Instagram changed its logo last month, and as with almost any significant change to a popular social network, the internet was split.In a blog post the company explained:The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.The Instagram community has evolved over the past five years from a place to share filtered photos to so much more — a global community of interests sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day.And Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom explained:What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.But once a network hits critical mass, organic reach drops and the key marketing opportunities tend to be through paid channels.The subject they chose was probably one of the most controversial social media updates we ve seen: the Facebook timeline.
I've been building instagram marketing tools with a few colleagues and I'm looking to learn more about the ins and outs around marketing on instagram.I'd love to connect and talk more about the struggles people have doing marketing on instagram.Whether it's things like growing your following, finding brand ambassadors, or more.I'm looking for a few people to get feedback from to help refine some of the tools we're building to make marketing on instagram easier and less manual.Please comment with how you currently do instagram marketing, what takes up a lot of time, and any tools that you've found helpful.
And as Instagram continues to make itself more appealing to brands and businesses, the idea of being able to upload images only via a mobile device is no longer novel.It can be downloaded for free from LR/Instagram s homepage and installed like any other Lightroom plugin through the Plugin Manager.After that, LR/Instagram will show up as a new publish service.Multiple accounts are also supported, with each new account showing up as its own publish service.While most users report the plugin to work as advertised, there is currently one issue preventing a limited number of people from being able to log in to their accounts including this writer .It s licensed on a shareware basis, and is completely free to download and try, with a $10 suggested donation for those who find it useful.
MacDonald's New Zealand and Australia restaurants reportedly have unused and insecure NFC tags glued under tables.The MacDonald's tags seem to have been installed as part of the Create Your Taste promo, which allows customers to compile custom burgers.They would pair with pucks so staff could find where a customer is sitting.But the tags remain in an unlocked and writeable state which puts customer NFC-enabled and activated phones at risk.An attacker could, for example, create a copycat MacDonald's webpage and host on it a malicious MacDonald's look-a-like Android app.A prompt would appear on phones asking users if they wish to visit the site.
He produces Futurecast, and is the host of Keen On.Even in politics, we have reason to be cheerful.Yes, she acknowledges, the 2016 election is poisonous and crippling .Indeed, in contrast with many other entrepreneurial types of her generation, Schrode is committed to a career of public service.Focusing her campaign on public health, human rights, environmentalism and tech innovation, @erinschrode built an innovative campaign on digital media platforms like Medium, Instagram and Snapchat.As always, thanks to the folks at CALinnovates for their help in the production of this interview.
We met up with Gershman, who grew up in wine-rich Sonoma County, during a food-related launch event for Canon s T6 camera which features a food mode on the top dial , and chatted about her career and mined her brain for tips and tricks that can help you increase those likes and become a culinary influencer in social media.I got to know all these high-end mixologists, and one by one they started opening their own bars and restaurants.Food photography has become so popular, particularly in social media.If it bothers you when you re sitting at your $70-a-plate dinner to have someone standing on his or her chair photographing, then don t do that.If you want to capture action, consider 1/60 of a second to 1/8,000; the latter is good for freezing motion.A good lens can help you achieve better resultsPlay with bokeh.
