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(Toho University ) A research group led by Dr. Hideyuki Kobayashi at Toho University Omori Medical Center in Tokyo developed an AI-assisted image classifier that provides scores for histological testis images of patients with azoospermia. The objective of Dr. Kobayashi, a urologist, was to create an easy-to-use method of pathological examination for the daily clinical practice setting. With it, testis images could be classified at 82.6% accuracy.
"B 1.617 is likely to be a variant of concern because it has some mutations which increase transmission," Dr. Soumya Swaminathan told AFP.
To paraphrase the old adage about beer, you never buy a cup of coffee ― you only rent it. As you wait in the line for the loo of your favourite coffee house, you might wonder why this particular drink has such a powerful effect on your bladder. Check out what the experts have to say about that journey from first delicious sip to mad dash to wee, and every stop in between.  Let’s start with your first sipEverything you swallow goes straight to your stomach. Depending on how much is already in there — if this is your first sip of the day or if you’ve just eaten a big meal — it can hang out in the stomach anywhere from five minutes to upward of an hour. Liquids are quicker to digest than solid food, so your body gets to work on an empty-stomach cup of coffee right away, sending it through your intestines, kidneys and on the way to your bladder. And this is where caffeinated coffee is different from some other beverages, according toLisa Anderson, associate professor of integrative biology and physiology at the University of Minnesota. “The small intestine uses osmosis to absorb the liquid, using energy to pull in sodium and other electrolytes so the liquid follows those particles,” Anderson told HuffPost. “With caffeinated coffee, the caffeine, polyphenols and other coffee molecules are all lipid-soluble, which means they pass easily across the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.” We’ve finally come to the moment of truth, when it’s time to talk about your new word for the day, “micturition,” which Anderson told us is a science-person word for peeing. “Once the fluid has made its way to the bladder, sensors there begin to notice that the bladder is filling up,” Anderson said. “That sets off signals to the micturition centre (see, there it is) in your brain stem, which sits by other centres that tell you things like when you’re thirsty, hungry or need to vomit.” Coffee gets the process moving faster because the caffeine it contains provides an extra boost of stimulation to the detrusor muscle, a smooth muscle in the bladder’s wall. (It stays relaxed so the bladder can store up urine, and it contracts when it’s go time.) With your brain and your bladder working together, you suddenly ask the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop, “Would you watch my stuff for a minute while I go to the bathroom?” This fast-track process goes even faster if you have an overactive bladder, Anderson said, citing studies of people with that disorder. Drinking eight ounces of water with caffeine made them go to the bathroom much sooner than when they were drinking just eight ounces of plain water. One more fun fact about the size of your bladder: That short line to the men’s room isn’t only about the patriarchy. It turns out that men “can hold more fluid in their bladders, and hold it for longer,” Anderson said.Caffeine adds to the feeling of urgency to wee, compared to drinking the same amount of plain waterWhile anything you drink is eventually going to need to be eliminated, it’s the caffeine in coffee that, um, expedites the process. “Caffeine is a bladder irritant, and when the bladder is irritated, it starts to contract,” said Dr. Rena Malik, a urologist and assistant professor of surgery and director of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “That contraction is what gives you that sense of what we urologists call ‘urgency,’ which is the sudden desire to go to the bathroom that you can’t delay.”Malik noted that studies have shown that while caffeine does increase urgency, those who consume quite a lot of it — in drinks or food — may build up some resistance. In her practice, she sees a wide variety in each person’s body. “I have some patients tell me that drinking even just a cup of coffee makes their morning miserable, and others can drink quite a lot and not suffer any ill effects.”Drink eight ounces, wee 12?While coffee is a fluid, caffeine is a diuretic, which means that your kidneys may be pulling more fluid from your system than you’ve just consumed, without hydrating you at all. So, if you feel like you’re weeing more than you just drank, you may be entirely correct. And you need to get some plain old water into your