To help get things started, we here at BGR have put together a short but sweet list highlighting which features we re most excited to see Apple introduce later today.There s a whole lot of time between now and September 2017, and the last thing I want is to see Apple play defense the whole time.iOS 9 brought Apple s mobile platform to a place where it s stable and feature-rich, and now it s time to focus on real innovation.I ve been juggling a desktop and laptop daily for years, because anything thin enough to carry around all day isn t powerful enough to run multiple displays or at least, run them well .Also, I m seriously hoping that the radically redesigned MacBook Pro we keep hearing about will be unveiled at the show.Instead of having to spend 10 minutes figuring out how everyone is going to pay, imagine one person putting it on his card and everyone else simply transferring funds to the cardpayer via iMessage.
Sweden is among the countries in the world's fastest has embraced Microsoft's Windows 10th It now runs more than a third of all desktop computers, Windows 10, according to statistics from StatCounter. This means that Windows 10 is the most used operating system. So it is in most of Europe, according to StatCounter, but Windows 10 also results in Denmark, Lithuania, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland and Portugal. For the entire last year, Windows 7 is the largest in Sweden, with over 40 percent of desktop computers. According to Microsoft's Windows 10 Microsoft's fastest growing operating system ever.
Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, shows off "optimized storage" in the updated iCloud Drive.The updated version of iCloud Drive will automatically store your Mac s older documents in the cloud, Apple officials announced Monday, making room on your hard drive for new and recently used files.The changes were announced by Craig Federighi, Apple s senior vice president of software engineering, during the WWDC 2016 keynote speech.The update iCloud will be available with the macOS update appears in the fall.The iCloud update will offer an optimized storage feature that also automatically dumps trash, cleans up old caches, and removes other redundant data to help preserve storage on your Mac; a demo of the feature showed it taking a computer with 20GB of free space and increasing that to 150 GB of free space.iCloud will also make it possible for users to share items on their Mac desktops to other Macs, as well as to their iPhones.
The Turtle Beach HyperSound Glass speakers are notable for not looking like a traditional set of speakers at all.Turtle Beach likens the approach to the way a flashlight directs a beam of light.It shows how when you're outside of the HyperSound Glass speakers' limited arc, the sound is much quieter, as if it's been turned right down.Turtle Beach is showing off the prototype of this HyperSound technology at the E3 show this week.These range from desktop monitors and commercial displays to desktop speakers and car dashboard glass.Would you find a set of HyperSound Glass speakers useful, or would you rather just use a decent set of headphones?
Macs previously had a voice-to-text function that allowed users to write messages by just speaking to them.Users who have both a Mac running Sierra and other Apple devices will have access to other features.Their Macs will just recognize them from the proximity of their watches.IPhone and iPad owners will be able to copy text or pictures on their devices and paste them into a document on their Macs in a feature Apple is dubbing Universal Clipboard.Another potentially useful feature: Apple will mirror users files that are saved to their desktop in iCloud Drive, allowing them to view and access those files on other Mac computers or on their iPhones and iPads.Craig Federighi, Apple s senior vice president of software engineering, demonstrates a feature in the new version of the operating system underlying Apple s Mac computers, dubbed macOS Sierra, at the company s annual developer conference on Monday, June 13, 2016.Troy Wolverton/Mercury News Tags: Apple, Mac, macos, os x, siri, WWDC
At its WWDC conference in San Francisco today, Apple said that it s bringing the Siri virtual assistant to its next Mac desktop operating system, macOS formerly known as OS X Sierra.You ll be able to send text messages, watch videos in picture-in-picture, and summon up certain files that you re looking for, among other things, said Apple s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi.It will even work across devices, specifically on iOS.This is a long time coming.Subsequently it came to the iPad and the Apple TV.But Siri is a known entity for hundreds of millions of people around the world, and people are used to it.They have shared data with it, mainly on iOS devices.It will be rolling out to everyone in the fall.
Apple Pay is coming to the web.Launched in 2014, Apple s mobile payment service lets iOS device owners buy things inside Apple s App Store, in native apps, and at physical stores using near-field communication NFC .Soon, Apple says, the service will also support web payments, too.But it s going to do this in an interesting, safe way — if you find something you want on the web even while using your desktop, you ll reach for your phone and put your fingerprint on the TouchID scanner integrated into the home button.It s a clever implementation of two-factor authentication for purchases.Also, Apple Pay is expanding its reach — soon it will be coming to France, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.Today s announcement was rumored last month.Apple announced the news today during WWDC, its annual developer conference.
Apple just unveiled the next version of its Mac operating system: MacOS Sierra.That s right: Confirming earlier rumors, Apple announced today during its WWDC developer conference that it is renaming its desktop operating system from OS X to MacOS.Here s an early look at the new features coming to Macs with MacOS Sierra.The update is available now for Apple Developers, and it will open up to everyone in public beta form next month.Apple first debuted the Mac operating system in 1984, and at the time it was simply called Mac OS.Mac OS X came out in 2001, and in 2012 the Mac part was dropped from the name with the release of OS X Mountain Lion.The OS X name reached the grand old age of 15 earlier this year, but with the pending release of iOS 10, a parallel OS X operating system could be confusing.Hence the rebrand.
That potential is perhaps best demonstrated in the Moto Mod that Motorola still isn't releasing.Called the OneCompute, this mod, which is practically composed of a few different pieces, turns the Moto Z into a desktop computer, almost similar to what Microsoft promises with Continuum.Except Android so more useful and with a bit more potential than Microsoft's current limited implementation.The core idea is the same, turning the smartphone into a PC by connecting it to peripherals like a larger display, keyboard, and mice.OneCompute, however, has all Anroid apps and features exposed to users while still allowing such windows to be resized, moved, split, etc.From the looks of things, however, it is almost polished and ready for a retail launch.
IBTimes UK will be covering the event live, reporting all the big news to come out from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium but for those not in attendance you'll be happy to know you can tune in too.However, Apple is continuing its annoying trend of only making it available largely through its own software due to the fact it's streaming over its own live streaming HLS protocol technology.Until the event kicks off you'll be met with a holding page that says 'Hello, WWDC16' and as mentioned for an Apple event you'll have to be using its own Safari browser if you're tuning in on desktop.You can tune in if you're operating Windows 10 and have Microsoft Edge installed.Running from 13 – 17 June the event is historically known for showcasing the latest updates to iOS, tvOS and OS X, with Watch OS also in more recent years.We expect iOS to be the headline act this year with the newest operating system for its iDevices bringing some blockbuster new features including a potential brand new look.
The stable version of this popular Ubuntu-based Linux distribution should be available soon.Cinnamon and MATE have been improvedMint still offers two editions: one based on the more modern Cinnamon 3.0 desktop and another based on the MATE 1.14 desktop, which is based on the classic GNOME 2.0 code.As Linux Mint developer Clement Lefebvre announced in April, a collection of xapps —which are cross-desktop applications—will be compatible with both of Linux Mint s desktop environments.The four xapps are Xplayer, a media player based on Totem; Xed, a text editor based on Pluma; Xviewer, a picture viewer based on Eye of GNOME; and Xreader, a document reader based on Atril.The new theme is installed with the OS and available for users to choose in the theme settings.To get multimedia codecs, you ll have to click Multimedia Codecs on the welcome screen, head to Menu Sound and Video Install Multimedia Codecs, or activate a checkbox during installation.
Photograph: AppleApple has made a landmark change to its 15-year-old desktop and laptop operating system.The change was announced on stage in San Francisco s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium by Apple s Craig Federighi, ditching the naming scheme devised under the watch of founder Steve Jobs on his return to the company in 1997.The OS X nomenclature had reached OS X 10.11 with El Capitan, but Apple s next version will be simply named macOS Sierra, bringing it in line with the naming convention for its mobile and tablet operating system iOS.Siri will be tied into macOS s notification centre and answer questions, perform actions such as advanced file searches and control devices as it can through an iPhone or iPad.Microsoft s Cortana came built into Windows 10, performing similar personal information juggling as Siri, while Google s Now voice assistant has been available through or Chromebooks for years.Developers will be able to download a prerelease version of macOS today, with a public beta in July before a full release to consumers in September.
