Coding bootcamps have earned friends in high places, including President Obama, who called them a ticket to the middle class.These programs are designed to take in students with minimal coding knowledge and shoot them back out a few months later as employable software engineers.And the top bootcamps have enjoyed outstanding success, boasting over $100,000 in average exit salaries and up to 99% employment rates.And there are anecdotal tales of life turnarounds, like this one from a community college dropout who went from working at Chick-fil-A to making $90,000 as a computer programmer in just 6 months.They looked at 100 bootcamp grads and 150 college computer science grads.The results We ve found bootcamp grads as a group to be better than college grads at web programming and writing clean, modular code, and worse at algorithms and understanding how computers work, cofounder Ammon Bartram writes.Bootcamp grads do as well or even better than college grads on practical skills, but they lose out on deep knowledge, according to Bartram.Let's look at design questions as an example.Bootcamp grads do better on web questions involving web servers, databases, and load balancers, Bartram writes.Triplebyte only sees a sample of engineers who pass their initial test, so the startup doesn t have a way of knowing whether there is a large percentage of bootcampers who failed early on.But the results suggest that, beyond being better or worse, bootcamps provide a different skill set than a more traditional computer science degree.Here is a graph of Triplebyte s results:NOW WATCH: How to freeze water instantlyLoading video...
Danielle Morrill is the CEO & Cofounder of Mattermark, where her team helps dealmakers research and qualify opportunities to do business with the world s fastest growing private companies.Danielle is a Y Combinator Summer 2012 graduate and was head of marketing and employee 1 at Twilio previously.Danielle: Entrepreneurship gives me the freedom to create something that did not previously exist in the world, and bring together people who also want to make this same thing real.I briefly attended community college so my parents would continue to financially support me, but dropped out quickly after only two quarters to work for a Fortune 500 company where I got an internship which soon turned it into a full-time job.We started off as an ad and event based revenue model, but we have evolved into a more sophisticated solutions provider to help dealmakers spend less time on qualifying and more time on targeting and selling.When I hire, I look for people with a long term attitude, who are interested in solving problems and won t merely go through motions and go home at 5 pm.
It ll also save you thousands of dollars from all the nights you choose to stay in playing Madden on a Friday night.A versatile Timex chronograph watch?Come up with dismissive and condescending nicknames for fellow trainees you consider to be possible threats.Leave a jacket on the back of your chair so people can never be 100% sure if you ve left early for the day or are taking a long lunch.9.Never tell the first offensive joke, but always have a good one saved up for when your seniors finally trust you enough to share one with you.They will think you are being proactive, but now you know when you can sleep in, hit the gym, or beat the traffic to the Hamptons.11.Don t be afraid to join in; just make sure you re the first one in the next morning.John LeFevre is the creator of @GSElevator and the author of the New York Times bestselling book and Amazon Book of the Month, "Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals" out now on paperback.More from GSElevator:The @GSElevator Book – Straight To Hell – has nothing to do with Twitter…The @GSElevator Guide to Bar EtiquetteHow To Be A F% king Man…Meet Jack The Plumber/ PhilosopherHow to Survive a Sporting Event with Your BossNOW WATCH: Here's what happens to your body when you stop eating sugarLoading video...
Who says that Pokemon Go isn t a force for good in the world?According to a report from the Orange County Register, two Pokemon Go players helped police catch a man wanted on suspicion of attempted murder while they were out walking around their neighborhood on Tuesday morning.DON T MISS: How to save battery life and cut down on data usage while playing Pokémon GoSeth Ortega, one of the two men involved in the occurrence, says that he was hunting for Pokémon with his roommate Javier Soch before Spanish class at Fullerton Community College.At some point, Soch s game froze a common issue for Pokemon Go players , which is when he looked up to see a woman and her children running from a man dressed in peculiar attire.Soch s looking up and that s when he gives me a nudge and says, Hey, what s going on,' Ortega remembers.
Comcast's Internet Essentials program that provides $10-per-month Internet service to low-income families has been expanded to make about 1.3 million additional households eligible.Comcast created Internet Essentials in order to secure approval of its acquisition of NBCUniversal in 2011 and has decided to continue it indefinitely even though the requirement expired in 2014.Comcast says the 10Mbps plan has connected more than 600,000 low-income families since 2011, for a total of 2.4 million adults and children, and provided 47,000 subsidized computers for less than $150 each.That latter issue is what Comcast addressed today, announcing that "adults without a child eligible for the National School Lunch Program will be eligible to apply for Internet Essentials."Previously, pilot programs gave access to some low-income seniors and low-income community college students, but this is the first time that Internet Essentials will be available to adults without children nationwide.Comcast is partnering with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD to offer access to adults living in HUD-assisted homes even if they have no children.