It aims to combine the reach and nuances of The Daily Mail and Snapchat's audiences, with the advertising and content-producing expertise from WPP's agency staffers.Speaking to Business Insider the day before Cannes 2016, Truffle Pig president Paul Marcum, who joined in October, explained how the agency has come a long way from the concept announced at the festival last year.Truffle Pig now has 10 full-time employees, plus 20 employees from Group SJR that are deployed on behalf of its clients.Marcum describes the ideal Truffle Pig staffer as a hybrid between a journalist and a media agency planner that understands how best to distribute content across the web.The agency has around 10 clients — on a mix of retained contracts and projects — from a range of sectors, including NBCUniversal, Tiffany & Co., Ford Canada, and Verve Mobile.So what does Truffle Pig actually do?Ultimately the more engaging the content, the less the client needs to pay, the more efficient it will be," Marcum said.Despite Truffle Pig's ownership structure, it isn't contracted to only create content for Snapchat or The Daily Mail: "I don't think any of our investors think we can run a successful business forever if you just act as an extension of their media sales and engagement with agencies.With many of Oxygen's Snapchat videos lasting around 1 minute, it suggests Truffle Pig — on this client at least — is creating the kind of content people like to watch.The next test for Truffle Pig will be to continue winning clients for work that extends beyond its Snapchat or Daily Mail expertise.As a small organization compared to other social media or content agencies, that might take a little more time.Zeller says he "would not rule out" using Truffle Pig on other channels, but adds that Oxygen also employs other agencies that specialize on Instagram or "more holistic" social media.I've been impressed with the level of service," Zeller added.NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Here's what's seriously wrong with the growing trend in Silicon Valley called 'brogramming'Loading video...
If you ve got the cash, your Instagrams could make their way poolside this summer.Whether you re a foodie or a traveler, if you enjoy sharing your images with the world, this could be an innovative new way for you to do so.Ever since we started our own photographic edition swim shorts for our fifth year anniversary, our customers have been asking us for the chance to make their own.The brand has been long known in the luxury design space, featuring photographers Per Eriksson, David Hall, and Evan Stringer on their shorts in the past.In a previous version of the app, users had to win a monthly content for the opportunity to design their own bathing suit — though not via Instagram.While the feature is currently available on iOS and Android devices, the design-your-own option is coming soon online and in Orlebar Brown Stores, according to Bloomberg.
IMPORTANT: You will lose all your files when you do this, so be sure to back them up to external storage before doing the factory reset .Once you've switched, you may need to restart and log back in.Non-graphic intensive apps worked the best, and 3D games like Asphalt 8: Airborne and N.O.V.A.3 were the worst, since the Flip isn't exactly powerful hardware.The Chromebook Flip is a convertible Chromebook: It's a laptop, but its touchscreen and hinge allow the screen to fold over backwards to serve as a tablet.Some third-party services get around these restrictions, but using them can get your Instagram account banned.
According to the numbers, which were gathered from over 13,000 Instagram accounts, the number of likes and comments plummeted 33 percent year-over-year across the board.What s interesting about the numbers is that the spread of the drop in interactions is rather unbalanced.Instagram users with 1 to 1,000 followers saw almost no change in content interaction during this time, while superstar users with over ten million followers saw a 50-percent decrease in interactions when averaged for both still and video posts.The individual user has more content in his or her timeline but is not necessarily eager to interact more than he did one year ago says Quintly spokesperson Julian Gottke.Thus, the average interaction on each post decreases.And if you re wondering how to ensure your posts continue to get recognized, Gottke says the key is to be as authentic as possible and make your content seem personal.
View — I'm sitting in a packed theatre on the opening night of a sellout production.Although I believed this information would help me, research suggests that it could have made my breakup worse than it needed to be.Researchers explored the impact of "online surveillance after relationship termination" and found that seeing exes flirting over social media actually makes it harder for people to get over their relationships.Ishita Ranjan — a marketing manager from London — found out that her boyfriend was in a relationship with someone else by checking the following tab.The moment I got confirmation of his moving on, I knew that things between us were 100% over, and I was free to continue with my life.Nonetheless, it's an experience I don't wish to repeat, and since that breakup I've refrained from looking at that section of the app.
Apps like Airbnb, Instagram, Lyft, Periscope, Postmates, Sprig, Uber, Waze, and WhatsApp can t even be downloaded through the Play Store onto the touch-friendly 2015 Asus Chromebook Flip that I m using at the moment.And you can t adjust app window sizes to make them exactly how you want.But over time these problems could be solved.And there s plenty that does work right now.I successfully opened up and used Snapchat, which until now, really, has been mobile-only.I had a video call with VentureBeat editor in chief Blaise Zerega and it worked perfectly.And I played Clash Royale, with some clutch help from my colleague Dean Takahashi.I checked out on the Mozilla Firefox, Puffin, and Brave mobile browsers.Things looked good.I used the stock calculator app for Android.Slack works just fine.The Gmail app also has a different user interface on Android, and some may find it more preferable to the regular Gmail Web experience.Some apps, including Google Calendar and Facebook Messenger, have a little arrow to the left of the minimize button.They let you toggle between portrait and landscape mode, which can be helpful.A few implications of this technology immediately jump to mind:In short, you ve got to try it for yourself.
