There are many areas of marketing technology that are considered “hot” right now.And yet MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the global event management software market alone is expected to grow from $5.10 billion in 2014 to $7.78 billion by 2019.Despite all the event creation, promotion, attendee check-in, and management solutions available — both at the low end and within the enterprise — many companies still run their respective seminars and conferences exactly as they used to decades ago.In B2B circles, the days of stapling business cards to manually completed “lead sheets” are still with us.Even now, with smartphones and tablets as prevalent as they are, double-entry of attendees is rife, and sales reps have no clue when an “important person” walks into the conference hall.Today, Attend wants to change that for good with the release of a new mobile app that augments its existing event management platform.
While CBS upfronts presentation today was largely confined to its new shows coming next season, the network took the opportunity to unveil the very first teaser for its new Star Trek series.Set to debut in 2017—the pilot will premiere on CBS, with the show at large being exclusive to new streaming service CBS All Access—the new series will be helmed by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, who has the Trek bonafides to merit attention.The teaser is less than a minute, and shows off exactly zero new footage, but its CGI sequence culminates in the tagline that the show will feature new crews, new villains, new heroes, new worlds.Unfortunately, that s all anyone will get for now; network president Les Moonves ribbed the crowd by saying, You didn t think we were going to show you the cast, did you?Though Angela Bassett has shot down rumors that she was cast as a captain, the fact that Fuller has said in interviews that he wanted to cast her—along with Rosario Dawson as first officer—is reason enough to think that series will boldly go where no television series has gone since Enterprise went off the air over a decade ago.
Yesterday Runa Capital, a venture investment firm operating globally from its offices in Moscow, London and San Francisco, announced that it has closed its second fund, Runa Capital Fund II, having raised $135 million.As a result, Runa has $270 million under management, taking into account its first fund, which also amounted to $135 million.The firm declined to disclose any information about the new fund s backers.Focusing on Series A and B investments in the USA and Europe, Runa Capital Fund II targets companies with high ambitions on the global market, essentially in the fields of complex enterprise software and cloud applications, education, public services, finance and health.The new fund logically follows our development over the past years,  said Dmitry Chikhachev, Managing Partner at Runa Capital.We will support those who aim to gain significant shares on highly competitive markets.Runa Capital Fund II — which began operating two years ago — has already made 13 investments, coming in addition to the first fund s 30 portfolio companies.Launched in 2010 by Sergei Beloussov, Ilya Zybarev and Dmitry Chikhachev, Runa Capital I initially focused on Russia.The fund progressively expanded its scope to investing globally, following a strong invest-abroad trend among Russian venture capitalists.Over the past few years Runa — which Dow Jones Venture Source ranked among the top three European funds in 2015 — has invested significantly in Californian and Western European startups.Most recently, Runa led a $5.6 million round for SchoolMint, a leading provider of mobile and online enrollment systems for US public, charter and private schools.
To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Consulting firm Accenture has announced a partnership with artificial intelligence software company, IPsoft, aimed at spurring the use of AI in the enterprise, ZDNet reports.The deal will see Accenture integrate IPsoft's AI program, Amelia, into a new business unit called Accenture Amelia.Amelia will act as a virtual agent to businesses within the insurance, banking, and travel industries.Companies can enlist its help to automate a wide variety of service desk roles, such as helping customers open new bank accounts or process insurance claims.The company recently built a new R lab in Dublin, Ireland, where Accenture s head office is.The lab will focus on the development and integration of AI systems into Accenture Operations, including customer support, procurement, supply chain, and warranty services.The global market for content analytics, discovery and cognitive systems software is projected to reach $9.2 billion by 2019, according to IDC.
Nvidia says its virtual desktop products will start at $2 per user, per monthNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at the GTC conference on April 5, 2016Nvidia is introducing a new graphics card option for its Grid virtual desktop system, promising to cut the costs of streaming graphics-intensive applications to employees.Customers buy the graphics hardware in Grid servers from partners such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, Cisco Systems and Nutanix, along with virtualization software such as VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop.It can also make workers more mobile, because the streamed apps can be accessed from anywhere and on almost any client, including a tablet.With the new M10 cards, Nvidia wants to branch out into the broader market for office workers, or what it calls knowledge workers."Every marketing person I know uses Photoshop or Illustrator, so these apps are becoming more widely used," he said.That includes the price of the Tesla M10, but it doesn't include the rest of the server hardware.
