Snapchat's massive valuation appears to be growing even bigger.Sources have told TechCrunch that Snapchat is expanding its Fidelity-led $175 million Series F round into a Series FP round, and it reportedly comes with a valuation around $20 billion.VC data provider VCexperts have pegged Snapchat's share price at $30.72 per share, and that the new round could propel Snapchat to a valuation "as high as $22.7 billion," according to TechCrunch.In addition to Fidelity, Alibaba, Coatue Management, General Catalyst, IVP, Kingdom Holding Company, Lightspeed, SV Angel, Tencent, and Yahoo are all investors in Snapchat, and many of them appear to be interested in participating in this new funding round, according to the report.Snapchat has been making moves, most recently purchasing the custom emoji creation tool Bitstrips back in March, and improving its core functionality.Coupling those with the fact that Snapchat is more popular than ever, it's no surprise why investors both new and old are trying to get a bigger piece of the action.Below is the copy of Snapchat's updated Certificate of Incorporation VCExperts provided to TechCrunch.VCExperts Snapchat COI 05132016 by TechCrunch  NOW WATCH: We dare you to oversleep with Dwayne The Rock Johnson s new motivational alarm clock appLoading video...
The stars at night may be big and bright deep in the heart of Texas, but for 80 percent of the world, that s apparently completely untrue.In what may be one of the more unfortunate effects of humanity s activities on Earth, we ve now successfully managed to block out the light of the stars for the majority of the world.Indeed, our own electricity-powered lights have drowned out the natural luminosity of the Milk Way, and in Singapore, Kuwait, and Malta, the night sky or rather, the stars in them are completely imperceptible.Scientists were able to determine our dearth of starlight by collecting data from space from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite, and coupling this information with computer models of sky luminescence, as well as field studies of sky brightness taken from both professionals and the public.It s really one of the most thorough studies that we have to date on light pollution across the globe, Cheryl Ann Bishop, who is the communications director for the International Dark-Sky Association, which fights light pollution, told NPR.The fact that we re bathing our planet in artificial light at night is a relatively new phenomenon, and it s essentially akin to a human experiment that we re only just beginning to understand the ramifications of.
E-coupling with manual transmission has great development potential. photographer: Schaeffler Electronic switching can make a car with manual transmission up to 8 percent more economical. The manual gearbox is still very popular, and completely dominate certain markets. With the help of an electronic connection can be run efficient than today, show vehicles for the supplier Schaeffler, testing various types of electronic connections with manual transmissions. Just as Bosch also showed a few years ago so there is great potential for savings in what is known as sailing, where the motor is switched off when not needed during the journey, or perhaps completely turned off. Schaeffler is now testing ten different vehicles with e-linkages to 2018th
This week, the US patent office issued 6,883 patents.The latest patented bike includes folding pedals and handlebar mounts, a folding chain stay component, two or more pivots of the frame coupled together at a single locking lever, and the wheel couplings and wheel axles.Moreover, when folded the motor can be activated to assist in the towing of the folded bicycle.Charge your phone with your handA Korean research institute has patented a technology that allows mobile devices to be charged through human skin.Forget solar power: Boeing wants to produce electricity from airport noiseAirports generate a great deal of noise during aircraft take-offs and landings.For example, if a user makes a call each weekday when within a given distance of a geographical location, such as within a mile from a workplace, the device can prompt the user whether the device should initiate that call or text the next time the computing device is in that location.
Bluetooth speaker Libratone One Style Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially revealed the new Bluetooth standard 5 that will make life easier for Bluetooth users. The new version will be able to handle twice as high transfer rates compared to its predecessor, and should work at much longer distances. This while power consumption is as low as Bluetooth LE. This means that smart watches and headphones with the new Bluetooth will have a much more stable coupling without drawing too much power from the phone. The first devices with Bluetooth 5 will appear on the market around year-end.
Cameron left and Tyler Winklevoss claim Bitcoins is 'gold 2.0'Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded and run by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has expanded to the UK, starting off with trading in Bitcoin and ether, the native coin of the Ethereum network.They said the same approach would be duplicated in the UK and Canada where they expanded two weeks ago , and are looking to add the ability to trade fiat currency with Bitcoin/ether within the coming weeks.We have built an exchange that the larger financial institutional players can now finally do business in Bitcoin.So it a less onerous proposition in the EU or UK?That's a New York banking law licence, with those banking standards of compliance, capital requirements, and anti-money laundering rules - so that was definitely an onerous task.In terms of the increases in both cryptocurrencies, coupling, decoupling and so on, exchanges benefit from high volume of trading this can attract.