Why video needs to be part of your paid advertising strategyJun 17, 2016 by Mona ElesseilyAs video consumption continues to rise, columnist Mona Elesseily discusses three ways to successfully make video content a part of your online advertising program.Columnist Loretta Jones offers a step-by-step guide for first getting their attention and then bringing them back on board.How Facebook turned an end-to-end ad tech strategy on its headJun 17, 2016 by Tim PetersonFacebook s shutdowns of FBX and LiveRail and expansion of Audience Network show an ad tech strategy oriented to advertisers and geared to protecting its data.Twitter adds live video button for iOS & Android & says Periscope embeds are on the wayJun 16, 2016 by Amy GesenhuesTwitter confirmed users will soon be able to embed Periscope broadcasts across the web the same way they can embed tweets.Wayin EngageSciences a different push/pull engine for user expression or a new Frankenstein?Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsBlogs & BloggingA Look Behind the Curtain of the Fashion Blogging World, www.blogherald.comBusiness IssuesContent MarketingConversion Optimization9 Content Conversion Tips, www.searchenginepeople.comEliminate Jargon on Your Landing Pages With Our Free Chrome Extension, unbounce.comCopywriting, Design & UsabilityCalculating the value of UX research, www.usertesting.comThe Long Road to the Logo: 5 Things Brands Should Consider, www.cmswire.comE-Commerce4 Killer Referral Marketing Lessons From Fast-Growth Ecommerce Businesses, blog.crazyegg.comConsumers surging online spend sets the stage for happy holidays, www.internetretailer.comLegal: How to Sell or Buy an Ecommerce Business, www.practicalecommerce.comMost Retailers Want to Know Who You Are, www.emarketer.comStudy: Avid Online Shoppers Make Over Half Their Purchases On Web, smallbiztrends.comEmail Marketing7 Keys to Reaching Email s Tomorrowland , www.silverpop.comHow to make a bang with your July 4th email marketing, www.internetretailer.comGeneral Internet Marketing3 Marketing Automation Gambles You Will Lose, blog.marketo.com3 Steps to Identify Influencers in Your Industry, contentmarketinginstitute.com5 Essential Tips to Redefine B2B Marketing Success, www.martechadvisor.comCustomer-centric Marketing: 5 more takeaways on consumer behavior from researchers and strategists, sherpablog.marketingsherpa.comExamining Influencer Marketing, yahooadvertising.tumblr.comJuly 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning, blogs.constantcontact.comRevenge of the Goldfish: Marketing to the 8-Second Generation, www.cmswire.comThe 4 Types of Dads Marketers Need to Know This Father s Day, www.adweek.comThe State of Digital Media, in 5 Charts, contently.comThree Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing, adage.comInternet Marketing IndustryMobile/Local MarketingReputation ManagementHow to tell if you re a thought leader , digiday.comSocial Media2016 Facebook and Instagram Awards Winners, www.adweek.com3 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Polls, simplymeasured.com3 Ways to Target Millennial, Gen-Z Customers on Snapchat, www.adweek.com5 Tips for Creating Shareable LinkedIn Posts, www.searchenginejournal.comBranded Content in Instant Articles, media.fb.comFacebook wants chatbots to learn the way people do, venturebeat.comHow This Digital Agency Drives Revenue From Social Media, blog.bufferapp.comIs Snapchat Stealing for Its Filters?, theringer.comSnapchat is starting Real Life, an online magazine about technology, venturebeat.comWhat You Need to Know About Instagram s New Business Tools, authoritylabs.comYou Now Have 3 New Ways to Target Pinterest Users, www.searchenginejournal.comVideoIs Your CEO on Facebook Live?, www.adweek.comT-Mobile USA in Talks for Data-Free Facebook Video Streaming, www.adweek.comTwitter Advertisers Can Now Get More Stats on How Their Videos Are Performing, www.adweek.comVideo might be the future, but text is the present for digital news, digiday.comWhat the Rise of Virtual Reality Means for Marketers, www.convinceandconvert.comAbout The AuthorAmy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
Take advantage of an incredible offer to become a skilled and certified photographer, taking frame-worthy shots every time with The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course and Certification.There s no corner-cutting when it comes to developing proper technique.With this bundle, you ll learn from some of the industry s most respected photographers – Level 3 certified pro tutors – as you build the skills and insight to capture the best shots of your life.You ll even receive a free subscription for five years to the Pro Article Database as part of the deal, keeping you on the inside track of knowledge and developments.Take the shots you ve always dreamed of.Pick up the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course and Certification today for just $19.99 from TNW Deals.
