Peter Hafez, chief data scientist at RavenPack, knows about processing large volumes of unstructured data.In an effort to beat benchmarks, investment companies sometimes say they are looking at the entire dataset of Twitter, known in the business as the "full firehose".Peter Hafez, chief data scientist at big data analytics firm RavenPack, knows the market well and how tricky it is to process large volumes of noisy unstructured data.He recounted a story about a small hedge fund, which tried the hashtag approach on "gold", hoping to create a gold sentiment indicator to trade the related futures contracts.In this case, this would have led you to accounts like Boris Johnson's, David Cameron's or Nigel Farage's, and could have provided a strategy to build with.In this case, it might have been interesting to have tracked the sentiment of the "leave" vs. "remain" campaigns to get a glimpse of what the likely outcome of the referendum would have been.
The Brooklyn Startup Bringing Eyewear Manufacturing Back To AmericaI’m not just picking on Millennials.These loans and expenses include car payments, rents or mortgages, and credit card bills.As a Baby Boomer, who has “been there, done that,” I feel your pain; however, it is time for Millennials to focus on the road ahead and find ways to secure their financial futures.According to a study by the National Endowment for Financial Education, “Two-thirds of Millennials have at least one long-term debt (student loan, home mortgage, car loan) …” Even more shocking, the study found that “Nearly 30% of those [Millennials] with checking accounts had overdrawn their account in the prior 12 months… [and]… nearly 20 percent of those with a self-directed retirement account either took a loan or made a hardship withdrawal…”The financial strain you feel today will become a real pain as you move into your golden years, which are expected to last longer than your Baby Boomer parents.
NYIAX has announced a $6.5m funding led by WestPark Capital, with the proceed from the seed round used to accelerate what it claims will be the first scaled media futures trading platform.The funding will be used to expand the company’s global reach and accelerate open trading on the platform, which it claims is currently being tripled by up to 40 publishers and advertisers, ahead of an earlier promised launch date by the close of 2017.Robert Ainbinder, who led WestPark Capital’s investment round, described participation in the round as “the future of advertising” adding that NYIAX, which is set to become count Nasdaq among its intellectual property partners, and its automation technology can help the advertising sector become more transparent, and efficient.“NYIAX changes everything – helping publishers, advertisers and fintech partners address the challenges in today’s marketplace,” he added.Nasdaq’s blockchain enabled transactional engine powers NYIAX’s trading functions, and promises to take “Wall Street tech to Madison Avenue”.It plays a similar function across engines powering trading across more than 85 exchanges globally, with the startup outfit’s cofounder Abenante claiming the trading platform will open soon.
The gig economy makes up 16% of all US workers.A lack of benefits is a downside of being part of the gig economy.Gig workers have freedoms that most full-timers only dream of: setting their own hours, working from home, being their own bosses.No wonder the gig economy comprised 16 percent of all workers by 2015, according to research by economists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger.According to Prudential Financial Inc.’s 2017 study Gig Workers in America: Profiles, Mindsets and Financial Wellness, erratic income, less job security and fewer employer-provided benefits are some of the main issues associated with the growing trend.Only 16 percent of people who work solely as independent contractors have access to employee-retirement plans.
the virtual currency bitcoin's price has risen again to an all-time record reader.Coindesk-site according to the virtual currency traded at 16:20 Finnish time about 6 341 dollars and 3.6 percent rise in the exchange rate.Bitcoin price experienced a sharp rise in the spike of about 6 to 200 dollars more than a 6 to 330 to the dollar after the futures trading specialized financial house CME report based on its bitcoin futures this year.CME justified the release bitcoin futures trading start customers ' increased interest in the virtual currency market.the New futures contract value based on times a day updated comparison value, known as Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR).pricing of data value for give currently, Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit and the Kraken.
CME Group, a leading marketplace for derivatives which handles 3 billion contracts worth about $1 quadrillion annually, is set to roll out bitcoin futures by the fourth quarter.It could bring more Wall Street firms into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Just when you thought you finally got your head around bitcoin, along comes a new bitcoin-linked financial product: bitcoin futures.CME, the Chicago-based exchange giant, said on Tuesday that it would launch a bitcoin futures product before the end of the year.Cross-town rival exchange Cboe has long had a plan for bitcoin futures in the works , and is also preparing for a possible Q4 launch.The development of bitcoin futures is the latest chapter in a broader story about cryptocurrencies gaining traction among traditional players in financial services.
