multi-vehicle accident has cut off traffic driving up to the Siikalatvan pulkkila in Northern Ostrobothnia.the Accident is rescue according to the involved three trucks and three passenger cars.the Potential for personal injury is not yet information.the alarm center received notification of the accident at around 15.20.
Google is launching a new, conversational smart assistant that goes beyond its existing voice-activated search features.The Google Assistant is designed to work across all of a user's devices and let users communicate through a chat thread to give everything an "ongoing two-way dialogue with Google.""We want to give each user its own individual Google," CEO Sundar Pichai said onstage at the company's I/O developers conference.Google says its natural language processing is "an order of magnitude ahead of everyone else," which the company says will make its assistant smarter than offerings like Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa.Plus, it could pull in data from other services like Google Maps.For example, if you're in front of the Bean sculpture in Chicago, you could just ask your phone, "Who designed this?"and Assistant would return the correct name.Assistant is essentially a rebrand of "Now," and it can similarly be used for speaking, though there are now text-chat capabilities as well through Google's newly launched app Allo.The assistant will work across smartphones, watches, and Google's new speaker device.That device, called Home, is Google's answer to Amazon's sleeper hit Echo, but the company says one of its advantages is that search is baked in.NOW WATCH: A Google engineer just cut off his daughter s phone call during a live presentationLoading video...
If there was any doubt before, virtual reality is quickly on its way to becoming mainstream.Google's answer to this trend is "Daydream," its own virtual reality platform that will be available on certain Android phones later this year.What really stood out about the whole presentation — including the ability to experience Google Street View in virtual reality and watching IMAX movies on your phone — was the slick controller that works with it.Simple and clean in its design, the remote only contains two buttons and a clickable touchpad the large concave surface near the top .IO16 — Google @google May 18, 2016In terms of its design, the Daydream controller looks almost identical to the one that comes with the Oculus Rift — Facebook's own virtual reality headset.After all, since you won't actually be able to see the controller with a giant screen strapped to your face, a pared-down design is probably the only way to go.Daydream, along with its slick controller, will be available "this fall.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:Here's everything Google announced at today's big Google I/O event GOOG Airbnb is being sued for ignoring racial discrimination by hostsGoogle's 'Allo' messenger looks like an awesome app you'll never useThe best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching is surprisingly simpleA Nobel Prize winner in economics just backed basic incomeNOW WATCH: A Google engineer just cut off his daughter s phone call during a live presentationLoading video...
Vigilante hacker considering much bigger cyberheist to make more donations to RojavaRebels in Syria fighting the Islamic State Isis appear to have a mysterious benefactor.A hacker going by the name of "Phineas Fisher" aka "Hack Back", who claimed responsibility for the breaches against the Hacking Team and Gamma Group claims to have donated $11,000 £8,000 stolen bitcoins to Rojava – a Kurdish region in northern Syria, located at the borders of IS Daesh controlled territory.The money was donated to a crowdfunding campaign called the Rojava Plan, which has been set up by the members of Rojava's economic committee and has been described by Fisher as "one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world."@GammaGroupPR May 5, 2016Rojava, which has been cut off from foreign imports and trade due to the ongoing conflict with IS, has reportedly been at war to establish an independent Kurdish homeland.However, according to a report by the New York Times, Rojava, which is believed to be a haven for the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK – a group designated as a terrorist organisation by the US State Department – has found to have stark differences in ideology with IS, including following a constitution that decrees religious freedom and gender equality."We are part of the economic committee and do civil projects not military ones," said Rojava Plan's Deniz Tarî.
