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Redditors just won't stop getting hacked.The social news site has reset 100,000 passwords in the last two weeks, an administrator announced, as it put out a fresh warning about keeping accounts secure.There has been a "general uptick in account takeovers ATOs by malicious or at best spammy third parties," wrote KeyserSosa in Reddit's official Announcements subreddit on Thurday.KeyserSosa — real name Christopher Slowe, Reddit's founding engineer — believes this is down to recent public dumps of hacked passwords, notably a LinkedIn data dump that revealed more than 100 million passwords.Would-be account hijackers can comb these dumps for password and email address/user name combinations, then try them out on other websites.It's a reminder of why you shouldn't reuse passwords for multiple accounts on different services: If one account is breached, then all of them are.It's likely that if Reddit is seeing a surge in account hijacking following these passwords dumps, then other popular websites and services across the internet also are.Slowe shares a few tips for defending yourself against account takeover attempts on Reddit, including setting a strong unique password for each account, verify an email address as an extra line of defence, and checking your activity page for IP addresses you don't recognise.Here's the full announcement:Reddit, account security, and YOU!from announcementsSEE ALSO: The massive LinkedIn hack shows that people are awful at picking passwordsNOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
Many minerals can be recovered from old dumps on landfill tax designed more sustainably, according to the debaters. EPA counteracts the remediation of old landfills, which would provide substantial environmental gains. The extraction of natural resources from landfills is a way to save the earth's resources and while taking care of the environmental debt that all of these contaminated sites means. Research shows that integrated recycling and remediation of landfills would have major environmental and social benefits, from global to local level. Tax Agency concludes instead that a tax exemption is not possible because it constitutes State aid for environmental protection, which may not be provided to companies in difficulties which are these? Joakim Krook, Associate Professor Environmental Technology, Linköping University Mats Eklund, Professor Environmental Technology, Linköping University Bjorn Wallsten, postdoctoral Technology and Social Change, Linköping University Nils Johansson, PhD Environmental Technology, Linköping University Niclas Svensson, lecturer Environmental Technology, Linköping University Stefan Anderberg, Professor of Industrial Ecology, Linköping University comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies.
Many of the minerals can be recovered from the old dumps on the deponiskatten be designed more sustainably, according to the debaters.the environmental protection agency discourage the remediation of the old landfill, which would provide significant environmental benefits.To extract natural resources from landfills is a way to save the earth's resources and at the same time take care of the environmental debt which all these polluted places.Research shows that integrated recovery and remediation of the landfills would provide major environmental and social benefits, from the global to the local level.the Swedish Tax agency's conclusion is that, instead of a tax exemption is not possible as it constitutes state aid for environmental protection, which shall be submitted to the company which is in difficulties, what are these?Joakim Krook, assistant professor environmental technology and management, Linköping university, swedenMats Eklund, professor in industrial environmental technology, Linköping university, swedenBjörn Wallsten, postdoc department of technology and social change, Linköping university, swedenNils Johansson, phd student industrial engineering, Linköping university,Niclas Svensson, associate professor environmental technology and management, Linköping university, swedenStefan Anderberg, professor of industrial ecology, Linköping universityCommentsWelcome to say your opinion on the New Technology.
And another team of researchers proved that it s possible to hide a hackable backdoor in a processor that consists of only one single, microscopic component out of a billion.In total, the collection of breached passwords for sale has now risen to 642 million—not a number the information security industry can be proud of.Just when the week of megabreaches seemed at an end, breach-monitoring service Leaked Source discovered an apparently hacked collection of as many as 127 million accounts, including hashed passwords, from the UK-based social networking service Badoo.In early May, the FBI filed a proposal to create an exemption in the Privacy Act for its so-called Next Generation Identification System, a collection it s building of biometric data from more than 70 million criminal records and 38.5 civil ones, including state motor vehicles departments, visa applications and welfare screenings.A group of 45 civil society groups issued an open letter opposing the move, including the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International and even Lyft and Uber.It only works within a simulated Siemens control system environment, and it s been given a cool-sounding name: Irongate.