Opening the event with a moment of silence for the victims of the weekend s shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, CEO Tim Cook – who has become a leader on gay rights issues since talking about his own sexuality in 2014 – called the attacks a senseless unconscionable act of terrorism and hate aimed at dividing and destroying .Digital assistantThe iPhone maker is also betting heavily on winning a multi-front battle with Google, Facebook and Amazon to create a market-defining digital assistant that helps people make tiny decisions or suggests relevant information throughout a day, such as which emoji to use, which family member to tag in a photo, or the best time in your diary to get to the has Alexa, which will query the internet and adjust the lights in a room for users.Updates include a shared clipboard, so that content and links can be shared between connected iPhones, iPads and Macs, a feature that will free up disk space by backing up less used content on iCloud, and its payment service Apple Pay, which can now be used on desktop sites.The audience is full of coders and Apple tends to focus on minor tweaks that may only elicit applause from an enthralled audience deep in the weeds of app design.At another point, Bozoma Saint John, head of consumer marketing for Apple Music, boldly tried to show off a new lyrics feature by getting the audience to rap along to Sugarhill Gang s classic Rapper s Delight.
Some things seem a foregone conclusion at this point, and others are wishlist items Apple probably should implement.We ve got tvOS, watchOS, iOS and hopefully soon macOS.The desktop version of Siri is just an extension of what she can do on mobile, and is almost certainly in the works.I expect there will be a broader rollout of News, too.Special treats for devsAs much as I hate the idea, there s a decent chance WWDC brings a Playgrounds app for the iPad Pro.Xcode 8 will also be announced, and probably hammer down some things like code completion that Apple is eager to get right.
Some of these will already be installed, but just in case, download the official Xbox 360 PC driver, .NET Framework 4.0, and Visual C 2013.Following the installation, you will have a number of new program shortcuts on your desktop: ScpToolkit Driver Installer, ScpToolkit Profile Manager, ScpToolkit Settings Manager, and ScpToolkit Updater.Being Microsoft s operating system, it s closely tied to the Xbox One and Xbox Live ecosystem — antithetical to connecting and using a Sony gaming device, especially an outdated one.Your system will restart and boot in a mode that will allow you to alter your firmware and startup settings, thus allowing you to bypass the driver signature enforcement.When your PC finishes rebooting, follow the procedures outlined above to reinstall and configure ScpToolkit.This article was originally published on December 31, 2014, and updated on June 10, 2016, by Brendan Hesse to include troubleshooting tips for running MotionJoy on Windows 10.
That's through a combination of specialized apps and OS-specific features, such as Hot Corners combined with Mission Control; plus, I prefer its overall look and feel.Porting Siri to OS X would be a good move.With Cortana and Windows 10, Microsoft has shown that voice-activated personal assistants are more than a gimmick on the desktop.With a rumored Siri SDK in the works that would allow integration with services, Siri could go from being a nice-to-have app to a real time-saver.It seems to be a case of when that will happen, rather than if, so here are 18 time-saving Siri commands that I would like to become a reality on the Mac.Kane Fulton is TechRadar's computing editor, a keen PC gamer and forever searching for the hottest gaming peripherals and productivity appsAnd you can battle him online in TechRadar's Discord server ID: 186131910840287234 And if you want to know what's happening with the North of England's tech scene, check out his Northern Powerhouse series
If you need any more evidence Siri is coming to the desktop, here s your final clue: she s talking about a Finder folder.Via Medium, developer Brian Roemmele notes some interesting feedback from Siri when asked to open an app in the window.Limited to iOS, Siri should really have no clue what a window is, but her response suggests Apple is prepping her for macOS OS X behind the scenes.Instead of returning a let me look on the Web response as Siri usually does when your question is beyond her grasp , Siri said there was no app named Finder on the iPhone.We should hear more about it at WWDC tomorrow, but there s little reason to doubt it at tis point.If Apple were simply testing Siri for desktop, there s no reason those types of response should be discoverable in the public version of Apple s assistant.
