SAN JOSE -- In a major milestone to bringing Google Fiber to Silicon Valley, city leaders next week will sign off on the tech giant's construction plan to install fiber cables across San Jose -- a final step in launching the lightning-fast Internet service here.During construction, Google will also provide public outreach to communicate updates -- targeting areas with schools, hospitals, businesses, public transportation areas and event centers.The outreach will launch two to four weeks before construction begins.Google estimates 60 percent of its work will be underground while 40 percent will be aerial, using existing overhead utility poles for attachment of Fiber cables.The council will consider that agreement this summer.Follow her at
Google is a very smart company that is good at lots of things.Branding is not necessarily one of them.There's Google Home, a new home appliance that runs a separate product called Google Assistant.There's the new Google Allo and Google Duo chat apps, which will exist alongside Google Hangouts when they launch later this summer.There's Android Pay, which is the new name for Google Wallet.And Google Fi, which offers phone service, but is different from Google Fiber, which also offers phone service.And so on.It's something that Google engineers can apparently laugh at: Google Chrome OS engineer Manu Cornet @lmanul on Twitter drew this very funny cartoon, titled "Confusement," on Google's naming struggles.Here it is, with his permission:Cornet is also known for this classic cartoon from 2011 on the organizational charts of famous companies, including Google:NOW WATCH: Chrome has a ton of hidden features — here s how to find and enable themLoading video...
Google has been jumping through the required hoops to bring its ultra-fast Internet service Google Fiber to San Jose, but hasn t yet committed to providing it.However, San Jose officials expect that well before summer s end, the tech giant will announce it s going ahead with gigabit-speed Internet in the city.It remains possible that Google would decide not to provide Fiber service in San Jose, but its work to date on the project suggests it will commit to the service.On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council unanimously approved Google s plan to reduce negative impacts from construction of a fiber-cable network, and council also gave Google the OK on site leases for five more huts to house cable and equipment.One additional important approval will come later this summer, for an agreement that Google will pay the city s projected $7 million in permitting and inspecting costs on the project for the following three years, said city spokesman David Vossbrink.Vossbrink said that well before that agreement goes to the council for approval, Google is likely to announce officially that it will bring Fiber to San Jose.Google appears very eager to move quickly, Vossbrink said.Based on the City approvals they ve already secured, the level of their investment and effort to get the project to this point, and their other actions needed to proceed, we re very optimistic that the Fiber  project is very close to beginning construction.Photo: The Google logo  KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images Tags: city council, construction, Google, google fiber, microtrenching, San Jose, trenching
The new project, called Marea, will span the more than 4,000 miles between Virginia and Spain with eight pairs of fiber optic strands, which would make it the highest capacity link across the Atlantic.In a joint statement Thursday, the companies said the new cable will help to lower costs, accelerate bandwidth rates and help accommodate the explosion of data use around the world, both for commercial use such as cloud-computing and personal use like sharing photos on social media.The wholesale price of shuttling data across continents has been plunging for the past 15 years, leaving traditional telecom companies scrambling for a way to make a profit.New trans-Atlantic cables usually require more than $200 million to build, Mr. Mauldin said, though expenses vary widely depending on the project.The biggest Web companies mostly have focused their investments on heavily trafficked Internet corridors that tie together cities in Europe, the Americas and East Asia, where they own data centers.Projects like Google Fiber and Facebook s wireless broadband programs, aimed at making the Internet more accessible to consumers, are separately managed.
It looked like Comcast had won a few months ago when Oregon's Public Utility Commission ruled 3-0 that Comcast's gigabit service qualifies the company for the tax exemption."The department declined to disclose its reasoning, citing taxpayer confidentiality, and referred questions to Comcast.When contacted by Ars, Comcast said it was disappointed in the decision.Local government officials who tried to block Comcast from getting the tax break have said there are tens of millions of dollars on the line, money used to fund schools, libraries, and other government services.Lawmakers designed the tax break to benefit Google Fiber, which is considering an expansion into the Portland metro area.The Oregon tax law only applies to services with gigabit speeds both upstream and downstream, effectively limiting it to fiber networks.
Google today announced that it s bringing the Google Cast technology — for streaming media content from a smartphone or desktop computer onto another screen — to the Fiber TV service that s available to subscribers of Google Fiber high-speed Internet.The feature is rolling out to all Fiber TV subscribers in the coming weeks.The Fiber TV set-top box isn t the most well known choice for cord-cutters; the Roku, the Apple TV, and the Amazon Fire TV are also available.But for those people who already pay Google for Internet access, the Fiber TV can be tempting to sign up for — there s more than 150 channels, DVR, and the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control.Soon subscribers will also be able to do more with other devices just by tapping on the Cast button.Google Cast gives you access to thousands of apps, right on your TV screen, Google Fiber product manager Jared Nusinoff wrote in a blog post.And now that same Cast technology has been extended to another device.Of course, this feature is restricted to just a few places in the world, because Google Fiber is available in just a few cities.
