Whoopi Goldberg has requested to build a Black Panther Wakanda for Disney theme parks to honor Chadwick Boseman.Marvel fans know that Wakanda is a hidden country in Africa with advanced weapons and technologies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Whoopi Goldberg has requested to build a Black Panther Wakanda for Disney theme parks to honor Chadwick Boseman.Marvel fans know that Wakanda is a hidden country in Africa with advanced weapons and technologies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Boseman recently passed away after a four year battle with colon cancer.After Boseman’s death, many have found their way to honor him, and Goldberg has pitched the idea of Wakanda’s theme to Disney.Goldberg tweeted on Twitter requesting to build a Wakanda experience in both Disneyland and Disney World.Whoopi’s original tweet was, “Dear people in charge of building new experiences Disney World and Disneyland, we do not need another Frozen land, but we could use it for Wakonda, please build in Chadwick Boseman’s name Wakonda.”In her tweet, she mentioned that Disney Parks could do well without another Frozen land.Disney has made progress in diversity in recent years for decades, but the company has mostly focused on white characters.
It will be a live-action remake penned by one of the writers from Parks and Recreation.
It's easy to use the returning feature to visit the islands of friends and strangers, but there is a catch.
Construction continues on Avengers Campus.
TikTok launched an exclusive creator ambassador program in 2019 to help a select group of influencers grow their followings and businesses on the app. The program has several perks, like all-expenses-paid trips, connections with brands, and access to test out new product features. Different from TikTok's college ambassador program, only 12 creators are accepted as creator ambassadors and they are vetted through an extensive interview process with the company.  Business Insider spoke with several members of the program about how they got involved and how the program has helped them grow as influencers and earn money.  Subscribe to Business Insider's influencer newsletter: Influencer Dashboard. TikTok runs an exclusive ambassador program in which it picks 12 creators at a time and helps them grow their followings and businesses on the app. The creator ambassador program, which is different from TikTok's college ambassador program, has several perks, like all-expenses-paid trips, connections with brands, and access to test out new product features.  The six-month program was launched in 2019 and is run by Joyce Chun and Emma Gribbon, who are members of TikTok's creator team. Chun said the ambassadors represent the creator community and come from diverse backgrounds and content styles. They are some of the first to test out new product features, and they communicate with the larger creator world at events and industry panels like VidCon.  The program ran for the second time in January some of the members included Alan Chow (2.6 million followers), Sarah Lugor (2.4 million followers), Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki (2 million followers), and thisaintjay (4.4 million followers). To be accepted, the creators applied and went through multiple rounds of interviews with the company, Chow and creator Tyler Gaca told Business Insider. They both mentioned that during the interview process the company was focused on finding creators who post original content (instead of only posting trends), and working with people who would be comfortable talking to the public and representing TikTok.  "I definitely think the ambassador program has been a huge factor in me being able to take things to the next level," Chow said. "Just being surrounded by other creators who know what they are doing really helped me clarify what direction I want to take with my content."  Business Insider spoke with Chow, Gaca, and several other members of the program, about how they got involved and how the program has helped them grow and earn money. 'I had a lot of really cool branded business opportunities that came through TikTok ' Chow said during the first weekend of the program, creators from across the country were flown out by TikTok to Santa Monica to visit the new office that had just opened in Culver City.  "We went to Disneyland," he said. "We learned about TikTok and its different features, and we learned from each other, our best practices." Gaca, who has 800,000 followers, said his favorite experience as an ambassador was in February when TikTok sent him to New York Fashion Week. "After that the opportunities that were brought along made me take things a lot more seriously," he said. "To have someone at TikTok say they see potential in you and want to see you grow definitely made me feel special." TikTok's built-in monetization features remain relatively limited, yet there are a number of ways successful TikTok stars are making money, through paid song integrations, brand deals, app marketing, and other methods. Cosette Rinab, who is a senior at the University of Southern California and has 2.3 million followers on TikTok, told Business Insider in January that working with TikTok directly had helped her expand her business and land