information technology services business Information said Tuesday it would launch in Finland, statutory negotiations, which is estimated to affect up to 250 people.professional Engineers, the chairman of the Samu in the Salon to keep the Information arguments incomprehensible."the Information provided by the applicant in its co-operation negotiations through growth, strengthen its competitiveness and continue to invest in new innovation.Knowledge, innovations seem to arise in the future from scratch without knowledgeable people.And people to terminate a new growth is born", the Salon will be amazed in the bulletin.Salo said Data to be yt-thread: to the previous of the negotiations ended less than a month, when the company will announce a new reduction requirement.
Photo: Nora TamHong Kong companies and financial services institutions lag behind the US and Europe in cybersecurity measures as little emphasis is placed on security from a board-level perspective, according to industry experts.He said the banking sector in Hong Kong had lagged in their uptake of cloud technology adoption.Darren Argyle, chief information security officer of UK-based financial technology firm Markit, believes that Hong Kong banks and companies fall behind the US and Europe in beefing up cybersecurity even as the number of cyberattacks have been on the rise globally.He added that companies often view security as a cost of doing business, as cyber criminals increasingly target corporations in their attacks.CEOs of financial companies are now starting to ask what technology is in place which assures that they can respond adequately during a breach, he said.One way to mitigate the skills gap in Hong Kong is for the government to invest heavily in cybersecurity and related security start-ups, thereby encouraging more Hongkongers to pursue a career in security, he said.
View photosMoreA sign of Alibaba Group is seen at CES Consumer Electronics Show Asia 2016 in Shanghai, China, May 12, 2016.REUTERS/Aly SongHONG KONG Reuters - Hong Kong's securities regulator said that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd breached takeover rules in the purchase of a healthcare firm in 2014 because it also bought a company owned by the brother of the healthcare firm's vice chairman on "favourable terms."Alibaba agreed to buy a stake in CITIC 21CN, now known as Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd , for $170 million two years ago.Hong Kong's Takeovers and Mergers Panel, part of the Securities and Futures Commission SFC , ruled that Alibaba's purchase of Hebei Huiyan "constituted a special deal with favourable conditions which were not extended to all shareholders and was a clear breach of the Takeovers Code," according to the decision published on Wednesday.But the e-commerce firm added the regulator issued a new waiver in view of the sharp rise in Alibaba Health stock since 2014, meaning Alibaba is not currently required to launch a full buyout.Alibaba owns 38 percent of Alibaba Health, but last year injected an online pharmacy business into Alibaba Health.
AP ImagesJohn McAfee, anti-virus software founder, current presidential candidate, and one-time murder suspect, recently announced his involvement with a company called MGT Capital Investments.Hmmm.But it s still much more valuable than it was a few weeks ago.Google FinanceAccording to a press release last week, McAfee joined MGT as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.By 2012, it had switched to acquiring intellectual property for online gaming platforms, and now is focused on acquiring, developing and monetizing intellectual property assets.And according to Michael Antonelli, an institutional equity sales trader, the stock surge shows how a press release can have drastic effects on a share price—even if it doesn t last long.
A Hong Kong regulator has pointed the finger at Alibaba for breaching acquisition rules when it purchased a healthcare company two years ago, saying the Chinese e-commerce company bought the firm on favorable terms due to a connection with the company s executives.Alibaba purchased CITIC 21 CN in 2014 for $170 million USD, which has since been restructured under Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd.According to a ruling from the the Takeovers and Mergers Panel of the Hong Kong Securities And Futures Commission posted on Wednesday, Alibaba also purchased another medical technology firm at the time, Hebei Huiyan Medical Technology Co., which was owned by the brother of CITIC 21 CN s vice chairman.The regulator has accused Alibaba of purchasing the second company under favorable conditions, meaning the same deal was not made available to other shareholders.The deal constituted a special deal with favourable conditions which were not extended to all shareholders and was a clear breach of the Takeovers Code, said the result published by the Takeovers and Mergers Panel of the Hong Kong Securities And Futures Commission.The acquisition of CITIC 21 CN left many onlookers scratching their heads back in 2014, when the company was operating at a significant loss.One of the primary benefits of the deal for Alibaba was CITIC 21 CN s large pharmaceutical data base.In July 2014 Alibaba announced they had integrated the company s data to their own e-commerce platform, forming the backbone of their Drug Safety Program , which was launched to clean their e-commerce platforms of fake drugs.Last month when the initial ruling was announced Alibaba said that they would contest the outcome.Alibaba transferred their pharmacy business into Alibaba Health in April last year, consolidating their two biggest health investments.The health arm now oversees the sale of pharmacy products as well as other data-driven healthcare projects.
