The algorithms guarding our inboxes have now developed to the stage that spam is usually kept at bay, but these auto-sorting processes aren’t perfect yet—if you’re not regularly opening up your spam folder to check on your email provider’s accuracy, you could well be missing some genuinely useful messages that you need to see.It’s still worth opening up your spam folder once in a while to check (spam is typically kept around for a few days before being automatically deleted).We also recommend spending some time training the spam filter on your email client of choice, taking a few moments to help it fine-tune the techniques that help it spot spam messages from the rest.To see the spam that’s collecting in the Gmail spam folder, you can follow this link in your web browser (remember the list of messages may well stretch to more than one page).Spam emails can be flagged from Gmail as well: Either select the message and click Spam, or go into it and click Spam.Gmail uses all this information to improve its spam-recognising technologies and to try and ensure fewer mistakes in the future.
Whether you want to shield your Christmas present list from the prying eyes of nosy children, or merely keep your tax records hidden, limiting access to your digital data is understandable, and with a few steps, perfectly viable.Note: If you ever need help remembering passwords, consider one of the best password managers.That way, if someone on another account or someone who copied your files away to another PC, tried to access your content, they’d need to know your account password — which better not be one of the most common passwords.Anyone using your PC and account would still have access, however.Step 3: Tick the box next to Encrypt contents to secure data and click OK.Step 4: Click Apply and when prompted, choose whether you want all folders within that directory to be encrypted, or merely the top-level one.
Kids today might not know about Trapper Keepers, the hold-all-your-stuff binder that came along in the '70s, but every Gen X kid had one.We considered them brilliant, because the folders were specially created to tuck in your papers -- hence "Trappers."The Trapper Keeper itself held all the folders together and sealed shut, so if you dropped it, your essays didn't fly all over the gym.Having one in your memory banks (or closet) is much a sign of a 1980s childhood as jelly shoes and leg warmers.My Trapper Keeper had a baby harp seal on it.Now you can tuck your tablets into a Trapper Keeper case that looks so realistic I almost expect to open it up and see my notes from history class about the U.S.S.R. (Cases, which accommodate tablets 7, 9 or 10 inches, spotted via Boing Boing.)
Microsoft has updated its OneDrive cloud storage service with new auto-backup options, making it easier for users to make sure all of their content is safety stored with as little effort as possible.Microsoft calls the feature Folder Protection, offering a Windows 10 prompt that instructs users on how to setup that automatic backups.Desktop, Documents, and Pictures are all options.Automatic backups are an important way to make sure documents and other files aren’t missed during manual backups.No effort is needed to shuttle the content off to the cloud; the user merely places the files in folders earmarked for automatic backup and the software takes care of the rest.The Folder Protection feature arrived first for business users earlier this summer and now it is available to all OneDrive users, including personal accounts.
Microsoft is rolling out a new folder protection feature for OneDrive.Folder protection will offer to automatically sync your documents, pictures, and desktop folders to OneDrive to ensure a PC’s important folders are backed up to Microsoft’s cloud service.If you use multiple Windows 10 PCs then OneDrive will automatically keep all these folders in sync, which is particularly useful if you’re fond of dropping important documents onto your desktop.Microsoft first started making this OneDrive folder protection feature available to business users back in June, but it’s now making its way to all regular OneDrive users.“This is a new feature we started rolling out broadly this week that is now available to OneDrive users with personal accounts,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge.“It makes it easier to move content into OneDrive, have access to all your important files on all your devices, and keep more files protected with features like ransomware detection & recovery.”
The new Gmail, which launched last week, made a lot of radical changes to the way we use email, but Google isn't the only one thinking outside the inbox.Newton Mail – a smart email client designed with businesses in mind – has done away with the cumbersome Sent folder.When you start a conversation by email, you usually have to hop over to your sent folder if you want to check what you wrote (to see if you copied in everyone you intended to, for example, or make sure you attached that important presentation).There are a few ways to get those sent messages into your inbox where they're easy to search, like automatically BCCing yourself in, but they're clumsy hacks.The latest version of Newton Mail gets around that problem by keeping all conversations in your inbox, with a WhatsApp-style system to ticks to show whether the email has been sent, received and read.It's a simple but surprisingly effective change, and very handy for searches, eliminating the need to specify a particular folder.
