To say Silicon Valley is an interesting place may be an understatement, and there are things that cause us to pause every now and then, such as the absurdity surrounding venture capital, valuations, accelerators, press coverage, accolades, and more.This 75-minute show parodies everything techies in San Francisco fawn over while also bringing to light major issues such as diversity, gentrification, and what really matters.The message of this amusing performance by people who actually work in the tech industry is to put yourself above all the trivial things and believe in yourself yeah, it does sound cliche, huh?.At the Z Space in San Francisco, VentureBeat attended an advance preview of South of Market, with the understanding that the show was still working out some of the kinks.Hopefully in future shows, the problems will have been solved.If you love the HBO series Silicon Valley, you ll find humor in watching South of Market; as it s filled with au courant conversations, such as references to Zenefits Z2 platform, Soylent, Android Nougat, Salesforce s new tower headquarters, Uber and on-demand service ratings, Pokémon Go, and even a renovated Dolores Park for those outside of San Francisco, it s a park where everyone enjoys hanging out on nice days .He pulls out all the stops to get nominated by trying to build a great product, but basically burns it to the ground as he obsesses over getting the accolade.The star of the show is Riley, played by Emergence Capital principal Jake Saper.He s joined at his fictitious startup — which no one really knows what it does — by Delia voiceover artist Morgan Pate and lead engineer Anish data scientist Shishir Dash .
Emergence, the 18-year-old, San Mateo, Ca.-based venture firm focused on enterprise tech startups, has rounded up nearly a billion dollars in capital commitments across two funds. It closed its sixth early-stage fund with $575 million; the outfit also raised a so-called opportunity fund for the first time, closing it with $375 million in capital commitments. […]