Matthieu Venot s Instagram @legrandbazar overflows with crisp lines, pastel colors, and bright blue skies.Matt Crump @mattcrump draws inspiration from bright colors, Dr. Seuss, and Van Gogh, and it shows.He uses everything from Lightroom to Instagram filters to get the wild hues, and created the hashtag candyminimal where 170,000 people post their own versions of his signature style.The self-taught photographer works in Berlin, but shoots internationally including South Korea, Norway and Canada.It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to put things in order and to look at well designed architecture and also well composed photos, he says.I can t bring a bucket of bleach or acid wash to clean the soot and mold from a facade, but I can clean it with Photoshop, he says.
Despite working 14-hour days and undertaking over 250 scientific experiments during his time on board, Peake has also been staying in touch with earth via social media.Let s not forget his Instagram has also hosted a series of funny video experiments, including a flipping marathon, backwards somersaults and trying to answer the question - can you really get dizzy in space?Asked about his return, Peake told reporters: It goes without saying that I m looking forward to seeing my family but also enjoying planet Earth.I m sure most people in the UK will find that remarkable.The trip, made in a Soyuz TMA descent capsule, departing at 3.15am BST before undocking from the space station at 6.30am BST, comes with its hazards.Striking atmosphere at more than 17,000mph, a safe landing will depend heavily on friction, which will envelop the module in temperatures of up to 1,650 C 3,000 F .
Sony generated the most attention on social media at the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 , the big game trade show in Los Angeles this week, according to social media analysis by ListenFirst and Synthesio.But the results from E3 weren t necessarily a wipeout, as Xbox generated more conversations on social according to ListenFirst.ListenFirst reported that Sony s PlayStation team posted the most social content, with the God of War trailer on YouTube winning in popularity.47 percent of these posts have been on YouTube and have so far accumulated over 15 million views in the last 4 days, with the God of War trailer accounting for 27 percent of all views for PlayStation.As of June 15, Bethesda Softworks was able to climb to No.2 thanks to its domination on Instagram, posting 31 percent more than the second most active studio on the channel, Square Enix.Microsoft came in second with 19.58 percent, followed by Bethesda with 15.47 percent and then Nintendo with 14.33 percent.Square though, had the highest amount of positive sentiment with 27.23 percent of all of its mentions being positive and only 3.65 percent negative, while Sony had 16.55 percent positive and 7.98 percent negative.Microsoft had 17.36 percent positive and 7.91 percent negative.Here s Synthesio s more detailed buzz reports below for Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, Nintendo and Electronic Arts.General Playstation Mentions 46.29% Morpheus 19.29% PS4 Slim 8.48% Last Guardian 6.28% God of War 4.89% Resident Evil 3.73% Horizon 3.52% Crash Bandicoot 2.88% Uncharted 2.02% Death Stranding 1.76% General Microsoft Mentions 49.42% Xbox Slim 15.28% Gears of War 11.14% Halo 8.6% Rare 4.35% Minecraft 4.22% Deadrising 4 4% Kinect 2.61% Tomb Raider Bethesda s Top Topics:General Bethesda Mentions 27.95% Fallout 14.62% Elder Scrolls V 12.61% Doom 9.03% Prey 2 7.72% Elder Scrolls Online 7.6% Quake 7.4% Elder Scrolls Legends 5.51% Dishonored 2 4.42% Wolfenstein 2 2.76% Nintendo s Top Topics:Zelda 69.18% General Nintendo Mentions 13.8% Nintendo NX 9.26% Mario 4.33% Amiibo 2.32% Metroid Animal Crossing Starfox Nintendo s Top Topics:General EA Mentions 29.91% Battlefield 21.26% Star Wars 15.6% Mass Effect 13.81% Titanfall 12.81% Madden 6.6% Who s Posting?79% male21% female18-25 year oldsFollowed distantly by 25-35 year olds and then 13-18 year oldsTop 10 Hashtags: e3 e32016 zelda nintendo ps4 xboxe3 be3 xboxone xbox sony
