Lenovo has announced a wide range of new tablets and hybrid hardware, all running either Android or Windows 8.1.Follow the links below for a detailed overview of Lenovo’s latest device announcements, all of which fall into its Yoga range of versatile hardware.The standout feature of Lenovo’s Yoga Ultrabooks has always been the clever hinge, which allows the screen to be folded over to create a tent-like stand, rotated around to keep the keyboard out of the way, or laid flat for a tablet-like experience.For the Yoga 3 Pro, Lenovo has redesigned the hinge, likening it to a metal watch band, and building it from 800 pieces of steel and aluminum.Storage is managed by a 256GB SSD, plus there is a 4-in-1 card reader on the 12.8mm chassis.It’s joined by two USB 3.0 sockets, and a Micro HDMI port.
Police are investigating widespread property crime in Tampere, finland.the Romanian roma from the camp of Tampere feather from the mountain found in October tens of thousands of euros worth of, inter alia, computers, tools and flat screen tvs, told the Inland Finland police.Police suspect aggravated theft and theft more than ten Romanian.the Suspects are women and men.the Suspects are according to the police, most likely left the country.Police are searching for the goods owners.
While previous spy shots of the entry-level electric car "appeared to be flat, spartan, and lifeless", the website says the production version feels "refreshing" and "expansive" because of the lack of dials and buttons.As there are no dials behind the steering wheel to show your road speed, Mashable says you need to focus on the touchscreen in the centre console to see how fast you're going.TechCrunch concludes that the Model 3 "is a well-designed, mid-sized sedan that managed to simplify the Tesla design ethos with luxury in mind and without making it feel any less a part of the Tesla family."Prices are expected to start at around £30,000 "after government grants", says the Daily Mail, although UK deliveries are not expected until next year.The cheaper model comes with a battery range of 220 miles.Tesla Model 3: Performance version to arrive 'next year'
Bhavin TurakhiaThe most successful companies are built on great people, and how well they are able to hold on to good talent.Startup cultures are defined by the leadership of a company and the people that work for organisations.Also Read: How to find the right business partner for your startupCompanies slowly adopt the collective conscience of their leadership, and so in a sense, they become an extension of the personalities of their founders.Competitive founders tend to birth startups that are progressive, and CEOs that tend to take time over-analysing data to come to decisions will probably create slower moving organisations.A startup s culture in the early days becomes its guidebook, and eventually grows to represent the identity by which it is perceived.A recent Forbes article that summarised the findings of an employee engagement study conducted by Tinypulse hypothesised that  employees who give their work culture low marks are nearly 15 per cent more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts.The knowledge that you are changing the world, or creating something that is potentially earth shattering is profound.Also Read: The trick to attracting Millennials to your startup brandFor good talent, it s the reason why they will wake up to come to work every morning.Another aspect to this is adopting a flat organisational structure — flat structures are more conducive to ideation, discussion, and rapid development and execution, which is exactly what startups need.Perks and the WorksThis comprises the likes of flexible work hours and vacation days, no dress code, free food, an ever buzzing workspace et al.
GIFFirst revealed earlier in the year at CES, Speck s ultra-thin folding Pocket-VR viewer is finally available for those who want to dabble in virtual reality and are looking for a cost-effective solution that falls somewhere between Google s cheap Cardboard and Samsung s pricey Gear VR.What your $70 alternative to Oculus Rift gets you is a VR viewer made of durable plastic—not cardboard—that cleverly folds flat so it s slim enough to stash in a pocket.Designed for either the iPhone 6/6s or the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Pocket-VR won t actually work with other smartphones since it requires them to be wrapped in an included case for the viewer to properly and securely assemble.The Pocket-VR s open design gives full access to the touchscreen and buttons on whichever smartphone you re using it with, which solves a an annoyance with Google s Cardboard viewer.You re definitely paying a premium for that convenience here, but also its well though-out design that you can quickly whip out and use anywhere.