But even those can be outfitted to kill, as we saw in Dallas earlier this month when police strapped a bomb to an explosive-detonation robot, and boom: a non-lethal robot became a killer.Human rights activists worry these robots lack social awareness crucial to decision-making.For example, during mass protests in Egypt in January 2011 the army refused to fire on protesters, an action that required innate human compassion and respect for the rule of law, said Rasha Abdul Rahim of Amnesty International in a statement last year arguing that the UN should ban killer robots.With the Republican National Convention underway, Cleveland police have enlisted the help of a new robot named Griffin, built by students from the local community college.Standing only 12 inches tall, the six-wheeled rover is designed to go places police can t fit, like under a car or behind dumpsters to look for explosives.Public records requests show Ohio law enforcement have received 40 robots from the federal 1033 program that transfers military equipment to local law enforcement.
I ve been coding full time for approximately three years.Before going back to school in 2010 for computer science, I worked as an administrative assistant.The projects I work on have given me the ability to work with a variety of libraries and frameworks and in several code bases, and I work with a great team who are collaborative and supportive.Changing careers or just completely jumping into a new field isn t always easy, particularly with engineering and programming, but there are a few things I ve learned that made it doable for me.Take an intro course on programming.Often self-service online tutorials skip over some of the fundamentals; I ve interviewed prospects who were self-taught and passed on them not because they were self-taught, but because they couldn t answer basic algorithm questions.Going back to school full time may not be an option for everyone, and there are several ways to learn entry-level programming in other formats, such as community college classes and online courses like EdX, Coursera, or MIT open courses .
More football is headed to Netflix.The streaming service announced Monday that it has renewed its hard-hitting docuseries Last Chance U for a second season.The show will continue to follow East Mississippi Community College s unique football program as its players fight to gain the attention they need to further their careers.The series was inspired by a GQ article on the EMCC Lions that highlighted how the program has given talented and sometimes troubled players a chance at redemption.Current coach Buddy Stephens has seen nine of his players go on to play in the NFL, not to mention many more graduate with scholarships to play at four-year universities.Last Chance U season 2 will look at the next crop of players and their path to potential glory, both as part of the team and on an individual level.
I am about to turn 19, and I am a student working on my AAS in business admin/marketing at a local community college.I started working as an admin assistant for a local property management company nothing huge, 3 apartment complexes under management, about 700 units total , around 10 months ago.Recently in July , the area manager/PR director/marketing manager retired out, and because I had frequently expressed interest in the role, always offered advice and input during meetings, etc, I was offered the ability to take over as the Marketing and Business Development Manager this happened after I created a marketing plan for the company and met with the GM to propose it to him .I've got FB pages set up, and am running campaigns to get an active social media network for us seems to be working well so far!I've reworked our leasing policies, helped coach leasing agents on selling techniques prior experience volunteering, I did a lot of recruiting and retention at a nonprofit .I've been working on a lot of different projects to enhance revenue, etc, and I've been seeing great success so far.
A Los Angeles school has made a whopping US$28,000 ransomware payment after hackers raided its network.Attackers had encrypted enough to ruin computer services, email, and messaging at the Los Angeles Community College District.The school paid the bitcoin ransom after learning it had no other alternatives by way of backups or free decryption methods.Attackers of unknown origin encrypted hundreds of thousands of files on New Years Eve affecting much of the campus' 1,800 staff and 20,000 students.The campus newspaper The Valley Star said a note was left on a school server stating that admins had "7 days to send us the BitCoin sic after 7 days we will remove your private keys and it s sic impossible to recover your files ."It was the assessment of our outside cybersecurity experts that making a payment would offer an extremely high probability of restoring access to the affected systems, while failure to pay would virtually guarantee that data would be lost," the school wrote in a report PDF on the incident.
A school based in Los Angeles has been forced to pay $28,000 in bitcoin after cybercriminals successfully infected its computer networks, email systems and voicemail lines with ransomware.The Los Angeles Valley College LAVC , part of the Los Angeles Community College District LACCD , cashed in a cybersecurity insurance policy to pay the ransom.The malware infection, which hit just before New Year's Eve, is now being probed by law enforcement.According to student media outlet, the Valley Star, the hackers, whose identity remains unknown, left a note on the college servers that said: "You have 7 days to send us the bitcoin after 7 days we will remove your private keys and it's impossible to recover your files.""Check our site, you can upload two encrypted files and we will decrypt your files as demo," the cybercriminals reportedly teased.In the latest statement, LAVC president Erika Endrijonas said external cybersecurity experts made the call to make the payment, assessing that doing so would offer a "high probability" of restoring access to the systems, while failure to pay would "virtually guarantee that data would be lost."
