Don t look know, but if you re cruising around downtown Pittsburgh, the next Ford you overtake might be a self-driving Uber.On Thursday, the on-demand driving service took the wraps off its autonomous vehicles: modified Ford Focus hybrids outfitted with myriad sensors that the company began testing near its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Advanced Technology research center several weeks ago.They can be switched to a manual driving mode at any time, and automatically disable self-driving with a loud beep when the onboard computer can t determine a way around an obstacle.The company began prototyping vehicles 10 to 15 years ago in the California badlands, and in 2013, founded the core of its Advanced Technology Center by controversially poaching 40 of Carnegie Mellon University s National Robotics Engineer Center s NREC top researchers.Uber s focus on self-driving cars remains mostly technological for now, but the transportation behemoth is one of several firms that are lobbying lawmakers to formulate guidelines for self-driving technologies.And in developing nations, the company is under pressure to reduce fares — earlier this month, Apple, a company with reported self-driving car ambitions of its own, invested $1 billion in rival service Didi Chuxing.
If you ve ever lost a form you re filling out because the Backspace key sends you to the previous page, get ready to be happy.In the newest Canary builds of Chrome, Google has added the ability to stop using the Backspace key as a Back browser button.While there are already some people—notably programmers and the keyboard shortcut-oriented, so essentially our audience—who are upset about the change, it s also a welcome option for those of us who have other, better options for going back one page.The change hasn t rolled out to any of the other Chrome channels, so there s still time if you don t want the change.Google is also experimenting with a flag that will let users choose to enable or disable this feature, which will probably make its way to release.In the meantime, however, those of us who have raged at their keyboards because we accidentally hit this key will have something to look forward to.
Google wants to save you the frustration in an upcoming release of Chrome that removes the ability to go "back" with the backspace key altogether.Specifically, the tweak will arrive with version 52 of the browser sometime in July, but is currently available in the "Developer" release.On a Chrome Code Reviews page, Google explains that 0.04 percent of page views are currently triggered by going back with the backspace button, and 0.005 percent are from people using the backspace key after a form interaction.That doesn t sound like much but apparently people have been complaining for years, and Google thinks it's the right choice to change this given the degree of pain users feel by losing their data and because every platform has another keyboard combination that navigates back.Indeed a quick search on the Chrome Web Store shows at least half a dozen extensions that disable navigating to the previous page with the backspace key.It doesn t seem like a big deal considering you could re-enable the functionality via an extension or program your mouse button with alternatives such as Alt Left, but unsurprisingly, some users are already making themselves heard.
Not everyone wants to use Apple Music, but that doesn't stop the Cupertino-based company from aggressively pushing its music subscription at you in iTunes.It's annoying at best and obnoxious at worst, but fortunately, all it takes is a few clicks to disable all those pesky Apple Music plugs.Navigate to iTunes Preferences2.Tick 'Apple Music' and 'Connect'And voilà.Just the nice clean interface we all know and enjoy.Let us know in the comments below.
Invalid product key scam on the upCybercrooks have put together a new scam that falls halfway between ransomware and old school browser lockup ruses.Jérôme Segura, a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, said tech support lockers" represent a class of malware more advanced than browser locks and fake anti-virus alerts of the pre-ransomware past.Victims are told that their problems can be resolved, for a fat fee of $250, Malwarebytes discovered.Miscreants have already begun to flog these types of lockers on Facebook, a sign that scams of this type have reached script kiddie level and are therefore likely to become commonplace in future.There is an entire ecosystem to distribute these tech support lockers, which includes bundling them into affiliate Pay Per Install applications, Segura concludes.Bot-noteA keyboard combination to disable the tech support locker malware by holding Ctrl Shift while pressing the S key, was discovered by TheWack0lian.
Credit: Rob SchultzThis morning, the unthinkable happened: My wife, an avowed PC user who long ago swore to never touch an Apple device, started shopping around for a Mac Mini.The changeIn December, the Get Windows 10 GWX pop-up changed it s verbiage in a way that mimicked malware: The only immediate options were to Upgrade Now or Start download, upgrade later.But here's the icky part: The redesigned GWX pop-up now treats exiting the window as consent for the Windows 10 upgrade.So after more than half a year of teaching people that the only way to say No thanks to Windows 10 is to exit the GWX application, and refusing to allow users to disable the pop-up in any obvious manner so they had to press that X over and over again during those six months to the point that most people probably just click it without reading by this point, Microsoft just made it so that very behavior accepts the Windows 10 upgrade instead.By now, every existing Windows 7 and 8 user has seen and declined the Windows 10 update numerous times.Again: I personally use and love Windows 10.
How to fix freezing issue after OS X 10.11.4 or 10.11.5 update AppleMac users are plagued with an annoying random system freezing issue after updating their devices to OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4 or the latest OS X 10.11.5.In such cases, disabling WebGL in Safari has helped to get rid of the freezing issues, according to OS X Daily, which claims to have received this tip from one of the readers who asserts the workaround has resolved the problem.Even folks at OS X Daily claim to have applied this workaround on a Retina 13in MacBook Pro.If you are also experiencing the freezing problem, check out the following steps to know how to disable WebGL and try out your luck.Workaround for freezing issue on OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 or 10.11.5 updateFrom Safari browser, close down any existing windowsHead over to the Safari menu then choose PreferencesGo to Security tabUncheck the box next to Allow WebGL to disable WebGL.Note that doing this would impact the performance of the web video and graphicsIn the end close Preferences in Safari.