system, stat. The more caffeine you drink, the worse it can get. “The diuretic properties of caffeine kick in at higher levels of consumption,” Anderson said. “You usually need to ingest more than 400 mg of caffeine for it to have a significant impact on your body’s fluid balance.” That’s roughly theamount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee, which is also the recommended limit for daily consumption.When to worry that caffeine is dehydrating youMalik said a quick way to tell if you’re dehydrated from all that coffee is to check the colour of your urine. “If it’s really dark yellow, you need more fluids in your system,” she said. “If it’s almost clear, you’re drinking too much. But if your urine is a lemonade-yellow colour, your fluid levels are most likely in a good balance.”If you’d like to cut down on the frequency of your bathroom breaks, you don’t have to go cold turkey on the caffeine, Malik said. “It’s OK to take it slowly, so if, for example, you drink two cups of coffee every morning, try having one regular and one decaf and see what happens.” Finally, if you feel as if most of your life is spent in a toilet stall, Malik urges you to consult a urologist. “People might think, ‘This is just the way I’ve been my whole life,’ but you don’t have to suffer. A urologist can help you look at all your options, including lifestyle changes, medications and procedures.” Related...7 Tips For Dealing With Wasps If They're Doing Your Head InHow Sugary Drinks Could Heighten Bowel Cancer Risk5 Foods That’ll Boost Your Energy – And 5 That'll Drain It
Dr. Seuss is quickly one of the most precious kids' writers of most time.Dr. Seuss trivia should begin with the fact that Seuss was really his heart title, and that his full name was Theodor Seuss Geisel.As much as the period he have been the manager in chief of the college's wit journal, Jack-O-Lantern.When he thought to keep focusing on the newspaper, he'd to start publishing under a pencil name to flee the detect of college authorities, and ergo, Dr. Seuss was born.Many individuals are just acquainted with Dr. Seuss'kids books, and aren't aware he wrote and attracted in a number of other channels and for a number of other reasons.He supported the war energy, and the leader, and begun to illustrate prints for the us government, such as the Treasury Department.He was really in the military, in the movement department, and served to create propaganda shows supporting the Conflict Effort.It was after the war that Dr. Seuss trivia turns to his most popular publications of most time.
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At 44 years old, Davina McCall started experiencing night sweats. She needed to get up for the loo two or three times every night and felt so sleep-deprived during the day, she couldn’t read the autocue at work. She had no idea what was happening to her. “I got such a bad hot flush in a makeup chair one day that I asked if the chair was heated,” she says. “They looked at me like I was really weird. I thought: ‘I’m 44, I’m too young, I can’t be going through the menopause, that happens to women in their 50s.’”She “battled on” with fatigue, memory fog, low mood and anxiety for a year. At one point, she even wondered if she had early onset dementia. Eventually, her periods became very light and very, very long and the penny dropped: she’d entered the perimenopause. Perimenopause is the name given to the transition women experience before the menopause. Technically, a woman has only entered the “menopause” when she’s had one year without periods. “Perimenopause” is run-up to that, when oestrogen in the body starts to decline. You start experiencing symptoms, but often still have periods – even if your monthly cycle has gone a bit awol. The presenter, now 53, knew very little about perimenopause back then, and soon realised friends were equally uninformed. Now, to help other women, she’s sharing her experience and busting myths in a new documentary: Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and The Menopause.Perimenopause was a “tough experience” before she sought help, she says during a press conference ahead of of the show, and the scariest bit was the night sweats. “What was really horrible for me about getting night sweats, was that I’m a recovering addict,” she says. “So it took me back to being sick and trying to recover from addiction.” It took me back to being sick and trying to recover from addiction. McCall hasn’t drank alcohol for 30 years and is even hesitant about taking over-the-counter painkillers after overcoming heroin addiction in her early 20, so she was reluctant about menopause medication. But she eventually sought medical support when her symptoms threatened to end her career. “I couldn’t work anymore and I was the breadwinner, I needed to make money and put food on the table, so