If you are missing some of your folders from Thunderbird then continue reading this blog which discusses how to restore deleted emails from Thunderbird.The files are marked as deleted but it can be undeleted easily with the help of “Troubleshooting Information”.There can be various unheard reasons behind Thunderbird mission files or causes that lead to corruption in emails of Mozilla Thunderbird.What if you are not using IMAP service either you are the POP user.You may also like to read: How to fix Thunderbird issuesRecover permanently deleted emails Thunderbird
The Chocolate Factory on Monday told The Register that someone has indeed been creating and sending spam messages with spoofed email headers.These not only show a fake sending address, but also show up in that person's 'sent' screen as if they had typed it themselves.Users have been noticing and reporting the problem for a few days on Google's Gmail help forum.While using fake headers to disguise the source of spam emails is nothing new, it is very unusual for a copy of those messages to appear as 'sent' mail.This, understandably lead users to worry their accounts had been hijacked.Emails going to inbox and sent email folder," writes one affected Gmail user.
These days we are seeing rapid transformation in the technology with time.We are surrounded by the host of innovation which is making our life more accessible and luxurious especially after the advent of Internet.Everything has changed dramatically with time.We can do a lot of stuffs through Internet by just sitting in front of the laptop like online shopping, doing a financial transaction as well as ordering any foods.In case, If not then Gmail is one of the leading and most popular email services providing company in the world.It is known for provide its security features as well as host of other services associated with it apart from the sending and receiving mails like hangout, sharing of the Docs, storage of the files and folders as well as host range of other services.
It’s been about a year since Atlassian acquired Trello and the company has stayed true to its word and continues to invest heavily in the product.Today, Trello is launching a new directory for its add-ons — or ‘Power-Ups‘ in Trello lingo — that shows both the continued investment in the service and that’s also indicative of how the Atlassian ecosystem in embracing the service.The Power-Ups platform first launched in 2016 and by the time Atlassian acquired the company last year, it featured just over thirty extensions.Since then, though, that number has grown to eighty.While a basic list of extensions worked just fine for a small number of them, it wasn’t an adequate solution for the current list of eighty Power-Ups, Atlassian’s head of platform for Trello Hamid Palo told me.So the team decided to rebuilt the directory to more closely resemble that of a modern app store and that organizes extensions by category.
The ability to hook into a range of other applications has become a key facet of team collaboration platforms, as vendors seek to become the hub of workplace productivity.With that in mind, collaborative work management platform, Trello has been rapidly growing the number of apps that integrate with its software since its $425 million acquisition by Atlassian last year.There are now 82 Power-Ups available to customers, including integrations with Google, Dropbox and Github; that’s up from 33 prior to the acquisition.As the number of partner apps has grown, however, users are finding it more difficult to discover the integrations they need.Previously, all apps were grouped in a single list that was sorted alphabetically, with little in the way of preview information, the company said.While that organization worked when there were only a handful of Power-Ups, it hasn’t scaled with Trello’s recent growth.
If you’re anything like us, you may browse your PS4 games list from time to time and come across a title you forgot you even owned.Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure your PS4 game library remains relatively painless to navigate, each of which can be tailored to what makes sense to you.Gaming the ‘recently played’ barBy default, your game library will show up on the home screen carousel in order of when you last interacted — played or just downloaded — with your games.This standard system can get bothersome come PlayStation Plus time each month.If Destiny 2 starts to slide but you know new content drops soon, simply open and close the game to move it up to the front of the batch.
Business user file sync and sharer Box "sank" for some users late last week, who took to forums and social media complaining they could not see any of their files.One Reg reading Box user told us he'd "lost" four years' worth of files, saying: "They have no phone support... the long and short of it is that files that have been uploaded to the Box service have just vanished without a trace."I'm up the creek now, I can't do my job and I've lost a lot of things."This morning he told us: "My files are now back and safe and I have made a physical backup of them, and I am now moving to another storage location."...[T]heir UK phone line tells anyone calling for support to just file a support ticket online."He took issue with the vendor's "slow response" and lack of "blog posts, apologies or Twitter messages".
Google says you can now perform more than a million actions with the Google Assistant.Those range from looking up photos with Google Photos to starting a meditation session from Headspace.But one problem with voice assistants is that it’s very hard to discover which actions you actually can perform.For many users, that means they use their Google Home or Alexa to set a few timers and maybe play music, without ever realizing what else they can do.To help its users a bit, Google is launching a new directory page for the Google Assistant today.This is part of a slew of Assistant-related announcements at CES today; while it’s probably not the most important (those smart displays sure look nice, after all), it’s nevertheless a useful new tool, especially for new users.