Microsoft s putting away the carrots and breaking out the sticks in its quest to migrate 1 billion users to Windows 10 over the next couple of years.For the past six months, the Get Windows 10 pop-up asked permission to start an update, but lacked a No thanks option, so the only way to avoid it was to close the window by pressing the X in the upper-right hand corner.Now, the pop-up says We will upgrade you at this time, and pressing the X counts as consent.Further reading: You will upgrade to Windows 10: Inside Microsoft s strong-arm tacticsIt s a nasty bait-and-switch after months of using an incessant pop-up—which can t be disabled without the help of registry hacks and other advanced tricks—that wore down users, encouraging them to simply X out of the irritant when it appeared each and every time they opened their computer.Stop it from happening againOnce you ve upgraded a PC to Windows 10, you ll always be able to do so again in the future.But if you aren t enticed by Windows 10 s best features and more subtle awesome tweaks—a feeling I completely understand after a non-consensual upgrade—you can turn to a pair of helpful tools to disable the Windows 10 upgrade prompts from returning.
If you have Windows 7 on your computer or laptop, and you want to keep it instead of upgrading to Windows 10, you should read this.Unless you find out in advance and disable it, at some random time, out of the blue Microsoft may take control of your computer and automatically start the Windows 10 upgrade .While our laptop was upgrading I searched online and found a tip that after Windows 10 was finally installed, it would ask me to accept the Windows 10 Terms and Conditions, and I could at that point decline the update.It s kind of crazy to think I need to install a third party program to keep Microsoft from taking over my computer and forcing an unwanted, unauthorized update on me.It s an entirely different thing if they are tricked and forced into upgrading.The next time I buy a new computer, I m not sure what I ll get...image credit:boy on left - original Microsoft Introducing Windows 10 TV commercial 2015boy on right - Milca Mulders,
Rocket League has officially become the first Xbox One game to support cross-platform play, allowing gamers on Microsoft s latest console to compete directly with those playing the Steam version on the PC.Originally released on the PC and PlayStation 4 on July 7, 2015, Rocket League didn t make its way to the Xbox One until February 17 of this year.With the latest patch installed, gamers will find a new setting in the options menu called Enable Cross-Network Play.Simply toggle it on or off to enable or disable cross-network play, respectively.Fable Legends was originally supposed to be the first Xbox One game to support cross-platform play with the PC but those plans were of course scrapped when Microsoft closed down developer Lionhead Studios and cancelled Fable Legends.In all honesty, Rocket League will probably make a better cross-platform title than Fable Legends would have but that ll do little to console ticked off fans.
Smart Lock for Android is actually a subset of Google s broader Smart Lock program designed to simplify security for users.You can disable the lock screen based on location, when a certain Bluetooth device is connected, when your phone recognizes your voice, or a variety of other circumstances.While none of these are perfectly secure, some options that Google provides are less secure than others.Trusted Places: Smart Lock can set up geofences that will automatically unlock your device as long as you re within a certain area like your home or office.So, if you can unlock your phone at home, your neighbors might be able to as well.On Nexus devices, the fingerprint sensor is part of the Nexus Imprint program that can be used to unlock your device, pay for things on the Play Store, and login to certain apps.
The company has been accused of playing a nasty trick on those people who haven t yet upgraded their PCs to Windows 10.Anyone who hasn t upgraded yet has been receiving fairly regular hints and popups suggesting that they do so.Well now Microsoft has gone a step further: When a user tries to close the popup box by clicking on the X in the top right-hand corner the computer registers that as a consent to upgrade.This has unsurprisingly gone down about as well as a USB drive full of ransomware and experts are already taking to Twitter to express their anger.— Simon Roth @SimoRoth May 24, 2016This is incredible, this is precisely why UWP worries me Microsoft can t be trusted— Byron, game designer @xiotex May 24, 2016Microsoft claims that the update can still be cancelled pointing out that the popups are only appearing because Windows 10 is listed as a Recommended update.Deploying these dirty tricks only frustrates long-time Windows users who have very valid reasons to stick with operating systems they already know and love, In a post on the update, Chacos goes on to explain that there are countless small business owners who have created very stable working environments using Windows 7 or 8.1 and are reluctant to move over to Windows 10.
The Wooting One keyboard is claimed to be the first in the world to offer analogue, rather than digital, switches, allowing for varying degrees of input equivalent to the thumbsticks on a gamepad.A start-up company is aiming to turn the humble keyboard on its head by adding in a feature previously exclusive to joysticks and gamepads: analogue inputs.While few would argue that a keyboard and mouse setup provides more accurate aiming and quicker response times, it does come with a trade-off: although the mouse's input is analogue, the keyboard keys are resolutely digital.A start-up company calling itself Wooting has turned to Kickstarter to crowd-fund the production of what it is claiming is the first fully-functional analogue gaming keyboard.Wooting's answer to this is to build the keyboard using a multi-mode input: as well as operating as a standard USB keyboard, the device can be switched into DirectInput and Xinput modes during which time it appears to the OS as a generic gamepad or Xbox controller.Any game supporting analogue input from a gamepad is thus supported by the Wooting One, with exception of a handful of titles which - for reasons of their own - disable the keyboard and mouse when a gamepad is detected.
