Khal Drogo was the leader of the Dothraki horsemen and had married Daenerys Targaryen at the beginning of the season.Jason Momoa had a turbulent few years after his time at the sets of Game of Thrones.He revealed to InStyle that he was in such financial mess following the end of Game of Thrones Season 1 that he was reeling to pay the bills of his Los Angeles apartment that he still shares with his spouse (Lisa Bonet) and the two children.His daughter Lola is 13 now, while his son Nakoa-Wolf is 11.While Emilia Clarke and the company became global icons after season 1, Jason Momoa’s Khal Drogo became a forgotten character, and he and his family did struggle for some time because of his unemployment.“I mean, we were starving after Game of Thrones,” he said in the interview.We all know it’s a different thing being a poor man alone and being a poor man with a family.Momoa explained that his money-related worries had started during the filming of Game of Thrones itself as there was a time during the filming break where he had no money to fly back home, so he had to rent a van with his friend.Being an eternal fun-loving person, he used the van to travel around the vast landscapes of Ireland in search of the “greatest pint of Guinness.”Momoa explained in the interview that things remained very bleak for him up until the time he bagged the role of Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.He then went on to star in the 2018 film Aquaman which grossed over $1billion (highest grossing DCEU film) at the box office.
Joe Dempsie has shared his thoughts on the divisive Game Of Thrones finale, including an important message he thinks we can all glean from the episode.The British actor played the blacksmith Gendry in the first three series of the hit fantasy drama, returning for the final two seasons, the last of which ended up getting a mixed response from fans.In a new interview with The Independent, Joe admitted he has “sympathy” for those disappointed with the pacing of the final series, stating: “Watching it back, I think they could have maybe taken a little more time.”However, Joe was quick to add that he’s actually a fan of the finale overall, in particular the message that “the human race can put their differences aside to defeat a common enemy”.“That is something we could all do with addressing,” he concluded.During the interview, Joe was also asked for his thoughts on the romance between his character and Arya Stark, played by co-star Maisie Williams.“It was an odd transition purely because I’d seen Maisie grow up,” Joe said of his co-star, who was 12 when she first appeared in Game Of Thrones.“I’d met her when she was a child and, during the course of the first three seasons, it was something I was asked regularly because the books suggest there’s a possible romance. It always made me slightly uncomfortable.“I know we were recreating fantasy, but we as actors have to make it very much in reality, and they were asking me to comment on whether I – at the time, a 25-year-old man – would like my character to hook up with a 14-year-old. I always avoided answering the questions. But it was something I then had to think about.”Fortunately, when it actually came to shooting the scene, Joe said he found it “absolutely fine”.He explained: “When we were doing season eight, Maisie was a grown woman. Also, putting that initial discomfort to the side, I didn’t wanna patronise her. “She’s an incredibly capable young woman who commanded the respect of that set, so to play up about doing the scene would have been doing her a massive disservice.”Since the Game Of Thrones finale aired in 2018, it’s proved controversial with both fans and the cast, with a number of former stars sharing their thoughts on how producers chose to wrap things up.Sophie Turner and Alfie Allen have defended the episode in the past, while Charles Dance recently admitted that he would join many fans in signing a petition for the episode to be re-shot.MORE GAME OF THRONES: Game Of Thrones' Joe Dempsie Has A Convincing Theory About One Of The Show's Unanswered Questions Emilia Clarke Shares Her Rather Gruesome Theory About The Game Of Thrones Finale Paddy Considine Lands Lead Role In Game Of Thrones Prequel House Of The Dragon
You will be surprised to know that he got it with the help of a friend.You will be more bewildered when I would tell you the name of that friend.Firstly, we can all agree that Pedro Pascal’s career began after his role as Oberyn Martell in Season 4 of Game of Thrones.The fans grew a liking for the character not only because of his good looks and an irresistible charm but also because of his gruesome death at the hands of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane at the end of Season 4.Apparently, Pedro Pascal had reserved his role as Oberyn Martell in the colossal hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” by taking help from his friend, who is none other than “Ratched” star Sarah Paulson.Don’t you believe me?Head over to Variety’s interview with David Benioff and confirm it for yourself.Sarah Paulson acted as a mediator between Pascal and BenioffPascal shot a video of himself in Oberyn Martell’s character and then convinced his friend Sarah Paulson to forward that video to Amanda Peet, who is the spouse of none other than David Benioff.Right then, Pedro Pascal did show that even if you have a lot of talent, you mustn’t be afraid of using your social network.David Benioff recently gave an interview to Variety in which he revealed that he did receive a video from Pedro Pascal, which had traveled to him not only in an unusual way but also the quality of the footage was not at the level one expects from an audition tape.However, he became so impressed with Pascal’s performance that all the other issues disappeared from his mind.He extrapolated his audition issues by saying that the video wasn’t even shot with a fancy iPhone camera.
