If I'm already at my computer, I'll do a quick Google search to see if I can find some info on the caller before they go to voicemail.WhoApp is a new app that specializes in finding out who is calling you.The call will be sent to WhoApp, who will dial back the number and show you information on who the caller is.If the caller is some form of telemarketer, they'll show a large warning shield, letting you know that you probably don't want to answer it.And since they appear to call the person back, that does make me think that there will be some issues, depending on the caller.There's no word on whether or not the company plans to bring it to Android devices.
It looks like Google may be changing the name of their app indexing protocol from Google App Indexing to Firebase App Indexing.Last night, I captured screen shots of Google changing the Google search developer page from saying Google App Indexing to Firebase App Indexing.But it seems Google changed it back this morning to just App Indexing.Yes, Firebase is a company Google acquired back in October 2014.So it is possible Google would renamed their mobile efforts Firebase and bring App Indexing into that.They also announced more features around this that we covered over here.
Google announced on Google that they ve added a new filter to the Search Analytics report within Google Search Console to let you filter those reports by AMP pages.Now you can see how people discovered your AMP pages within the mobile search results.The feature aims at answering the question, Which queries lead to my AMP pages being shown in the mobile search results?Select AMP from that list.It will then allow you to compare how the AMP metrics compete against other search results links.Here is a screen shot:In January, Google added AMP error reports to the Google Search Console that helped webmasters debug implementation errors of their AMP pages.
It s based on existing technology, including Google Now.The assistant will power Google s upcoming Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home.Speaking at the beginning of the keynote at the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai described the technology as a conversational assistant that can carry on an ongoing two-way dialogue.We want to be there for our users asking them, How can I help?'Pichai said.The technology is voice-activated and available across devices, but the interface is packaged up inside of a chatbot — something like, say, Facebook Messenger s M. We are getting ready to launch something later this year, Pichai said.The Google Assistant is built into the Allo mobile messaging app, which is also being introduced today.Over the years Google has amassed a whole lot of AI talent and technology.And the systems are regularly improving — last year at I/O Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said Google s speech recognition technology was down to an 8 percent word error rate.Indeed, today Pichai said that 1 in every 5 Google search queries on Android in the U.S. is a voice query.But even though Google s AI technology represents value for the company internally, in the past year Google has shared some of that technology with the rest of the world as open source code.Now it s clear that Google is a few steps ahead of Apple.Earlier this week The Information reported that Google would give third-party developers access to speech recognition, some aspects of the Google Now personal digital assistant, and Android s Google Now On Tap feature for recognizing known entities mentioned in text onscreen and providing explanations and relevant links.While the world s biggest technology companies have been fixated on chatbots lately, the whole idea itself is not new.Voice-activated assistants like the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo speaker are another emerging medium, but currently bots seem more likely to be adopted by the masses.
But what happens after you ve earned yourself a top spot in Google search results pages?Contrary to popular belief, ranking for particular keywords is only half the battle.Optimizing the layout of your site will reduce bounce rates and increase the likelihood of your visitors engaging with your content.However, even if you can t get it that low, consider that every second you shave off of your page load time reduces page abandonment.If you re still having issues with your loading speed, then you can also try out a tool called Google PageSpeed Insights, which will help identify the specific issues slowing down your website load time and suggest ways to fix them.Don t overdo it by adding a plethora of links to your existing article content.
Google Home is still in the early stages of development but here s everything we know at this hour.Users will be able to customize the base through a variety of different colors of either fabric or metal.Its three primary tasks are to provide music and entertainment throughout a home, manage everyday tasks on your behalf and make the power of Google search accessible via voice commands through what s called the Google assistant.As such, you ll be able to control your lights, thermostats, switches and more simply by using voice commands.Again, basic tasks like checking the weather or seeking out facts on Wikipedia will be possible but you ll also be able to ask complex tasks like how much fat is in an avocado or the jersey number of your favorite athlete.You can even ask follow-up questions in which Google will understand the context and return the correct answer.
On Wednesday the company announced its entry into the voice-activated virtual assistant race with Google Home, its answer to the Amazon Echo.Google Home promises to live alongside you wherever you reside, answering your questions, playing your music and reading your news, much like its popular rival.It ll also have Google search built in, which means it ll know a lot about you as soon as you sign in.According to its makers, Google Home is a sleek little device that will learn your music tastes, your commute and your daily plans — with your permission, of course, a spokesman said — and will use that information to tailor itself to your needs.Predators can already hack our baby monitors and computer cameras, and as Gizmodo reported this week, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny that it has wiretapped Amazon Echo devices.You can also turn off the Echo s microphone, though it s unclear whether even that could stop the National Security Agency from listening in.