South Florida-based artist Jillian Mayer has long explored the ways technology affects our lives and shapes our relationships.One of her previous web-based projects, The Sleep Site, encouraged participants to tweet their dreams, thus digitizing our nightly fantasies.But until that day comes, and we re stuck plugging away on our screens for 4.7 hours a day, what are we to do with the foggy brains, achey hands, and Golem-esque postures the little devices hath wrought?To help our bodies deal with the physical ramifications of constant phone diddling, Mayer has crafted a series of hulking, life-sized fiberglass sculptures meant to support the strange, contorted shapes your physical self takes when getting into the phone zone.The sparkly apparatuses invite you to flop your useless skeleton onto their svelte curves while immersing yourself in the digital realm.In the same vein as artists like Ana Prvacki and The Institute for New Feeling, Mayer infuses our age s compulsive attitude towards innovation, consumption and convenience with a hint of the uncanny, producing products that are, despite their surreal first impressions, more useful than most of the stuff you d find in a Brookstone.
There are still some rough edges and unanswered questions, but for some lucky users, it's the start of a renewed friendship with their Chromebooks.Unlike the extremely limited and buggy ARC implementation of the past, now Google Play Store itself is available in Chrome OS, and with it the wealth of Android apps in the market.According to early testers, Chromebooks are identified as tablets and do not have access to phone-only apps.That might make sense in some circumstances, like trying install Google Cardboard on a laptop, but apps like Instagram will be missed.Some phone apps that can be installed, however, still don't work well.And at least one user claims that previously purchased apps show up in the Play Store as unpurchased.
View photosMoreAn illustration picture shows the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign in Frankfurt, September 15, 2014.REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach/File PhotoSAN FRANCISCO Reuters - Ride-hailing companies Uber and Didi have brought many new dimensions to the startup industry, such as making billion-dollar-plus funding rounds routine.Uber, the leading ride service in the United States and much of the world, and Didi Chuxing, which claims 87 percent of the Chinese market for private vehicle ride-hailing, now share at least four investors: asset manager BlackRock, Chinese investment manager Hillhouse Capital Group, hedge fund Tiger Global and insurer China Life, according to investment records and sources familiar with the deals.According to McDonald's research, companies that have a link to a competitor through a shared investor are on average less competitive and less innovative than if they did not have that tie.But it happens on occasion: venture firm Andreessen Horowitz backed both photo-sharing startups Instagram and PicPlz.The four common investors are not betting on both companies to hedge one against the other, rather, they are putting the two together to get global coverage, said Paul Boyd, managing director at ClearPath Capital Partners, a wealth management company.
