Two Australian councils are out-of-pocket after funding an attempt to use water divining to help top up Lake Albert near the southern NSW town of Wagga Wagga.Lake Albert is a popular watersports location in the Riverina, but it suffers heavy evaporation losses and in summer, it can lose 25 per cent of its water.The diviner, Errol Barton, said his bronze rods pointed to a source of water that would provide 500 megalitres of water a year.Having drilled to 216 metres below the surface, the promised flows didn't eventuate, so the project has been abandoned.The boat club's commodore, one Mick Henderson, defends the use of a water diviner, saying No-one knows what is under the ground … until we do a test drill .Except, of course, that somewhere in a NSW government department, there's someone that okayed taxpayer funds for the project.
REUTERS/Yuya ShinoBy Makiko Yamazaki and Kentaro HamadaTOKYO Reuters - A glimmer of light for Japan's battered electronics sector: while Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc lag South Korean rivals in making organic light emitting diode OLED screens, some smaller Japanese equipment makers are booming in niche areas further up the OLED manufacturing process.Already, some less well-known Japanese equipment makers including Canon Tokki Corp and Dai Nippon Printing Co have seen strong OLED-related orders from Samsung Display, a unit of Samsung Electronics, and other global panel makers.CEO Teruhisa Tsugami told Reuters Tokki plans to double production capacity this year to meet strong demand from clients including South Korean, Japanese and Chinese panel makers.Dai Nippon Printing has become a leader in producing evaporation masks, used to coat light-emitting materials at precise locations on panels.The firm, better known for its cameras, reckons operating profit this year from flat panel lithography equipment alone will hit 50 billion yen $472 million , helping offset the impact of weaker camera demand."It's such a waste that domestic panel makers have not tapped their technologies."
It'll be coming to your attention in just a minute, just as soon as you have a peek at the images and listen up: laser-marked fabric is what's coming up next.Top15 Accounting Top 15 Accounting Software Solutions in Free Comparison ReportPublish a Christian Bookwestbowpress.comGet Published.Get Discovered.Thomas Nelson Reviews Our Titles.Through evaporation or what you might recognize as bleaching, color is removed by lasers.According to the patent, "in particular, it may be difficult to maintain an ink-printed pattern on a textile product that is subject to repeated handling or use."
But there are still some mysteries about how such mixed liquids behave.Now physicists at the University of Twente in the Netherlands have captured the various life phases of an evaporating drop of ouzo on camera.They describe their work in a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The so-called ouzo effect is a well-known phenomenon, among mixologists as well as physicists.It s what happens when you add water to ouzo a mix of water, alcohol, and anise oil or other liquors that contain anise—notably pastis, raki, arak, sambuca, and absinthe.This happens because adding water alters the alcohol-to-water ratio, a key factor in in determining the beverage s oil solubility.
Are you just dying for this heat wave to end?Do you find yourself reluctant to go outside because the temperature is over 95 degrees Fahrenheit?Our well being and our comfort level depend on more than just the temperature of the surrounding air.This energy comes from the human body, which helps to decrease its temperature.With a little bit of wind you can get a higher rate of sweat evaporation for a human—this is how a fan works.What might feel hot to you might feel cool to me.
An aerial photo of Hammond, Louisiana on Saturday.Historic, record flooding gripped southeastern Louisiana this weekend after neighborhoods from Baton Rouge to Livingston were swamped under an absolute torrent of rainfall.Meteorologically speaking, this event has been unfolding for more than a week, thanks to a slow-moving, low-pressure tropical air mass fed by high sea surface temperatures, and record humidity.It s mid-summer and the Gulf of Mexico is hot.Put heat and water together, and you get evaporation.The dew point, or temperature at which water vapor condenses, has been hovering oppressively close to the temperature of the ocean itself, meaning water is simply pouring into the atmosphere.
Image: NASA Goddard Spaceflight CenterIn the 1970s, Stephen Hawking made an audacious prediction that black holes aren t totally black; they evaporate over time, emitting tiny amounts of radiation in the process.Now Israeli physicists have reported the strongest evidence to date that Hawking was right in a new paper in Nature Physics.But then Hawking discovered that it s theoretically possible for black holes to evaporate over time via a quantum mechanical process known as Hawking radiation.So-called virtual particles can pop in and out of existence over such short time frames that they don t violate established laws of physics.But if a virtual particle pair appears at the event horizon of a black hole, and one of the pair falls in, the black hole would appear to be emitting photons particles of light , losing a bit of its mass in the process.
