You can now let the Wookie win.Happy Giant and the Tippet Studio announced that HoloGrid: Monster Battle is now on sale on mobile and is entering a closed beta in which you can play the game with cutouts as you wait for the boxed product to arrive.Phil Tippet is behind the visual effects house that s working with Happy Giant on the game, and his epic career includes the holochess from Star Wars — one that served as the inspiration for this augmented reality game.It s the rare iOS or Android game that also comes in a box hence why it s an AR title, though you still download the software .You use your smartphone to scan the playing board and figures.The two companies also say they re looking into versions for Microsoft s HoloLens and Google s Tango AR platforms.HoloGrid is a mix of tactical and strategy gameplay, building on mechanics from board and card games.Happy Giant and Tippet Studio use a process called Photogrammetry, which films 3D models for the creatures in the game.
Your luck is terrible, but it s probably not as bad as you think it is if you just finished getting an abnormal number of duplicate cards from the new expansion in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that a bug caused certain cards to drop at a higher rate than they should have for packs in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion that went live today.The publisher just launched a patch that should prevent cards for the new tri-class gangs a new feature introduced alongside the Gadgetzan add-on from dropping in packs as often as they were.GamesBeat managing editor Jason Wilson opened up 59 packs earlier today, and he definitely came across more than his fair share of tri-class cards.Of course, the fix does not help Jason, who already spent his money.For players like him, Blizzard has some compensation coming.Any player on the Americas server who opened Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs before 2:30 p.m. PST will receive additional Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs as compensation, Hearthstone community manager Christina Zeriyah Sims wrote in a post on the game s forums.The affected players will receive 33 percent of the total amount of Gadgetzan packs opened before 2:30 p.m. PST, rounded up, to a minimum of one, regardless if the player acquired packs through gold, Quests, or real money.
Everyone, get in here — to open some card packs!This morning, Blizzard Entertainment released Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, the fourth expansion to Hearthstone.It adds 132 cards to the leader in the $1.2 billion global digital card-game market, and it introduces new features as well:I couldn t wait to tear open these packs, and I decided that this time around, I d do it on a Facebook Live stream.How man legendaries did I get?Take a look and see — along with some cool animations I scored from golden cards.
Looks like Pokémon Go was listening to the TV show s lyrics: I wanna be the very best.Like no one ever was.It certainly was when it comes to leading the app stores.Google said today that Pokémon Go is the top-trending mobile game on its Play app store.This shouldn t be a surprise to anyone who s been following the industry this year.Niantic s smash dominated the news after its release over the summer, and it was the fastest mobile game ever to reach $500 million in revenues.It has 500 million unique players in total.
The Hollywood movie studio behind Her, Zero Dark Thirty, and Sausage Party is starting a video game division that will focus on what it terms as personal, emotional, and original games that push the boundaries of interactive content and encourage artists to bring new visions to the medium.Annapurna Interactive is the new gaming division of Annapurna Pictures, and it plans to publish two games in the spring: Jason Roberts Gorogoa and Giant Sparrow s What Remains of Edith Finch.It will also release games from developer Funomena, which features Katamari Damacy s Keita Takahashi as its creative director; and Mountains, whose team includes Ken Wong of the hit mobile game Monument Valley.Its new game studio s leadership includes veterans of Journey, God of War, Mortal Kombat, Everybody s Gone to the Rapture, Flower, and Fat Princess.I ve had a great passion for video games for as long as I can remember, said Annapurna founder and CEO Megan Ellison.Growing up, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was one of my all-time favorites.
