Given the sheer complexity of Global IoT Connectivity, it is not uncommon to overlook vital elements of the equation.If you think smart application enablement platform, IoT device connectivity & cloud analytics are all you need in IoT architecture, you are missing out on the major piece of puzzle – IoT device management and eUICC lifecycle management.There is a simple explanation of why IoT device management platform, despite its primary role to IoT success, can be easily overlooked.Organizations, particularly those at outset of IoT adoption, are often unaware of why they need it in the first place.Below, we dive into five reasons why an IoT connectivity management platform is the linchpin in the IoT value chain.Increased efficiency & productivityAn organization can considerably increase its productivity by knowing the requirements of its customers.This can be attained by instrumenting smart devices into operations to get better efficiency so that more can be done in less time.In addition, large-scale tasks can be completed faster & faultlessly with the help of various IoT-based software & appliances.Make sure that you’re secureAs IoT connectivity inevitably permeates every organization, those who fail to recognize the risks which are created for IoT will be left exposed.