US President Donald Trump has authorized the official transition from his administration to that of president-elect Joe Biden to start.However, he insists against the odds that his fight to overturn the Democrats’ victory will continue.Read more at:
Come January 20th, the White House will have a new occupant.As Senator and then as Vice President during the Obama years, President-elect Joe Biden championed closer ties with India.He was one of the early proponents of the 2008 nuclear deal, which fundamentally altered relations between the two democracies.In 2006, he said, “My dream is that in 2020, the two closest nations in the world will be India and the United States.”As the world’s largest democracy, the third-largest Asian economy, and a potential bulwark against China, India is widely seen as enjoying bipartisan consensus in Washington.But that’s not to say that the dynamic between the two countries will remain entirely unchanged under the incoming Biden administration.There are places where Biden’s approach is expected to differ from Trump’s - and not all the changes might work in India’s interests.Head to this link for a deep-dive into what lies ahead for India-US ties:
President-elect Joe Biden has picked Linda Thomas-Greenfield to serve as his US ambassador to the United Nations.It is a position that has been effectively removed from Donald Trump’s cabinet.Read more at:
Reports have indicated that Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t recognized the victory of President-elect Joe Biden against Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election.Read more at:
At least 100 business executives are pressuring Donald Trump and his administration to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election and start the transition process.Read more at:
President-elect Joe Biden is considering selecting veteran diplomat Antony Blinken as the US Secretary of State this week, as the president-elect forges ahead with assembling his cabinet week even though Donald Trump still refuses to concedeRead more at:
On Sunday, US President Donald Trump has denounced the Paris climate accord.He informed world leaders at a virtual summit that the agreement was aimed to cripple the U.S economy not to save the planet.
A Republican senator Lisa Murkowski has urged Donald Trump to accept defeat in the US presidential election and begin the transition process.Read more at:
US President Donald Trump has fired a top cyber-security official Chris Krebs because he had rejected the false claim that the 2020 election was rigged.Read more at:
US President Donald Trump has commanded loyalty among high-profile allies in toeing the line on his refusal to concede to Joe Biden.Some former and present Republican lawmakers have called for him to do so.Read more at:
The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump has removed controversial claims it made in a lawsuit filed on Sunday in Pennsylvania.Read more at:
US President Donald Trump has admitted the victory of Joe Biden.He also started spreading misinformation regarding false allegations of mass voter fraud.Read more at:
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On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump is reportedly participating in the Veterans Day observance at Arlington National Cemetery.He is emerging in public for the first time since his failed reelection bid to take part in the annual presidential rite.
US President Donald Trump is reportedly selling off his personal helicopter worth at least $1m.The one-term president has listed for sale the Sikorsky S-76B that he used extensively during his 2016 run to the White House.Read more at:
On Monday, US President Donald Trump has fired the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.He announced the termination of Esper in a tweet.Read more at:
US elections 2020 turned into a platform for Pakistani memers to troll trump upon his accusation regarding the unfair vote count.Allegedly, public of Pakistan is fond of fun and puns against Donald trump; therefore, they decided to take make memes on him.they took it to a whole other level.The memes are funny are mostly related to Pakistan itself.
Joe Biden’s presidential transition team will soon move into a place with an election victory against Donald Trump.On Wednesday, the Democrat launched a presidential transition website as he looked very likely to defeat his Republican rival.
On Saturday evening, the newly elected US President Joe Biden appeared to take Donald Trump’s infamous MAGA slogan and make it into his own when giving his acceptance speech in Wilmington, Delaware.Read more at:
The victory of elected US President Joe Biden against Donald Trump has initiated celebrations in most parts of the United States.These celebrations took place in the battleground key states that have carried Biden into the White House.Read more at: