Ford is cranking up the pressure on Wrangler and other SUVs, by doubling-down on the 2021 Bronco’s bulging accessory portfolio. Official add-ons for the upcoming truck – along with the 2021 Bronco Sport that will launch later this year – were given equal billing in Ford’s big Bronco announcement last month, and now it’s showing just what can be done … Continue reading
Best of all, a whole lot of this stuff will be ready to roll at launch.
The hybrid power would likely come from Ford's electrified 10-speed automatic transmission as seen on the Explorer hybrid.
Could it possibly be a roundabout way of getting people to preorder the new Bronco?
The Jeep has a bit of a tougher time, but eventually makes its way up an inclined rock formation.
Anyone who’s ever been off-roading on a narrow trail knows how difficult it can be to turn around. Sometimes you can find enough space to do a multipoint turn, but other times the only thing you can do is keep going until you find enough space to turn. A new video has turned up online that shows an interesting feature … Continue reading
Video shows the Bronco with the Sasquatch package tackling one of the toughest off-road trails in the US, though it gets a tad stuck.
The final Fusion left the assembly line on July 31, meaning Ford no longer builds a sedan for America.
We'll have to drive it to know, but perhaps this is a Mazdaspeed3 without the badge.
We'll finally get to build our own digital Broncos by September.
Here's a look at our most important stories for the week ending Aug. 1.
Ford is exploring whether it can increase production of its upcoming Bronco, after hitting more reservations for the new SUV than it perhaps expected to. The pre-order books opened up for Bronco reservations earlier in July, as the iconic truck nameplate returned for a 21st century reinterpretation of the vehicle. Indeed, the new Bronco won’t just be a single model, … Continue reading
The Ocean isn't exactly drowning in preorders, but Fisker plans to keep pushing and introduce three new EVs by 2025.
Now, Ford needs to convert them to actual sales, but it's still a mighty impressive number.
Ford reported second-quarter earnings and beat Wall Street estimates. Ford lost $0.35 per share on an adjusted basis, with revenue of $19.4 billion. In after-hours trading, Ford stock moved higher on the news, up 3.5% to $7. Ford CFO Tim Stone also said that Ford has 150,000 reservations for its new Bronco SUV. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ford reported second-quarter earnings after the markets closed on Thursday, and carmaker beat estimates. Ford lost $0.35 per share on an adjusted basis, with revenue of $19.4 billion. Analysts expected a loss of $1.30 per share, on revenue of $14.36 billion, according to Zacks. Ford had previously said that it expected to absorb an operating loss of $5 billion for the quarter. Shares moved higher one the news in after-hours trading, up 3.5% to $7. On a call with the media after results were announced, CFO Tim Stone said that Ford has racked up 150,000 reservations, and $100 each, for its new Bronco SUV, revealed earlier this month. CEO Jim Hackett later said on a call with analysts that Ford was hiring 2-3,000 new workers to build the Bronco in Michigan (one model will be assemble in Mexico). And COO Jim Farley indicated the Ford would add capacity for the vehicle as needed, with the current manufacturing requiring two shifts, rather than a full three. Stone also said that for expected to return to profitability in the third quarter. After warning that Ford could post a $5-billion operational loss, he said that the much better results could be attributed to "strong operational execution by the team." He also noted that Ford had already paid down $7.7 billion in borrowing on its credit lines from earlier in 2020, and that the company's balance sheet is well-fortified to make it through the year, with $39 billion in cash.  FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How the Ford GT was aerodynamically designed
Lots of sedans, a crossover and the funky Kia Soul make the list.
These photos also show off the underhood area and the Sasquatch package.
GMC announced that it will reveal the revived Hummer nameplate this fall, with production to commence in 2021. The all-electric pickup will have 1,000 horsepower and be able to sprint from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, GMC said. GMC also teased the Hummer SUV. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. "The world's first super truck ... is just the beginning." That's what GM said Wednesday is a short, LeBron James-narrated video teasing the forthcoming Hummer electric pickup truck and SUV. The revived Hummer — GM killed the military-derived brand after its 2009 bankruptcy — arrives this fall, as part of the automaker's GMC brand. The division said the 1,000-horsepower truck, with a staggering 11,500 pound-feet of torque and a promised 3-second sprint to 60 mph, will go into production in 2021.  Catching a wave that was started last year with the Jeep Gladiator and extended this year with the reveal of Ford's all-new Bronco SUVs, GMC said that the Hummer's formidable off-road capabilities (along with removeable roof panels) would be part of its pitch to customers.   Insider got a close look at the Hummer earlier this year, at a battery showcase that GM held for its new "Ultium" technology, but photos were prohibited, so for the time being, you'll have to content yourself with a silhouette. We can say the Hummer will be powerful and fast. Its "Adrenalin Mode" will presumably be the go-fast choice, leaving "Crab Mode" for rock crawling. GM is running two races with the Hummer: One, it's trying to beat the Tesla Cybertruck to market. Two, it's looking to grab some off-road thunder from the internal combustion-powered Gladiator and Bronco, as well as from startup Rivian's R1T electric pickup, due out next year. Come this fall, we — and customers — will have a better idea of how likely they are to come out ahead.FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The rise and fall of Hummer
Massive interest in Ford's new SUV could mean it's going to take a long time to take delivery, but the start of production remains on schedule.
It's also super limited, with 75 units destined for the US.
Ford is reportedly readying a Bronco pickup, aiming to capitalize on the warm response to the new SUV and slap the old name on a different body-style. Unveiled earlier this month after literally years of speculation, the new Bronco will launch in two-door and four-door SUV form next year, as a 2021 model year vehicle. One of Ford’s goals with … Continue reading
With a standard mild-hybrid system and loads of tech, Audi's smallest sedan is ready to rumble.
Choose the Bronco's manual transmission and you'll notice a "C" on the stick -- it unlocks a special tool to keep your clutch happy.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday that those who don't think a computer could become smarter than them are "way dumber than they think they are." "The people I see being the most wrong about AI are the ones who are very smart, because they can't imagine that a computer could be way smarter than them," Musk said. Musk has said he believes AI poses a greater threat to humanity than nuclear weapons. Are you a current or former Tesla employee? Do you have an opinion about what it's like to work there? Contact this reporter at [email protected] You can also reach out on Signal at 646-768-4712 or email this reporter's encrypted address at [email protected] Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated his concerns about the future of artificial intelligence on Wednesday, saying those who don't believe a computer could surpass their cognitive abilities are "way dumber than they think they are." "I've been banging this AI drum for a decade," Musk said. "We should be concerned about where AI is going. The people I see being the most wrong about AI are the ones who are very smart, because they can't imagine that a computer could be way smarter than them. That's the flaw in their logic. They're just way dumber than they think they are." Musk has previously said he believes AI poses a much larger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons and called for regulations to monitor the development of AI technology. "I think the danger of AI is much bigger than the danger of nuclear warheads by a lot," Musk said in 2018. "Nobody would suggest we allow the world to just build nuclear warheads if they want, that would be insane. And mark my words: AI is far more dangerous than nukes." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has disagreed with Musk, saying AI has already improved health care and could reduce car accidents, while calling excessive pessimism about AI "pretty irresponsible." In response, Musk called Zuckerberg's understanding of AI "limited." Are you a current or former Tesla employee? Do you have an opinion about what it's like to work there? Contact this reporter at [email protected] You can also reach out on Signal at 646-768-4712 or email this reporter's encrypted address at [email protected] Read more: Tesla's new investors are making 4 risky bets about the company and rivals like Amazon and Apple, Morgan Stanley says The CEO of Lucid Motors reveals the most important lesson he learned from Elon Musk when he worked for him at Tesla Tesla reports its longest-ever profitable streak, topping Wall Street's expectations for the second quarter It's official — Tesla picks Austin, Texas as the location for its new $1 billion Cybertruck factory SEE ALSO: Ford just increased production on the Bronco First Edition package. Take a closer look at this exclusive SUV. Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: 7 secrets about Washington, DC landmarks you probably didn't know