Hackers continue to use ransomware to attack and extort businesses and other organizations, highlighting the dangers of failing to put up adequate cyber defenses.E-Sports Entertainment Association, a company that hosts competitive video game tournaments, is among the latest to be hit.The gaming company said this week that hackers had released stolen data about its users, including emails, private messages, and phone numbers after it refused to pay $100,000.ESEA did not say how many users were impacted, but according to the LeakedSource, a website that tracks and stores stolen databases, roughly 1.5 million ESEA users have been compromised.We do not give in to ransom demands and paying any amount of money would not have provided any guarantees to our users as to what would happen with their stolen data, the ESEA said in a statement.The cyber attack on the ESEA is the latest wave of ransomware attacks that appear to be a growing problem.A report by Cisco in July said that ransomware attacks are rising, with nearly 10,000 people and businesses paying extortion money each month to avoid having their sensitive data released or scrambled.Cisco said that the average ransom is around $300 and that hackers, overall, could make $34 million annually carrying out the attacks.ESEA said that hackers first contacted the organization on Dec. 27 to say that they had broke into its computer networks, stole user data, and wanted payment with the threat that they would leak the information or sell it on the black market.Over the following weeks, ESEA communicated with the hackers via emails, sought legal counsel, notified users, and informed the FBI about the attack.The company said that it investigated the data breach and has remedied the problem, which resulted in its computer systems going offline periodically over the past few days.ESEA told its users that they should update their passwords as well as any security questions and answers they used on other online accounts that used the same information.Also this week, hackers breached a community college in the Los Angeles area and demanded a $28,000 ransom to keep from destroying data from the school that they had stolen.
The Los Angeles Community College District LACCD paid a $28,000 ransom in bitcoins to free up the Los Angeles Valley College campus network, e-mail, and voicemail systems, which were
On January 30, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced his plan to make community college free for all adults. the footsteps of 2015 legislation that made it free for high-school graduates, the legislation would make Tennessee the first US state to offer tuition-free higher education to everyone, regardless of income or academic background.The proposal will be put to a vote in the state's General
From an evolutionary perspective, why did humans evolve to feel so much pain when they are cheated on?originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.Answer by Dave Consiglio, Chemistry and Physics High School Teacher and Community College Professor, on Quora:Why did humans evolve to feel so much pain when they are cheated on?Human offspring are perhaps the most needy of any infant.They are effectively helpless for a couple of years, and then mostly helpless after that for a few more.
College is expensive but if you want to cut cost one way to go about it is Community College.Tuition is usually cheaper then it is at a state or private school, and you can always go for a couple of years and transfer later.Your savings will vary depending on where you live, though student loan hero breaks the savings down by stateTo come up with their numbers, Student Loan Hero calculated the costs of college credits at schools nationwide, comparing the cost of earning the first 60 credits of a 120-credit degree at a two-year public school vs. four years.On average, they found that the college credits are 60% cheaper at a community college versus a four-year public college.Therefore, a student who earns their first 60 credits at a two-year public school before transferring to an in-state college would pay an average of $11,377 less for a four-year degree.
Sorry if this is the wrong sub.I was wondering if getting a degree in anthropology would be a good route to getting into some sort of marketing profession.I'm currently at my community college and was taking an ANT 101 class, when my proffesor said, applied anthropology is very hot right now, and is leading to a lot of jobs in marketing, is there any truth to this?
It's been seven years since "The Social Network," aka "The Facebook Movie," came out, but the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, famous for its Honest Trailers, is just getting around to mocking it.And it's a Zuckerberg zinger worth waiting for."Experience the world's smartest film about the world's dumbest premise," the narrator crows over snore-worthy images of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg writing code and being questioned in a deposition.Facebook itself is described as "the website your crazy aunt posts Minion memes on," and there are jokes not just aimed at Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg), but his early partner, Eduardo Saverin (Andrew "Spider-Man" Garfield).The trailer points out that Saverin's 0.3 percent of Facebook is still more money than the rest of us will ever see in a lifetime, and it unrolls a hilarious segment showing just how many times the word "Harvard" is uttered, in case anyone thought Zuckerberg was attending Miami Dade Community College.But some of the best jabs are aimed straight at the young Facebook billionaire himself, describing him as having the "mind of a calculator, the heart of a troll, and the wardrobe of a comfy hobo."
Prepare to meet your robo-colleague“You can't even just be a welder.You have to kind of know how to do robots at the same time.”The Limit Does Not Exist: Episode 33, Butch RovanAuto worker Imani Long assembles parts that will be welded by a robot at a Fiat Chrysler plant in Warren, Michigan.This story is the third in a four part look at 'Robots and Michigan.'
p I'm a non-traditional student (28, wife, son) and I'll be starting my marketing course work in the fall when I transfer from community college to big-boy school.Having a job after graduation and being continually employed is very important to me (obviously it's important to everyone) but I want to better support my family, and my Wife is in the military so I need to ensure there's a place for me wherever we go.She will only be transferred within the US so that's a plus.I was wondering what tips any of you had for someone like me to be the ideal candidate upon graduation.