It is just astounding how a simple microorganism, invisible to the naked eye, has changed our lives in a matter of days and weeks, reminding us that after all we are just another living being on this planet earth who have forgotten to coexist with other living creatures.It is time to Re-SetWe are appreciating old values and simpler things in life by forcing everyone to slow down.Parents cherish being able to spend quality time with their little ones and elderly ones at home.Pets are enjoying getting stroked.Spouses are actually talking to each other.This virus has certainly made our world’s small making people reconnect in a more intimate, thoughtful manner As humans retreat, nature returnsDolphins have returned to Italy’s coast, thanks to a near shutdown of cruise- and cargo-ship traffic around Italy’s canal city of Venice.Swans are seen around canals in Italy which were widely populated with gondolas and tourists for the first time in decades.
The world is currently facing the most unforeseen disaster and it has challenged all businesses right on their face.It is important that we all stay together and fight back this virus by doing one simple yet difficult process of socially distancing ourselves.We at Altius are taking every step possible to challenge the Corona Virus and as a first step, we have all our employees working from home thus socially distancing themselves yet all  deliveries commitments to our clients are unaffected.From the Sales & Marketing team, we have taken a cautious decision of canceling all our overseas travel and withdrawing from all the events that we had planned.It was a tough decision to make, given the fact that the decision of participation was made almost a year in advance, but we felt responsible towards the society, therefore the decision had to be taken.What we will really be missing out are the meetings and interactions that we could have had with our prospects, customers and fellow industry experts.But, to compensate all that we will be missing,here’s what we were planning to position at the expos and conferences,Product Content TransformationAltius has been a pioneer in transforming any ordinary website into a rich high performing and an Inquiry Generating Engine thereby directly contributing to revenue generation.We have a proven track record of improving revenue by about 30-40%We could assess your website and give you a clear roadmap to transform your website into a high-performance website.Contact USUnifi-ISpeed means business today.It becomes even more imperative in 2020 for revenue-generating websites like eCommerce stores to acquire the right technology and tools to improve the latency and load time, which we call having ‘sub-second websites’.Switching to a sub-second website is even more crucial for the average eCommerce websiteCoping with turbulent times: Event Participation Update that relies on paid search traffic to attract new and return business.The site speed not only impacts SEO searches but has a profound effect on conversion rates as well.In fact, a study has found an average lift of 15-30% in conversion rates by having a sub-second website for your eCommerce.We are currently offering a free subscription of Unifi-i for the first 3 months.Subscribe NowIn addition to these two primary solutions, we also are  planning to position the following other services and solutions,AI-based Auto-Classification of Products - Easy and unified shopping experience for customers Most cost-effective PIM implementation - Accurate and Consistent data that enrich customer experience Connectors between Systems - Integrating different applications and technologies with easeWe look forward to meeting all of you after we have successfully passed this unfortunate time.In the meantime, we are always up for a Zoom meeting, at a time that is convenient for both of us.Schedule A One-On-One Now