At some point, some hardware maker is going to allow you to buy cables and accessories in different colors, allowing me to distinguish one cable from another at a glance.But first, I must give credit where credit is due: The keyboard cover s attractive faux-leather folio design enfolds the entire tablet, magnetically clasping it at several points.Before you can even begin typing, though, you have to come to terms with the keyboard s limited adjustability.You can also slide the magnetic coupling up and down for a bit more leeway.Comparing the physical kickstand of any Surface tablet or the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet to the floppy, folding MateBook Portfolio, however, is like comparing a round wheel to a square one.I tend not to use it except in certain specific cases.
It's possible to create a new form of light by binding the properties of photons and electrons, physicists have claimed.The theoretical model was developed by scientists at the Imperial College London, and suggests coupling light particles photons and electrons can create properties that could lead to circuits that work with packages of light instead of electrons.In normal materials, light interacts with a whole host of electrons present on the surface and within the material, explained Imperial College.But by using theoretical physics to model the behaviour of light and a recently-discovered class of materials known as topological insulators, we have found it could interact with just one electron on the surface.This, the College said, would create a coupling that merges some of the properties of the light and the electron.Normally, light travels in a straight line, but when bound to the electron it would instead follow its path, tracing the surface of the material.
Even though professional musicians often use tools like Logic or Ableton, there are a lot of ways to make music in your browser.From Google Music Lab to Incredibox, they all offer an accessible way of creating sounds.With BlokDust, making music is now beautiful too.The open source project works like a digital version of Lego… for sounds.You get to play with colored blocks in all kinds of shapes, to create a musical machine to your liking.By coupling Power blocks with Source and Effect blocks, it s easy to get an interesting concoction up on your screen.
I ve stuck with this arrangement for a few years now, sitting patiently on the sidelines as the display industry slowly transitioned from full HD displays 1,920 x 1,080 to Quad HD 2,560 x 1,440 and most recently 4K 3,840 x 2,160 and above.It seemed plausible on paper considering a 4K monitor has four times as many pixels as a Full HD display, but I had a long list of concerns and questions.Measuring 31.5 inches diagonally with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 @ 60Hz, this display was already high on my list of potential candidates so the timing couldn t have been better.Dell s proposition wasn t simply to review the UltraSharp UP3216Q although a standalone review is in the works but rather, evaluate its performance and value as part of a larger package that just so happened to address the one area on my path to optimal productivity that I hadn t yet mastered: portability.Along with the monitor, Dell sent over their excellent XPS 13 ultraportable notebook – the same one we reviewed earlier this year albeit with a larger 1TB solid state drive.With some hands-on time now under my belt, I can certainly see why Tim and other members of our staff like it so much.
Sony may finally have built the flagship it needs to get a look from American buyers.The Xperia XZ, announced Thursday at the IFA Conference in Berlin, packs a 23-megapixel camera into a svelte, metal package.And that name isn t a random coupling of letters.The XZ represents a philosophical merger between the Xperia X line, which focuses on design, and the Z line, which focuses on camera prowess.So now we have the XZ flagship phone—a package that Sony hopes will pique the interest of U.S. buyers.On the camera front, Sony is relying on a triumvirate of sensors that help you capture the best image in even challenging situations through the company s color-, light-, and motion-sensing technologies.
SSP shuts data centre down.Insurance tech biz SSP Worldwide has decided to permanently decommission one of its data centres, following a huge outage that lasted for ten days.A power blackout hit SSP s Solihull Data Centre on 26 August, which fried its HPE Storage Area Network.SSP was working with the US vendor to resurrect its systems when the work was interrupted by a recurrence of the original problem.Laurence Walker, group chief exec of SSP said:"Our Solihull data centre has a more traditional daily back-up, so to restore services to these customers we are working through a process of unpacking data from back-up discs, re-coupling it with application data and then reconfiguring systems for individual customers.
INTERVIEW: Motorola Solutions CTO Paul Steinberg explains how data and enhanced communications can make cities safer – even if they re not smart just yetAs CTO of Motorola Solutions MSI , Paul Steinberg says he has three broad remits.This might seem like a very narrow focus but it s a market in which the present day Motorola senses a great opportunity as emergency services update their infrastructure to improve service and cut cost.In the UK, MSI is working with EE to help deliver the £1 billion Emergency Services Network ESN – a 4G platform that will allow for data-enabled services alongside critical communications – and save the government £1 million a dayThese upgrades will power what MSI sees as the big trend in public safety: the coupling of communications with data analytics, a vision it recently outlined at Critical Communications World CCW in Amsterdam.Other situations could give a paramedic of firefighter additional information, possibly through wearable technology.