sponsorships with brands like Bumble, Hollister, and Universal. Chow said the program had helped him get partnerships with brands like Adobe, Reese Puffs, and Doordash. He added that promoting brands had become his main source of income. "I had a lot of really cool branded business opportunities that came through TikTok during the ambassador program," Chow said, like meeting Alicia Keys. "She was promoting her new song, 'Underdog,' and they invited me out. I got to make a fun video with her to the song, and that was definitely a highlight." Trips and other perks that come with being an ambassador In general, influencer "ambassador" programs provide a small group of creators with added resources and access to a company (like trips or events). Several ambassador programs simply provide free gifts or exclusive event access. Prominent ones include Sephora's ambassador program #SephoraSquad, Fenty beauty's TikTok-focused ambassador program, and Lululemon's brand ambassador program.  For TikTok, the benefit of having a program like this is the direct relationship between the company and its users, which is helpful for product or community feedback, the company said.  Chow said he still regularly talks to the other ambassadors, and as a member, he spent time learning how to work with brands and getting advice on editing and figuring out what to post.  "Before the program, I was doing some trends, some dances and some cute videos," Chow said. "But joining the program helped me clarify what to focus on. Many different people on the app just create trendy videos that go with the flow, but if you're able to establish a type of comedy that you do, or a type of fashion that you're known for that exists outside of the trends, then I think that really solidifies you as a creator." For more on TikTok and the influencer industry, check out these Business Insider posts: A TikTok star with 880,000 followers explains the ways she earns money and how much she makes TikTok influencers reveal all the ways they're making money despite the app's limited monetization features A college TikTok influencer with 1.6 million followers explains how much money she makes — and her 3 main sources of income Addison Rae is the world's top-earning TikTok star, according to Forbes. She shared the inside story of her rise to fame. SEE ALSO: The TikTok metrics that matter for a successful sponsorship deal between an influencer and a brand, according to industry insiders Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why electric planes haven't taken off yet
Are you thinking abouthow to Join Illuminati and become rich and famousor even skull and bones and Disney’s secret club within Disneyland?We all know Jay Z and Beyoncé are most likely in the Illuminati and George Bush is in Skull and Bones.This organization upheld the ideals of the Enlightenment, abuses of state power, fighting superstition and undue religious influence on the life of the public.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was counted among the member of Illuminati as were other prominent citizens.Its reach dwindled ultimately and various government edicts were successful in disbanding the organization by 1787.Whether that’s true is hard to judge, especially if you are not an Illuminati member, but there have been some modern organizations that claim their heritage back to the original group of Bavaria.Chances are, these groups are not the real Illuminati either, as ones like this one just try to sell the stuff.They also have an exciting commercial that challenges you to participate in the continuing survival of the human species.How to Join Illuminati and become rich and famous?This is the golden opportunity and no human sacrifice.
This week the government released a report that is its starting point for a new obesity strategy. In summary: you’re probably overweight, especially if you’re poor. The report reads: “Children in the most deprived parts of the country are more than twice as likely to be obese as their peers living in the richest areas,” which surprised a total of zero people. For most it confirmed one of two things; if you’re poor you’re to be patronised: clearly you don’t understand that pot noodle isn’t a vegetable. Or they’re to be pitied: they can’t afford the nutrients they need. And it’s true, if fruit and vegetables were cheaper more people would have access to them, but they’ll never be a treat.The government’s obesity plan treats food as something only to keep you going, rather than something to be enjoyed.Being on a beach drinking a cocktail from a hollowed-out pineapple is a treat – a pineapple isn’t a treat. The problem is not only that nutritious food is expensive and that junk food is cheap, it’s that people live with such limited resources that the only treat they can afford is something from the confectionary aisle. We’d often eat pizza for dinner when I was growing up, sometimes twice a week. The pizza was 99p and depending on how much change was left in “the tin” in the kitchen I’d have a whole one to myself or it would be halved and shared. The pizza was frozen with spongy dough thick as two fingers, the tomato sauce was thick and tasted like tomato puree and when the cheese melted it set again with an unnatural sheen like