The Danish actor recently spoke to The Times and shed some light on his opinions regarding the heavy criticisms that the show faced after its ending and also on the controversial scenes congenitally related to the show throughout its tenure.People are still waiting for an apology from David Benioff and D.B.Weiss for ruining one of the highly anticipated endings of all time.A petition has already been signed by many regarding the remaking of the show with “competent” creators, which will most likely go unnoticed as far as HBO is concerned.Many share the opinion that the duo botched up the series big time, and had they not done that, the show could have easily gone down as the greatest show in American television (according to IMDb).However, the Game of Thrones actor (known for his role of Jamie Lannister on the show) has a different take on the whole “bad-ending” thing.He reckons that people are angry because their beloved show is gone now, and their opinion speaks nothing about the quality of the season.I am very certain that even his former cast members will disagree with him.Anyways, he revealed his opinion by saying that he recently held a round table conference with his fans, and he got the feeling that though they had different ideas for the ending, their anger stems from the fact that their favorite show has ended.
Joe Dempsie, who is renowned for the role of Gendry Baratheon, thinks Cersei Lannister must be the character’s unknown mother.The actor looked pretty confident in his interview with NME and said that he might be the only biological child of Cersei and Robert and not the “bastard” that the show has shown him to be.Dempsie gave his opinion on some of the loose ends that the show left, especially concerning Gendry’s mother, who wasn’t even mentioned in the final season.The actor said that he has a theory that coincides with the popular fan-made theory which suggests that Gendry’s mother was none other than Cersei Lannister and he was the only biological child of Cersei and Robert Baratheon, which might, as some had already suggested in 2019, puts Gendry as the best candidate to sit on the Iron Throne ( more claim than Daenerys Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s son Jon Snow).Of course, it is pointless to talk about it now because Bran Stark was the one who sat on the Iron Throne- courtesy of Tyrion Lannister’s monologue.Extrapolating further on his supposition, he said that in Season 1, we see a meeting between Ned Stark and Gendry, where Ned asks him about his parents, to which Gendry replies that though he does not remember his father, his “mother had yellow hair.” The moment he gave deep thought to that dialogue, he smelled foreshadowing.“That’s too loaded a line not to mean anything,” He said.The actor also talked about the controversial ending of Season 8 and the subsequent petition that demanded remaking of Season 8 with “competent creators.” Dempsie has objective thinking regarding that, as he said in the interview that no matter what the ending was, they were never going to please everybody.He exposited further on his chain of thought; he said that the very fact that there is a petition demanding the remaking of the show speaks for the fact on how huge the audience of the show had become.It’s a very demanding job to please 60 million people, and no matter what David Benioff and D.B.Weiss had done, there would have been some who would not have liked the show.
Recently, Starz’s period drama, ‘The Spanish Princess,’ ended in a sombre tone for both Prince Harry and his beloved Catherine of Aragon and awaiting his uprising as King Henry VIII.The Spanish Princess is a historical drama TV series developed by Matthew Graham and Emma Frost for Starz.The sequels of the miniseries are The White Princess and The White Queen.The series stars Alicia Borrachero, Laura Carmichael, Sai Bennett, Andrew Buchan, Elliot Cowan, Chloe Harris, Charlotte Hope, and Georgie Henley.The plot of the series revolves around the teenage princess Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella.She finally travels to England to meet her husband, Arthur, the Prince of Wales.However, Lady Margaret starts the court against Catherine’s purity and questions her to lose her virginity before her wedding with Harry.We have prepared a list of the characters who are returning and who is joining ‘The Spanish Princess’ in the final eight episodes.Charlotte HopeCatherine of Aragon has become unmissable.Her stoic demeanor and flaming red hair as Catherine struggles to accomplish her goal of becoming the queen are performance audiences live for.The Game of Thrones fans might have seen her before as one of Ramsay Bolton’s handmaid’s.
The show broke many viewership records and was at its peak the most-watched TV show on the planet.This posed one of the biggest hurdles in its development, but the developers have done a remarkable job, and the online multiplayer option does not let players feel alone.Such a strategy seems always to fail, but by going the extra mile and making fair use of the advantages they already have; developers can make games that do well like Tokaido and Raider of the North Sea.The players are tasked to employ diplomacy, warfare and deception in 10 rounds of the game to gain control of all the strategic positions in the map.The Westeros Phase is just everyday activity in Westeros, which can impact all houses.In the Action Phase, the orders are settled as players have already made use of well-known characters from their house to conquer more land and defeat the enemy.
And showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss never discussed it with him.
Paddy Consadine has been cast as Viserys Targaryen in the Thrones prequel.