The deal, worth around $300 million £200m , will give Emirates use of IBM s IT infrastructure and cloud services, with a focus on boosting its passenger handling capabilities.Managed services By moving its IT Infrastructure delivery into a managed services model, the airline will benefit from improved business application performance, resilience, scalability, an agile service delivery model, and significant operational savings, said IBM in a statement today.The deal comes as IBM also launched a new application for Apache Spark in an attempt to make shifting data through the cloud easier for scientists and developers.The application is essentially a cloud-based development environment for real-time analytics, whereby data scientists and developers can sift through large dumps of data and turnaround business insights.The Data Science Experience runs on IBM s Bluemix platform, and provides 250 curated data sets, open source tools and a collaborative workspace to help data scientists.Take our cloud in 2016 quiz here!
One of the most important tips that security experts have for staying safe online is that you never reuse passwords.That way, if one service you use gets hacked or compromised, then all your other accounts remain safe and secure.It's a lesson that a lot of celebrities would do well to learn.Over the last few weeks, there has been a deluge of high-profile figures getting hacked.Everyone from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to singer Drake has been targeted, and the culprit appears to be reused passwords.This is thanks to a number of mega-hacks that happened years ago, but only properly surfaced recently, including MySpace and LinkedIn.In June 2013, social network MySpace got breached, and 360 million user accounts were compromised.We learnt the full scale of this hack in May, as the database became public.In both instances, users passwords were encrypted to protect them — but not in a particularly strong way, meaning people have been able to crack the encryption and figure them out.And as a result, we are now seeing a wave of malicious account take-overs targeting celebrities and public figures.Mark Zuckerberg, for example, saw his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hijacked on Sunday.The hacker called "Aiden" told Gizmodo's William Turton that he found the singer's password in the MySpace data dump, the only change being different capitalisation.Electronic dance music artist Deadmau5 has also been a victim, with the hackers — OurMine Team again — gaining access to his SoundCloud account.And Katy Perry, who has the most popular account on Twitter with 89 million followers, was hit at the tail-end of May, with the attackers sending a string of tweets using homophobic and racist slurs.A separate group, OTF, was responsible for hack of Perry's account, among others.They are believed to have been stolen from the victims' Apple iCloud accounts by hackers able to bypass the passwords.The MySpace and LinkedIn data dumps could help hackers steal intimate and private data from celebrities and ordinary people!
Mac: Tracking your various sensors on your Mac is easy enough with a system monitor, but if you re looking for a free and simple option, VitalSigns dumps info from various sensors into your Notification Center.VitalSigns isn t a complete system monitor, instead, it just tracks a small handful of details: temperatures, fans, and memory.For the temperatures, you can pick which sensors are shown for which boards, but otherwise, there s not much in the way of customization.Considering VitalSigns is free, that s not a bad thing, and if you re just looking for a quick way to keep an eye on a few system details, it does its job.
You may need to change your password on Facebook or Netflix, but it's not because those two services suffered a breach.Instead, due to recent data dumps of old breaches of usernames and passwords from MySpace, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, the services are proactively telling some users to change their passwords just in case.The reason: Affected users likely used the same password that was found in the breaches of the other sites, a common problem that hackers can exploit to their advantage."Just to be safe, we've reset your password as a precautionary measure.If they find password reuse as was the case here , they might proactively reset passwords for the users.Cybersecurity professionals strongly recommend using different passwords for different services.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Copyright 2016.More from Tech Insider: Chemists just named 4 new elements on the periodic tableWe ate Ketchup Leather, the alleged solution to soggy bunsHere's everything we're expecting will be announced at this year's biggest gaming eventScientists found something strange when they looked at the brains of stonersHBO just released 5 new photos from the next episode of 'Game of Thrones'NOW WATCH: Hackers showed us how to break into the power grid — and it was shockingly easyLoading video...