In the 1970s, Stephen Hawking made an audacious prediction that black holes aren t totally black; they evaporate over time, emitting tiny amounts of radiation in the process.Now Israeli physicists have reported the strongest evidence to date that Hawking was right in a new paper in Nature Physics.But then Hawking discovered that it s theoretically possible for black holes to evaporate over time via a quantum mechanical process known as Hawking radiation.So-called virtual particles can pop in and out of existence over such short time frames that they don t violate established laws of physics.But if a virtual particle pair appears at the event horizon of a black hole, and one of the pair falls in, the black hole would appear to be emitting photons particles of light , losing a bit of its mass in the process.Hawing s idea has enormous implications for theoretical physics, most notably for the black hole information paradox.
That is, when the clothing comes from Stanford.A team of scientists at the esteemed California university have developed a textile derived from plant material that is reported to cool your body far more efficiently than is possible with the natural or synthetic fabrics in clothes we wear today.In a summary of its work in Science Magazine, the research team led by Professor Yi Cui claim that this new textile could be the answer to keeping cool for those living in hot climates without access to modern air conditioning.If you can cool the person rather than the building where they work or live, that will save energy, said Cui.The secret comes in a combination of nanotechnology, photonics, and chemistry, which ultimately helps the human body expel heat more efficiently than any other fabric currently on the market.In fact, wearing clothes with this new textile can help keep the wearer 4 degrees cooler — and not only does this revolutionary material help with sweat evaporation, but it also allows heat that the body emits as infrared radiation to pass through the plastic textile, Stanford News reports.
Revenue from OS flat in Q3, but evaporation of phone business again drags Microsoft's More Personal Computing group under.Microsoft yesterday said that revenue in the September quarter for the More Personal Computing group was down 2%, the second consecutive quarter of year-over-year declines and the fifth contraction in the last six quarters.Windows revenue, which accounts for the bulk of More Personal Computing s MPC total, was flat.But that was an improvement over the prior quarter, when sales of the operating system were down 4%.Our total Windows OEM business was flat this quarter, more in line with the PC market and better than we expected, said Amy Hood, Microsoft s chief financial officer, during a call with Wall Street analysts Thursday.MPC—one of three financial reporting groups—recorded revenue of $9.3 billion, down from last year s $9.5 billion.
Talvivaara mine used to run a terra fame told me that mine could also produce valuable fertilizer raw materials by-product.a Potential fertilizer raw materials production includes terra fame of four different technological solution that aims to better manage the mining of the problematic process the necessary solutions belong to the solids removal with the new method, changing the filters and filter capacity increase as well as the metal plant of water evaporation, as a result of which the evaporation of the ice residues could be crystallized metal sulphates.terra fame, according to the sulphate to minimise this would reduce the mine environmental impacts.
Though NASA has confirmed 3,440 planets outside our solar system, no one has ever been able to confirm an exomoon.While we know they re out there, huddling around their respective planets, new research could clue us into why we haven t been able to find one yet—and it could be because their planets are arsesholes.A team of researchers at Nanjing University in China have been running simulations of exoplanets, their stars, and their theoretical moons, based on exoplanets scientists have already confirmed.These exoplanets tend to orbit their stars very closely—much closer than Earth orbits our own Sun.In the simulations, the team gave each exoplanet 500 moons.The group found that over time, photo evaporation from high energy photons—caused by the exoplanet orbiting the host star so closely—forced the exoplanets to lose some of their atmospheric mass.
The upshot is that if this result really is due to a surface reaction of some sort, then it is highly inefficient.But that doesn't really matter at the moment it may not even a surface reaction, after all .What is important is that the researchers have confirmed electricity generation in a very simple system.The generation may be due to some other effect like osmosis, a thermal gradient, or any number of other things.But it may also be possible to optimize this system to generate larger amounts of electricity.Even at low efficiencies, it might be enough to keep low-power devices chugging along in the background.
Arctic Cool recently introduced the Instant Cooling apparel line for men and women, which utilizes Hydrofreeze technology designed to cool down your body while you exercise.Where cotton tees have failed and the newest sweat-wicking fabrics only succeed to a degree, Hydrofreeze takes workout apparel to the next level of innovation.Cotton tees are effective for wicking but correspondingly disperse and absorb moisture, remaining heavy and damp for hours.While newer synthetic fabrics efficiently wick sweat away from the body without absorption, there is no mechanism for dispersion.Arctic Cool developed Hydrofreeze X Cooling Technology for dynamic sweat wicking, dispersion, and supplemental evaporative cooling that occurs between the fabric and the skin.Hydrofreeze serves as the best of both fabric worlds while stepping on to a higher plane of apparel science.