This latest price surge was sparked by the announcement of Bitcoin futures trading by CME Group.Adding to the explosive and remarkable progress of Bitcoin in 2017, the popular digital currency just shattered its price record by passing the $7,000 mark for the very first time.Strong trajectory caused the currency to fly to a towering $7,066.44 high, having begun the year with just the $1,000 price milestone in its trophy cabinet.This highpoint was recorded by the Bitstamp exchange.Having faced challenges that have temporarily caused Bitcoin enthusiasm to falter, this record has been broken following a surge that was sparked when Bitcoin futures trading was announced by derivatives marketplace, CME Group.Bitcoin’s meteoric growth has drawn high-profile, global attention, with the likes of John McAfee and the CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon.
CME Group will launch bitcoin futures in the fourth quarter.Bitcoin will trade in $25 ticks and have a daily range of no more than 20% above or below the prior settlement price.The announcement has generated a lot of buzz on Wall Street, and sparked a big rally in the cryptocurrency.Futures, which allow two parties to exchange an asset at a specified price at an agreed upon date in the future, have been around since the late 19th century.(You can read a full explainer on bitcoin futures here.)As futures get ready for trading, CME this week sent out a note setting out how the bitcoin futures will work.
LONDON — Has bitcoin hit $10,000 yet?ET), it has failed to clear the level on most Western exchanges.The mismatch highlights the huge arbitrage opportunity in cryptocurrency markets, which remain diffused, unregulated, and disjointed.Neil Wilson, a senior analyst with ETX Capital, said in an email on Tuesday: "When [South Korean exchange] CEX quoted BTC at $10,026, [US exchange] Kraken had it at $9,748 – a gap of $278 – a near 3% spread."Charles Hayter, the CEO and founder of CryptoCompare, highlighted arbitrage opportunities in an email at the time and said: "The Japanese have caught the Bitcoin bug and inefficiencies across markets are being exposed."In most financial markets, this kind of asset price gaps would generally be closed in minutes or even seconds as algorithmic trades buy up the lower priced asset to sell on the exchange offering a higher price.
Nasdaq, the exchange operator based in New York, is preparing to launch bitcoin futures contracts.Bitcoin, the red-hot cryptocurrency, soared to over $11,000 on Wednesday.The exchange operator is set to launch a bitcoin futures product next year, a person familiar with the matter told Business Insider.Two Chicago-based exchanges, CME and CBOE, have also announced bitcoin futures products, which would allow investors to bet on the future price of bitcoin.They would also be likely to dampen bitcoin's spine-tingling volatility and help the cryptocurrency push further into the mainstream.A person familiar with the matter said the firm is planning to launch the product in either the second or third quarter of 2018.
This price of bitcoin is rising after the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved bitcoin futures trading on three US exchanges."Bitcoin, a virtual currency, is a commodity unlike any the commission has dealt with in the past," said CFTC chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo in a statement.CME, Cboe and Nasdaq have all announced interest in offering bitcoin futures, and CME said that its futures would launch on December 18.Both CME and Cboe have said that their futures contracts would settle in cash.The approval from the CFTC came just days after the price of bitcoin crossed the historic $10,000 per coin mark.The coin hit its all-time high of $11,413.01 on Wednesday, according to data from Markets Insider.
Google searches for bitcoin have surpassed queries for President Donald Trump for the first time.Interest in the cryptocurrency this year has helped drive a nearly 1,000% rally.US regulators on Friday cleared the way for bitcoin futures trading, which should further increase participation in the crypto market.More people are asking Google about bitcoin than are seeking information on the president of the United States, according to Google Trends data.It's one anecdote that shows how interest in bitcoin and buying have driven its parabolic 1,000% rally this year.Another is the growing number of top Wall Streeters — from bank CEOs to equity strategists — who have been asked or have offered takes on bitcoin.
Cboe President Chris Concannon said the firm could launch more products, such as futures for ether and bitcoin cash.In August, Cboe announced it would launch a bitcoin futures contract.Two months later, CME announced its product, which is set to go live first, on December 18.On Friday, the US Commodity Futures Commission gave exchanges the green light to roll out bitcoin futures, and Cboe President Chris Concannon says other cryptocurrency futures might be on the horizon.CME, Cboe's cross-town rival, announced Friday it is set to roll out its futures product on December 18, whereas Cboe Global Markets is preparing for a launch as soon as the end of the year.Cboe will announce its launch day shortly, according to Concannon.
