Honor and Huawei are two separate companies right now, however, these companies still have some ties. Obviously, it will take some time to completely sever ... The post Honor’s 135W charging adapter appears online appeared first on Gizchina.com.
Plan to reinvent advertising turns out to be more difficult than expected Google, which makes the only major browser not blocking third-party cookies by default, has revised its commitment to phase out third-party cookies by 2022.…
a Truck has driven into the crowd in central Stockholm Drottninggatanilla.the Stockholm police told Aftonbladetille that the accident occurred personal injury.according to the information the truck drove to the restaurants in the freight house, which will become a smoke.the witness said the truck was driving uncontrollably towards Åhlensia and at least two people was hit by a truck.the Police received information about the incident 14.53 local time.2017-04-07 14:53, Kontroll person/fordon, Stockholm Samtal om fordon skada you partial to på Norrmalm https://t.co/GYl8hw1sJr
Bitly, famous for its ubiquitous URL-shortening service, has announced that it s partnered with LetsEncrypt to bring HTTPs links to marketers using its branded domain service.With almost 27 billion links, or Bitlinks, shortened since launch, Bitly is probably the most recognizable link-shortening service on the Web.While anyone can shorten a URL through Bitly for free, Bitly has also emerged as a key tool for marketers to track how their content is being shared online and even drive traffic to mobile apps.But more than that, businesses have also been able to procure branded short links, where the bit.ly or bitly.com element of the URL is replaced by a company s own shortened domain name.The New York-based company said that it will be generating SSL certificates for what amounts to more than 40,000 Bitly-branded domains, with all links created through the platform now served as secure HTTPS links.Shortened URLs give little clue as to where the links may lead.A shortened URL could indicate a malicious website, for example, so with HTTPs now in the mix, Bitly hopes to bring a little peace of mind to not only its customers, but to its customers customers.Our upgrade will create a more secure Internet for our customers, and will specifically help our customers build trust with their users, said Matt Thomson, CPO at Bitly.This move is a stand against malicious Internet activity and its negative impact on good customer experience.
We want to invite you to a growth hacking experiment and introduce you to Mink and see if we can grow it together with the GH community.Mink is a revolutionary platform that provides insight into your team, organization or business.Check out our demo video https://mink.io/blog/wtf-is-mink/We want to invite the GH community to be a part of our 'open growth team' that will help us launch Mink to the world.We want the best growth ideas out there and we know this is the place to do it.Meaning anyone will have access to the ideas we create, how we test those ideas and how we measure them.We will award the winner of the most effective growth idea/hack with a USB Missile launcher so you can bomb your co workers.
Not to mention making sweeping generalizations by claiming her own experiences represent the 80 million other millennials.Still many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers love to spurt facts about how entitled, selfish and lazy we are.But too often we are simplified into just a few less than complimentary characteristics.Using data from the Census Bureau and other reputable sources, we took a excavated into those beliefs with the aim of busting some popular myths about millennials.Without giving too much away, we found that most, if not all of the myths are overblown or widely misreported often, I believe, as a measure of resistance against a rapidly changing world .Check out the interactive wheel of myths below and full investigations into the 7 most common myths: https://venngage.com/blog/millennials-infographic/
About one year ago, Nick Fox, the executive in charge of communications at Google, asked some of his engineers what their ideal messaging app would look like if they could build it from scratch.The app aims to bring together all of Google's latest research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice recognition, and natural language processing.But the arrival of Allo raises an important question:What happens to Google's existing messaging app, Hangouts?Although Google says it will continue adding new features to Hangouts and improving the product, it won't necessarily be folding in chatbot capabilities any time soon.And Google's trio of different chat apps might not be so crazy after all, when you consider that rival Facebook has both Messenger and WhatsApp.And it's built w/ same small group sharing tech that already powers @googlephotos and new @YouTube sharing model... https://t.co/b3nXWVnLo4 — Bradley Horowitz @elatable May 16, 2016NOW WATCH: 10 WhatsApp tricks only power users know aboutLoading video...
https://media.simplecast.com/episodes/audio/37925/CSP.ep30.LucioPentagna.mixed96.mp3Entrepreneurs worldwide have a set of common values.Make a positive impact.This week s guest, Lucio Pentagna Guimaraes Neto, tells us how he pivoted from his Brazilian legal degree and MBA and corporate CEO background, to sailing the world, ending up in China, self-learning 3D modelling, and going on to found Shanghai s first fablab, XinFab.Crazy about machines, Lucio discusses how he merges his passion for 3D printing with his farming heritage.Now building a hack-vacation in South Portugal, Lucio discusses his latest project: a getaway for do-ers.Get your own work done, do sustainable farming, and surf on the side – who needs mainstream Bali?Download the MP3 27 MB or Subscribe via RSSChina Startup Pulse is a weekly podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what s happening in China s startup ecosystem.Founded and hosted by Ryan Shuken and Todd Embley, and produced by Qi Liu, China Startup Pulse is sponsored by Chinaccelerator, People Squared, and TechNode.TechNode does not endorse any commentary made in the program.
