy and plays an important role in driving growth."Revenues are up across Salesforce as a whole, with the firm's financial results for Q1 of this year beating Wall Street's expectations.
The SaaS provider bounced back into the black for the first three months of 2016, its fiscal 2017, reporting net income of $38m.Revenue was up 26.8 per cent to $1.91bn, leaving Salesforce with an EPS of $0.06 versus $0.01 for the prior year.Profit came after three successive months in 2015 – Salesforce s fiscal 2016 – of loss.The first three months of the firm's fiscal year to end of April has become a period when Salesforce manages to actually turn a profit.Salesforce is thriving because - according to chief executive Marc Benioff - Oracle and SAP are doing so badly when it comes to cloud.Buoyed by fortune, Salesforce upped its ante for the full year results to making between $8.16bn and $8.20bn, an increase of between 22 and 23 per cent.
The central promise of cloud computing is that it is elastic with the customer s utilization.Even better, the software is usually gorgeous, designed for smooth experiences for massive numbers of everyday users rather than for I.T.But on closer examination, not all of the promise of cloud computing is being delivered.The way the first generation of most products has evolved in the SaaS ecosystem carries some unfortunate traces in their DNA of those installed software products because they use pricing models that don t deliver value to the customer.The typical cloud-based enterprise software today may be well-designed from an infrastructure or user-experience point of view.But the pricing model in most cases is designed to satisfy the concerns of the SaaS company s CFOs and investors.
Google is very serious about enterprise cloud – according to Google s head of enterprise cloud.They want to have two cloud vendors, Green is reported to have said having taken feedback from Fortune 1,000 customers.The IT industry is over a trillion-dollar industry.That baton has been picked up by AWS, regarded a market leader and making $2.4bn revenue in its most recent quarter – an increase of 70 per cent – and, increasingly, Microsoft with its Azure regarded a firm number two.The IT chief of a major news organisation told us he wouldn't place his IT on Google cloud when the people he might wish to reach are eight hours away and in meetings.Greene is reported to have conceded: There is still a long way to go... it s clear we are here to stay, we are very serious about the enterprise.