The man received more than $1.7 million in benefits after being approved for two applications, according to the Department of Justice.
Still disappointed in the HBO show? You're not the only one.
Showrunners explain why Catelyn Stark's scorned spirit didn't make an appearance in the show.
Your company’s culture was created by your founders and senior leadership team in an enlightened moment. Like a babbling brook, it slowly trickled down through management until every employee just “got it.” And on one magical day, everything suddenly just felt right, and — voila — everyone was on the same page! Right? Are you resisting the urge to laugh? We don’t blame you. The stories we’ve all read about the cultures of well-known companies often have a mythic quality. But the truth rarely resembles the plot from an episode of “Game of Thrones.” Companies like Google and Netflix often… This story continues at The Next Web
Netflix doesn't have the widest selection of fantasy films, but there are some gems within its robust catalog. Here, we've rounded up the 13 worth watching.
Today we’re taking a peek at the new Mandalorian trailer for Disney+. This trailer shows a glimpse of what we’ll see in season 2, including but not limited to bits and pieces of The Force, our heroes on a boat, and a whole bunch of stormtroopers. Also, a little bit of a Game of Thrones Samwell Tarly action re: “Wherever … Continue reading
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, winner of the Best Actor in a Musical Olivier award in 2019 for his role in Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, has told HuffPost UK he has never felt so seen.Following the eerie silence of deep lockdown in March and April, the Black Lives Matter protests in May signified a drastic change of pace: there was still a pandemic on, but the killing of George Floyd meant empty streets were now full with thousands of furious protestors.“As a Black man I’ve never felt as seen, and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt quite as sceptical,” he tells HuffPost UK. “On the one hand I’ve seen so many people talking about Black Lives Matter. On the other hand is it just a social media fad?”By anyone’s standards, 2020’s news cycle has been a giant, pressing weight. But for people of colour, who are statistically more likely to be the targets of police brutality, 2020 earmarks an opportunity for change. “I really, really strongly believe in people’s rights to grow, to learn, to move away from what they didn’t know before,” says Kobna, reflecting on the movement. “It’s really important that people are able to go, ’Oh wait a minute, I’ve never done something before, and now I see it differently and I’m going to do something different.”An activist alongside his acting work, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith starred in Mary Poppins Returns as lawyer Templeton Frye in 2019 and on Marvel’s Dr Strange in 2016 with Benedict Cumberbatch, whom he had already starred alongside in Hamlet at the Barbican in 2015 (Kobna played Laertes, Benedict was Hamlet).In his latest role, Kobna hopes to respond to the upsetting news cycle by focusing on a more positive aspect of the tumultuous events: the way storytelling can bring us together in times of strife. And the sense of community and family values that have supported many of us through the lockdown.One of the actors involved in the Yahoo STO4IES podcast, Kobna has recorded Polly Tumpkin’s Pumpkin, a story about a young girl called Polly and her father who enter a pumpkin growing contest. Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, David Oyelowo and Zoe Saldana have also recorded episodes for the series without taking a fee - as the podcast is raising awareness of the work of The GEANCO Foundation, an organisation raising money and offering support for Covid-19 relief in Nigeria, where doctors have gone on strike over low salaries and hazardous working conditions.  View this post on InstagramA post shared by The GEANCO Foundation (@geancofdn) on Jun 18, 2020 at 10:42am PDTThese stories aim to connect wider audiences with the uniquely challenging story of life right now on the African continent.“I’ve got quite a romantic view about art and its ability to connect with people,” says Kobna. “It has this bridging function that no one can deny. If you see something, a work of art, a painting, you listen to something, you enjoy something that was made up: it did not exist before someone invented it and then you connect to an imagined feeling: you and the creator, your imaginations meet in the middle. Humans are the only ones that make stuff up because they’re enjoyable, and that to me is the nature of art.Kobna Holdbrook-Smith“It’s especially wonderful in theatre, there’s this confederacy where the audience and the makers come together and say, ‘okay, so we all agree we’re in Venice in 1600s, right? Right? Okay, then off we go.’ It tickles me pink each time.“I genuinely think it distinguishes humans from other animals, because we’re the only ones that make stuff up,” says Kobna.“Other animals use tools, other animals have social interactions, they have matching sexual practices, there are loads of things about us and other creatures that overlap but we’re the only ones that make stuff up because they’re enjoyable, and that to me is the nature of art.” View this post on InstagramA post shared by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith I (@kobnaholdbrooksmith) on Mar 6, 2020 at 4:09am PSTActing is also a successful means of representing marginalised groups in society. “With art, you can see people,” says Kobna.