With a regular list price of $1,790, this dramatic 98% off deal puts the cost at just $39.Businesses need IT professionals to operate efficiently.Understanding ITIL will allow you to optimize your IT service, and help you build better strategies to keep customers happy.Beginning with an assessment of your current IT service offering, you ll be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam by course s end.Begin the process of planning & migrating to an ITIL-based service operationDefine a service strategy that meets the needs of your usersAccess 20 hours of ITIL-certified trainingGain a working knowledge of the ITIL framework & its applications to streamline IT service provisionImprove job performance, especially with businesses already using ITIL to manage deliveryPrepare for the ITIL Foundation exam to become certified as an ITIL PractitionerLearn more about this discounted course, the instructor, and how to sign up.
Ruby Tuesday managed a significant reduction in its drop-off rate.Ruby Tuesday now has better analytics on factors such as employee retention and training, helping business leaders understand the engagement level of employees.Improving the application process is just one part of a broader digital transformation across the business at Ruby Tuesday, including elements such as shifting more of the company s marketing to digital channels.Reduced IT support, increased innovation focus: Ruby Tuesday s HR team still needs IT support for some activities, but now less of that HR-related IT effort is spent on maintenance activities.With the time saved on application maintenance, Collins HR analysts and the HR IT team can spend their time on more strategic goals, such as exploring whether to use options like those raised by the Oracle optimization team.Collins HR team piloted its first HR system implementation within four months, a breakneck pace for such a large organization.
Ernst & Young EY and GE Digital have partnered to develop and deliver Industrial Internet of Things IIoT services.The alliance intends to help industrial firms achieve increased productivity from capital assets and processes linked in the cloud.GE and EY will help industrial firms to enhance productivity of their existing assets and reshape their enterprises.It now joins GE's ecosystem of global alliance partners, offering its members access to digital tools and domain expertise from across GE.EY global sector head for technology and leader for the GE alliance Jeff Liu said: "With data and digital technology impacting every industry, businesses are under tremendous pressure to adapt in almost real time."Our expanded relationship with GE and approach to digital operations will enable us to bring innovative IIoT services to market to help clients dramatically improve productivity, reduce cost and increase revenues."
MoreApple CEO Tim Cook waves as he attends a talk in Beijing October 23, 2014.China Daily/via REUTERS/File PhotoBEIJING Reuters - The head of China's industry and technology regulator stressed Chinese users' security in a meeting with Apple Inc's chief executive in Beijing, as the U.S. tech titan stumbles in its biggest offshore market.China's ruling Communist Party has also embarked on a campaign to promote domestic technology, which it sees as more secure, and reduce the country's reliance on foreign tech products, especially in critical industries such as finance."I hope Apple can expand its business in China, deepen its cooperation in research and development and industrial supply chains, and provide a convenient and secure user experience for Chinese consumers," said Miao Wei, the head of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MIIT ."China has set a clear precedent with nearly every other tech company that operating in the country comes with certain strings attached, including significant investment in China's tech sector," said Ben Thompson, an analyst who writes at"Apple has largely escaped this requirement, thanks to its appeal to customers instead of big business, but it seems likely the Chinese government is trying to end that exemption."
SaaS startup Showpad which has built a platform designed to improve other businesses sales productivity has closed a $50 million Series C funding round, led by Insight Venture Partners — with IVP MD Jeff Horing now joining the Showpad board.Existing Showpad investors Dawn Capital and Hummingbird Ventures also participated in the funding round.While, on the flip side, the marketing department gets to track which content has the biggest impact on the customers sales reps are talking to — with the promise being improved ROI on that marketing content.The 2011 founded mobile-first startup was a relatively early mover in the consumerization of IT trend, powered by the rise of devices such as the Apple iPad being pulled into the enterprise sphere.Showpad touts simplicity as its selling point vs traditional file sharing systems, portals and CRMs — with its platform allowing users to pull in relevant marketing content from other storage services where it might be siloed, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, and showcase, manage and track performance on a single platform.It also now dubs itself a content activation platform , albeit that s a fancier way of saying it makes marketing, channel and sales enablement software.
