If the conversations I m having with finance leaders and their IT peers are any indication, the days when Big Data – be it text, unstructured, or web-generated – was treated as the exclusive domain of data scientists is drawing to a close.Big Data and the office of the CFOOften consumed by the challenge of managing traditional structured financial and related operational data, many finance professionals have questioned the applicability of big data—the debits and credits they handle on most days may not seem big enough to mesh with the unending streams of unstructured data.Eric Simonson, managing partner for research at Everest Group, has said that the big data opportunity for finance lies in identifying the business processes where operations and finance intersect and generating insights into what drives the financial results.Looking at companies who are pushing boldly into the big-data-for-finance-arena shows that they are following a similar blueprint based on financial systems architectures that enable three primary analytic capabilities:Agility: CFOs are increasingly expected to proactively inform day-to-day decision making in both finance and operations, which requires agility to respond to and promote change.Predictability: CFOs need detailed profitability and operational insight based on actual behaviors, as opposed to managing on averages, to identify and take action on priority activities that can improve future profitability and help avoid unnecessary costs.Early adopter companies across industries show these capabilities in action as they use financial, operational, and big data integration to generate critical new insights.
China s UnionPay is bringing its mobile payment system to North America, starting with a launch today in Canada.The UnionPay International subsidiary of China s interbank network in China, which creates a unified debit and credit card payment network for the country s banks.UnionPay is actually the third-largest payment network in the world, behind Visa and MasterCard, owing to its reach, and is also increasingly accepted broadly beyond China.The launch today brings UnionPay s QuickPass mobile payments system to a number of daily-spending merchants in Canada, which is the first North American availability of the system.People can pay either with their QuickPass EMV chip cards, or with smartphone that are QuickPass-enabled.Payment limits cap out at $100 CAD without signature or PIN with both credit and debit cards.
Square's old-school magstripe card reader, the one that plugs into an iPhone, will still work with the iPhone 7.Square s popular magnetic stripe card reader plugs into an iPhone headphone jack, giving small business owners who would otherwise go cash only the ability to accept debit and credit cards.But Apple just officially killed the headphone jack, so what s a business owner to do?I reached out to Square spokeswoman Semonti Stephens, who said the Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter like the one Apple is including in the iPhone 7 box when it ships Sept. 16 will work with Square s reader.But it s unclear how many people will actually need to use an adapter.The Venn diagram of business owners that don t support chip cards—which Square accepts with a separate, wireless card reader that doesn t use the headphone jack—and iPhone 7 buyers is probably pretty small.
Prepaid debit cards can be a useful tool to curb overspending or even to build credit.And thanks to some new rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB , prepaid debit cards will now get the same protections as traditional debit and credit cards.The CFPB s new rules will cover most prepaid debit cards, including the cards you purchase through retailers, payroll cards, benefit cards, and student loan cards.The rules won t kick in until next October, but here are a few of the new protections, according to Consumerist:Easy & Free Access To Account Information: Banks must either offer periodic statements to account-holders or make that balance information available by telephone, with at least 12 months of electronic account transaction history, and upon the consumer s request, at least 24 months of written account transaction history — all for free….Limited liability on fraudulent transactions: The new rule will limit consumers liability for unauthorized charges on prepaid cards.
One of the barriers to Uber s growth in Mexico is the country s archaic banking system.Many banks prevent their customers from using their debit and credit cards online.Which is why Uber just launched its own debit card, called what else?The sleek black MasterCard is being issued by Bankaool, which is Mexico s first online bank, and their local equivalent to Monzo and Simple.To request a card, customers first have to top up MXN$200 $10 USD .It will arrive through the mail shortly after.
Tesco Bank has admitted some customer accounts have fallen victim to financial fraudTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Tesco Bank has admitted that "online criminal activity" discovered on tens of thousands of customer accounts resulted in unauthorised withdrawals and has now been forced to cease online transactions starting today 7 November .In a statement posted online, Tesco Bank chief executive Benny Higgins said that current account customers will still be able to use their cards for cash withdrawals, chip and pin payments.All existing bill payments and direct debits will continue as normal, he added.
India might not be ready yet to completely transition to a cashless society, but in the wake of government s major demonetization push, much of the country is quickly learning to pay from their smartphones.In the light of the announcement, mobile wallet apps have been reporting astronomical growth in usage and downloads in India.The market leader, Paytm, has gone ahead to break a few noticeable milestones.It announced this week that more people are now using its online payment platform than all the plastic cards usage combined.SEE ALSO: India's futile attempt to go cashless is a reality check for our dream epayments futureLast Saturday, Paytm handled over 7 million transactions that amounted to more than Rs 1.2 billion $17.5 million .
The world of banking, says Anthony Thomson, has a dirty little secret: "Nobody actually cares about banks."This new cadre of startups is the result of a post-credit-crunch regulatory shake-up that will mean 2017 is the year when consumers have the opportunity to manage their money with organisations that are digital first.Once, the high street was dominated by the "big four" HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and Barclays , but recent reforms make it easier to set up a bank.And, for the first time in more than 150 years, the Bank of England is welcoming new entrants.At launch, the only product Atom offered was a fixed-saver account - current accounts, debit and credit cards, and mortgages are all scheduled to arrive by 2017.Better returns are a crucial aspect of the challenger bank promise.