Set in San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 dumps the first game s boring Aiden Pearce for Marcus Holloway, a young member of the hacktivist organization DedSec who joined to push their anti-surveillance cause.While his motivations and backstory are still largely unknown, his abilities are quite difference from Pearce s. Instead of a baton, Holloway s melee weapon is a billiard ball strapped to a lanyard, allowing for brutal head blows and quick swings.He is also quite a bit more mobile than Aiden, which should allow for foot chases to be less frustrating than before.In Watch Dogs, you were limited to only hacking particular pedestrians as you walked the streets of Chicago.And if you want a friend to join you, you can do that, too; Watch Dogs 2 features online cooperative play, which is as simple as spotting another player roaming in his own campaign and asking to group up.A gameplay demo will be unveiled at Ubisoft s E3 press conference next week.
Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, shows off "optimized storage" in the updated iCloud Drive.The updated version of iCloud Drive will automatically store your Mac s older documents in the cloud, Apple officials announced Monday, making room on your hard drive for new and recently used files.The changes were announced by Craig Federighi, Apple s senior vice president of software engineering, during the WWDC 2016 keynote speech.The update iCloud will be available with the macOS update appears in the fall.The iCloud update will offer an optimized storage feature that also automatically dumps trash, cleans up old caches, and removes other redundant data to help preserve storage on your Mac; a demo of the feature showed it taking a computer with 20GB of free space and increasing that to 150 GB of free space.iCloud will also make it possible for users to share items on their Mac desktops to other Macs, as well as to their iPhones.
Based on analysis of the database, the records were initially hacked in September 2013 and the leak contains a slew of email addresses, usernames, IP addresses, country locations and dates when users signed up to the music and video-sharing service.The methods iMesh used, albeit three years ago, were still insufficient for the times."In an email sent to technology website ZDNet, iMesh's former chief operating officer Roi Zemmer said he was "not aware of any hacks" and claimed that the firm used "state of the art" technology to protect users from cybercriminals.However, when presented with a sample of the leaked data, Zemmer reportedly did not deny the credentials were legitimate.Screenshot: The Real Deal dark web marketplaceThe elusive hacker, known as Peace, who is believed to be Russian, has become notorious in hacking circles for a consistent release of data dumps over the past few months.On the Real Deal marketplace, he or she is self-described as a "shady dark-web data dealer" and currently has a feedback rating of 100%.
MacOS Sierra will support Apple Pay on the web, and Siri comes to desktopApple has renamed its desktop and laptop operating system to macOS, and is bringing its iOS digital assistant Siri to the operating system this Autumn.Revealing the update at Apple s annual Worldwide Developer Conference WWDC in San Francisco, Apple said that its new operation system will be called macOS Sierra, which will focus heavily on continuity.WWDC 2016: Apple Adds Siri to macOS Sierra / WatchOS 3 Makes Apple Watch FasterContinuityMacOS Sierra users will be able to unlock their laptops or desktops through authentication with an Apple Watch, negating the need to type in a password, through a feature called Auto Unlock.The copy and paste function will also work across various Apple devices, meaning that users can copy a link or text on a device like their iPhone, and paste it directly into macOS.The Pay with Apple Pay button will be available when purchasing items from stores that offer the feature, where the user will be able to authenticate the purchase via one-touch on their iPhone.Siri will now be available to use on the desktop, where users can search the web, search for files, or contact friends for the user.
The latest hack is a breach of VerticalScope, which is responsible for more than 1,000 popular websites and forums, including,, and More than 1,100 websites have been affected by the hack - with information from nearly 45 million user accounts stolen, according to LeakedSource, a website that tracks hacks and data dumps.The passwords were encrypted, according to LeakedSource, "but less than 10% of the domains which account for a very small amount of leaked records used difficult to break encryption."The data taken apparently includes email addresses, encrypted passwords, usernames, and IP addresses.In both cases, tens of millions of users' account details were taken, and hackers have been using these logins to hijack social-media accounts of celebrities and public figures including the rapper Drake and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.VerticalScope also discussed the hack with ZDNet, with the company's vice president of corporate development Jerry Orban saying in a statement: We believe that any potential breach is limited to usernames, user IDs, email addresses, and encrypted passwords of our users.In addition, we are reviewing our security policies and practices and in response to increased Internet awareness of security-related incidents, including potential incidents on our communities, we are implementing security changes related to our forum password strength and password expiration policies across certain forum communities.SEE ALSO: Twitter says it hasn't been hacked — now stop reusing your passwordNOW WATCH: Switzerland spent $12 billion to build the world's longest and deepest train tunnel Loading video...