PlayFab announced it has raised $3.15 million in a second round of funding for its infrastructure for connected PC and mobile games.The company is one of the important new players that helps small and medium-sized independent game companies — as well as major game publishers — operate online games more easily on just about every platform, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, iOS, Android, and various virtual reality platforms.Our vision hasn t changed since we started PlayFab in 2014, said James Gwertzman, CEO of PlayFab, in an email to GamesBeat.We provide a back-end platform for game developers that provides the tools and services they need to operate their games post-launch.PlayFab previously raised a round of funding in February 2015.Now it has more than 350 live games with more than 26 million monthly active players.Overall, the company works with more than 1,000 game studios and has more than 120 million player accounts in its system.Customers include Rovio, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Atari, Miniclip, Obsidian Entertainment, Tripwire Interactive, and Kongregate.
Mobile esports is growing under the leadership of Super Evil Megacorp.The studio, which is responsible for the mobile multiplayer online arena battler MOBA Vainglory, announced plans today for a franchise program for the game s esports league.Super Evil wants to expand and support Vainglory esports teams in an effort to build an ecosystem that is competitive and entertaining to follow.To accomplish this, the studio will work with existing and new teams as franchises under the Vainglory banner.These professional teams will then get benefits like revenue sharing and the chance to represent a home city in the official Vainglory World Championships.Super Evil will also give team franchises a say in how the game s esports scene grows going forward.Esports is a $493 million business, and it is growing rapidly, according to industry-intelligence firm Newzoo.
The PlayStation 4 s dino-drought is ending soon.Studio Wildcard announced today that it s bringing Ark: Survival Evolved, its hit survival game, to the PlayStation 4 on December 6.It s already out in Early Access a term which means releasing a game still in development and then getting player feedback — and selling copies, downloadable content, or other goodies — before release for the Xbox One and PC via the Steam digital storefront.It ll hit with the recent Scorched Earth DLC, and it ll cost $55.Ark will exit Early Access on all platforms in its 1.0 version in spring 2017.The package also includes a Bionic Giganotosaurus this prehistoric terror is bigger than Tyrannosaurs rex!and sets of Manticore armor for both men and women characters.It s a time of expansion for Ark.It released its first DLC, Scorched Earth, and despite complaints from some players about selling more content while still in Early Access, Studio Wildcard has seen even more growth since the pack came out.
Plarium is launching a sequel to its massively multiplayer online strategy game Soldiers Inc.The new Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare title debuts on iOS and Android today.Tel Aviv-based Plarium is investing heavily in mobile games, and it already has more than 250 million users worldwide on mobile, social, and web platforms.The futuristic military title is set in the fictional failed state of Selva de Fuego, where players fight for control of a mysterious and powerful chemical compound called Serum.Players will build their bases and hire armies combining mercenary soldiers, autonomous drones, powerful armored vehicles, and aviation technology to fend off opponents who seek the resource for themselves.Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a direct sequel to the Soldiers Inc., which was released in June 2013 on global social and web based platforms.The game was the first of its kind on social platforms, making Facebook s Top Ten Games of the Year.We have worked diligently to transfer the hardcore MMO aspects that made the original Soldiers Inc. so successful into a sleek and modern mobile format says Avi Shalel, CEO of Plarium, in a statement.By using motion capture and 3D scanning to bring characters to life in a way that s rarely done on the platform, along with innovative multiplayer features, and simplified UI, Plarium continues to push the limits of the strategy genre on mobile.
Finland s Rovio announced today that it has created a new company called Hatch Entertainment that is developing a Spotify-like service for mobile video games.Hatch Entertainment has been officially spun off to continue developing the subscription-based service.Officials from Hatch said the company is going to begin an invite-only soft launch for select Android users early next year as it continues to refine the service, attract new partners, and set an actual subscription price.Hatch will be the only place where you can play, watch, and share your favorite games.The spinoff of Hatch was announced at Slush, the tech conference taking place this week in Helsinki, Finland.Rovio has been one of country s big startup successes, thanks to Angry Birds, though over the past couple of years, the company has struggled to respond to slowing revenue from the game.Rovio had been developing the Hatch service but decided it needed to be completely independent to successfully attract a wide range of game developers, Jutila said.Rovio remains a shareholder, but is not disclosing the size of its ownership stake.In an overview prior to the announcement, Jutila walked reporters through Hatch s functions, which combine aspects of Twitch, Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook.