Previous installment in the Blackview rugged outdoor phone series BV5000 managed to record pretty good sales all across the board so no wonder the company is trying to repeat the success.Upcoming model Blackview BV6000 should be better in almost every aspect and on top of that bringing the IP68 certification compared to only IP65 in the previous model.So what exactly the IP68 certification means ?First number describes the level of dust protection and the 6 means the highest one, complete protection against contact dust tight .The second number is the water resistance level and here the 8 is also the highest possible grade meaning the equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water, depth is usually specified by the manufacturer, generally up to 3m.For more info about the IP certifications you can ask uncle Google for example here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP Code .BV6000 carries on board even some reasonable hardware specs for a pure rugged phone, 4.7-inch display with HD resolution and 3rd gen Gorilla Glass protection, octa-core Mediatek Helio P10 processor MT6755 clocked at 2 GHz 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of expandable storage, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and of course the aforementioned IP68 certification.Not sure if it s a valid IP certification test, but we have a pretty funny video of Blackview BV6000 surviving the washing machine treatment so don t forget to check it out.
I'm working on a personal project, and if you could answer my 9 question survey on voice search it would really help me out!This isn't any kind of formal market research, just questions to gain insight.Thanks in advance!https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BXCP9J6
RockydallasISPs around the world are being attacked by self-replicating malware that can take complete control of widely used wireless networking equipment, according to reports from customers and a security researcher who is following the ongoing campaign.The vulnerability, which allows attackers to gain access to the devices over HTTP and HTTPS connections without authenticating themselves, was patched last July, but the fix wasn't widely installed.The flaw resides in the following Ubiquiti products:airMAX v5.6.2airMAX AC v7.1.3TOUGHSwitch v1.3.2airGateway v1.1.5In an advisory, Ubiquiti officials said they are aware of two different payloads that exploit the vulnerability.Although the flaw was fixed last July through a patch released through the company's bug bounty program, officials have issued a new patch that further locks down potentially vulnerable devices.Users can then restore the device configuration on the reflashed device."Exploits are assumed to be underway globally," said Ben West, a networking engineer at WasabiNet, a wireless ISP located in St. Louis.
NOTE it takes a week of historical data for the report to produce meaningful results.Finding the biggest influencers is easy.They're also really expensive.We made an algo that identifies influencers around specific keywords, filters down to audience size 10-20k , then tracks who is growing the fastest.This let's you work with the approachable, hungriest influencers and create a content factory.https://live.vidfall.com/match
Jump to a section:ImagesBinghttp://www.bing.com/images?FORM Z9LH1Bing offers an image search engine that uses trending searches from across the web to create this stream of image results.GiphyGiphy is the largest online database and search engine for Gifs and it s the most popular choice for many users when looking for a Gif to support their content.Dailymotionhttp://www.dailymotion.com/gbA popular choice for video searching, attracting 300 million users from around the world who watch 3.5 billion videos monthly.Google videoshttps://www.google.com/videohp?hl enGoogle s video search may be an alternative to Youtube, as they don t seem to provide the same results for each query, helping users find what they re looking for without leaving the search platform.Radio-LocatorA searchable database of over 15,000 radio station web pages and 10,000 audio streams.And finally, check out our post: 14 search engine alternatives to Google.
The vulnerability has been known for almost a year, but many users haven't applied the patchesThe Ubiquiti Networks AirRouterRouters and other wireless devices made by Ubiquiti Networks have recently been infected by a worm that exploits a year-old remote unauthorized access vulnerability."This is an HTTP/HTTPS exploit that doesn't require authentication," Ubiquiti said in an advisory."Simply having a radio on outdated firmware and having its http/https interface exposed to the Internet is enough to get infected."The vulnerability was reported privately to Ubiquiti last year through a bug bounty program and was patched in airMAX v5.6.2, airMAX AC v7.1.3, airOS 802.11G v4.0.4, TOUGHSwitch v1.3.2, airGateway v1.1.5, airFiber AF24/AF24HD 2.2.1, AF5x and AF5 2.2.1.Ubiquiti Networks has also created a Java-based application that can automatically remove the infection from affected devices.It can be used on Windows, Linux and OS X.Router security is particularly bad in the consumer market, where large numbers of routers can remain vulnerable to known vulnerabilities for years and can be compromised en masse to create distributed denial-of-service DDoS botnets or to launch man-in-the-middle attacks against their users.
Kali Linux, laptop, coffee - hack on!Even if you do trust whoever issued the certificate it doesn't mean much if the network cannot be trusted.If you sit in a coffee shop and go surfing you can quite easily end up being the victim of a man-in-the-middle MitM attack.All a potential attacker needs is a copy of Kali Linux, a reasonably powerful laptop and coffee!Certificate pinning, though, is limited to Google sites at present.HTTPS is not the silver-bullet online defence shield a lot of users believe it to be on public networks, meaning activities such as online banking and shopping are done at their own risk.