Hedge fund Corvex Partners has revealed that it owns 10 per cent of the veteran streaming music company – and that selling out to a larger company is preferable to pursuing a "costly and uncertain business plan."In a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Corvex expresses dismay over the return of founder Tim Westergren as CEO.The hedge fund doesn't think it's worthless – just that it would be worth more to shareholders if it sold now at a premium."Pandora's logged-in mobile user base, deep reach and engagement, and differentiated song recommendation engine are unique assets, and we believe a large, well-capitalized acquirer could further accelerate the company's competitive advantages over time through synergies in areas such as technology and engineering, ad monetization, and customer acquisition and marketing.Simply put, we believe Pandora can become an even more differentiated product and a more valuable business as a part of a larger enterprise," Corvex notes.Corvex points out that Pandora has made only modest gains since IPO relative to the market.
They re startups hoping to win investments from HPE s venture capital arm.Putting money into startups is a way for the company to contend with new technologies from rivals like Inc. and Google.Every quarter she hosts Coffee With Meg gatherings, listens to presentations from startups, asks pointed questions, and helps decide who will get the company s money.Whitman s VC push comes after witnessing huge writedowns that cost the company more than $15 billion early in her tenure.Also in 2012, it said it would write down about $8 billion after purchasing Electronic Data Systems four years earlier.In November, HP underwent a massive corporate split from what s now called HP Inc., which sells computers and printers.The purpose of this is for us to actually be in the market all the time, understanding the emerging technologies, he said.Corporate venture capital is nothing new; Google and Intel Corp. both have investment arms.Ananth said the group is also looking at possibly expanding internationally and getting into new fields such as artificial intelligence.Already, HPE is seeing gains from its investments.
In PCM cell, '0' is programmed to be written in the amorphous phase or a '1' in the crystalline phase, or vice versa while low voltage is applied to read the bits back as in re-writable Blue-ray Discs.For storing 3 bits per cell, the scientists have developed a set of drift-immune cell-state metrics and drift-tolerant coding and detection schemes.IBM Research - Zurich manager of non-volatile memory research and one of the authors of the paper Dr. Haris Pozidis said: "Phase change memory is the first instantiation of a universal memory with properties of both DRAM and flash, thus answering one of the grand challenges of our industry."Reaching 3 bits per cell is a significant milestone because at this density the cost of PCM will be significantly less than DRAM and closer to flash."With the technology, scientists are expecting that a mobile phone's operating system could be stored in PCM, which will help it launch in a few seconds.The technology could also be used in enterprise environments, as the entire databases could be stored in PCM, allowing faster query processing for time-critical online applications, such as financial transactions.
Helping online shoppers navigate complex buying decisions may help ecommerce retailers improve conversion rates, reduce returns, and earn loyal, repeat shoppers.Products that are new to the market and thus require more study by the consumer before deciding to purchase can also be categorized as complex, explained IBM s Robin Schwartz in a 2005 interview about IBM s enterprise guided selling solution.The guided selling solution should help shoppers make relatively complex buying decisions with ease regardless of whether the product itself is complex or simple.Another store said, Cooking surface sufficient for 45 burgers.If you ask a potential kayak buyer if she has a lot of room to store the kayak, and that shopper says no, you should presumably limit kayak recommendations to short kayaks or kayaks that can breakdown for storage.But you will need to weigh the time it takes to set up and integrate a solution against your resources and goals.
Nearly three quarters 71.4 percent of Microsoft Office 365 enterprise customers have at least one compromised account each month according to a report by Skyhigh Networks, which found use of the cloud-based office suite among employees is rising rapidly.The company, which offers insights into how Office 365 is being used in a corporate environment, collected data from 600 businesses and 27 million employees and discovered 22.3 percent of workers were now using Office 365 – an increase of 320 percent from 6.8 percent nine months ago.According to the report, 17.1 percent of files stored on OneDrive can be considered sensitive .This includes confidential data, personally identifiable information, health data or payment details.On average there are 204 files in each corporate Office 365 environment that stores unencrypted passwords called passwords .This percentage will only increase as OneDrive becomes more tightly integrated to the rest of the suite.
An app on your phone shows available parking spaces. photographer: Easypark Swedish Easypark is launching a service that makes it possible to find available parking spaces in one app on your mobile. The first city to be able to use the service is Jonkoping. Through collaboration with enterprise information management Infracontrol get EasyPark updates real time information on the number of free parking spaces in the multi-storey car park and the main square. The information from Infracontrol integrated into the app, so users in real time, where there are free parking spaces. In Jönköping, the Easy Park's users see available parking spaces in the parking garages Smithy, Library, Sesame, Brahe, atoll and iron carrier, but also in open car parks East Square, Spira Culture Center and West Square.