LONDON—After satellite services providers Inmarsat PLC and Eutelsat Communications SA have worried investors with recent cuts to their sales outlook, the chief executive of rival SES SA on Wednesday said ample growth opportunities remain for his company.Shares in the Paris-based company plummeted 27% in price on the day and are down more than 32% for the month.But investors still appear to remain skeptical about the entire sector.Mr. Sabbagh is trying to persuade investors that SES isn t just buying and deploying satellites to provide capacity, but rather has managed to provide growth by tapping emerging demand, such as beaming more higher-definition television than has historically taken place.In a signal SES remains bullish about the industry s prospects, the company last month agreed to take a controlling stake in O3b Networks Ltd., which is deploying a fleet of spacecraft to beam high-speed Internet to remote locations.SES said it would spend $20 million to increase its stake from 49.1% to 50.5% and has taken a call option to acquire the rest of the stock for $710 million.
Conveyor of military brass and even limited firepower.Four different driving modes allow setting the AWD for automatic, mud, sand, or snow road conditions.With no options, at $20,990 including destination the Sport offers four-wheel drive, black body trim, and love-'em-or-hate-'em steel wheels painted flat black.This turbocharged engine and transmission combination unfortunately shines a light on throttle lag, however, which is one particular bit of engine dynamic behavior that many other manufacturers have long since been able to minimize.To minimize spikes in emissions due to transients when the throttle is sharply opened or closed, manufacturers often soften those throttle opening and closing rates.On a closing throttle, this sort of strategy certainly cleans up some emissions spikes, but it can also cause the engine to decelerate—or idle down—frustratingly slowly.
An attempt to reduce the numbers of visitors smuggling drugs, mobile phones and USB sticks heaving with pornography into a prison has been roundly mocked, with Chelmsford Prison's installation of 7ft cardboard policemen in its car park branded an insult to the security staff who actually work there.The pretend cops were stuck to the walls in the car park in some sort of attempt to psychologically undermine the smuggling plans of visitors, visitors bosses presumably think stupid enough to see a flat cardboard thing and think it might actually be real.The car park is already fitted out with CCTV cameras to keep an eye on visitors walking funny because of all the slimline feature phones they've got shoved up their bottoms in freezer bags, so the 2D law enforcement officers are clearly quite redundant anyway.Francis Crook, from the Howard League for Penal Reform, has officially branded the poster police a bit silly too, explaining: "I think it's insulting to staff.Having cardboard cut-outs of coppers outside is insulting."Make sure to check out our @GizmodoUK Twitter feed, and our Facebook page.
ParkmercedUber has announced a partnership with Parkmerced, an expanding townhome and apartment complex adjacent to San Francisco State University, which gives new residents who don't have cars a monthly $100 stipend as a way to encourage car-free living.Residents must use at least $30 of the subsidy toward Uber rides, and they ll pay a flat fee of $5 to travel from the residence to the nearby BART and MUNI stops.The remaining $70 will be auto-loaded to a Clipper Card, which can be used on nearly all of the Bay Area s transit systems.The subsidy will last for the duration of the lease, up to two years.The immediate benefits to residents will be to decrease or eliminate the need for private car ownership, facilitate a more efficient commute, reduce transportation costs, and minimize the need for parking, Rob Rosania, founder of Maximus Real Estate Partners, the developer of Parkmerced, said in a statement.US Census records show that the average household income in this zip code is over $90,000 per year.
The flourishing online shopping industry is fostering the need for business owners to facilitate easier and more varied payment methods to cater to their growing range of customers, as evidenced by the following statistics: Data from Statista suggests that in 2015, the number of online shoppers in the U.S. reached 205 million, with figures projected to reach 224 million in 2019.From $231 billion in 2012, Forrester Research predicts that U.S. online retail sales volume will steadily increase to $370 billion in 2017.In a study enumerating the payment methods most popular with E-commerce customers, debit card preference topped the list at 43 percent, credit card preference followed at 35 percent, while PayPal and other online wallets trailed behind at three percent.So if you re in the market for payment tools to try, here s a list of payment processing applications to consider: Related Article: Payments Suck: Breaking Down the Current Landscape of Payment Processing1.Dwolla Founded in Iowa in 2008, money transfer services company Dwolla launched in the U.S. in 2010, effectively positioning itself as an alternative to then payments processing giant PayPal.Opening an account with Dwolla is free, and it lets you avail of their money transfer services for one-time, recurring, and even mass payments.For faster, next-day money transfers and other features, users will have to pay a flat monthly fee that starts at $25 per month, instead of per-transaction fees.Established in 2008, from being mainly used for money-pooling, donation initiatives, WePay pivoted to focus on lending its intuitive, user-friendly payments processing platform to businesses.Venmo Venmo is a PayPal-owned payment processing service that allows you to request for, send to, and receive money from other Venmo users.