Water is typically considered a renewable resource, as the global cycle of evaporation and precipitation constantly redistributes it.But not all sources of fresh drinking water work that way.A new study led by the University of Calgary’s Scott Jasechko estimates how much of the Earth’s accessible groundwater is “fossil” water that has been down there for 12,000 years or more, predating the current interglacial climate period.Along the way, the researchers discovered a surprise—that “fossil” water may not be as untouched by human pollution as we thought.Old water can be bound in dry areas with very low aquifer-refilling rates, or it can reside deeper in wetter regions, often below relatively impermeable rock layers that separate aquifers.Although water that has spent so long in contact with bedrock sometimes picks up problematic geological contaminants, these deeper waters typically enjoy the advantage of being isolated from human activities.
p Humanity has trillions of dollars of infrastructure within a meter of the current sea level.Unfortunately, we don't have very good data for this.Modern satellite records of sea level only go back a few decades; before that, we have about a century of tide gauge readings.Unfortunately, those tide gauges weren't uniformly distributed throughout the globe.Attempts to account for these and other factors has produced a variety of estimates of past sea level rise, most being fairly similar but differing in a number of ways.Humanity has trapped a lot of water behind dams, and it has taken lots of groundwater and placed it back into the regular cycling of evaporation and precipitation.
p China has announced that the largest floating photovoltaic (PV) facility on earth has finally been completed and connected to the local power grid.Long reviled for its carbon emission record, this is the Chinese government’s latest achievement in its ongoing effort to lead the world in renewable energy adoption.Located in the city of Huainan in the Anhui province, the 40-megawatt facility was created by PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ironically, the floating grid itself was constructed over a flooded former coal-mining region.Floating solar farms are becoming increasingly popular around the world because their unique design addresses multiple efficiency and city planning issues.These floating apparatuses free up land in more populated areas and also reduce water evaporation.The cooler air at the surface also helps to minimize the risk of solar cell performance atrophy, which is often related to long-term exposure to warmer temperatures.
We've tested dozens of models to bring you the best desktop, pedestal and tower fans.With most models offering height adjustment, in addition to pivot and oscillation, pedestal fans are easier to configure for the perfect cooling breeze.Noise is important, particularly if you want to sleep with a fan turned on.A fan with a remote control can be a good option if you want to adjust settings on the fly; this is particularly true in the bedroom, where you may not want to get out of bed to turn off your fan.This is a dedicated Bixby button – which I'll cover in more detail in the Software section – and while it shows Samsung is taking its new virtual assistant seriously, it feels too much for Bixby to have its own button.Unlike with the G6, though, the display here melts into the sturdy metal rim.
Julia Römer's refrigerators produce cold from heat.Many medicines - from asthma sprays to insulin to vaccines - must be cooled until moments before they're used.But in large parts of the world, electricity is not readily available.So Römer, a technical-chemistry engineer, asked herself: What if you built a refrigerator that doesn't use electricity?The answer was the catalyst for the startup, Coolar.In a conventional refrigerator, low temperatures are caused by the evaporation of a coolant.
compared to show that the line width of 10 milliseconds of these 1000mw laser pointer is very stable,when appropriate to join the positive feedback loop (constitute the resonant cavity) can form a laser oscillation output.The line width of an ordinary laser is usually several kilohertz to several million hertz, which is not suitable for a particularly high precision test.The German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology and the American Academy of Experimental Astrophysical Physics scientists to create two wavelengths of about 1.5 microns of green laser pointer, composed of laser .The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to "mark" the trace by the physical changes of the surface material caused by the light, or to burn the part of the material by light., Text, bar code and other graphics.They said that the experimental device can be further optimized, it is possible to reduce the line width to less than 1 millichromo level.Below is a list of blue laser pointer sights that we think are the best of the best laser sights for 2017.A bright green laser beam sight gives you quick target acquisition with the Streamlight and in combination with the tactical flashlight, would be a very effective carry weapon compliment or home defense laser sight.It’s hard not to like this little green laser beam pointer.