He said: "We appreciate and respect that there are a range of reasons that motivate people on both sides of the debate, but as a business that is very committed to this country, our view is that the UK should remain in the EU.The company employs over 5,000 people and works with 25,000 businesses.However, the company indicated that it will not stop operations in the UK if the country votes in favour of Brexit.At the same time, Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK managing director Andy Isherwood sent a note to the staff, saying that the UK should remain in the EU.Last month, IBM UK boss David Stokes said in an internal blog to staff, "As a large, globally integrated business with a strong presence across the EU, IBM sees significant benefits from EU economic integration.techUK polled 277 tech business leaders, three-quarters of which were SMEs, and identified a clear majority for the In camp.
As enterprises embark on their digital journeys, APIs are often used to connect the fast pace of digital innovation with the more stable system of records.There are two stark differences between the world of APIs and the world of ESBs:You might ask, all of this sounds great, but the proof of the pudding is in its eating, right?We classified the over 30 different types of policies that our customers use into four broad categories, and, within them, whether they represent exposure or consumption concerns the same broad category can have both exposure and consumption policies .Lack of chaining patterns in APIsI also looked across more than 9,000 production-deployed APIs to discern whether they call other APIs, or whether they call target systems directly.Apigee has all the capabilities for exposure and API chaining, of course, and it is often used for microservices and chaining calling patterns, but the current dominant patterns are consumption and light orchestration.When the goal is speed of implementation, the Apigee platform, with support for Java, Node.js, and Python, is perfectly suitable for orchestrating services and mashing up content.
New billing suite aims to unify the entire billing process, no matter what business model is in useNetSuite has detailed a new unified billing system for customers that will work with any business model, whether its product-based, time, service, subscription, usage or any combination of these.SuiteBilling, as its known, unifies both the billing and revenue recognition processes, giving customers more control and visibility from multiple sales channels.And to make matters worse, companies operating hybrid business models that contain a mix of different offerings, packaging and pricing bundles, are also emerging.So as the billing process becomes more complex, the challenge for businesses is to maximise their revenues by allowing firms to price their products in new and innovative ways.Last month it announced a new Benelux region headquarters in Amsterdam as part of its ongoing expansion in Europe.The company is also in the midst of having to deal with the implications of the new Privacy Shield data sharing agreement between the United States and European Union, which failed to gain the public backing of a key European data protection group.
the resource will be lost You may have a full-time trainee as well as someone else's assistant to help out in important positions, but all of a sudden, these assistants are assigned to other to get busy. This may mean that your boss considers you to have too much of a foothold in the enterprise, and he does not want to stay in the shade. The boss to limit your conversations with senior management Fearful supervisor to limit communication to upper managers to take place only through him. He fears that if the upper management sees directly to your ability, they can keep you better than your boss. A higher priority task will be taken away You know that something in you trouble your boss if he suddenly decides to move you out of the major project or the number of the most important tasks entrusted to someone else. If you still get siiroon very minor tasks pair, alarm bells should start ringing.
Today at I/O, Google took the wraps off its latest foray into the world of communications: the company announced Allo, a smart messaging app supercharged with machine learning and Google s new Google Assistant service its answer to Amazon s Alexa , giving users the ability not just to chat to each other with animated graphics and enlarging/shrinking text, but to call in Google and later other third-party apps to share media, plan events, buy things, and even think of what to say to each other.The iOS and Android app is being unveiled today, but it will only be live this summer, Google says.So while there are already a number of popular messaging apps out there today like Facebook s WhatsApp and Messenger; Viber; Line; WeChat and others like Slack focusing on enterprise — it s no surprise to see Google pooling together its strong cards to see if it can make its own messaging product fly.We are building search to be much more assistive, Google s CEO Sundar Pichai noted today during the I/O keynote when unveiling Google Assistant and the many helping nudges it gives you when you are looking for information through featuresAs with other messaging apps, users of Allo will be able to find people to chat to based on their phone numbers, and those that use Google accounts for services like Gmail will also be able to call in their contacts from those services.In addition to emoji and a whisper / loud mode where you can enlarge and shrink text to emphasize what you re saying, there are a number of AI-based details.