“Representation has a really important function. It’s not the ultimate function, and we don’t want to get into the realm of saying, ‘oh well we have to behave in a certain way in order to please the White powerful people,’ but we do have an opportunity in the stories we imagine, to include [representation of people from different backgrounds]...” He uses Game Of Thrones as an example of how the entertainment industry is in a confusing place right now with representation. “I often quip about it,” he says.People think Black people in Game of Thrones is somehow unrealistic. But this programme is full of dragons?Kobna Holdbrook-Smith on the confusing place we're at with diversity in TV and film“People think Black people in Game Of Thrones is somehow unrealistic. But this programme is full of dragons? How are dragons less crow-barred in than Black people, or people of colour?”Industry insiders say there is already some change afoot. Executives are finally involved in more constructive conversations around ways to actively diversify the film and TV industry, say diversity groups like The TV Mindset, which has flourished in the wake of Black Lives Matter.Perhaps soon we can hope that dragons will be the unusual inclusions in TV shows - not minority groups.Kobna finishes by offering a further assessment of how art can help. “The power of art is art is very soft, it requires vulnerability. It also requires complicity,” he says of the the relationship between audiences and actors. “I think there’s something about being able to join in that is genuinely powerful.”READ MORE 'Hire Better': BAME People On How To Fix The Broken Film And TV Industry 'I Don’t Know How Anyone Is Not Saying Or Doing More': Megalyn Echikunwoke On The Extent Of Her Activism Meet The Man Helping Broadcasters Overcome Critical Racism And Diversity Problems
This year has been very competitive for streaming businesses around the globe.HBO Max, which was released this year, got 4 million subscribers in just a month.The statement makes a lot of sense since family entertainment offerings perform well and bring in millions of views.Since children too are staying inside for the last few months, therefore it is the right to capitalize on this opportunity to make big profits.By adding more movies and shows, the company can ensure that they have a rich collection for all age groups.It was even reported earlier this year that Game of Thrones was less popular than Looney Toons Show on the streaming platform.
From the first season of Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister was one of the most exciting characters.However, Cersei Lannister differs from the books in some ways in Game of Thrones.Here are the five ways in which Cersei is different from the books to the show.His name was Robert Baratheon, and unfortunately, he died as an infant.For example, the character like Jaime Lannister and Theon Greyjoy was initially hated by the fans but at the end became favorite.Her nature was sadistic and always revolved around murders even from her young age.Her sympathetic nature was not depicted in any of the books.Her AffairsRobert and Cersei both were not faithful in their marriage to one another.
After spending most of the first half of 2020 cooped up indoors, the prospect of autumn – meaning trips to the park are looking less inviting, as is enjoying some sun in a family member’s garden – might not be the most welcome to a lot of people.What could help cushion the blow even just a little, though, is the fact there’s some great new TV to get into over the coming weeks and months, catering to a whole range of different tastes.Here’s a round-up of our top TV picks for the rest of 2020 that might just take the edge off stopping in...I Hate SuzieAvailable now to watch on Now TV, with new episodes on Sky Atlantic every ThursdayWhat is it?Billie Piper takes the lead in this new black comedy, which centres around the titular Suzie, a minor celeb who suddenly finds herself back in the headlines when personal photos of her are leaked online.Described as “excruciatingly honest”, the series pulls precisely zero punches, with each episode presented in a completely different I May Destroy You-esque fashion from the one before it.I Hate Suzie also reunites its star with Lucy Prebble, who previously penned Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, and with its frank approach to taboo themes, it will appeal to a lot of the same audiences.Watch it if you liked: I May Destroy You, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, FleabagI’m Thinking Of Ending ThingsAvailable to stream on Netflix nowWhat is it? A new psychological horror film starring Jessie Buckley and Toni Collette, the film centres around a young woman who, unenthused about her new relationship, agrees to accompany him to meet his parents, who just happen to live in the middle of nowhere.From there, things all start to unravel.Directed by Charlie Kauffman, whose past writing credits include Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Being John Malcovich, it doesn’t take a detective to work out that it doesn’t take long before things take an unsettling turn.It’s definitely a bizarre watch, but also a thoroughly depressing one, so maybe have an episode of Friends or Love Island to treat yourself to afterwards, especially if you’re watching before bed.Watch it if you liked: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Midsommar, Russian DollBritain’s Got TalentAiring every Saturday night on ITV What is it? For obvious reasons, things are running a little differently than usual during this year’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.With the show having been on pause since the spring, this year’s