Google Cast has already made its way into some smart TVs, among other devices; the inclusion in Google s own Fiber TV box isn t at all surprising and certainly welcomed.With it, owners will be able to cast content from their mobile device to their TV without a separate casting dongle.If you re still not familiar with Chromecast or Google Cast, which functions the same way, take a moment to watch the GIF below.You re just finding the show you want to watch, firing it up, and then tapping the cast button.Of course, you ll need to be subscribed to Google Fiber s TV service.If you're content with your current TV and don't have plans to upgrade, you can skip Google Cast and just pick up a Chromecast device; they're inexpensive and the only difference between it and Google Cast is that you'll be using up one of your TV's HDMI ports.
Are you a Google Fiber subscriber?You can now cast content from supported apps like Netflix and HBO Go to your Fiber TV Box.All you need to do is connect your phone or laptop to your Fiber Wi-Fi, if it wasn t already connected, and that s it.You ll see a Cast symbol on apps like Pandora and Google Photos, and once you tap it, your content will show up on the big screen.So you don t need a Chromecast or Android TV to cast content from your phone or laptop, but unfortunately Google Fiber is currently available to a select few.Fiber is currently active in six cities including Kansas City Missouri and Kansas ; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and more.
Google is adding a nifty perk to its emergent Fiber cable, phone, and Internet service.The company recently announced it would add Google Cast functionality to Fiber TV set-top boxes, meaning your cable box will double as a Chromecast device.The impact on you at home: Once it s up and running, Google Cast will work much like it does with a Chromecast dongle.Open a Chromecast-compatible app on your phone or tablet, tap the Cast button, and the content will resume on your big screen.Key apps that do not yet support Casting to a Fiber box include Hulu, WatchESPN, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Watch ABC, Spotify, and HBO Now.Chromecast support alone is unlikely to woo more subscribers to Google Fiber, but it could be that one extra feature that convinces users to give Google Fiber a shot.
Google has been laying down fiber cables for four years, but parent-company Alphabet is already thinking about a future where you don t have to dig up your garden to get high-speed internet access.Thanks to improved computer chips and accurate targeting of wireless signals, Alphabet executives believe they can transmit internet connections at a gigabit per second — the same speed Google Fiber promises with its fiber-optic network, according to the Wall Street Journal.Connecting homes to high-speed internet without the hassle of laying down any wire would be a boon for Google, which depends on people going online to use its services.Some upcoming promising experiments include plant-based imitation meat, 3-D printed buildings, and more work in virtual reality and artificial intelligence.The best way to predict the future is to invent it, he said.In an effort to push Google to address gender-pay disparity, CEO of Proxy Impact Michael Passoff pressed Schmidt during the shareholders meeting, asking the search giant to release complete data on the pay men and women earn at the company.
Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the company s annual shareholder meeting Wednesday that improvements in computer chips and more accurate targeting of wireless signals have made point-to-point wireless internet connections cheaper than digging up your garden.Mr. Schmidt said Alphabet executives increasingly think the technology can deliver internet connections at 1 gigabit per second, equivalent to the speed its Google Fiber unit provides through fiber-optic cables in five U.S. cities.To give you an idea of how serious this is, Mr. Schmidt told shareholders, he met with Alphabet Chief Executive Larry Page, Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat and others on Tuesday to discuss the technology.Page and Sergey Brin control a majority of Alphabet s voting shares, making it impossible for shareholder proposals to succeed without their support.Mr. Schmidt also highlighted several technologies that Alphabet views as promising in coming years, including plant-based imitation meat, three-dimensionally printed buildings, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.The best way to predict the future is to invent it, Mr. Schmidt said.
We ve been hanging out a Lenovo Tech World this week, and there was a lot of cool new stuff to see.Both feature top-tier tech including high-resolution cameras, 5.5-inch AMOLED screens, 4 gigs of RAM and 32 or 64gb of storage.It can also 3D map enclosed spaces and then let you virtually add furniture, play games, and more.Fortunately, the Phab 2 Pro will be sold unlocked for $500 beginning this September.According to the Wall Street Journal, Google chairman Eric Schmidt says improvements in wireless tech have now made it possible to push gigabit speeds through the air, and they re building out a wireless test network in KC, the same city that was first in line to get Google Fiber a few years back.A gigabit-speed wifi network potentially solves a lot of bottlenecks, especially when it comes to video streaming.
At 1 to 500 Gigabytes or higher data transfer speeds; virtually no lag delay 5 millisecond and a brand new telecoms architecture that supports dense usage 100 devices per sq meter it enables the Internet of Things - everything to be connected.How privacy planning and business opportunities thinking needs to change in the 5G era ?These new things represent the idea of Artificial intelligence AI that works in your home in real-time is almost here.Rural locations and city living all need to be truly joined up to bridge not just a digital divide but enable a shift to a connected empowered society.5G includes discussions in multi-band support so that Wi-Wfi, NFC, Zig Bee or other networks as well as telecoms can interoperable and maximise coverage load sharing.Bandwidth frequencies will be modified as indicated in current 5G standard to make room, the legislation and governance of this will continue to disrupt existing industry telcos previous investments and the response to new alternatives such as the large cloud providers such as with google fiber investments.