Despite an extreme gender gap in the free/Libre and open-source software community - even more extreme than in general IT - women who work full time in FLOSS stick with it longer than men, according to a recent report.By analysing results of an online survey completed by 2,183 people in 2013, the researchers found that 14.77 per cent of women dedicated 40 hours or more to FLOSS projects compared to 12.01 per cent of men.The report also found that women were more likely to join FLOSS at a later age of 28 compared to men at 24.Whilst the peak age for both men and women participating is at 21, the number of men still working on FLOSS in their early 30s amounts to a third of those in the field in their 20s, whilst the number of women in their early 30s are 70 per cent more numerous than those in their 20s.The report also uncovered some trivia, such as the fact that both genders were unlikely to have children; over 65 per cent of male FLOSS workers do not have children, though the figure jumps to over 80 per cent for female FLOSSers.Compared to results released in a similar report, FLOSSPOLS, 10 years ago, women's numbers are growing in FLOSS, which the authors say is a fairly recent phenomenon - 38.54 per cent of the women surveyed started in the last four years, compared to only 18.75 per cent of the men.
With new software, Storage Center and EqualLogic systems get common management and replicationDell's sign on the show floor of Oracle OpenWorld 2015.New operating systems will help to bridge the gap between Dell s Storage Center and EqualLogic PS arrays, giving administrators a single management interface and a way to replicate data between the two systems.Only now can they be managed with one tool and carry out bi-directional replication.So with Dell about to take over EMC, customers may be in for a long wait for things like unified management, Conner said.That comes as businesses look to IT infrastructure as a competitive asset.To meet that demand, Dell has added quality-of-service features to SCOS 7.
ANALYSIS: SAP is counting on its HANA in-memory database to help retain established customersThe tale of the large, established enterprise IT vendor in the 21st century is now quite familiar.Enterprise resource planning giant SAP made sure it stuck to the story line at its Sapphire user group conference here this week.Modernizing data centers and applications?SAP, EMC and the other usual suspects are all saying the same things.Cloud stacksSAP s effort in the cloud, the HANA Cloud Platform HCP , is the key to the company s future—it is that simple, said SAP Enterprise Platform President Steve Lucas.The good news for SAP is its customers don t always have a viable choice of moving to another vendor or provider.
CEO Briefing: Sailpoint's CEO reveals what he thinks should be the first question on every CISO's mind and shares what he believes are the biggest cyber security market driversSailpoint CEO Mark McClain answers CBR's questions and reveals his top five issues in cybersecurity Identity Management.unintended consequences, too much focus on following the letter of the law and too little focus on achieving the true objective, etc.Insisting on this level of clarity would go a long way toward controlling the "breach" problems we see in the industry.The dissolution of the traditional perimeter: The traditional network perimeter is rapidly vanishing, thanks to the increasingly complex relationships between people and data.In many of these cases, a legitimate identity is knowingly or unknowingly hijacked for illicit purposes.By going around IT to deploy new technologies, organisations not only have limited visibility into what data exists and where, but also who can access that data and how to govern that access.
OkCupid filed a copyright claim to take down the dataset; the journal that published Facebook s study issued an expression of concern.The OkCupid research does not seem to have gone through any kind of ethical review process, and a Cornell ethics review board approved the Facebook experiment.Social scientists have been crying foul about IRBs for a while now.When Katie Shilton, an information technology research at the University of Maryland, interviewed 20 online data researchers, she found significant disagreement over issues like the ethics of ignoring Terms of Service and obtaining informed consent.In December, Finch at the Future of Privacy Forum organized a workshop called Beyond IRBs to consider processes for ethical review outside of federally funded research.Maybe updated ethical guidelines can be forged out of those collaborations.