"We delivered a strong Q3, executing well despite the challenging environment," said CEO Chuck Robbins."I'm pleased with our performance today as well as the progress we're making in transitioning our business to a more software and subscription focus, which we'll continue to apply across our entire portfolio."For the fiscal Q3, ending April 30, Cisco reported:Revenues of $12bn, down 1 per cent from $12.1bn in Q3 2015.Switching hardware revenue of $3.45bn was down 3 per cent year over year, while NGN Routing revenue of $1.89bn saw a 5 per cent decrease.The numbers reflect an ongoing effort within Cisco to shift its focus away from its core networking hardware business and more towards hosted services, including security and virtual appliance management.Cisco's guidance for the upcoming Q4 period estimates that revenues will increase 0-3 per cent and non-GAAP earnings per share will be $0.59-$0.61.
I still do, 'he says when we meet in an anonymous visiting room in AB Volvo's technical center in Gothenburg. As a technical specialist in combustion systems, he sat when, in 2006, in a motor lab with a single-cylinder Volvo engine and tried to bring down emissions. The combustion chamber in a modern truck diesel is shaped entirely by the piston crown: the cylinder is completely flat top. Normally, it consists of a pit with a bun in the middle. - It worked as we wanted, so I and my colleague Michael Balthasar sought patents in 2007, says Jan Eismark. - A common piston crown is forged first and then finsvarvas combustion chamber.
I still do, 'he says when we meet in an anonymous visiting room in AB Volvo's technical center in Gothenburg. As a technical specialist in combustion systems, he sat when, in 2006, in a motor lab with a single-cylinder Volvo engine and tried to bring down emissions. The combustion chamber in a modern truck diesel is shaped entirely by the piston crown: the cylinder is completely flat top. Normally, it consists of a pit with a bun in the middle. - It worked as we wanted, so I and my colleague Michael Balthasar sought patents in 2007, says Jan Eismark. - A common piston crown is forged first and then finsvarvas combustion chamber.
Children s drawings are a window into a world of animals, monsters, and countless other imaginary creations they wished exist, but only have access to crayons to realize their dreams.Crayola wants to help, and is introducing a new service today that will convert a child s crude drawing into a detailed stuffed animal or plush toy.Using the Crayola Imaginables service is as easy as taking a digital photo of or scanning your child s artwork, uploading, emailing, or texting it to the Imaginables website, and then trying to keep your kid calm and patient while they wait four weeks for the plush version of their doodles to arrive.Because kids don t know the first thing about toy design, and their artistic skills are crude at best, the Crayola Imaginables service uses a team of professional designers and seamstresses to ensure the results look as close to the original drawing as possible, while improving its overall shape, colors, and appearance.Presumably the toy designers will leave out some details if they can t be feasibly recreated in plush—bazookas, flamethrowers, and other kid-popular pyrotechnics come to mind.And the service will probably reject drawings featuring profanity, NSFW sketches, or copyrighted material.
Google's been hard at work over the past couple of years getting a virtual reality platform ready for the planet - this week they've opened the doors.Not just a flat, smartphone screen ride, but a 3D, spherical, immersive ride, the likes of which have only been available with multi-hundred-dollar headsets before now.This includes 360 video and photo previews of the app or VR experience.Nathan Martz, Product Manager for Google said "the foundation of Daydream is the phone itself."Martz listed the following bits that'll be coming with all Daydream Ready phones:• Low Persistence Displays• High Performance SoCs• Low Latency, High Quality SensorsThe Nexus 6P may not end up being the first Daydream Ready device, but it WILL be the first device that developers will be using to create Daydream apps.We'll see more of Daydream Labs soon!
If you re marketing an ecommerce shop, you probably do too—or you should.No matter how much traffic your shop has, there are steps you can take to optimize your site.One important tactic you can test is urgency.Urgency is one of the oldest tricks in a marketer s playbook.You ve seen it in action before:Buy now and get free shippingOnly 2 left in stockOffer expires in an hourBuy before midnight or the price goes upBut how well does it work?Turns out, there s a science to urgency as well as an art to execution.