I had to find a way of working,” she says. She visited a private gynaecologist, who prescribed hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. Within a week, she started to feel more like herself.There are 13 million women in the UK who are either peri- or post-menopausal, but McCall’s story is actually quite unusual. Just one in 10 of these women take HRT, despite the fact HRT is the recommended treatment for dealing with symptoms. Most perimenopausal women don’t take HRT, sometimes out of choice, but also due to fear, or lack of support from their GP. In the documentary, we meet Dr Nighat Arif, a family GP specialising in women’s health, and Dr Louise Newson, who runs the world’s largest private menopause clinic. Both say there’s a distinct lack of up-to-date menopause training for GPs, which results in a reluctance to prescribe HRT. Doctors also frequently misdiagnose menopause or prescribe antidepressants, they say, which won’t help depression if it’s linked to low oestrogen. Dr Newson sees at least two women each week who are suicidal without access to the correct medication. A study from the 90s fuelled misconceptions about the safety of HRT among the medical community and public alike. The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) was a US study of nearly 162,000 women launched in 1991. It identified a link between HRT, breast cancer and heart disease, which made newspaper headlines around the world. Overnight, one million British women stopped taking HRT.But Dr Nick Paney, a gynaecologist and menopause specialist, says “the design of the study was far from ideal”. Women in it had an average age of 63, and they were as old as 79 when they were recruited. “We don’t routinely prescribe hormone therapy to women in that age group,” Dr Paney says in the show. Re-analysis of the data showed it was only women in the 70-79 age group that had heart attack and breast cancer cases and even then, the increased risk wasn’t considered “statistically significant”. More recent research indicates the breast cancer risk associated with HRT is far smaller than most people realise – it’s there, but drinking alcohol and being overweight both pose much higher risks. Studies also indicate HRT actually decreases the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia and bowel cancer. It’s “a pandemic of injustice” that women aren’t given access to this information, says McCall, who’d like to see more NHS-funded menopause clinics throughout the country and better support for women in the workplace.“These are our bodies and I get very, very angry when we can’t make a decision about our bodies,” she says. “If you choose not to do it, that’s absolutely fine, but if you choose not to go on HRT, at least make an informed decision.”  As well as demystifying HRT, the documentary aims to shatter misconceptions about sex after menopause – yes, you can still have an orgasm at 90 – plus remove the stigma surrounding some of the more taboo symptoms. These are our bodies and I get very, very angry when we can’t make a decision about our bodies. McCall meets a woman who suffered vaginal atrophy – a thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal wall that can occur when your body has less oestrogen. She describes sitting on a block of ice for hours, to cool the fire-like pain. The presenter recalls her own experience of the condition. “I had severe dryness – so severe, that when I tried to wipe myself after going to the loo it felt sore, so I had to dab,” she says. “I didn’t know what that was and I had no idea that it was part of being perimenopausal.”It’s not easy to talk about this stuff, says McCall, and she was actually advised to keep schtum, in case it was seen as “ageing and a bit unsavoury”. But she thinks we have a responsibility to talk about perimenopause and menopause. Because if we don’t, who will? “As women, and as parents of young girls, or sisters, or grandmothers, we owe it to our children and our children’s children and all of our friends to learn about HRT and menopause, because it’s going to hit all of us,” she says. “I’m back to normal now, and in fact, I’m feeling better than I have done in years. I’m working hard, I’m at the top of my game, I feel like I’ve been reborn.”Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and The Menopause is on Channel 4, Wednesday, May 12 at 9pm.  Related...After Divorcing At 50, I Prioritised My Sex Life. This Is What HappenedPerimenopause: What To Expect During The Final Years Of Your Periods5 Things Women Want You To Know About Perimenopause: 'It's More Than Hot Flushes'Davina McCall’s Life In Lockdown: ‘It Felt Like The World Was Collapsing’'Off The Oestrogen Roller Coaster': Women Share The Perks Of Life The Other Side Of MenopauseAre You Sure You’re Pooing Properly?
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