Google has confirmed that support for Android applications installed via Google Play is coming to Chrome OS, but that the support will be limited to hardware two years old or newer.Google has confirmed the longstanding rumour that its HTML5-powered Chrome OS platform is getting native support for Android applications, but warns that devices older than about two years are going to be left out in the cold.Announced on the Google Chrome blog, Google's intention is simple: to tempt people into the Chrome OS ecosystem by offering them the ability to run the same apps as their Android smartphones and tablets.To do this, it plans to bring the entire Google Play ecosystem along for the ride: applications can be searched, purchased, downloaded and installed on compatible Chrome OS devices just as with Android.In a support note on its website, the advertising giant has admitted that many older Chromebooks, Chrome Boxes, and other Chrome OS devices won't be getting the ability to run Android apps - even when their specifications exceed those of newer, lower-cost alternatives, and when their version of Chrome OS is still receiving regular official updates.Google's cut-off point appears to be around the 2014 mark; its original Chromebook Pixel, released in 2013, doesn't make the grade, while its 2015 refresh does.
Need to split a giant rock in half?It s surprisingly easy.Or at least, it is if you have the proper tools, like a petrol-powered cut-off saw with a diamond blade or a rotary-hammer drill with a masonry bit.Once you get your hands on the tools, all you need to do is drill some holes into the stone, stick some wedges in, and then hammer at the wedges to crack it open.If you do it right, it splits right in half.Fascinating to see it in action now.
REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/FilesBy Huw Jones and Tom BerginLONDON Reuters - The SWIFT secure messaging service that underpins international banking said it plans to launch a new security program as it fights to rebuild its reputation in the wake of the Bangladesh Bank heist.The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication SWIFT s chief executive, Gottfried Leibbrandt will tell a financial services conference in Brussels that SWIFT will launch a five-point plan later this week.SWIFT wants banks to drastically improve information sharing, to toughen up security procedures around SWIFT and to increase their use of software that could spot fraudulent payments.Leibbrandt will again defend SWIFT s role, saying the hacks happened primarily because of failures at users.Users frequently do not inform SWIFT of breaches of their SWIFT systems and even now, the co-operative has not proposed any sanctions for clients who fail to pass on information, which SWIFT itself says is key to stopping future attacks.Some critics say SWIFT should also be more active in auditing clients and be ready to cut off members whose security is not up to scratch.
I spent most of this past Saturday  reclined on a couch with an ice pack on my head, trying to ease a splitting headache."Playable in your web browser, or through apps for Android and iOS, "" is a kind of souped-up, massively-multiplayer version of that old dumbphone game "Snake.There are speed boosts, a leaderboard showing the 10 largest worms in the space, and attractive if simple animations.This game is incredibly addictive, with simple rules and controls that produce tense, exciting gameplay.Worms zip and churn, conniving to cut off or encircle one another, desperately seeking those juicy, extra-large death orbs.Everyone else will be coming for you.Though "" derives its look and feel most directly from the old "Snake" games, it's more closely an evolution of the browser game "" which follows similar rules.And then you probably start over again from scratch, frustrated you didn't grow even more.Read the original article on Tech Insider.More from Tech Insider:We needed a theoretical physicist to explain this mind-boggling moment in 'Game of ThronesBill and Melinda Gates' biggest accomplishment is 'changing expectations' about the worldNew leaked images of the iPhone 7 appear to confirm one of the biggest rumors AAPL Here's what everyone got wrong about the latest doomsday scenario for AppleA pocket breathalyzer could help figure out the foods that make you sickNOW WATCH: This insane diet is taking Instagram by stormLoading video...
Saves devs from down-time with mobile JIRA and Confluence...Atlassian has further cut off developers hopes of some peace and quiet by announcing full mobile apps that will plug them into its key platforms.The announcement came as it kicked off its Atlassian Camp even in Barcelona, where it also announced it was adding pipelining to its cloud-based Bitbucket code repository product, meaning even less time for devs to duck out.The iOS versions are available now, with Android coming soon.Benefits would include not having to flip between different apps to manage CI, as well as faster feedback, he said … meaning devs can move along on that project even faster.At the same time, the vendor has committed to the Open API initiative and open-sourced its RADAR, its API documentation generator.Meanwhile, HipChat will have extended integration, allowing, for example, Puppet jobs to be kicked off or documents constructed without leaving the environment.