semi-finals are now underway, with weekly pre-recorded shows airing on a Saturday night. Former champion Ashley Banjo is also a new addition to the panel, filling in for Simon Cowell, who recently injured himself in an electric bike accident.At this stage, you already know whether or not BGT is your cup of tea, but for those who’ve turned their nose up at the talent format in the past, surely right now is the perfect moment to give it another go?Watch it if you liked: The X Factor, The Greatest Dancer, Strictly Come DancingI’ll Be Gone In The DarkAvailable to watch on Now TV now, with new episodes on Sky Crime every Sunday nightWhat is it? A definite must-watch for any fans of true crime, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is a new documentary based on the critically-acclaimed book of the same name by Michelle McNamara.The series tells the story not just of the Golden State Killer – who committed at least 50 rapes and murdered at least 13 people in the 1970s and 80s – but also Michelle’s quest to find the killer’s true identity decades later, which sadly ended in tragedy.Fans of the book should definitely tune in, though, as the series includes plenty of details not included in Michelle’s book, including events that have transpired since it was published.Watch if you liked: Making A Murderer, The Jinx, Unsolved MysteriesMulanAvailable to purchase for Disney+ subscribersWhat is it? The latest in a long line of Disney’s live-action remakes, this is the much-awaited re-imagining of the animated classic Mulan, given a more grown-up twist by director Niki Caro, who has stripped the film of its original songs and the main character’s dragon sidekick, Mushu.Instead, the new Mulan is a film more focussed on “realism”, intended as an epic the whole family can enjoy.However, the film did take some heat earlier this year following comments made by its leading actor Yifei Liu, while the decision for Disney to charge existing subscribers to watch a film on a service they were already paying for was met with a mixed response.Watch if you liked: Aladdin, A Wrinkle In Time, Pirates Of The CaribbeanEastEndersNow airing on BBC One and the BBC iPlayerWhat is it? What do you mean “what is it?”. It’s literally EastEnders.The long-running BBC soap came off air for the first time in its 35-year history back in June, but with production now up and running again (albeit with huge changes, due to social distancing guidelines), the show is finally back on our screens.Rather than picking up exactly where we left off, though, Walford is a rather different to when we last paid it a visit, with three months having passed for both us and the residents of Albert Square. How has time changed things for the characters we know and love? We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?Watch it if you liked: EastEnders (before it went off air in the first place), Coronation Street, Holby CityLove Island USAAiring now on ITV2What is it? The US version of the much-loved British reality show usually takes place in a villa in Fiji, but due to the pandemic, producers have had to think on their feet, instead moving the whole thing to a luxury hotel in Las Vegas.Once you get over the fact the horizon is peppered with bright lights and skyscrapers – and the “bants” are a lot more American than you’re used to – it’s pretty much business as usual for Love Island, which should be music to the ears of anyone who missed their usual fix this summer.Watch if you liked: Love Island, Too Hot To Handle, Love Is BlindDesDebuts on ITV on 15 SeptemberWhat is it? ITV is continuing its long line of true crime miniseries based on infamous British murder cases, following in the footsteps of recent offerings like Appropriate Adult, Dark Angel and The Pembrokeshire Murders.This new three-parter sees David Tennant in the lead role of Dennis Nilsen, who murdered at least 12 young men and boys in North London in the late 1970s and early 80s.Des will almost certainly not be one for the faint of heart, given the truly horrific nature of Nilsen’s crimes, but for true crime devotees, this will be a must-watch.Watch it if you liked: Broadchurch, Appropriate Adult, The Pembrokeshire MurdersCriminalDebuts on Netflix on 16 SeptemberWhat is it? Alternatively, for those who like a crime drama that’s a little more detached from reality, Netflix has you covered with brand new episodes of Criminal, the police-based miniseries that debuted last year.Katherine Kelly is once again leading the cast, with Netflix pulling it out of the bag in terms of guest stars, including Kit Harington in his first post-Game Of Thrones role, Catastrophe star Sharon Horgan, Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory fame and Sophie Okonedo, soon to be seen in Ratched and Death On The Nile.For anyone who loves the interview room sequences in Line Of Duty but finds the rest of the show a bit heavy, this short-and-sweet series is well worth a stream.Watch it if you liked: The Stranger, Line Of Duty, Silent WitnessRatchedDebuts on Netflix on 18 SeptemberWhat is it?Ryan Murphy has been well and truly on a roll with his Netflix output in 2020, debuting Hollywood (one of our favourite shows of the year) as well as a second series of The Politician, not to mention documentaries he produced like Circus Of Books and A Secret Love.However, with American Horror Story on ice for the time being, Ratched is the series that Ryan Murphy fans who prefer when he takes a walk on the dark side have been most looking forward to.Putting his frequent collaborator Sarah Paulson in the leading role, the show serves as an origin story for Nurse Ratched of the classic book