Bitcoin posts new high of $11,829 in early trade in London on Tuesday morning.The rise comes as JPMorgan says new futures contracts could "elevate cryptocurrencies to an emerging asset class."LONDON — Bitcoin's meteoric price rise is continuing, amid growing interest in the cryptocurrency from institutional investors.Bitcoin posted a new record high against the dollar on Tuesday morning, hitting $11,829 at around 8.00 a.m. GMT (3.00 a.m.The rise comes amid growing interest from institutional investors in the cryptocurrency, which until recently were viewed with relative disdain by figures in the world of traditional finance.Cboe Global Markets, the Chicago-based options and derivatives exchange, announced on Monday that it will launch bitcoin futures contracts next week.
CME Group and CBOE set to launch bitcoin futures later this month.Bitcoin's price regularly moves 10% in a day, meaning exposure is not trivial.LONDON — The trade body of the futures, options, and derivatives markets is concerned that not enough thought has gone into the potential risks posed by the introduction of bitcoin futures contracts.CME Group, the world's biggest exchange operator, announced plans to launch bitcoin futures contracts in October, effectively letting institutional investors bet on the price of bitcoin.Rival CBOE announced bitcoin futures soon after and both products are set to launch later this month.Nasdaq is also thought to be planning a similar product for the new year.
Goldman Sachs will clear bitcoin futures trading for some of its clients, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.The derivatives, which allow traders to bet on the cryptocurrency's price without buying the underlying asset, will be offered by the Cboe Futures Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.According to Bloomberg, Goldman will not act as a market-maker for bitcoin and will decide who gets to trade the derivatives on a case-by-case basis.Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein said last week that it was too early for the firm to have a bitcoin strategy."Something that moves up and down 20 percent in a day doesn’t feel like a currency, doesn’t feel like a store of value,” Blankfein told Bloomberg TV.The Wall Street Journal reported Goldman's decision earlier on Thursday, adding that Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and the Royal Bank of Canada are telling customers that they won't have access when futures trading goes live.
The cost of shorting bitcoin could skyrocket once futures trading starts on Sunday, says S3 Partners.The ultra-volatile cryptocurrency has seen massive fluctuations in recent days, and making bets on either side of it is about to get more expensive.If you think bitcoin has gotten out of hand, now is the time to make your wagers against the surging cryptocurrency.New short positions on bitcoin are being charged an 18.5% fee right now.But that could swell to over 50% and possibly even approach 100% by the time Cboe Global Markets launches bitcoin futures trading on Sunday, according to financial analytics firm S3 Partners.However, those who elect to short bitcoin should do so at their own peril, because the start of futures trading will also make it easier and safer for speculators to bet on further increases.
Cboe Global Markets' bitcoin futures product launches Sunday.Cboe is basing its bitcoin futures contract on pricing on Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins.Bitcoin futures will allow investors to bet on the future price of the red-hot cryptocurrency.Founded in 2015 by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who reportedly own a billion dollars of bitcoin, Gemini is one of the best-connected firms in the cryptocurrency space.Then there's the fact that Gemini has suffered outages when demand for bitcoin skyrockets.Gemini tracks the overall market pretty closely with an average difference of just 0.01%, according to Cboe.
But Goldman Sachs and others are planning to clear bitcoin futures, which will allow people to trade derivatives and short bitcoin.The adjacent ICO market is heavily connected to bitcoin.And nobody cares it's a bubble because everyone who has bought in is making money!Well ... now Goldman Sachs is planning to clear bitcoin derivative trades.At one level, this is still OK."Leverage," in financial terms, is when you borrow money to bet on a market move, and the volume of the move is multiplied.
Cboe Global Markets' bitcoin futures product launches Sunday.We've answered all of your possible questions about bitcoin futures and what they mean for Wall Street.Just when you thought you finally got your head around bitcoin, along comes a new bitcoin-linked financial product: bitcoin futures.And Nasdaq is preparing for a launch for the second-half of 2018.A future is a type of financial product, which allow two parties to exchange an asset at a specified price at an agreed upon date in the future.They are traditionally traded by professional investors and firms.