Decoded does well to include a handful of notable names: Jeff Moss DefCon founder , Lance James chief scientist at Flashpoint , and Peiter "Mudge" Zatko leader of the L0ght hacker collective who later joined DARPA all chime in on various topics.The special spends equal time relaying network news-level detail on major events like Apple v. FBI, the Ashley Madison hack, and the Sony data dumps.Robot , and Malek appear interspersed between the technical discussions to praise the storytelling and explain how much they learn through osmosis on set.While he reveals many of the real-world inspirations for S1 plot points—did you see a bit of Stuxnet in the Steel Mountain/Raspberry Pi climate hack?And those lines of code that bloggers screengrab and fawn over?Following a few final hints about that encryption debate being incorporated and sound clips of President Obama "saying" fsociety at a press conference, the documentary admittedly succeeded.
Many people use GoToMyPC to obtain remote access to home and work computers via a web browser.The global password reset comes soon after a separate attack on another remote access system that also re-used passwords stolen elsewhere."We apologise for the frustration this issue is causing," it said.A status report on the GoToMyPC website that said the site was hard to reach suggested many people had been trying to change their password following news of the attack.Earlier this month, many users of the TeamViewer remote access software reported they had been hit by attackers who used login credentials found in massive dumps of login data sold and shared online."Re-using passwords at multiple sites is a bad idea to begin with, but re-using your GoToMyPC remote administrator password at other sites seems like an exceptionally lousy idea," said security expert Brian Krebs in a blogpost analysing the attack.
Similar to recent issues for TeamViewer, another remote computer sharing software, GoToMyPC s parent company Citrix believes that the root of the unauthorized access by attackers is due to a password dump.Citrix can confirm the recent incident was a password re-use attack, where attackers used usernames and passwords leaked from other websites to access the accounts of GoToMyPC users, said the company in a statement to users, which also came with advice on coming up with a stronger password and encourages everyone to use two-factor authentication.All affected accounts have been issued the mandatory password reset.It s a fair bet that whoever perpetrated this attack had help from huge email and password lists recently leaked online from older breaches at LinkedIn, MySpace and Tumblr to name a few, said security expert Brian Krebs.Software like TeamViewer and GoToMyPC allow remote access to your computer, and reusing a password that s ultimately compromised can be a detriment to your whole system and other online accounts.Users have been warned for years not to re-use passwords, but with the recent deluge of online data dumps, they re being used for attacks on a much larger scale than is typical.
PodcastThis week Sarah Vela and Ben Kepes carry our weekly tech world roundup podcast, where they discuss Dockercon, AWS, Musk and Apple headphones.Their special guest this week is Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-founder of Cirba.Here are the subjects – helpfully indexed for your browsing pleasure 1:00 Ed in Thailand for 104 2:37 Dockercon wrap 6:39 AWS is… dead?9:00 Musk wants Solar City, Tesla tanks 11:05 Rumour: Apple to dump headphone jack 14:21 Dell dumps some software 17:57 FLASHBACK: Amazon 2009 18:27 Introducing Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-founder of Cirba 23:31 The role for infrastructure in enterprise IT 28:55 SaaS: Cloud and the enterprise services model 32:01 Software-defined everything 34:47 Cloud governance, risk and compliance 37:12 IT ecosystem coopition 41:00 The future of containers and micro servicesListen with the Reg player below, or download here.Podcast Subscriber LinksFeed URL for other podcast tools – Juice, Zune, et cetera:
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