Mobli's layoffs were first reported by Israeli business Calcalist, and confirmed by Business Insider.Mobli's CEO Moshe Hogeg told us the company has cut 15 employees this week and is closing its Israeli R center.Sources are telling us this represents all of Mobli's remaining Israeli employees, although Hogeg insists that the company is not being closed down entirely.It jumped from one failed product to the next.How is this company still alive?Mobili sprung to life in 2010 as a photo-sharing social media site backed by starangel investors like Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, and Tobey Maguire.It later landed $60 million from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, it said, for a total of $86 million raised.For instance, Armstrong used Mobli to share that famous photo of himself with his Tour de France jerseys after he was banned for life by the International Cycling Union for doping.But then Instagram came along, Facebook bought it, and that pretty much killed Mobli as a photo sharing social network.The company pivoted to other apps."The people we talked to has marveled that Mobli says it is still in business and can't understand how.Amongst are investors: Carlos Slim, Leo DiCaprio and Kenges Rakishev and all that info is readily available.The phone is aimed at wealthy people who want a fast and stylish phone that also encrypts all their data.Sirin says it raised $72 million in funding and has 85 employees based in Switzerland, Sweden, England and Israel.
Toledo, Ohio has a dope science museum and a decent minor-league baseball team — although I think that squad s newest jersey might make it the top attraction in that town.The Mud Hens, the triple-A developmental baseball team for Major League Baseball s Detroit Tigers, are wearing Zelda-inspired uniforms tonight as part of its Geekend Weekend promotion.During this evening s outing against the Indianapolis Indians, the Mud Hens will wear a shirt featuring a design that is reminiscent of the green tunic Link wears in his adventures in The Legend of Zelda.Here s how the Mud Hens describe the festivities:Of course, the Toledo team isn t outright referencing the classic game from notoriously litigious publisher Nintendo, but one of its promotional tweets make it clear that the Save The Prince theme is really all about the Hero of Time.Well excuse me, princess is a reference to The Legend of Zelda cartoon where a goofy version of Link would drop that as his catchphrase.The 1980s were weird.Other Geekend events for the Mud Hens include the Toledo Symphony Orchestra playing music from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Star Trek on Saturday as well as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza party on Sunday.
When we want to talk to the 17- and 18-year-old kid, they follow a club, but don t necessarily relate to the brand sponsoring the club, said Markus Baumann, Adidas s general manager of global soccer.Adidas, Nike Inc. and Puma SE are relying more on individuals to sell cleats and jerseys during the monthlong Euro 2016 tournament, the year s top event for the biggest sports-gear suppliers that starts on Friday.Nike, which reports annual results on June 24, sold $2.2 billion of soccer gear last year.The U.S. company this month opened a space on the Seine river in Paris it s dubbed the Palais of Speed, showcasing videos and exhibits built around stars including Portugal s Cristiano Ronaldo, whose 42.9 million Twitter followers are a key conduit for Nike to his fans.Adidas and its rivals view the Euro tournament as the premier marketing event for sports brands this year, eclipsing the Copa America in the U.S., where Adidas Argentine star Lionel Messi has been sidelined with a back injury, and the Summer Olympics in Brazil, which isn t seen as a big catalyst for jersey and sneaker sales.Individual deals are typically less expensive -- Oezil s Adidas contract is worth a reported $5 million annually.Banking on big-name stars can backfire, though, as Nike experienced when Tiger Woods landed in tabloids six years ago over marital problems and an SUV crash.Its cleats for the back-to-school season will be brash pink and yellow numbers and its Play Loud web campaign features European stars including France s Oliver Giroud and Antoine Griezmann wreaking havoc in a hotel with soccer balls.