Google has been rolling out its super-fast Fiber internet service for a few years now, but so far it s only launched in a handful of markets.Now, the company is exploring reportedly a low-cost alternative to Google Fiber in the form of gigabit Wi-Fi.According to Schmidt, improvements to computer chips and wireless signal targeting have made "point-to-point" wireless Internet connections "cheaper than digging up your garden while still delivering comparable speeds to wired infrastructure.It offers extremely high throughput in theory but it s not without it s problems -- namely, the fact that high frequency signals are more easily blocked by walls or atmospheric conditions.Under the current plan, Google would still need to build fiber infrastructure in every new market it intends to bring its service to, but could put up millimeter wave nodes in neighborhoods to handle the last mile of the network.Facebook is also looking into it as a way to replace fiber in these dense urban areas under its Terragraph project, and Starry, the company led by fomer Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia plans to challenge traditional ISPs by leveraging the technology.
Google Fiber WirelessGoogle s cheap, high-speed Fiber network is the internet we all need, but very few actually get.A lot of that has to do with the cost of running fiber-optic under streets and to houses, which involves a lot of messy manual labor.One solution Google is looking at, according to Alphabet chairperson Eric Schmidt, is millimeter-wave wireless signals to cover the last mile to customers houses.That means it wouldn t work well for Wi-Fi in your house or as a substitute for cell networks, but it s perfect for carrying a signal half a mile from a cable junction to a receiver on top of your house.It s far from a novel idea: back in 2012, a startup called WiSpire in the UK started mounting transmitters to church spires in order to connect individual houses using millimeter-wave transmission albeit, resulting in far slower internet than proposed by Google .There s significant technical hurdles to work around, but the end result could be very interesting indeed.
These discussions will help us deploy our network efficiently and responsibly.But Dallas has a number of points in its favor: a burgeoning tech sector close to half a million workers, at last count and one of the highest job growth rates in the country 3.9 percent, or nearly double the national rate of 2 percent .It s our fervent hope that we can soon be open for business in the city.Google s Fiber service, which now operates in Kansas City, Missouri; Austin, Texas; and Provo, Utah, has plans to expand ambitiously in the coming years — future Fiber sites include Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and Salt Lake City, Tennessee.Along the way, existing customers have seen new add-ons and features debut: most recently, Google launched Fiber Phone, a $10-a-month feature which lets Fiber subscribers connect multiple phones and numbers to a single, cloud-based phone number with voicemail transcription, automatic call screening, and more.And in an over-the-air update in June, Google added Cast support to the set-top box hardware that powers its Fiber TV cable subscription add-on.
Google s decision to troll the telecom industry by becoming a gigabit ISP continues today as the company announces its latest target: Dallas, Texas.Now available in six cities and coming to six more, Google Fiber already operates in Texas — in Austin and soon San Antonio.Next up, it could arrive in Dallas.In a promotional blog post announcing its intent, Google cautiously wrote that it s now exploring the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to Dallas.Citing the challenges of building a fiber optic network through a dense and complex urban environment, Google says it plans to work with the Mayor of Dallas and local leaders in order to eventually launch in the city.
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Texas, Google Fiber is potentially headed to another one of your cities.In a blog post, the company cites Dallas as one of the best cities to work in tech, and it hopes that the availability of Fiber will attract more talent to the area.Factors that will affect successfully bringing Fiber to the area includes typography, current infrastructure, and other construction restraints listed in a checklist here.On its Twitter account, Google clarified that the possibility of bringing Fiber to Dallas include just that specific metropolitan area – not suburbs or its neighboring city, Fort Worth.The service is live in just five cities: Provo, Nashville, Atlanta, Kansas City, and as mentioned above, Austin – all of which have populations below the one million mark.Read next: iMessage apps in iOS 10 will have subscriptions, and they'll be a lot like native apps
The third-largest city in Texas would be among the largest US markets to benefit from the Chocolate Factory's high-speed broadband network."If we're able to bring Google Fiber to Dallas, it will mean more than a reliable connection.It will mean new ways for families to stay in touch and stream their favorite shows, and new opportunities for businesses – especially businesses in Dallas' budding tech sector – to grow and be more productive," Google said in announcing the deal."With Fiber, businesses can download files in seconds rather than hours, communicate faster with customers, and much more.The installation is not a sure thing, and Google notes that it has not yet committed fully to the move."Working alongside Mayor Mike Rawlings and local leaders, we'll use our Fiber checklist to learn more about local topography, existing infrastructure, and other factors that may impact construction."