New Delhi AP -- Apple CEO Tim Cook laid out his company's plans for the vast Indian market in a meeting Saturday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in turn sought Apple's support for his "Digital India" initiative focusing on e-education, health and increasing farmers' incomes.Modi and Cook also discussed cybersecurity and data encryption at their meeting in New Delhi, a government statement said.Modi suggested that Cook help the global community cope with the challenges of cybercrime.Cook, who arrived in India on Tuesday and is winding down his trip, spoke of the potential for the manufacturing and retailing of Apple products in India, and the possibilities for app development in the country, the statement said.Apple has just a 2 percent share of the smartphone market in India, one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets.Cook spoke about his visits to the Indian cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kanpur and his meetings with business leaders, young people and Bollywood actors.In particular, he mentioned his visit to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, and the cricket match he saw in the northern city of Kanpur, the statement said.Modi said that in India, "seeing is believing," and that Cook's experiences on his trip would help steer his business decisions.The prime minister explained his Digital India initiative to Cook, identifying its three key objectives as e-education, health and increasing farmers' incomes, the statement said, adding that Modi sought support from Apple in furthering the objectives.Digital India, a flagship program of Modi's government, attempts to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy through the use of information technology.Cook told Modi that he appreciated the breadth of young talent in India, and that the country's youth have significant skills that Apple would like to tap, according to the statement.He also elaborated on the Map Development Centre that Apple Inc. is setting up in the southern city of Hyderabad, one of India's information technology hubs.Cook also said he appreciated Modi's initiatives for renewable energy.He said Apple runs on 93 percent renewable energy, and spoke of plans to move Apple's entire supply chain to renewable energy.
How well do your tools, skills and processes stack up?Study More businesses than ever depend on IT systems to keep things rolling, deliver services to customers and keep the cash flowing in.But the desire to add ever faster responsiveness to business needs is placing a strain on IT – legacy internal platforms, systems running virtual machines, never mind "cloud" based solutions and everything else that's in today s IT kitbag.So how well do you monitor these resources, and do you have the tools and information you need to plan your resource usage effectively?Help us get to the crux of the matter by getting stuck into our survey here.We'll get the results back to you once we have calculated the processing, network and storage requirements we need to make it happen.
Public, private or hybrid cloud - the choice depends on the business.Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data.This method of computing has opened up a world of different services and promised several benefits to businesses, it has helped to revolutionise the IT industry.This means that businesses are much more able to respond to increased use.Businesses then only pay for CPU cycles, storage, or the bandwidth that they consume.Private cloud services are delivered from a data centre that serves the internal users.
Often, a focus on ensuring IT systems are up-to-date is the answer to that question, but in reality future-proofing means much more than this.How these are changing with new goods and services could have a huge impact on your business.Says Taher Behbehani, chief digital and marketing officer, BroadSoft: "The results from our global business survey point to a rapid shift away from traditional premise systems across all market segments.Don't forget your peopleHaving the latest tablets connected to the cloud is all well and good, but the future-proofing of your business' technology also means future-proofing your workforce.Today's workforce includes four main segments of the evolving working population: desk-centric with multiple large displays; corridor warrior, searching for convenience and portability; on-the-go pro, workers who are always-on with portable devices; and self-sufficient remote workers.PB: "The cost benefit proposition offered by hosted services is more attractive than ever, taking the onus off businesses to maintain modern IT infrastructure and the latest software to ensure continued competitiveness in the marketplace.
The U.S. government could do several things to help states improve their response to cyberattacks, including increased funding for technology training programs, cybersecurity experts told a House of Representatives committee Tuesday.States have difficulty hiring top cybersecurity employees, said Steven Spano, president and COO of the Center for Internet Security.Cybersecurity workers are a "high-demand, low-density asset," the former Air Force general told two subcommittees of the House Homeland Security Committee.For four years in a row, states have ranked their ability to respond to cyberattacks at the bottom of a list of emergency response competencies when surveyed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, noted Representative Dan Donovan, a New York Republican.Part of the problem for states is a lack of funding, said Mark Raymond, CIO for the state of Connecticut and vice president National Association of State Chief Information Officers.Another area of concern is cyberthreat information sharing, witnesses said.