And yes, it s Google assistant — lower-case assistant — not Google Assistant.We really need to help them get things done in the real world.This is why we re evolving search to be more assistive, Pichai said when speaking about Google assistant during the opening keynote of Google I/O, Google s big annual developers conference held today.No catchy name for Google inside The move still doesn t give Google s assistant a catchy name like Apple Siri or the aforementioned Alexa and Cortana assistants.Google assistant in Home & AlloFor example, the newly announced Google Home voice-activated home assistant was described as having Google assistant built in.Similarly, the new Allo messaging app was said to have Google assistant smarts, helping you automatically respond to messages or to converse with Google itself to get things done.
Based on your phone numberForget having to ask friends and family members to sign up for a Google account just to use Hangouts, Allo and Duo will rely on a phone number.AssistantGoogle search results, suggestions, and contextual information are baked right in.As we first saw in Google s Inbox platform, Allo is gaining similar smart reply capabilities.Duo shows you live video of the caller before you decide to pick up.Google claims Duo is optimized to work on networks with limited bandwidth, meaning you should be able to hold video calls regardless of your network connection.But at least we have shiny new apps to try at the end of the day, right?
A tradition founded in 2008, the Google IO is an annual software development conference held in San Francisco, California where each year, the multinational company behind Android, Chrome and the famous search engine casts lose its magic casket full of plans for the upcoming year.This year, the Google IO is to be held on the fateful day of May 18, and as I sit just 30 minutes away from its scheduled commencement, here are my best predictions on what to expect from IO 2016 this year.And indeed, tech s biggest giant will be sure to scoop in on the action as it announces some of its biggest plans with virtual reality this upcoming year.Wearable AndroidsEver since it was first announced two years ago in yet another IO Conference, Android Wear has taken the slow way, much to the annoyance of excited fanfare.People are even saying that Android Wear is becoming stagnant, which is why Google has scheduled a section of the Conference titled: What s new in Android Wear .Check out this cool infographic on Australia s political climate based entirely on Google Search Results.
The chip sped up the Go-playing software, allowing it to plot moves in the time-limited match and look further ahead in the game.Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., GOOGL 0.22 % has been using it for more than a year to accelerate artificial intelligence applications as the software techniques known as machine learning become increasingly important to its core businesses.Overall the chip, known as the Tensor Processing Unit, is 10 times faster than alternatives Google considered for this work, the company said.Whether it s a ton less than we would have otherwise, I can t say.It allows the company to process all the text stored in its massive collection of StreetView images—things such as street signs and address numbers attached to the sides of houses—in just five days, much faster than previous methods, Mr. Jouppi said.The chip also is used in Google search ranking, photo processing, speech recognition, and language translation.
In Google s example, a feature in Allo called whispershout adds a slider to your chat window that scales the sixe of your text, and add text overlay to images.There s also a smart reply feature that assumes you ll say something like so cute!It recognizes pictures because it taps into Google s powerful image recognition engine, while your replies are learned via text.It can find sports scores, show you the roster of players; basically, a lot of what Google Search can do.You just don t need to move away from Allo to tap intothe lighter features of Search.You ll also be able to decide how long messages stick around.
Google just announced Google Home, a smart home appliance that consumers can speak to and do things like order food, play music, and get updates on traffic and weather.The sleek, speaker-shaped device is Google's highly anticipated answer to Amazon's increasingly popular Echo product.Google didn't announce a price for the device, which is set to launch later this year.The Amazon Echo costs $179.99.Onstage at the Google I/O conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai credited Amazon with building excitement for the idea of a home gadget that can answer your questions.Here's our first look at Google Home:Home is a stand-alone hardware product, but it's based on another new Google service that Google announced on Wednesday: Google Assistant, a voice-based, digital assistant that's similar to Apple's Siri, or the Alexa virtual assistant at the heart of the Amazon Echo gadget.Google wants to put its new Assistant service across a variety of new products.But one of the most high-profile incarnations of the virtual assistant will be in the Home gadget.Home will be able to play music as a Wi-Fi speaker as well as answer your questions based on Google Search.The company said users would be able to customize that baseplate to match their home's color scheme and decor.Home will also integrate with the smash-hit Google Chromecast and other Google Cast-compatible devices, so you can control video and other speakers with your voice.It will integrate with Nest smart thermostats and other connected gadgets.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
E-ventures claims that it did not breach any of Google's terms of service but instead was hit in September 2014 because of "economic" and "anti-competitive" reasons.The Court finds that this speech is capable of being proven true or false since one can determine whether e-ventures did in fact violate Google s policies.The Federal Trade Commission is said to be examining the Mountain View, California-based company over alleged anticompetitive behavior regarding its Android operating system.Judge Steele did not agree, saying:While publishers are entitled to discretion for editorial judgment decisions, plaintiff has alleged that Google s reason for banning its websites was not based upon editorial judgments but instead based upon anti-competitive motives.Among other things, Google claimed the suit was barred by the Communications Decency Act CDA , which essentially gives Internet service providers a free hand to publish as they see fit.Here, plaintiff has included allegations within its Second Amended Complaint that Google failed to act in good faith when removing its websites from Google s search results," the judge ruled.