Ford reportedly doubled production for a planned First Edition Bronco package, to 7,000 from 3,500. Reservations are already maxed out. The Bronco was wildly anticipated, but even Ford has been surprised by the surge of interest in the revived SUV, a nameplate that was launched in 1965 but discontinued in 1996. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ford's long-awaited new Bronco is a hit. Hours after its debut last week, a deluge of customers trying to put down $100 reservation briefly crashed Ford's website. The new family of four-by-four SUVs is being offered in a trio of trims, with a wide range of available packages. One of those — the "First Edition" — was initially planned for 3,500 units, but according to Road & Track, Ford doubled that number. Ford said that all First Edition reservations have been taken, but you can always configure another trim level. Business Insider's Kristen Lee has provided a helpful guide. At any rate, here's a closer look at the Bronco First Edition, now one of the most exclusive new Fords:FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! The Bronco is back! And without a doubt, it's better than ever. Ford created a new Bronco brand, with a family of three vehicles — a two-door, a four-door, and Sport trim — all with proper four-wheel-drive. The Bronco nameplate was first launched in 1965. Ford discontinued the Bronco in 1996. Interest in the new Bronco has been off the charts. Ford's website for preorders crashed as aspiring owners rushed to put down $100 deposits. Initially, just 3,500 "First Edition" Broncos were offered, bur Ford reportedly upped that to 7,000. The First Edition Broncos are essentially a summary of everything the company has to offer for its new mega-hit four-wheelers. There's a range of trim levels for all three versions: For the two- and four-door, it's Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Badlands — and First Edition. For the Sport, the range is Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands — and First Edition. First Editions top out at around $60,000, versus $30,000 for the base two-door and $28,000 for the base Sport. The First Edition Bronco adds a "Sasquatch" package: "35-inch tires with 17-inch wheels, front- and rear-locking differentials ... and electronic-locking front and rear axle," according to Ford. Plus a higher suspension and special fender flares. A "Lux" package adds adaptive cruise control, a Bang & Olufsen 10-speaker sound system plus subwoofer, Evasive Steering Assist, a heated steering wheel, a universal garage-door opener, two extra front row charging ports, a voice-activated touchscreen navigation system, and a wireless charging pad. The Bronco was designed using "human-centric" principles that required fast prototyping, so that designers and engineers could assess how real people were using the SUV. The two- and four-door Broncos are built on a body-on-frame platform, while the Sport is a unibody design. The First Edition, as Roadshow noted, is based off the Badlands trim. It was developed for the two-door and the four-door ... ... As well as the Sport. The First Edition shares will all the trims and packages an embrace of a full-on outdoorsy, active lifestyle. Bronco was designed to be used. You can hose the mud and dirt out of the cabin, remove the doors and roof on the two- and four-doors, and browse hundred of aftermarket accessories. Ford has reportedly booked every First Edition reservation available, so if you must have one, you're going to have to try to find a prospective owner to buy from.
Ford quietly increased the number of 2021 Bronco First Edition trucks it took reservations for, risking early-adopter frustration after demand wildly outstripped supply. The automaker initially intended to offer just 3,500 of the First Edition trucks, with the promise that buyers would be first in line to get their new SUV when it arrives at dealerships next year. That, combined … Continue reading
If you missed out on a First Edition, perhaps you'll be one of the lucky ones to receive one with the increased production run.
Photos show the Sasquatch Package's big feet and they help make the Bronco look far beefier than the standard model.
A 1976 Bronco, Ford's vice president of design and a 3D scanner all played integral parts.
As we've said before, it will definitely pay to shop around because some dealers will want to cash in on the Bronco hype.