As a business minded youngster whose seen the epidemic that is Snapchat s Filters reach mainstream in mainly youth culture for now , there s undoubtedly a huge room for upside for those looking to attract customers around them.No, you do not need to create a dog filter or make them vomit rainbows, but Geofilters are becoming more and more popular and I m seeing users fall in love.Just as attractive as Face Filters or lenses, and way more under priced, the Geofilter is as powerful as early stage Twitter hashtags were in terms of creating an intimate trend with users.For any venue with Snapchat followings both big and small Get on if you haven t already , followers will stumble upon the combination snap story that has either FoodPorn on it if you re a restaurant or a beautiful scenery if you re near the water.So for those attracting young crowds to hip and Instagram worthy venues, every selfie taken within that day will most probably have your Geotag stamped on it.This is not only for young demographics however, because much like Facebook and now Twitter are becoming to see a much larger adult audience, Snapchat will soon follow and the opportunities will be something to capitalize on, why not be ahead of the pack?
Even non-fans of the Kardashian clan probably heard about Scott Disick s recent Instagram fail: The reality star was posting a sponsored Instagram post for a weight loss supplement, and accidentally copied and pasted his instructions for posting within the comment box.Most marketing campaigns rely on quantitative data to measure ROI, but content posted by social influencers cannot be tracked through traditional metrics.Throw in other concerns, regarding price transparency and content ownership, and digital marketers with limited budgets are left scratching their heads.The data-driven approach might take more legwork, but the results can be very powerful.Add tracking codes to every link provided internally and externally to maximize available data.A prominent global technology company recently hosted a global Twitter chat.
A 15-hour filibuster by Senate Democrats did more than force a vote on gun control in Congress — it s also made waves on social media.And not only did Democrats whittle away at the GOP, but they also managed to cut down on a certain hashtag on Instagram.Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts later took his turn in the Senate floor marathon, saying We need to ban gun sales on sites on the internet like Facebook and Instagram.And according to a Wired report, shortly after Markey made these comments, a search for gunsforsale on Instagram returned approximately 8,000 results.As per the photo sharing site s guidelines, Buying or selling firearms and illegal or prescription drugs even if it s legal in your region is not allowed.We also do not allow people to post offering to buy, sell, or trade firearms.
A career in advertising can allow you to be creative every day — and get paid for it.Execs on Madison Avenue spend their days plane-hopping to client meetings and schmoozing at cool celebrity-filled parties.And many of them document their work — and what they do at the weekends — on Instagram.We've picked out some of the best advertising and marketing executives' accounts to follow on Instagram.We've weighted our rankings using a not entirely mathematical scale of how often the user posts, and whether their pictures are beautifully shot/aspirational/offer an insight into their working life/or simply brighten up people's Instagram feeds.View As: One PageSlides
Sun Microsystems co-founder and former CEO Scott McNealy sees a lot of what he called Frankenstein architecture in the current digital marketing space.Wayin, based in Denver, offers searching and display of social posts, as well as visualizations of social data, like graphs showing which presidential candidate is getting the most public posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.EngageSciences, based in the UK, specializes in conducting digital campaigns based around interactive features that collect user feedback and personal data, through signups and opinions captured in contests, quizzes, polls, product feedback, user reviews and the like.That is, show user expression on a topic, capture user feedback and build your marketing list.In that combined effort, he said, a user can search, curate and display social content from attendees at, say, the annual Coachella music festival, while showing graphs of which bands are generating the most positive comments.The merged company creates a category leader in this emerging space, McNealy told me.
Occasionally, they get so excited that they forget to tell you that their plans have completely changed, so you better get on board fast.While previously Instagram ads were limited to a small number of countries, marketers internationally can now utilize the tool to its fullest potential.Specifically, marketers from Russia, South Africa, Chile, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico now have access to both Facebook and Instagram ads, expanding their reach and brand awareness.Facebook wanted to get in on the action, of course, so they launched their own version called Facebook Live.For smaller businesses, however, this could potentially not relevant to you.Although there are several other changes that have occurred and will occur in the near future, these four are essential aspects to understanding and taking advantage of the complex platform.