One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.And as if Sarah in a leading role wasn’t enticing enough, the supporting cast boasts Cynthia Nixon, Rosanna Arquette and Sharon Stone, as well as past players from the Murphy-verse like Charlie Carver, Jon Jon Briones and Finn Wittrock. We are ready.Watch if you liked: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, American Horror Story: Asylum, Girl, InterruptedFive Guys A WeekSeries two begins on 18 September, with the first series available to watch on All 4What is it? One of our favourite shows of the first half of 2020 is already back for a second series, and it can not come soon enough.This dating show has a simple enough premise, with a woman moving five guys into her home for a week, and kicking the ones she doesn’t fancy out one by one until she finds her match.Compared to other dating shows – like Love Island, Too Hot To Handle or even its Channel 4 neighbour First Dates – Five Guys A Week feels a lot more low-fi and less glossy, but that’s what makes for such compelling and addictive viewing.The contestants very much feel like real people of all ages and backgrounds living ordinary lives, giving it more of a Gogglebox, Don’t Tell The Bride or Come Dine With Me-esque feel than the dating shows we’ve become used to in recent years.Watch if you liked: First Dates, Come Dine With Me, Celebs Go DatingDrag Race HollandDebuts on WOW Presents Plus on 18 SeptemberWhat is it? 2020 has been a rough year for everyone, but one thing we definitely can’t complain about is not having enough Drag Race to watch.As soon as series 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race came to an end near the beginning of lockdown, we were treated to the fifth All Stars run (not to overlook RuPaul’s *whispers* Secret Celebrity Drag Race in the middle of all of that, too). And by the time Shea Couleé took her place in the Hall Of Fame, the first series of Canada’s Drag Race got underway.Now that’s over, did you think that we were done with Drag Race for another? Well, think again.WOW Presents Plus subscribers will soon have access to the first ever run of Drag Race Holland – so get ready for some niche Dutch pop culture references that will go straight over your head, an obligatory Vengaboys lip sync and a whole lot more phoned-in messages from RuPaul, because even though we done already done had ourses, there’s still more to come.Watch if you liked: RuPaul’s Drag Race (in its various incarnations), Drag SOS, Glow UpUsDebuts on BBC One on 20 SeptemberWhat is it? Based on the much-loved novel by David Nicholls (of Starter For 10 and One Day fame), Us tells the story of a middle-aged couple, whose marriage hits a bump in the road when their 18-year-old son leaves for university.When mum Connie tells Douglas, her husband of almost 25 years, that she’s fed up and wants to leave him, he convinces her to let him take her and their son on one last family holiday, which just happens to be a “grand tour” of Europe.Expect lots of awkwardness, set against some beautiful backdrops.Watch if you liked: Normal People, One Day, Life BeginsGreat British Bake OffReturns on 22 September on Channel 4 What is it? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many feared the Great British Bake Off would not be able to go ahead in 2020, at a time when what the nation really needs is some bakery-based escapism, a few softly-spoken innuendos and a nice bit of colour blocking from Prue Leith.Fortunately, those sneaky Channel 4 bosses managed to film a whole series in secret without telling anyone, the results of which are about to be revealed.Quite how it’ll go ahead with new host Matt Lucas and a whole lot of coronavirus restrictions (we’re guessing Hollywood handshakes are out the window) remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely be tuning in to find out.Watch if you liked: The Great Pottery Throwdown, The Great British Sewing Bee, Strictly Come DancingEnola HolmesDebuts on Netflix on 23 September What is it? This new film centres Enola, the younger sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who has to put her family’s skills for solving mysteries into effect when her beloved mother goes missing.Enola Holmes boasts an all-star cast including Henry Caville, Helena Bonham-Carter and Millie Bobby Brown, in her first leading role outside of Stranger Things.And while it’s a family comedy, it was also helmed by Harry Bradbeer, best known for his work with Phoebe Waller-Bridge on more grown-up shows like Fleabag and Killing Eve, so maybe don’t write it off on that basis.Watch if you liked: Sherlock, Killing Eve, Stranger ThingsLittle Mix The SearchDebuting on BBC One on 26 September What is it? Another TV show hit hard by the pandemic, the frustratingly-titled Little Mix The Search was supposed to be done and dusted by now, and instead we haven’t seen a single episode. Fortunately, the auditions will be coming to us before long, and Little Mix fans will finally get their fix of one of the biggest acts in the UK today.The Search has a fairly simple premise, that sees Little Mix putting together new bands, mentoring them and offering the winning band a supporting spot on their next tour (whenever that may end up being).Probably not the most challenging of watches, admittedly but who doesn’t love watching Little Mix having some fun together?Watch if you liked: The Voice, The X Factor, Britain’s Got TalentThe Boys In The BandStreaming on Netflix from 30 SeptemberWhat is it? Yet another offering from super-producer Ryan Murphy, this is a new feature-length film directed by Joe Mantello.The Boys In The Band is based on the play of the same name, and features the