The Warriors' Stephen Curry and former New York Yankees player Derek Jeter have founded their own startups, while Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks launched a venture capital fund focused on finding the next big thing.Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, an experienced tech investor, is spearheading the event.Slyce, a startup co-founded by Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, helps pro athletes manage their social media posts and coordinate them with the brands they work with.Patrick Tehan/Bay Area News Group "Increasingly our players have shown an interest in technology and venture capital and sports wearables and that whole world, and so we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to get educated," said Roger Mason Jr., deputy executive director of the National Basketball Players Association.The connections players make at the summit may help them forge a second income or start a new, post-NBA career, which experts say could keep them from joining the scores of athletes who spend excessively, invest poorly and end up broke after hanging up their jerseys.Bryant Barr, right, CEO and co-founder of Slyce, talks with investor Michael Spector during a meeting at Slyce in Palo Alto, Calif., Friday, July 15, 2016.
Not my work or opinion but found this whole read interesting re:marketing and sports It s always fascinating to me being in Sports Marketing and seeing the growth of marketing in sports.But over the course of the last 10 years even, we ve seen our major professional sports leagues move more and more towards increasing their marketing efforts.The NBA has announced that they will begin placing advertisements on jerseys for the start of the 2017-2018 season.The NHL will most likely follow suit in the upcoming years, as they have reportedly already sold ad spots on jerseys for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey in September.Seeing that Lebron Jame s branded shoes generated more than $340 Million dollars in 2014, it s no surprise that Nike signed on their top client to a lifetime deal for what s been reported to be more than $1 Billion.
The Trump campaign is responding to Hillary Clinton s characterizing a large segment of his supporters as white supremacists by sending out a photo from a 2015 Trump rally in Dallas and claiming it was his appearance last night in Pensacola, Fla.The photo, taken at a September 14, 2015 rally in Dallas, has been carefully cropped to cut out the American Airlines Center logo and the retired Dallas Stars jerseys hanging in the rafters:Here s an actual photo of Trump s Pensacola rally:Mavericks owner Mark Cuban called Trump out on the lie:
Instead of being a single game that we look at in a vacuum and treat on its own merits, each year s release is merely the latest chapter in ongoing sagas.Ever since Konami s PES series switched to the Fox Engine a few years back, it has enjoyed a short period of critical, at least superiority over its flashier competitor, which limped through the early years of the XB1/PS4 generation with an engine that was, to put it kindly, dated as fuck.It was a very good football game last year let down by terrible presentation and a disappointing lack of official licenses.There s just something about the Fox engine and Konami s code at the moment that has the series in a footballing sweet spot, somewhere it probably hasn t been this comfortable in since PES 20006 glory days.FIFA has a new engine, which should have fixed a number of its longstanding issues, yet for whatever reason many of these persist.The shift to the Frostbite engine has finally banished the old thug character models, with their giant shoulders and cartoon faces and weird warping effect on the jerseys whenever they raised their arms.
Google s Project Jacquard began as a fantasy that the search giant s Advanced Technology and Projects division made reality: gesture-sensing fabrics built into clothing from jeans to jackets.It has developed in baby steps since its unveiling a year ago at the Mountain View, California-based company s I/O developer conference, when it debuted in the form of a woven fabric patch.Now a veritable platform more than a year later, Jacquard has seemingly captured the attention of Google s brightest minds, and the firm has just filed a patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a gesture control system designed to work with so-called smart garments.The patent in question is focused on interactive textiles — in other words, jackets, caps, jerseys, purses, shirts, and other bits of clothing able to recognize touch-based gestures — and, more specifically, means of input.A swipe along the collar of a connected shirt, for instance, could pause a video playing on television, while repeated taps on a capacitive kneepad could mute a stereo.The potential s endless, really: a handbag tap could launch a digital Macy s catalog; a hat swipe could download the newest issue of GQ; and a glove gesture could set a connected home thermostat to a toasty predefined temperature.
But a collaboration between Adidas and nonprofit organization Parley for the Oceans has created the first performance sportswear made from plastics that were recovered from the ocean, proving we can be environmentally conscious and develop better athletic apparel at the same time.Since its founding in 2013, Parley for the Oceans has been dedicated to raising awareness of the threats that the Earth s oceans currently face.Part of the organization s efforts has focused on reclaiming plastics that have been deposited in the Indian Ocean and are washing up on the shores of the Maldives.Those recovered materials have now been recycled and used to make performance fabrics for use by Adidas in creating sports apparel.This new performance sportswear first made its debut in the form of soccer jerseys worn by professional European clubs Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.The two teams met one another on November 5, with each club decked out in shirts that were created from materials that were completely recycled from ocean waste and used water-based environmentally friendly prints as well.