The UK-based InterContinental Hotels Group has confirmed that cash registers at more than 1,000 of its properties were infected with malicious malware designed to steal customer debit and credit card data.Operating over 5,000 hotels across around 100 countries, some of the company's brands include Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContintental and Kimpton Hotels.IHG said it was informed by payment card network networks of patterns of unauthorised charges on customers' payment cards after they were used at some its franchisee-operated locations in the Americas.The investigation found signs that the malware has been active at front-desk payment locations at the hotels between 29 September and 29 December, 2016.Although there was no evidence that payment card data was stolen after 29 December, confirmation that the malware was eradicated only came after the properties were investigated in February and March 2017.IHG also claimed that the implementation of its Secure Payment Solution (SPS) - a point-to-point encryption payment acceptance solution - helped reduce the impact and potential damage of the cyberattack.
Use the Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online when you have to:Send Money between income & expense accountsTransfer money from an asset, liability, or an equity account to the income or the expense account.In this blog, we will concentrate on How to Create Journal Entry and other essential points related to it.Rules to Make Journal Entry in QuickBooks OnlineMostly Journal Entries for QuickBooks are done for Income Tax provisions, Depreciation Entries, and Loan interest Adjustments.
You will become recognizable with accounting debits and credits as we show you how to record transactions.You will also see that why two basic accounting principles, the revenue recognition principle and the matching principle, appease that a company's income statement reports a company's advantages.Now we discuss here 8 Benefits of Business Accounting Every Business Builder Ought to Know:CREATE/CONTROL BUDGETS :Accounting helps business holder create and control company budgets.When you know how your money is coming in and going out, you are better handled to monitor business budgets.A company without a budget is like a ship running in the sea without a captain.FORECAST REVENUES :Business holder who pay attention to their accounting are learned and better capable to forecast revenues for their company.Revenue forecasts help you understand whether current marketing struggle are working or whether changes needed to be made.If you can not forecast revenues for your company, you would not know whether it is safe to make business-related expenditures.MAJOR BUSINESS PURCHASE DECISIONS :Speaking of expenditures, proper accounting helps business holders determine the complication of making major business purchasing opinion.
You can use Uber credits — also known as Uber Cash — for rides in the Uber app or ordering food through Uber Eats.You can get Uber credits as a gift, earn them through referrals, or receive them directly from the company, either as a bonus or as compensation for an issue.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Provided all you want to do is eat food and ride around town, Uber credits are as good as cash.Whether earned through referrals, bought yourself to save a bit of money, given as a gift, or received from Uber as compensation for an issue, Uber credits are easy to use and can be used for rides - where they are listed as Uber Cash - or for Uber Eats orders.Uber credits can't be transferred and can't be used by family or business Uber profiles, but they never expire, so you can always use them, even if you're an infrequent user of the platform.
It is popularly known as debit memorandum (memo).The seller may act upon this debit note to issue new invoice or debit note as an adjustment on amount of purchase issued in previous invoice.Such transaction may attract credit as seller complete the shipment first and then receives the vary amount.Generally, real sale is done when goods are exchanged for money while issuing invoices.Debit note and credit note are both part of accounting system and are used to keep a track or to follow the trail for future transactions.Apart from formal letter format debit notes may be issued as an shipping receipt that disclose information regarding goods received by the buyer and the amount due to the seller is duly noted as payment is not expected by the seller until and unless official invoice is generated and posted in favour of the buyer.
A journal entry is a record of the accounting transaction in which entered directly into the company general ledger. Journal entries are used by a company to its transactions. In the journal entries, each transaction is recorded as a balance sheet and income statement.There are two parts of journal entries, one part is debit and the other one part is credit. The total of the debit column is equal to the total of the credit column.
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Your credit score and credit report collectively called credit reputation plays a vital role in your financial stability.The better the credit, the more the chances to get loans and earn the lenders trust that you will pay back timely.Good credit helps you save thousands of pounds in interest and fees over the course of your lifetime.Your credit history starts building as soon as you get a credit card or even sign up for utilities, etc.Successful management of good credit means you will be in a better position to clear your debts on the agreed period.Moreover, if you need a personal, mortgage or a car loan, etc., a good credit reputation means a lower rate due per period – you will be charged less interest on your loan.
Journal Entry in QuickBooks has two aspects the debit entry and the credit entry.In QuickBooks, the transactions are automatically fed into the general ledger account as journal entries.The process of how to make a journal entry in QuickBooks comes handy when money is to be sent between income and expense accounts or debits and credits are to be entered in the ledger.At the same time, it is possible to come across issues due to complexity, in such a case dial (844)-888-4666.
A journal entry in the QuickBooks is a way to record your transactions in the application.If you’re using QuickBooks Pro: Print the general journal entry by clicking the Print button.Then, using the printed journal entry as a reference source, enter a new journal, except with the debits and credits reversed.If you want to correct multiple customer or vendor balances this way, you'll have to post separate entries. 
In this blog, you'll find out how to organize your business's finances using a simple technique.It's simple, free, and you can have it running in a matter of minutes.I want to talk about a quick method that you can use to start bookkeeping for your small business today.Have you ever struggled with keeping a record of all of your sales and expenses?Can you tell me what your profit or loss for last month was?The biggest reason that small businesses fail is poor cash flow management.The accounting equation, debits, and credits, pretty much everything, is a direct consequence of one beautifully simple idea.But it was invented for merchants in Venice, who were doing complex trade with different groups of people.We have a table that summarizes all of your business's transactions in a cash ledger.Which is another name for your cash account.