very impressive cast of a 2018 Broadway revival, including Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells and Michael Benjamin Washington.Set in the late 1960s, when the original play first debuted, The Boys In The Band features around a group of gay men, who gather together to celebrate one of their birthdays, with tempers quickly flaring as they revisit their past.Watch if you liked: American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Looking, HollywoodHonourDebuts on ITV later in the autumn What is it? Keeley Hawes takes the lead in this new ITV drama, which she’s also produced, in which she plays real-life detective chief inspector Caroline Goode, who fought for justice in the Banaz Mahmod “honour killing” case.Honour has already faced controversy, with many – including Banaz’s own family – criticising the decision to centre the story on Keeley’s character, claiming it perpetuates a white saviour narrative.Keeley later said of the show: “With something like this – and especially with this – we were all so mindful that we were dealing with real people. Banaz, Caroline, their families, everybody involved, the team, so there is that element of course, and with this, even more so. Much more so, probably, than anything I’ve ever worked on.“But the responsibility is huge. It’s huge. I felt it every day. I’ve felt it every day since. I really have.”Watch if you liked: Bodyguard, Line Of Duty, Mrs WilsonThe Haunting Of Bly ManorStreaming on Netflix from 9 OctoberWhat is it? *shudders* It’s taken us since 2018 to get over the trauma of watching The Haunting Of Hill House, and now there’s a brand new horror series to give us nightmares.Although The Haunting Of Bly Manor is from the same team as Hill House and features many of the same cast, Netflix is taking a leaf out of American Horror Story’s book with this one, setting the new story in a completely different universe, and with returning stars playing brand new characters.Instead, The Haunting Of Bly Manor is based on the Victorian novella The Turn Of The Screw, telling the story of a young governess who experiences some supernatural goings on when she arrives at a new country manor.Frankly, it sounds absolutely chilling, but we’re probably going to have binged the whole thing by Halloween, let’s be honest.Watch if you liked: The Haunting Of Hill House, American Horror Story: Roanoke, Paranormal ActivitySmall AxeDebuts on BBC One later this yearWhat is it? Steve McQueen’s first TV project has been six years in the making (it was first announced in January 2014!), but by all accounts, it’s going to be well worth the wait.Small Axe is an anthology series made up of five short films, telling the story of a West Indian community in London spread across three decades.And the Oscar-winning director has truly assembled an absolutely epic group of actors to bring it all to life. Among the show’s stellar cast are Black Panther’s Letitia Wright, Star Wars’ John Boyega and Malachi Kirby, who previously appeared in Roots and the Black Mirror episode Men Against Fire.Watch if you liked: Sitting In Limbo, Widows, Top BoyThe UndoingDebuts on 26 October on Sky Atlantic What is it? Nicole Kidman’s latest TV venture doesn’t sound like it’s a million miles away from her award-winning stint in Big Little Lies, which is no bad thing for fans of the hit drama.She plays a hugely successful New York City, whose life is changed overnight by “a violent death”, “a missing husband” and a subsequent “chain of terrible revelations”.She’s joined in the new series by Hugh Grant (who’d have thought Paddington 2 would give his career the jolt it needed) and, fingers crossed, at least one or two fabulous wigs.Watch if you liked: Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere, The Night ManagerThe MandalorianNew episodes on Disney+ from 30 OctoberWhat is it? Having to wait for a new episode every week, despite the fact it had already been seen in the US months earlier, rather took the shine off The Mandalorian when Disney+ launched back in March. But this time around, we’re getting it at the same time as our American cousins, so it’ll be much easier to avoid spoilers.The Star Wars spin-off is our only contact with that galaxy far, far away now the most recent trilogy is done and dusted, and we can’t wait to see what’s transpired since we last checked in.And by that we, of course, mean… what kind of scrapes is Baby Yoda going to get himself into this time around?Watch if you liked: Star Trek: Discovery, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Guardians Of The GalaxyStrictly Come DancingReturns to our screens in the autumnWhat is it? It’s still not clear (including to the BBC, apparently) exactly what form Strictly Come Dancing is going to take in 2020, but times are hard, and we’ll take whatever sparkle we can get at the moment, quite frankly.What’s interesting to us is that Strictly has managed to get its best line-up in years under such strange circumstances, with Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo, Olympic boxer Nicola Adams, former home secretary Jacqui Smith and comedian Bill Bailey among the contestants we’re most excited to see on the dance floor.And if nothing else, this year’s Strictly will be appointment viewing when Nicola Adams makes history as one half of the show’s first ever same-sex couple. Watch if you liked: Dancing On Ice, Great British Bake Off, Britain’s Got TalentWe Are Who We AreDebuts on BBC Three later this yearWhat is it? After a summer that saw so few of us actually able to enjoy a holiday abroad, who doesn’t fancy losing themselves in sunnier climes as autumn approaches?Enter: Luca Guadagnino.The director perfected sun-drenched romance in Call Me By Your Name, and it looks like he could be about to do it again in We Are Who We Are, a new limited series about two American teenagers who find themselves on a military base in Italy.