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is so serious about pushing HPE into the world of corporate venture investing, that she is personally involved with the program, reports Bloomberg's Brian Womack.HPE intends to invest $100 million in 2016, its second year of its program, which HPE calls "Pathfinder," Lak Ananth, the program's managing director told Womack.And although the investment group currently employs 10 people, and expects to be at 15 later this year, this project is very much Whitman's baby.Startups have to pitch to the billionaire CEO personally at quarterly "coffees with Meg" before HPE signs off on deals.She was, for instance, personally involved in HPE's investment in Mesosphere, a hot cloud startup that reportedly turned down a $150 million acquisition offer from Microsoft.Instead it stayed independent and raised another $73.5 million led by this HP ventures unit, raising about $122 million to date, with a reported valuation of over $1 billion .HPE's didn't just throw money at Mesosphere, it's also giving the startup access to the company's enormous sales force and partner network, she says.This gives Mesosphere many of the benefits of being acquired by a bigger company, while allowing it to stay on its own.Joining the clubIt was, apparently, Whitman's direct involvement that encouraged Mesosphere to go with HPE's funding, CEO Florian Leibert told Womack, who describes Whitman as "really responsive.Although she's had a storied career growing eBay, was a "strategic advisor" to VC Kleiner Perkins, and been on the boards of other startups like Zipcar, she's not known for her angel investing.She has no AngelList profile and Crunchbase only lists a single personal investment she's made, into startup factory Expa, founded by Uber and StumbleUpon cofounder Garrett Camp.Whitman isn't looking for HPE to become a big VC and make a killing on its investments, though she doesn't want to lose money.Instead, it's a way for HPE in general, and Whitman in particular, to keep tabs on the startup world, and get a stake in hot technologies without having to acquire every company outright, she says.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
The server outage that caused Salesforce to go down for almost all day last week could cost the company nearly $20 million, according to a note published by the financial services firm D.A."Depending on Salesforce s response and affected customers service level agreements, we estimate this outage could impact current quarter revenue guidance by $20 million," the note said.For a company that's on track to generate over $8 billion in revenue this year, a $20 million hit won't be much of a dent.But it could lead to more long-term problems, such as trust and reliability issues, as it's almost unprecedented for a cloud service platform to suffer a day-long server disruption.On top of that, as we previously reported, some of the smaller customers do not have service level agreements that would have compensated for the service disruption and data loss."While any repercussions arising from this outage remains to be seen e.g., increased customer churn , this outage is clearly a short-term headwind for a company trying to become a standard platform for business-critical enterprise applications that may cause customers to question the reliability of the platform," DiFucci wrote in a note.The estimated $20 million loss won't have any impact on Salesforce's first quarter earnings, as the outage happened during the company's second fiscal quarter.Plus, the company has been placing more focus on improving profitability in recent quarters, a positive sign for investors.Here is what analysts are expecting, according to Yahoo Finance:Q1 non-GAAP earnings per share EPS : $0.23, up from $0.16 in Q1 2015.Q1 Revenue: $1.89 billion, up about 25.3% from $1.51 billion in the year-ago period.We view as the company in our coverage universe most leveraged to this massive technology refresh and expansion cycle across the CRM market," Credit Suisse wrote in a note Wednesday.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
To be more specific, he needs to convince several thousand of them, aged around 24, to be weighed, prodded and quizzed, donate blood and urine as well as undergo scans of their livers, hearts, necks and entire bodies.Their data has been used in more than 1,200 academic papers worldwide, including ones showing the benefits of eating fish during pregnancy, that peanut oil in baby lotions is linked to later peanut allergy, and that 15 minutes of exercise a day halves the risk of childhood obesity.This may sound a lot, but the Bristol study is part of a bigger and more unusual enterprise, a remarkable series of birth cohort studies that have tracked successive generations born in Britain.Researchers around the world are keen to use the data: "We have a clutch of proposals every week," says Nicholas Timpson, a genetic epidemiologist who leads many of the omic studies for ALSPAC.Around 1,000 cohort members have already attended the latest clinic, Focus @ 24 , which will collect measurements when these young adults are at their physical prime.Another project will also start this year involving wiring up the bodies and homes of 30 study members with sensors to measure how active they are, and in-house sensors and cameras to monitor eating, sleeping and TV watching.
The company also Wednesday forecast revenue in the current quarter that topped analysts estimates, sending shares up as much as 6.6 percent in extended trading.Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff is benefiting from a multiyear effort to persuade corporations to adopt software delivered over the Internet, or the cloud.During a call with analysts, the company touted new deals with Samsung Electronics Co., Uber Technologies Inc. and Inc. that expanded on existing relationships.Revenue increased 27 percent to $1.92 billion in the fiscal first quarter ended April 30, topping the average estimate of $1.89 billion.Over the last three years -- as successful as the company has always been -- we have put a particular emphasis on the enterprise and a focus on expansion in our international markets, Keith Block, president and chief operating officer, said on a conference call with analysts.Benioff said the company will continue to look for new ways to work with Amazon s cloud services, which provide computing power and storage for customers.The acquisition will help it offer AI capabilities to automate and personalize customer support, marketing and many other business processes.