Aries fire inspection provides accurate and verifiable reports.All fire inspection report results are reviewed and verified online.The users can get access to create, edit, and manage the data and fire extinguisher software in their accounts.It is not possible to modify the fire inspection report data.Regular multiple data backups and instant records can be made available to help you make the most out of your investment.
With this thorough inspection they will generate a fire extinguisher inspection report to tell you if there is any need for replacement or reinstalling it to a more appropriate place.Different extinguishers from different companies have their own time interval for inspection.It is highly recommended that you get the extinguishers checked at least once a year for annual testing and maintenance to stay sure.They will inspect the extinguisher nameplate, with the proper operating instructions.Also, the nameplate and instructions should be facing outwards.
Fire safety inspection is an essential procedure that you must conduct at your building.To know your fire alarm system is working must be your primary concern.For increasing the fire safety of your office, building and schools, you must regulate the fire inspection of your building and work on the issues mentioned in your fire alarm system report.
If someone uses the extinguisher, you get a notification to need to replace it.The fire safety technician will start the process and send you the invoice.Your fire safety is as good as the tools you have at your workplace.In the time fire crisis, these tools are the first line of defense because of which you need to manage the fire safety equipment at your office.Best Fire Inspection Software can effectively manage the fire safety equipment and asset of your office.With your Mobile phones, you can take pictures of the equipment, scan their barcodes, and send it to the fire safety technicians to have a look over it.
FireLab is a software platform that manages fire inspection report and service of fire protection systems.Ease of use and efficiency are aspects that continue to push our product forward.For more information check out a demo of Inspect Point today.This being said, efficiency of each inspection needs to be optimized.Identification of each extinguisher is the key factor in speeding up the process.Barcodes and QR codes are great ways to keep your inventory of portables in a specific building.
As a building owner, you may be looking for a software to make sure that everything runs smoothly.Aries Software Company can protect your employees and residents from fire.One can be assured that the inspectors perform their job properly with maximum efficiency.Intelligent reporting can be accessed by the users from anywhere, at any time.Users can login to the software and get instant detailed reports from the cloud.Avoid long on-boarding processes, and dedicated workstations to improve productivity.Read More
But for high rise condo buildings, the whole thing is a bit trickier.Of course they need to have a regular fire inspection Software to make sure that all of the machinery is working properly.If they do not have everything working properly and there is a conflagration, then a resident who suffers damages or injuries because of the whole ordeal could definitely sue and would stand a good chance of winning the suit.But there is a question of whether or not it is a good idea to evacuate the building in the case of a blaze.