“With We Are Who We Are we are attempting to portray the here and now of two families, few generations, many exciting people,” Luca explained. Count us in.Watch if you liked: Call Me By Your Name, Euphoria, Waves The CrownSeries four debuts on Netflix on 15 NovemberWhat is it? As much as we’d watch Olivia Colman do pretty much anything at this point, the most recent series of The Crown did feel like it largely set the scene for what’s coming next.And now, our patience is finally about to be rewarded. Because series four of The Crown finally sees the arrival of Princess Diana, played by newcomer to the show Emma Corrin.Fans should also ready themselves for one of the series’ most controversial introductions to date, with Sex Education’s Gillian Anderson joining the cast as prime minister Margaret Thatcher.Watch if you liked: The Queen, The Iron Lady, The TudorsI’m A CelebrityReturns to ITV this autumnWhat is it? After almost 20 years, I’m A Celebrity is ditching the jungle for something a little closer to home, with this year’s contestants setting up camp in a spooky castle in Wales.Admittedly, this measure is ITV’s response to coronavirus restrictions, but we have to say, we think this could bring something fresh to I’m A Celebrity that we’re looking forward to checking out.Watch if you liked: Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls, The Crystal MazeIndustryDebuts on BBC Two later this yearWhat is it? Set in the fast-paced financial district of London, Industry is a new eight-part series looking into the fast-paced world of international finance, as seen through the eyes of a group of young trainees.If the show rings a bell, that’s probably because of its famous director, Girls co-creator Lena Dunham, who spent time living in Cardiff during production (and, if you recall, got weirdly hooked on Love Island).Watch if you liked: Girls, Normal People, The ApprenticeAdult Material What is it? Channel 4′s big new drama for the final quarter of 2020 is Adult Material, focussing on the porn industry, starring Hayley Squires and Rupert Everett.Hayley plays Jolene, a run-of-the-mill mum of three, who also happens to be one of the UK’s most famous porn stars. According to Channel 4, the show hones in on “Jolene’s world... a place that influences all of our lives, whether we know it or not, but none of us ever truly see”.Perhaps not one for sitting down with the whole family to watch of an evening, but one we can’t wait to devour all the same.Watch if you liked: Shameless, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Footballers’ WivesDebuts on Channel 4 later this yearThe CircleReturns to Channel 4 later this yearWhat is it? One of our most surprising reality TV obsessions of last year, we were over the moon when The Circle (which kind of introduced the world to social distancing before it was cool, just saying) announced it would be back for a third series in 2020.And not only that – Channel 4 is also going to be throwing a load of famous faces into the mix for a separate celebrity mix. After seeing Richard Madeley’s all-singing, all-dancing, all-twerking stint in last year’s regular series, we can’t wait to see who they can rope in for the celeb series, and how it all plays out...Watch if you liked: Love Is Blind, Big Brother, Love IslandHuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.READ MORE: 7 Netflix Hidden Gems That You Won't Believe Have Passed You By From Selling Sunset To Sex Education – These Are Netflix's 10 Best Originals Of 2020 (So Far) 21 Films And TV Shows To Stream On Netflix If You Need Some Escapism In Your Life
It is reported that the secrecy has reached an apex point as the cast have been told to come to set wearing black cloaks resembling popular antagonists Sith Lords from Star Wars universe.Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s star Rosario Dawson and the Riddick famed actress Katee Sackhoff have been rumored to appear in Season 2, but there is no word from Disney yet.“The Mandalorian” release date has been confirmed to be October the 30th courtesy of the announcement made by Disney last week, and by the grace of Entertainment Weekly, we have also got set photos from the highly anticipated Star Wars series.Hitman star Timothy Olyphant, Michael Biehn, and Temuera Morrison are also reported to have signed in for season 2.Entertainment Weekly quoted actress Gina Carano’s words that some rumors might be true while others are completely false.It was Carano who also told Entertainment Weekly that new actors had to come wearing black cloaks in order to hide their identity.Showrunner and Avengers actor Jon Favreau also talked to Entertainment Weekly and exposited about the plan for the season 2.He said that season 2 will introduce new characters, exposing their own journeys expanding the larger structure of the story.He also added that the stakes, intensity, and the premise would be larger as the “personal story” between The Child, and Mandalorian will further develop.He enthused that as they explore new characters, there are different routes to follow akin to what Game of Thrones did in order to expand its storyline.Favreau said that such an expansive story is appealing to him as an audience.John Favreau scratched the surface, but he was in no mood to reveal further, especially anything related to cast, but he did candidly say that George Lucas visited the set once during the filming of an episode shot by Dave Filoni.