As Instagram continues to make moves to strengthen its platform with more features to keep users visiting it and staying for longer, Instagram s decision to kill off its feeds API on June 1 has claimed another victim: Flipboard today confirmed that it will not be able to provide Instagram integration for the majority of its users after May 31.Flipboard also says that Instagram feeds users follow on Flipboard will also no longer show content, which includes Instagram searches, hashtags and individual accounts.The Instagram tile will be removed from Flipboard completely on June 30.Even the newcomer Being, which saw a promising 50,000 downloads in its first week, found it was soon cut off.Twitter took a similar path several years ago by telling developers to stop building third-party clients.That s not entirely due to its squashed app ecosystem, but the move certainly didn t help.
Just five months ago, Kelly Slater unleashed footage of himself surfing a mind-blowing artificial wave that he and a team of engineers developed over the course of a decade.Slater s company is already at work creating world-class, high-performance training centers, which means that pro surfers won t have to travel the globe and wait on swells just to practice their skills.Broadcasters will relish the fact that competitions would no longer be dependent on wave or swell conditions, making them more predictable and easier for live TV, while sponsors would enjoy reaching new markets and audiences that were, geographically speaking, cut off from surfing before.The surfers, of course, also stand to benefit from the increased exposure.But many surf purists are still skeptical about divorcing the sport from nature, saying that the connection to the ocean is an integral aspect of the sport s unique culture.Neither flash nor html5 is supported!
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Spouts, pitchers, batter scoops, and other tools make it easy to pour a liquid into a tiny receptacle.Just grab a waxed cardboard milk carton, clean it out, and you re good to go.Food52's Alice Medrich has even used this little trick to fill 100 shot glasses with mousse.Pour carefully, with the index finger of your free hand poised across the spout, and your eye on the container below.Cut off the flow with your finger as soon as the glass or container is filled to the desired level.How to Hack the Kitchen Tools You Need Why Not to Buy Them Food52
In a common code of conduct, the U.S. tech companies vowed that they would review precise and substantial complaints on user s behavior within 24 hours of receiving them and cut off access to the content, if required.The initiative, which clarifies how the companies abide by existing EU rules to tackle violent extremism and hate speech, comes in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris.The companies pledged to take down any illegal information that was either posted by someone based in a European member state or that was accessible in any European country, even if posted in another part of the world.The tech firms also said they would continue to work with the EU to identify and discredit extremist speech by promoting so-called counter-narratives and supporting educational programs that encourage critical thinking.Global advocacy organization AJC Transatlantic Institute welcomed the agreement but said that it still wanted to see more clarity from the tech companies about their take-down procedures.We urge social-media companies to become more transparent about their internal review process of complaints and the training and background of those employees making the decisions on removing or not removing content, Daniel Schwammenthal, director of the AJC Transatlantic Institute, said.
Granted, Nintendo has never made cutting-edge technology a focus, but with Playstation VR bringing virtual reality to the PS4 and Microsoft rumored to have a VR solution of its own in the works, Nintendo is looking to have a big fight on its hands."As far as NX goes, I've said it's different and obviously a new experience," Kimishima said.Should it follow in the footsteps of the 3DS or Wii U, however, all hope may be lost.Nintendo President Satoru Iwata even said as much when first announcing the console, saying it will incorporate a "brand-new concept."Nintendo's previous generation of consoles, the DS and Wii, gained traction by launching at $150 and $250 £99.99 and £179.99 respectively, so whether it's focused on dominating your living room or your public transportation commute, Nintendo knows where the sweet spot lays for pricing its consoles.The Wii U's lifespan can't extend another two years with the severe lack of third-party support, so it's not unreasonable to expect this system's lifespan to be cut off at four years.
PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel recently found himself in hot water after secretly bankrolling lawsuits against Gawker Media, but don t expect the social media company to show Thiel the door.Thiel is staying on Facebook s board of directors, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said at a conference on Wednesday hosted by Recode.Peter did what he did as an independent person and he didn t get any Facebook resources, Sandberg said on stage during the conference.Thiel, a 48-year-old billionaire and venture capitalist, had an axe to grind with Gawker Media after they published an article in 2007 with the headline Peter Thiel is totally gay, people and other stories that he found hurtful.Thiel, who said the article outed him as gay, then started funding lawsuits against the media outlet, including one by wrestler Hulk Hogan who sued the company for invasion of privacy after it published a sex tape.A Florida jury this year awarded Hogan $140 million, a judgement that threatens to put Gawker out of business.While some prominent Silicon Valley tech moguls have backed Thiel, others think that the billionaire should grow a thicker skin.Facebook, which has faced criticism after allegations surfaced that the social media site suppresses conservative news from its trending section, remained silent about Thiel s battle with Gawker as media attention about the issue escalated.But the company has spoken out in the past when another board member, Marc Andreessen tweeted  Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades.The remarks were about a Facebook program called Free Basics that offers free internet service in the country, which Indian regulators cut off amid net neutrality concerns.Sandberg said that situation was different because it looked like Andreessen was speaking for Facebook while Thiel was acting independently.Photo Credit: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in November 2015.Eric Risberg/Associated Press Tags: facebook, gawker, Peter Thiel, Sheryl Sandberg
By creating a shortcut to the Facebook website on your phone, and dragging the shortcut onto your wallpaper, you could have an easy, one-touch launcher that would let you check Facebook in your browser.Hell no.Now, if you try to check messages from the website on your phone, it will give you a notice on the current page that Messenger is available, and forward you to Messenger on your app store.I suppose it s the socially responsible thing to do to not cut out the workaround outright, just in case people are relying on the service for something important.But it also says Soon you ll only be able to view your messages from Messenger, so there might be a hard cut-off coming.Help out your fellow Gizgoers.
It s expensive for developers because Twitter charges them for keys to access the site, which means developers tend to pass that charge over to you, and then revoke access when you get too popular.Open it up and you ll find an interface similar to the web site, with tabs on the bottom for your notifications, moments, DMs, and your profile tab.For example, the bottom tab bar has two buttons on the right that you can swap out for whatever function you want: activity which includes mentions, replies, favorites, and new follower information , search, profile, likes, mute filters, or lists.When you do so, any tweet that contains those things will not show up in your feed.If you do mute something, Tweetbot s also smart enough to still show you replies that might mention those things, so you re not totally cut off from the world.If you only manage one account, don t mind seeing a bunch of extra garbage like ads and obnoxious hashtags, and it doesn t bother you when Twitter adds some half-baked new idea to the app every week, then the official Twitter app is all you need.
By creating a shortcut to the Facebook website on your phone, and dragging the shortcut onto your wallpaper, you could have an easy, one-touch launcher that would let you check Facebook in your browser.Hell no.Now, if you try to check messages from the website on your phone, it will give you a notice on the current page that Messenger is available, and forward you to Messenger on your app store.I suppose it s the socially responsible thing to do to not cut out the workaround outright, just in case people are relying on the service for something important.But it also says Soon you ll only be able to view your messages from Messenger, so there might be a hard cut-off coming.Help out your fellow Gizgoers.
Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock said the government would legislate to extend the cut-off until midnight on Thursday.It follows a computer glitch which left some people unable to sign up before the original midnight Tuesday deadline.There had been calls from both sides of the EU debate for the deadline to be extended, although the move was criticised by some Conservative MPs.The atmosphere between the Remain and Leave camps is already combustible but if there's a close result, the row may even explode into a formal challenge.He said 214,000 applications per hour had been received at peak time, compared with 74,000 ahead of last year's general election.Opposition parties had expressed anger at the events and called for an extension to the deadline, with Lib Dem leader and pro-Remain campaigner Tim Farron saying it was a "shambles" that could affect the referendum result.