Now it looks like one of the biggest rumours is very likely to be confirmed on Monday."Siri has been responding to basic OS X top-of-navigation questions with answers like 'I need Finder to do that' or 'I can't find the Finder App'," reports Roemmele.Speak upThe arrival of Siri on the desktop is hardly going to have Apple fans falling backwards out of their chairs in shock - it was rumoured in February, screenshots appeared last month and it just generally makes sense for Apple's all-powerful assistant app to be available on its desktop software as well as its phones and tablets.Another whisper we've heard about OS X is that it won't be called OS X for much longer: apparently Apple thinks macOS is a much more suitable name, and it would certainly bring it into line with all the other software operating systems the Cupertino company develops.So get ready to start running searches and booking calendar appointments using your voice on your Mac when the next version of OS X arrives probably in September .Of couse we'll be bringing new all the news tomorrow as it happens from 6PM UK time or 10AM in California depending on your time zone .
Such a move could make Siri more useful, enabling the service to do things like order a pizza, hail a car, or play a Spotify playlist.Siri for Mac: Siri is coming to OS X, according to these leaked Siri for Mac icons and this story about Siri and Finder.Apple Watch / Apple TV: Expanded Siri functionality may arrive on the Apple Watch and Apple TV.Design: MacRumors believes the next version of iOS may see noteworthy design changes, because there hasn t been a significant update to the look of iOS since iOS 7 was introduced in 2013.There s also talk that Apple has a dark mode  in the works for iOS, as the WWDC site and iOS app both sport darker designs.Apple Music: Apple is planning on altering the user interface of Apple Music to make it more intuitive to use, says Bloomberg.iMessage: Apple may soon enable iMessage users to send each other money within the app via Apple Pay, according to 9to5Mac.Photos: 9to5Mac also expects big enhancements to Photos, including a feature that lets you sketch on top of photos.MacOS: This one s interesting.Official Apple documents found by designer Rob Hunt reference something called MacOS, which suggests that Apple plans to rebrand OS X.Such a change would bring the name of Apple s desktop OS in line with the company s other operating systems — iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, as others have pointed out.While this report stops short of saying whether the feature will work on Macs, a separate story from MacRumors claims an update to OS X will enable iPhone owners to unlock their Mac via Touch ID.That said, changes to Apple s MacBook lineup are reportedly in the works, and rumors of redesigned, thinner MacBook Pros are certainly intriguing, as are these entirely unofficial  concept mockups.
Computers are only becoming smaller; laptops are considered mobile devices to most of the top solutions, not just smartphones.Key advantagesHaving an MDM operating in your business offers a number of key advantages:All the devices being used across your business are known and trackedOnly authorised devices can connect to your company networkAnyone connecting to your network from a public Wi-Fi access point is either authorised to do so, or blockedDevices have security systems installed that separate the business applications on the user's device from their personal information and appsLost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped of any sensitive dataSome services are cloud-based AirWatch is a good example and offer low-cost entry for smaller enterprisesCommenting, Trent Fierro, director of security and software solutions marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, said: "Our advice to any enterprise is to address BYOD and mobility in phases.MDMs that have been specifically built to meet their purpose are preferable to an MDM that is a modification of an existing technology.The second is the lack of perceived need, although this is slowly changing as we see a rise in security breaches and increased awareness as a result."Modifications to a security policy can include:The use of VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to allow BYOD devices to securely access business servers without any cross-pollination of data that could include malicious codeA decision as to the level of access that BYOD devices will have to a corporate network.He continued: "So far many of these devices have been found lacking by security researchers but few have been the focus of cybercriminals, I suspect as they hold less interesting data than the traditional computing device.