The keyboard cover itself is well-built too, with a high-quality leather build that snaps magnetically onto the back of the tablet with a satisfying click.I d rank it somewhere around the Surface Pro 3 – better than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro but worse than the Surface Pro 4, which I consider as good as some laptops.The keyboard was stable enough to be used in my lap, and I didn t find myself particularly limited by the screen s two angles.Obviously, the integrated Intel HD 515 chipset will do you no good at high resolutions with more intensive games, but older titles like Portal 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.I used the TabPro S with a mix of light Web browsing in Edge and video-watching throughout most of a seven-hour bus ride with adaptive brightness maxed out, and managed to get through with 20 percent battery life left.If you disable automatic brightness, expect worse results.
Image Source: KCCI WeatherMicrosoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10.So much so that if you leave your PC to its own devices for too long, you might come back and find that Cortana has settled in and made itself at home.If you want to hang on your Windows 7 or 8 install without having to live in fear of an unexpected update like this unfortunate TV weather crew , or if you want to prevent Windows 10 from spying on practically everything you do, we ve put together the definitive guide.There s a danger here, though: at a certain point, Windows is going to automatically schedule an update for you.You can change the timing of that to something more convenient, or just cancel it altogether.There is a native way to completely disable Windows 10 updates, but it s the opposite of user-friendly, since it involves editing the registry.
The company argues its customers would be harmed by removing iMessage, Facetime and VPN On Demand from its devicesApple has said it plans to challenge efforts by a patent licensing company that aim to disable Apple s Facetime and iMessage services, following a jury verdict that found the software contained patented technology.The case casts light on the extensive litigation that has accompanied the growth of the mobile device business upon which Apple s current fortunes are founded.The jury agreed once again that Apple has been using the technology developed by our inventors, said VirnetX chief executive Kendall Larsen at the time.Mistrial argumentApple is contesting the court s findings, is seeking a mistrial and a termination to any royalty obligations.The company argues that any injunction would be inappropriate since the patents involved in the case have been invalidated by the US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO .The validity of VirnetX s patents hasn t been settled definitively, and is currently being contested before the Supreme Court.
Paramount Pictures issues warnings to The Godfather movie piratesMovie giant Paramount Pictures is issuing warnings to alleged pirates of the Godfather movie.Released in 1972, the movie recently completed 44 years.The Hollywood studio is sending out takedown notices to internet subscribers whose accounts have been found downloading and sharing Godfather.Paramount has reached out to ISPs Internet Service Providers asking them to disable access to the copyrighted material.Additionally, Paramount is asking ISPs not to destroy any data, which could be required later if a lawsuit is filed related to copyright infringement."In complying with this notice, ISP should not destroy any evidence, which may be relevant in a lawsuit, relating to the infringement alleged, including all associated electronic documents and data relating to the presence of infringing items on your network, which shall be preserved while disabling public access, irrespective of any document retention or corporate policy to the contrary," the notice states.
The company has announced a new comment moderation system that allows other users to vote on comments like downvoting that are trollish or spam, as well as report them for removal if they re serious enough.A user could be booted from a broadcast if enough people vote against them.Because of the nature of comments on live broadcasts, the company has to do things a bit differently than, say, Reddit.When a viewer s comment is reported, the person doing the reporting won t see anything else from the person.None of this should burden users, though — Periscope says this process will last only seconds for those participating in them.As well, broadcasters themselves can disable moderation, and individual viewers who don t want to be polled on reported comments can disable their participation.
BRUSSELS – Facebook, Twitter, Google s YouTube and Microsoft pledged on Tuesday to review requests for the removal of hateful content posted on their platforms within 24 hours as part of a code of conduct agreed with EU regulators.Authorities across Europe have been trying in recent months to get social platforms to crack down on rising online racism following the refugee crisis, with some even threatening action against the companies.European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said tackling illegal online hate speech has taken on added urgency because of the increasing use of social media by terrorist groups to radicalise young people and spread violence and hatred.The European Commission said the four web giants will review the majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech in less than 24 hours and remove or disable access to such content if necessary.Reporting by Foo Yun Chee, editing by Julia Fioretti
It has solid performance, excellent design, and the latest Sense interface is only a mild change from stock Android.USB 3.1 also needs to be manually activated, which you can do from Settings More USB connection.The theme store in your settings and app drawer includes plenty of solid options with their own icons, wallpapers, and color palettes.After selecting Freestyle, you'll be presented with all the currently available Freestyle themes.Power Saver is the more modest option, which will slow the CPU, disable location services, lower brightness, and turn off vibration.Consider putting Power Saver around 20% and maybe leave the extreme mode for 5-10%.