Simply put, it s a way to bring app experiences to the mobile web and provide access to deeper app functionality without a download.Without knowing much right now about the technology, Instant Apps appeared to me be a new manifestation or evolution of App Streaming, which most people haven t yet experienced.With Instant Apps, app content is rendered in a modular way; only parts of the app are made available.Upon completion of the desired task or content, the consumer can be given a prompt to download the full app.This then becomes another way for Android developers and publishers to get their apps in front of people without the front-end friction of downloads before content can be accessed.Google said it has tested the functionality with only handful of partners: BuzzFeed, B Photo, Medium, Hotel Tonight, Zumper and Disney.
At it's 2016 Google I/O conference, Google showed off the Chromecast team's latest gadget – Google Home, a voice activated smart hub that can do, well, basically anything Google wants it to.", and you'll not only get the same accurate answer you would from Google search, spoken to you by the Google Home speaker, but you'll be able to follow up with context sensitive response and the hub will understand.from that previous leading question, and Google Home will know you're still talking about avocados, without having to explicitly mention it again.Networked with a Chromecast Audio or TV Chromecast, and Google Home can be used to create a multi-room speaker set up.Google Home supports Google Cast with both iOS and Android, so it's not just limited to Google's own smartphone ecosystem.It'll connect to smart home gear, including "the most popular home networking systems" for lighting let's assume that's Philips Hue , or heating systems such as Google's own Nest, and a quick voice command can control the lot of it.
It s been long rumored that Google was looking to one up its own Messenger and Hangouts messaging apps.Allo has got cutesy little features like easy-to-use volume control to shout messages read as: make font bigger .But some of the woah future moments came with a demo of impressive image recognition built into the app.You can also message @google and launch all the powers of the Google search engine brain, powered by Google s own Knowledge Graph.You can also make this robot text messaging a group experience, and maybe the coolest feature, Allo has its own incognito mode, which end-to-end encrypts your messages.Seems Google is continuing its aggressive campaign to conquer your iPhone.
The first major announcement out of this year's event, Google Home is a compact Wi-Fi and voice-enabled speaker centred around Google Assistant – the new all-encompassing moniker for Google's various voice assistant technologies.Watch: Highlights from Google I/O 2016At I/O, Google explained:"You can access songs, playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts from your favourite music services just by asking with your voice, or if you prefer, you can send music from your Android or iOS device through Google Cast..."Video content will work similarly – just ask Google Home to play a film or TV show and it'll start streaming on the telly of your choice.Google Home will support a range of smart lighting and smart thermostat installations, including of course Google's own Nest brand.Lastly, Home will offer all the standard Google Search features, meaning you can ask it about your travel itinerary, commute, daily schedule and more.Stay tuned for more updates including full details of UK pricing and availability, and specsWatch Now: Hands-on with Android NAre you excited about Google Home or does the Amazon Echo still reign supreme?comments powered by Disqus
Step aside Alexa, Google has its own voice-based digital assistant: Google Assistant.While it lacks a proper or even pretty name, this could be the mother of all voice-activated assistants."Our ability to do conversational understanding is far ahead of what other assistants can do," said Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who announced the new assistant from the Google I/O 2016 developers conference keynote stage on Wednesday.It will let users manage and access schedules, find out about traffic, track packages, and ask Google Assistant general interest questions.Google Assistant will actually work during conversations and automatically try to help with, for instance, dinner reservations the group is discussing.It will also bring in outside, relevant information like restaurant cards, the kind you normally see in Google Now and Google search results , and then guide users through setting number of diners, time to dine and making reservations with Open Table.
View photosMoreLetters spell the word "Alphabet" as they are seen on a computer screen with a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Paris, France, August 11, 2015.REUTERS/Pascal RossignolSAN FRANCISCO Reuters - Google did not pay to use Oracle's software in millions of smartphones, but the company believed that the intellectual property was free for anyone to use, Larry Page, chief executive of Google's parent company, told jurors in court on Thursday.A trial in 2012 ended in a deadlocked jury, and if the current jury rules against Google on fair use, then it would consider Oracle's request for $9 billion in damages.Oracle attorney Peter Bicks sharply questioned Page about the importance of Android to Google's business, pointing to documents noting billions of dollars in revenue, as well as earnings transcripts in which Page said 700,000 Android phones were "lit up" every day."No we didn't pay for the free and open things," Page said."I think we acted very responsibly and carefully around the intellectual property issues," Page said.