Facebook wants to completely remove the barrier between you and games on its platform, and it is using HTML5 to accomplish that across mobile and the web.Instant Games are a new feature from Facebook that enable you to immediately start playing a game on Facebook s service without having to install a game or an app.The games may show up in your News Feed when you re on a desktop computer or even when you re browsing on Android or iOS — but no matter what, you can click on the game to boot it up for on-demand action.Using HTML5, which is a powerful but lightweight language for the internet, Facebook can make it so the games exist inside of its service instead of on your phone, for example.The benefit of this is that you can start a game with a friend on the company s Messenger app, and your friend is potentially more likely to respond because they don t have to install anything.To access the games on Messenger, all you have to do is hit the controller icon in the app.Also, by integrating games directly into its popular chat app, Facebook is giving developers a chance to make their games more discoverable outside of the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play market.In turn, this also gives Facebook access to any potential revenue generated by the releases on its Instant Games platform.For now, the company doesn t plan to feature any microtransactions or other means of making money from Instant Games, but that is something that will come in the future.
Gaming fans continue to drive a significant chunk of online spending through the gift-giving holidays, and Sony and Microsoft are both benefitting from that.Sony s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling consumer electronics product online on Cyber Monday, according to data-tracking firm Adobe Digital Insights.Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and it is one of the biggest days of the year for online shopping as people spend their lunch breaks looking for deals on Amazon,, and elsewhere.Coming in right behind the PS4 was Microsoft s Xbox One as the No.2 best-selling piece of electronics.Together, the two consoles outperformed Samsung 4K televisions, Apple iPads, and Amazon s Fire products.Xbox One actually outsold the PlayStation 4 online on Black Friday, according to Adobe, but Sony s console is still ahead for the entire month of November in the U.S. That is due to Sony debuting the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is a 4K-capable version of its console.The back-and-forth performance for these two systems is one of the major reasons retailers are generating so much revenue at the start of the shopping season.Cyber Monday is on track to be the biggest online shopping day ever, surpassing our forecast by almost $27 million, or 0.8 percent,  Adobe Digital Insights director and analyst Tamara Gaffney said in a statement.
The holiday shopping season has kicked off, and both Microsoft s and Sony s console brands are doing well.Xbox was the fifth best-selling electronics brand online on Black Friday, according to Adobe s annual market-tracking data for the United States.It came in behind Apple iPads, Samsung s 4K televisions, MacBook Airs, and LG s TVs, but it also outperformed Sony s PlayStation and Nintendo s 3DS and Wii U.That means that the Xbox One was likely the top-selling console in the U.S. on the day after American Thanksgiving, which is also one of the most important shopping days of the year.But while Microsoft may have outdone Sony on that day, the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro earlier in November still has Sony ahead for November as a whole, according to Adobe.PlayStation 4 is still the best-selling product between the dates of November 1 and November 24.Xbox One is right behind it.When it comes to game sales, however, Nintendo is on top with Pokémon Sun and Moon.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Activision s latest entry in its military-shooter franchise, follows in second place.What this all adds up to is a ton of spending leading into the December gift-giving holidays — especially when it comes to online purchases.
A few simple tips, however, can give you an advantage.I got to spend more than 30 hours with the action role-playing game.So, I m going to share with you the lessons and tricks I learned on my epic quest to restore the light and all that stuff .First off, go into the options menu and turn on the stamina bar.But, it also refills while you jump, and you actually keep most of your sprinting momentum when hopping.So, if you want travel efficiently without having to rent a Chocobo which you can t even do for some time anyway , run until your stamina is almost depleted, then jump for a while until it refills.Sure, you ll look silly, but it works.It s not easy making money in Final Fantasy XV.Unlike most RPGs, you don t earn gil the game s currency automatically after most battles.You will, however, find a lot items that get stored in your inventory s treasures category.