This morning Google gave a first glance at their newest VR app - YouTube VR for Daydream.This app will show off both spherical 360 videos as well as flat videos all in a virtual space.What we're able to see thus far is limited - but extremely encouraging and full of potential.You'll be able to see "everything from classic 16x9 videos to 360-degree footage to cutting-edge VR experiences in full 3-D."Below you'll see the extremely short demonstration shown at Google I/O onstage at the VR session on day 2 of 2016's event series."We re creating the YouTube VR app to provide an easier, more immersive way to find and experience virtual reality content on YouTube," said Kurt Wilms, Senior Product Manager of YouTube Virtual Reality.There you'll find fabulous vistas and a set of rather angry actual, real life birds as well.
But there's a catch...First unveiled at CES 2016, Speck's Cardboard-supporting VR goggles are a happy middle-ground between pricey headsets like the Gear VR and Google's cheap recyclable virtual reality viewer.Related: All the best tech at CES 2016Made from durable plastic rather than last year's birthday cards, the Speck Pocket VR is part smartphone case – there are models for the iPhone 6/6S and Galaxy S7 – and part immersive goodness.It cleverly folds flat when not in use, so you can stash it in your skinny jeans just like any normal bit of mobile armour, but slide out the sides and you're well on your way to a 360-degree rave.Plus, its well thought out open design means that you've got full access to your smartphone's controls even when you're in VR mode, addressing a major Cardboard flaw.Oh, the catch.Not cheap, not extortionate, just another one to file under: "Want, can't have".
In the past their Be Touch and Paris phones all had CNC alloy chassis, but the Vienna feature a unibody plastic body.This hardly detracts from the package though as the plastic is nicely curved and moulded to make a phone that is almost like a slim, flat pebble.The plastics are of good not top quality, and there are no creaks or gaps.With such a curved rear Ulefone made the correct decision of have a 2.5D curved display up front, and to add an extra degree of curvature to the phone there is a small black plastic bezel around the screen.All in all its a good-looking, well made phone, only let down by the rather large and very ugly icons on the chin for the hardware buttons.I m sure a more elegant solution is out there, one which doesn t cheapen the overall good design.Features around the Ulefone Vienna include a 5.5-inch display, headphone jack and IR remote at the top, standard USB in the base, 3 physical buttons on the right side for volume up, down and power and a final extra physical button on the left.The rear of the phone is non removable so a SIM tray on the left is how you add your SIM/SD card.On the back you fill find a 13 mega-pixel main camera slightly protruding , dual LED flash, fingerprint scanner, Ulefone logo and a single but very loud and clear speaker.Our review sample is the space grey version of the Ulefone Vienna, but Grace Black, Silk White and Rose Gold models are all listed on the Ulefone site too.Ulefone Vienna Review – HardwarePriced at around $180 depending on where you buy the Vienna isn t a particularly expensive audio centric phone.Other smartphones with audio features include Vivo, Nubia and Meizu, all of which cost considerably more.The price point is helped with the use of plastic construction, and we also see a cost cutting measure in the use of an octacore Mediatek MT6753 chipset.Now don t let this put you off as with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage there is enough memory for all of your apps and many games will run just fine on the phone, but heavy gamers need to look elsewhere.In fact other than the basic quad-core chipset, there aren t any obvious signs of cost cutting in the rest of the hardware.That 5.5-inch display is a Sharp LTPS 1920 x 1080 FHD model, and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.It s actually surprising that Ulefone managed to squeeze it in to the budget.
Miniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists sayScientists have designed flying, insect-sized robots that can perch and launch from ceilings.Dr Mirko Kovac, director of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory of Imperial College, London, who was not involved in this study, told BBC News that similar robots were currently being trialled in environmental monitoring and disaster-relief efforts.Equipped with sensors, swarms of these small, relatively cheap robots, Dr Kovac explained, could alert first responders to the most intense areas of forest fires or other natural disasters.Detaching easily from a surface was another challenge; if perching was the only goal, Mr Graule said, "we could have put a little glue on top of the robot".To solve these problems, the researchers designed a small, flat "landing patch" with an electrostatic charge that can be switched on and off.What the team is most excited about though are the opportunities that such minuscule component parts promise for other applications.