Drones take to the skies in a display at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, AustriaIn a disused mail sorting office in Linz, Austria, an industrial robot twice my height has got hold of Serbian-born artist Dragan Ilic and is wiping him over a canvas-covered wall.Every September in Linz, the Ars Electronica festival tries to marry technology and art.Andy Warhol took up screen-printing in the 1960s, and a whole generation of gallery-goers have since grown up with the notion that this match is easy.Indeed, the coupling of art and technology has become a solid pillar of art education, especially now that so much funding comes from IT big hitters such as Sony and private institutions like the Wellcome Trust.Not far away, another robot, Davide Quayola s Sculpture Factory, chiselled through partially completed life-size stone renditions of Michelangelo s David.
Graphene has been touted as a possible next generation material for wearables, smartphones, and other electronic devices, but scientists at Rice University suspect borophene, an atom-thick substance, could provide even better results.One of the main differences between graphene and borophene is the undulating structure it takes when moved from its typical state, metallic, to silver substrate.Its structure remains intact during this process, meaning it can retain its flexibility.See Also: Does Zap have this energy storage issue solved?Borophene is metallic in its typical state, with strong electron-phonon coupling to support possible superconductivity, and a rich band structure that contains Dirac cones, as in graphene, said Rice physicist Boris Yakobson.Superconductive material is highly valuable in the wearables industry, where signals and circuitry must flow without any issues.
New research combines neural networks with external memoryGoogle's DeepMind has beefed up machine learning capability by coupling a neural network with external memory, using it to find the shortest path between stations on the London underground.Neural networks - a system modelled on how neurons are connected and work in the brain - are good at processing data but bad at taking on more algorithms to tackle more tasks because of a lack of memory.The researchers from DeepMind, however, have taken steps to solve this problem by creating a differentiable neural computer DNC .Results published in a paper in Nature show that a DNC can read and write from an external memory and outperforms DeepMind s neural Turing machine, a system with short-term memory.The information is stored in a memory matrix, and is operated on by read and write functions.
Mexico City's new tallest building, the Torre Reforma, posed a tricky design challenge for London engineering firm Arup, thanks to the city's predisposition to earthquakes.The 246-metre-tall skyscraper's triangular structure has a tendency to twist when hit with seismic activity and wind.So Arup devised a new model for constructing concrete structures in risky locations."The core provides resistance to earthquakes using reinforced concrete sheer walls, connected by smaller elements known as coupling beams which dissipate energy during a large earthquake," explains Tom Wilcock, an associate principal engineer at Arup's Advanced Technology and Research practice in New York.Using historical earthquake data and information from statistical and physical earthquake models, Arup's structural engineers simulated representative earthquakes and their effects on the building's structure during the design process.Now, Wilcox says, the Torre Reforma can withstand the full range of earthquake activity predicted in the area for the next 2,500 years.
To solve a problem, we first have to design an algorithm that will generate a solution.Any computation is possible; you just might still be waiting for the solution when the Universe dies.Each magnet can be oriented with the north pole pointing up or down, but not in between.In the case of two magnets, the answer is simple.You have four possible configurations: both magnets point down, both point up, or both are oppositely oriented.If all the magnets are coupled—meaning that they're all influenced by the magnetic field generated by all of the other magnets—and the coupling between individual magnets can be tuned, then the lowest energy configuration can be the solution to a computational problem.
It looks like Motorola is going to follow in its parent company Lenovo s footsteps and embrace Google s Project Tango.Motorola CEO Aymar de Lencquesaing mentioned at a recent press event that the Moto Z may get a module that will give it Tango functionality.Project Tango is essentially a coupling of camera and software technologies that allows a device to map an indoor area in 3D.The first Tango-enabled device was the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, which first went on sale in the U.S. just recently.More: Report: Asus may create a Project Tango handset and could be unveiled soonThe Moto Z itself was launched this summer, and is Motorola s flagship device.
Nikola Tesla s contributions to modern technology can t be overstated, and the fact that some of his original designs are so darn cool to look at is really just icing on the cake.But even he probably never imagined a world where his resonant transformer, better known as a Tesla coil, could be turned into a wearable weapon.DON T MISS: How to enable the secret emoticon keyboard hiding in your iPhonePopular YouTuber SmarterEveryDay was doing a segment on Nikola Tesla when he tracked down someone who is probably the biggest Tesla fan on the face of the planet.His name is Cameron Prince, and not only does he run an impressive website dedicated to Tesla, he also has some homemade versions of Tesla s designs, like a nine-foot Tesla coil that sounds like it could destroy a city.But as impressive as the rest of Prince s collection is, the real star of the show is his portable Tesla gun, which he built from a design created by a friend.