The $40 Lutron Aurora is a simple, easy-to-use switch and dimmer that pops right over your existing one to keep it from getting flipped so it's always on and controllable via voice or through your phone.It's not uncommon to replace old light bulbs with new smart ones that can be voice- or smart phone-controlled, but it can still be tricky if you live with others who prefer using traditional switches.That's because if they turn off the switch, power is cut from the bulb and its smart features are rendered useless.The switch comes in at $39.95, and is installed over the top of most toggle switches.Read more: The Philips Hue smart light bulbs are one of the best ways to upgrade your home — here's what they're like to usePerhaps one of the first reasons you might be interested in the Lutron Aurora is the fact that it looks so sleek and stylish.
It’s also the biggest, which can make it a bit awkward to install, but as long as you’re careful it’s not difficult.If you’re still on the fence about what motherboard to buy, here are some great options for gamers.We’d also recommend good lighting so that you can see what you’re doing and make sure to have your motherboard manual handy if you have any questions that are specific about your board.They are male screws with a female head, letting you screw the motherboard into them directly.Refer to your motherboard and case manual (or look for eATX, ATX, mATX, or ITX notes on the motherboard tray) to find out which ones you need to screw in and where.If you feel the need to, it’s usually because the standoff alignment isn’t right.
At the very least, however, make sure that you’re installing your AMD CPU on a non-conductive surface, and ground yourself before starting by touching something metallic, like your PC’s case or PSU chassis.Bending or breaking any of those will render your processor unusable, so take special care not to do so when handling yours.For that, see the instructions for your specific cooler.Remove your new CPU from its packaging if you haven’t already, and look at its underside.In one of the corners you should see a small, golden triangle.This corresponds to an indented triangle on your motherboard’s CPU socket and will help you orientate the chip the right way.
There was a 330-piece socket wrench set, a two-gimbal palm, 24 screwdrivers, a hex set, two claw hammers, eight pairs of pliers, and on and on.These results suggest that some marketers may have been on a technology acquisition binge in the last year but are not better about using the technology they have.If you look at Scott Brinker’s famous Martech 5,000 chart (which now lists more than 7,000 solutions), there’s an argument to be made that 80% to 90% of those products focus on how to manage, measure, and optimize content through specific channels.But, ultimately, no matter how much technology is thrown at it, content is created, managed, judged, optimized, and measured by people.Just as it’s not the things people buy that are responsible for credit card debt, it’s not the technology’s fault that marketers have an inability to leverage it to the fullest.We worked with one large company on its content strategy, and the lament from the content team was familiar: “Our biggest challenge is that we have so many different constituencies – all with different ideas and goals.”