Motorcycle shoes aka shorty boots look good, but might not be comfortable for all-day wear, and they definitely lack new tech.Even the straps are positioned for safety and durability — the ankle strap holds laces away from the chain, while the lower strap staves off shifter rub.PlayReplay with soundPlay withsound00:0000:00Kickstarteralert icon arrow-down icon arrow-left icon arrow-right icon arrow-thin-left icon arrow-thin-right icon arrow-up icon backer-badge icon bar-chart icon bell icon book icon brand-assets icon calendar icon cart icon chat icon check icon clipboard icon clock icon close-mars icon close icon closed-caption icon compose icon conversion icon direct-left icon direct-right icon direct-up icon download icon drop-down icon duplicate icon edit-mars icon embed icon expand icon facebook-box icon facebook icon flag icon gear-mars icon globe icon grid icon heart icon help icon image icon info icon instagram icon kickstarter-circle icon kickstarter icon leaf icon link icon location-pin icon lock icon mail icon mars-close icon mars-search icon menu icon mobile icon move icon music icon pause icon pin icon pinterest icon play icon plus-circle icon plus icon report icon ribbon icon search icon share icon star icon stop icon stopwatch icon tag icon thumbs-up icon tools icon trash icon tumblr icon twitter icon unlink icon user icon video icon view-all icon vine icon volume-up icon volume icon write icon youtube iconTo keep them as tough as boots, the Roame Zeros feature D30 shock-absorbing padding around the ankle and toe.But of course, the feature that literally makes the Roame Zeros stand out is their connectivity.LEDs around the sole of the shoe light up in conjunction with the bike s signals: red lights on the sole correspond to the brake, while yellow lights function with the turn signals.According to the creators, the sizing is similar to Nike Jordans, but unlike those famous sneakers the Roame Zeros first run will only be in one color — black.
Webbdagarna Streamness explains why some companies succeed while others do not, says Micael Dahlén, Professor, author and lecturer, and highlights Tidal and Apple as examples of companies that are not going in the right paths. On Webbdagarna Gothenburg September 21 to 22, he will, among other things, to talk about "streamness", a term he means can be exemplified by success stories like Spotify and Instagram. In short - how do you explain the concept streamness? - Because I Nextopia since the book came out in 2009 has been the question "What is the next Nextopia", which of course is really question and answer in the same sentence, and now come up with a different answer. Can you say a few companies in similar areas not cherish the spirit that streamness consists of and therefore are in trouble? Until the money runs out or the world ends, whichever comes first.
You may think that you are covered because you backup regularly to an external hard drive but hard drives can fail.Here are some tips from IDrive, an online backup leader, to help you find the solution that fits your needs.Ease of useNot all software or apps are created equal so expect that some backup solutions won t be simple to use.Finding the right fit is key, as you want something that is simple, offers a wide variety of backups options such as web, software, or mobile and offers customer support who can help with any questions.FeaturesAs a modern household normally has more than five devices such as phones, laptops, computers, and tablets, the need for a better, full-featured backup solution is significant.Services such as IDrive offer social media backup for Instagram and Facebook, mobile backup, can restore apps for iOS and Android as well as IDrive Express, a free cloud-seeding service, helping users get their data to the cloud faster than using internet bandwidth.
Thousands of gamers are in LA for the world's most influential gaming show - trying out some of the biggest games of the year before they go on sale.From the battle of two huge first person shooters to the return of Crash Bandicoot - E3 2016 has been a big one.Some of that included new consoles from Microsoft, the return of the legend of Zelda and finally, some serious games playable in VR.Sony confirmed the release of its own VR headset later this year and announced several new games including a collaboration with industry legend Hideo Kojima.Serious game play with virtual reality headsets was a big aspect of E3Although Virtual Reality hardware has been available to buy for some time, more and more games are now being developed for VR and many were playable - including Farpoint - a space adventure designed exclusively for PlayStation 4.It wasn't just the games that got gamers excited, it was also their display boothsFind us on Instagram at BBCNewsbeat and follow us on Snapchat, search for bbc newsbeat