On his blog, and subsequently explained in interviews with The Economist, BBC and GQ, the Australian entrepreneur, signed a message with the private key for the address of the miner of "block 9".Bitcoin earned with Block 9 was the first recorded transaction between Satoshi - the pseudonym used to launch Bitcoin - and Hal Finney, a cryptographer and early Bitcoin subscriber.If responsible investment is limited to the process of integrating ESG in investment decision-making then it's probably not relevant.Bitcoin was the currency of choice for Silk Road, a 'darknet market', known for buying and selling illegal drugs, and even weapons.Most importantly, cryptocurrencies are unregulated: Their growth could threaten the role of central banks in setting monetary and exchange rate policy.Follow Brett on twitter: https://twitter.com/Suitpossum.
Long days of walking and standing or sitting leaves many professionals going for functional, while others smartly select outfits by what will stand out and be noticed in the crowd.Comfortable enough to bust a move wherever the moment strikesSo beyond excited to be heading back to Vegas with these @ON24 ladies for MKTGnation!Accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZEHey @taylorenfinger thanks for letting me use your room…hope you don't mind me snapping selfies MKTGnation pic.twitter.com/F81OGYOwkV— Sarah Rossborough @SarahShelnut April 14, 2015Really.Calm, cool, sleek and confidentThe optimization generation: Wunderman shares new generational research.MKTGnation https://t.co/izHlcdtu2p pic.twitter.com/CdGa8eGZzBIn other words, rock that boss-man or boss-lady outfit.Don t forget about the costume shop.
Bloody Hell: Wayne Rooney in X-Men: Apocalypse plug.Pic: Manchester UnitedIt's Friday, and if you need a solid excuse to run screaming from your PC in search of a pint, look no further than this direful Manchester United plug for X-Men: Apocalypse:Anything for the team you say, @WayneRooney?Good luck!XMenApocalypse https://t.co/ym1XtMansq— Manchester United @ManUtd May 20, 2016Reaction across the interwebs to Wayne Rooney's acting talents is predictable enough.Expect him to lift a Razzie in due course, which will at least give United something to stick in their trophy cabinet, should they fail to beat Crystal Palace in the FA Cup tomorrow.
David Sacks, CEO of troubled startup Zenefits, thinks it's unfair that the press has been lumping it into the same category as troubled startup Theranos.He went on a whole Twitter rant about it on Friday, linking to this story in the LA Times about how startups that claim to be "disruptive" are often mostly hype.The reporter, Michael Hiltzik, starts with Theranos, which has become the poster child for highly funded, highly valued startups that have run afoul.Hiltzik points out the company's run-in with regulators that have questioned the accuracy of its one-drop-of-blood blood-testing technology.1/ Articles lumping in Zenefits with Theranos and others without even talking with us are lazy comparisons...https://t.co/ABiE1WDD1R — David Sacks @DavidSacks May 20, 2016He then went on to insist that Zenefits' problems, which the company first acknowledged four months ago, should be considered ancient history.The tweetstorm comes a few weeks after Sacks posted a blog with an update about the company.It documented all the ways he changed the company since he took over as CEO on February 8, when founder Parker Conrad resigned.Sacks had been with the company as COO since December 2014.Here's his whole rant:Unlike others, we have fixed our licensing issues.Today we are operating in compliance.Today we are operating in compliance.Unlike others, we reconstituted our board of directors to provide proper oversight and corporate governance.Unlike others, we have stood up a robust compliance organization to prevent these issues from happening again.Unlike others, we proactively commissioned a Big Four accounting firm to audit our licensing and shared the result with regulators.Unlike others, we have made compliance a central part of our culture, values and expertise moving forward.Most of all, we have a real product that works for many thousands of small businesses who express appreciation and gratitude.As a result, our customer base over 20,000 is sticking with us and ARR remains over $60M.In summary, Zenefits today is a different company that has addressed its historical issues and is looking to the future.To his credit, it is hard to clean up a troubled company with more than 1,000 employees whose products are used by 20,000 customers — and do it in the public eye.On the other hand, Zenefits' problems were not exactly the messenger's fault, and it might take more than a couple of months to prove itself a comeback story.NOW WATCH: This startup uses cremated human remains to grow treesLoading video...
To learn more and subscribe, please click here.A new report reveals the extent to which Google and Facebook dominate online tracking.The report by researchers Steven Englehardt and Arvind Narayanan analyzed the presence of third parties on the one million most-visited websites, as determined by web analytics firm Alexa.These third parties are typically hidden trackers – cookies, scripts, code – that are embedded into first-party websites the websites a user visits directly in order to identify visitors and track their browsing history.Targeted ads can then be served and measured through ad networks based on activity on the website.Some of the highlights from the study, as it relates to advertisers and publishers, are as follows:Google is a leader in this space, followed by Facebook.These properties largely lack revenue sources other than advertising, and third-party trackers allow these websites to derive the maximum revenue from each page view.In contrast, websites of organizations with funding sources outside of the web – such as the government, research institutions and universities, and non-profits – had the lowest level of trackers.Third parties impede HTTPS adoption.HTTPS is an encrypted version of the HTTP set of standards, or web protocol, that allows files and data to be transferred online.More specifically, 92% of these websites contain content that would be blocked if they upgraded to HTTPS.Every subscriber to the BI Intelligence "Digital Media Briefing" newsletter received this story first thing in the morning, along with other insightful and informative content.