condensation on a window. It was what you would expect a 99p pizza to taste like, but it was a treat, nonetheless. Your appetite for nice things isn’t suspended when your credit card is. And, if you’re a parent with no money you spend more time than you’d like telling your child, no, they can’t have those nice things either.My parents gave me £1.60 for a portion of chips so often that the owner of the shop, an avuncular man who wore a white lab jacket, told me he’d be giving me extra chips, because I was a regular. They would have preferred to take me to Disneyland, or bought me toys to play with for an afternoon before they were replaced with more toys, but that wasn’t an option. Instead they gave me food laced with sugar and ingredients that sound like they belong on the periodic table. They could have bought me a courgette, but they wanted to give me something that would make me feel like I was lucky, something that felt like a treat. But it’s not only poor children who are obese, the government report tells us. “Obesity prevalence is highest amongst the most deprived groups in society.” The government’s response, of banning adverts for junk food before 9pm and buy-one-get-one-free deals misses the point. It treats food as something only to keep you going, rather than something to be enjoyed. And if you’re near broke, why would you deprive yourself of one of the few treats you can afford, when for £1 you can enjoy the luxury of a pack of Fox’s Chocolatey Ring Biscuits, just like everyone else. The response to the report was predictable. Annunziata Rees-Mogg, of the multi-millionaire Rees-Mogg family, tweeted that a bag of Tesco 1kg potatoes is 83p, while 950g of crisps were £1.35, this was in response to another tweet suggesting vegetables are too expensive for low income households. The suggestion is unclear – make your own crisps, invest the 52p you’ve saved (presuming there are no other costs) and become rich like her? What Annunziata’s tweet and others like it show is that if you’ve got no money you’ve got to defend wanting anything other than basic sustenance. Why eat crisps, when you could eat a sack of boiled potatoes? Eat up son, if you don’t finish your spuds, they’ll be no turnip for dessert. When my dad finishes a 12-hour shift, tired and underpaid, he doesn’t want a salad. He can’t afford a holiday to watch his weight for, and he wants something tasty – a treat – so he orders a combo meal from the chicken shop. He’s just not going to be convinced to switch to a healthy alternative through government messaging. My dad isn’t obese, however, living in a low-income area his neighbours likely are. If poverty and obesity are going to be untangled it won’t be with the window dressing that has been proposed. There are bigger, structural issues, that have gone unaddressed. Having the time and resources to think about living a healthier lifestyle is a privilege. If you’re poor you’ve got stuff on your mind: you’re more likely to likely to live in insecure housing, be in insecure employment and more likely to die from Covid-19. When someone is struggling to put food on the table is it any wonder, they’re unconcerned with what’s on the plate?Josh Schot is a freelance writer. Related... Opinion: Blaming Obesity Is Not The Solution To Coronavirus I've Been On A Weight Management Programme. Here's Why It Didn't Work. No.10 Slammed For 'Obesity Crackdown' That Ignores Poverty
Revisiting William Gibson’s 1993 essay on the city-state took me back to my home, where future is past.
It includes a $400 Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run edition.
Disney pressed ahead on July 11 with a phased reopening of its flagship, Florida-based theme park, Walt Disney World, even as coronavirus cases climb in the US state . Disney estimated it missed out on $1 billion in operating income during its second quarter, due to park closures around the world. Disney's US parks, including Disney World, had been closed for about two weeks during the period, and UBS analysts estimated the US parks could cost the company about $1.5 billion per month. Analysts at Goldman Sachs, while optimistic about the long-term recovery of Disney's parks, projected this week a downside scenario in which Disney's parks business doesn't fully recover until 2023 because of social-distancing constraints. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Disneyland, which reopened on June 18, is being forced to close again, after a surge in cases led the local government to bring back social-distancing measures Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Disney pressed ahead on July 11 with a phased reopening of its flagship, Florida-based theme park, Walt Disney World, even as coronavirus cases climb in the US state. A look at Disney's financial state gives a glimpse at why. The legacy-media giant reported a $1 billion hit to its second-quarter operating income due to its park closures around the world. Disney World, Disney's largest park by attendance, had been closed for about two weeks during the period. Analysts previously estimated in March, around the time Disney closed its US parks, that Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California alone could cost the company $1.5 billion each month the parks