Growing homeownership among millenials is one of the major factors driving the adoption of home automation systems.Modern IoT-based home automation solutions can learn about user habits and determine patterns using complex algorithms through cloud computing.For instance, the latest smart thermostat from Google Nest (US) utilizes learning features to automatically adjust the house temperature according to the homeowner’s preference.IoT is integrated with cloud computing as the data can be stored online (on the cloud) and can be accessed from anywhere.As present consumers continue to seek smart home devices that emphasize compatibility and functionality, companies have to develop technologies that allow for a unified control interface that can connect previously isolated devices and protocols.Single apps or platforms are being developed that give consumers the ability to integrate and control all of their devices with a single interface, which greatly enhances user convenience.
This Three Google Pixel 5 deal delivers oodles of data for just £36/pm and £29 upfront, plus you'll get a Google Nest smart speaker totally free.
The Nest Secure is dead, so how much longer will Google support it?
Google is notorious for suddenly discontinuing apps and services, even those in wide use. That practice actually applies even to hardware products, much to the disappointment of many customers. The casualty in the latter segment is its Nest-branded smart home security system which suddenly became no longer available last week. To assure customers it isn’t pulling the plug, Google now … Continue reading
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Last year, Google pledged that, by 2022, it would include recycled materials in all of its Made By Google products, a list that includes Pixel phones, Pixelbooks, Google Home speakers, Nest devices, and accessories like phone cases and charging stands. Today, the company announced it hit one of its goals ahead of schedule: all new Pixel and Nest products are now designed with recycled materials, according to Google sustainability systems architect David Bourne. That’s not to say its products are made entirely of recycled materials, but they at least include recycled materials somewhere in the product. According to Google, the back cover of the Pixel 5 is made with 100 percent recycled aluminum, and the new Nest Audio has 70 percent... Continue reading…
Should you buy the new HomePod mini over it’s older sibling? We take a look at the specs to help you decide.
Codenamed 'Blue Steel', this secret feature turns on Google Assistant whenever you look at or walk by your smart display.
These are the best smart speakers you can buy right now, no matter which voice assistant you prefer.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge A new feature being internally tested at Google could remove the need to say “Hey Google” before voicing commands to Nest Hub smart displays, Android Central reports. Instead, the feature codenamed “Blue Steel” could allow the device to simply sense your presence, and proactively listen for commands without first needing to hear the wake word. The functionality has been shown off in a video posted to YouTube by Jan Boromeusz, who Android Central notes previously leaked features like the Nest Hub’s new dark mode prior to its official announcement. In the video, Boromeusz can be seen asking for a variety of information, all without once uttering the words “Hey Google.” His Nest Hub Max smart display is reportedly running leaked internal... Continue reading…
Smart, AI-powered, virtual assistants are undoubtedly helpful, at least to those who have actually found uses for them. For better or worse, however, all of them have to be manually “woken up”, usually by a trigger phrase. It’s a bit of a hassle, especially when you’re already standing in front of your smart speaker or smart display. It seems that … Continue reading
A leaked "Blue Steel" feature will answer anyone standing in front of the display.
The Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest Home Mini are currently the only speakers you can buy for less than USD 68.It looks more premium and delivers way better audio performance as compared to Google’s Home Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot.Here are some of the excellent features of Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker that you should consider before purchasing a budget-friendly smart speaker.It looks like a flattened cylindrical shape converted on the sides by a metallic mesh.The top of the smart speaker holds the touch control buttons.To make the speaker look awesome, Xiaomi has given it an LED light ring along the top edge.Xiaomi has worked brilliantly on the build quality of Mi Smart Speaker in this segment of smart speakers.
After a span of four years, since Google released its first smart speaker, has now released its new smart speaker, the Nest Audio.This speaker has performance somewhere between the Nest Mini and Home Max.It comes at a price of $99.99, which is price less expensive compared to the original Google Home, which came in 2016.Sources : having a lower price, Nest Audio is a well-improved speaker over the Google Home from every angle.Even Ikea has started making the connected speakers now, and they combine the technology of Sonos with their designing abilities and aggressive pricing.However, Google Nest Audio also has a much-improved audio quality compared to its predecessor.It offers Google Assistant with the help of which you can do a lot of stuff.However, Google Nest Audio has a compact size and has a minimal yet powerful volume and bass.From five different Nest Audio color variants, you can opt for the one that matches your interest.The Nest Audio is wrapped up with a plastic mesh fabric material which is recyclable and which makes the speakers appear softer in terms of looks.
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From the new Google Nest Audio to smart video doorbells, these are the best Google Nest deals we've found today.
Nest has a new, entry-level smart thermostat, under $130 but still packing remote app control, a new motion sensor, and a slick mirror-finish. The new Nest Thermostat also introduces a different interface, doing away with the physically-rotating casing of the existing models and replacing them with a touch-sensitive scroll strip on one side. As before, the thermostat itself is circular. … Continue reading
The new Nest Thermostat ditches the traditional rotating dial for a simpler, touch strip control system | Photo: Google Google’s Nest smart home division has a new smart thermostat available to order starting today. The new Nest Thermostat is a simpler model than the Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E and comes with a lower price, just $129.99. That’s $40 less than the Nest E and $120 less than the top-of-the-line third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat. It is available to pre-order starting today, and Google says it will be shipping in a few weeks. Simpler is the theme with the new Nest Thermostat, and that starts with its design. Gone is the traditional rotating dial that’s been on every Nest thermostat for the past nine years. In its place is a touch sensitive strip on the right side that is used to navigate the interface and make... Continue reading…
A couple of months ago, Google introduced its affordable Pixel 4a smartphone globally. While the smartphone didn’t make its way to the Indian market spontaneously, ... The post Google Pixel 4a goes official in India along with Nest Audio appeared first on
A great thermostat getting cheaper is a win, but what's this about Soli radar? Plus more tech news you need to know today!