are closed. It has been more than three months since, and the true financial impact of the closures won't be revealed until Disney reports in August its earnings through June. But analysts at Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Wells Fargo estimate Disney's park business, which had been its most stable business until the pandemic, could weigh on the company's financials through its next fiscal year, or until a vaccine for the coronavirus is publicly available. The parks aren't yet reopening to full capacity, as part of the company's safety precautions. "Until the time at which there is significantly improved testing and/or a widely available vaccine, it's tough for us to imagine long lines for Rise of the Resistance, no matter how much folks might want to go to WDW deep down," Wells Fargo analysts wrote in April. Goldman Sachs analysts wrote on July 13 that they're assuming attendance and revenues at Disney's parks, resorts, cruises, and experiences won't fully recover until fiscal year 2022, as a base case, or 2023, at worst. However, the analysts said they're waiting on Disney's next earnings report for more guidance.  "When Disney reopened its Shanghai park in May, the company operated well below the 30% capacity constraint imposed by the government and ramped up to 30% over the following weeks," the analysts wrote. "While operating at these levels may reduce operating losses in both Disney and Comcast's parks divisions, it may not lead to a significant positive contribution to operating profit either." Goldman Sachs' downside scenario for Disney estimates 30% less revenue from Disney's parks and experiences in 2021 than the firm's $15.75 billion projection, and 20% less revenue in 2022 than its $22.8 billion projection. During Disney's 2019 fiscal year that ended in September, the parks and experiences division posted $26.2 billion in revenue, more than any other segment. The division brought in $2.9 billion in revenue during the first half of fiscal 2020, in line with the prior year. As of now: Most of Walt Disney World will be open by Wednesday, when EPCOT and Hollywood Studios reopen for business Disney's Shanghai and Tokyo theme parks are open Disneyland Paris is set to reopen on Wednesday Hong Kong Disneyland, which reopened on June 18, is being forced to close again, after a surge in cases led the local government to bring back social-distancing measures Disneyland in California is also still closed due to state restrictions Disney World is by far Disney's largest theme park by attendance. It recorded 58.3 million visitors in 2018, 78% more than its next most-visited park, according to Themed Entertainment Association data analyzed by UBS. Disney took the rare step of shutting Disney World's gates on March 15, as the coronavirus pandemic first gripped the US. The Goldman Sachs analysts said they're confident Disney's parks business will eventually recover, with a little help from the broader Disney machine, including its new streaming service, Disney Plus. "We believe Disney's track record of material outperformance in Parks and Film will persist as the economy recovers from the COVID pandemic, and that synergies between these segments and Disney+ are underappreciated by investors," the note said. "For example, we anticipate that over time marketing costs for tent-pole movie franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars films and for its parks and resorts could trend down as some of this spend could be supplemented or replaced by interconnected Disney+ series." Evidence from UBS also suggests that a subset of parkgoers are eager to get back to Disney World, pandemic or not.  The firm surveyed 2,000 adults in June, and found that about 30% of respondents had to either cancel or postpone planned visits to a Disney park due to the pandemic. Of those respondents, 48% planned to return within the first six months of reopening, while 12% had no plans to return in the first 18 months. Social distancing was the most common reason given among those who didn't plan to return to Disney parks right away. "We believe this provides a good sign for demand once parks are able to open," the UBS analysts wrote in a June 25 note, which also said "a vaccine is key not only for demand but capacity limits."Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why Pikes Peak is the most dangerous racetrack in America
The decision comes less than a month after the theme park's reopening on 18 June.
Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney and Disneyland Paris plan to reopen in July.
Волшебное королевство в Орландо отлично подходит для всей семьи и для детей от 5 лет.В год Волшебное королевство посещает около 20 миллионов человек.Множество аттракционов: Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion и других развлечений и очень много интересного.Посетим тематические парки в Орландо (Magic Kingdom Park, Volcano Bay, Walt Disney World Resort ….), прокатимся до Майами и Майами-Бич и посетим ряд других городов из штата Флорида, посетим много интересных мест, посмотрим крокодилов ( Everglades Safari Park) и других обитателей Флориды, посетим достопримечательности и парки в городе Майами.Расскажу как сэкономить на отдыхе и оптимизировать свой отдых в штате Florida !