Wearables and trackers like the Fitbit have been around for years, and while the information they provide — heart rate, sleep patterns, GPS — is invaluable, it only scratches the surface of what biometric data can offer.Biometrics — the science and technology of analyzing biological data — can be as simple as taking your heart rate before and after a run, and as complicated as a blood test that determines your hormone and glucose levels.Companies like Adidas, Catapult, and Whoop have already developed advanced systems that track not just an athlete s movements and heart rate, but their precise velocity, changes of direction, acceleration, deceleration, jump height, and more.Major League Soccer clubs like Toronto FC, baseball teams like the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates, and NBA teams the league over are just a few of the organizations that are making use of advanced data to get the most out of their athletes.Sometimes these biometric trackers are worn like a Fitbit, but more and more often they re smaller and less obtrusive, like the OptimEye — a futuristic device that uses multiple satellites to track athlete movements with incredible precision that s worn inside jerseys between the shoulder blades.In addition to being able to better track the movements and performance of players in action, solid biometric data can help athletes prevent injuries.
Major League Baseball s streaming-technology unit is looking to break into the hot arena of competitive videogaming by partnering with the creator of one of the world s most popular computer games.The agreement, expected to be announced Friday, calls for MLB s BAMTech to pay a minimum $300 million through 2023 to Tencent Holdings Ltd. s Riot Games for the exclusive rights to stream and monetize League of Legends competitions.BAMTech, a spinoff of MLB Advanced Media that counts Walt Disney Co. and the National Hockey League as stakeholders, plans to launch a streaming app for League in 2017 that will run on smartphones, PCs and other devices.The companies plan to make money from advertising and sponsorship sales that BAMTech will oversee.It is projected to make up roughly 10% of U.S. sports viewing by 2020, consulting firm Activate Inc. said at the WSJDLive Conference in October.In e-sports, players belong to teams, wear matching jerseys and boast massive fan bases on social media—much like traditional sports.
As more early holiday shopping data pours in, 2016 looks poised to be the year of the small-screen sofa shopaholic.Retailers that are thinking small are winning the holiday sales season thus far.Recode reported that Fanatics, an online retailer of sports apparel, had over half its Thanksgiving revenue come from mobile devices, capitalizing on the serendipity of fans who needed to have Ezekiel Elliott jerseys after watching the Dallas Cowboys running back trample Washington.Even with this surge, m-commerce in the United States still lags behind its foreign counterparts.With the coming supremacy of mobile commerce, the web designer s mindset has to shift from being mobile-friendly to being mobile-first.While desktop shopping is often a comfy, one-session endeavor, mobile shoppers are interrupted by FaceTime calls from mom, Ubers arriving and trains burrowing into tunnels.
LatinWorks' well-deserved accent on America's pastimeSome 27 percent of Major League Baseball players are Hispanic.So, in a project that took two years to prepare, the Major League Baseball Association worked with Austin-based LatinWorks to launch “Ponle Acento” (“Put an Accent on It”), which rights a historical wrong—by putting accent marks back into names whose accents were dropped in the immigration process.“Baseball is America’s pastime and has a rich history steeped in tradition,” LatinWorks executive creative director Gabriel García tells AdFreak.Yet when we looked at its fan base, they were underrepresented, despite their contributions … and the fact that nearly one-third of MLB players are of Hispanic descent.”He continues: “We needed to ignite Hispanic passion for the game, demonstrate that they’ve played an important role in its past, are contributing to the game’s present, and will continue to influence its evolution moving forward.”
is releasing special limited edition versions of four Major League Soccer (MLS) kits as part of its ongoing eco-innovation partnership with ocean conservation group Parley for the Oceans.The jerseys have been made entirely from upcycled ocean plastic debris collected by Parley in coastal areas of the Maldives before being reworked into technical yarn fibres to create the kits.On the back neck tape of each jersey is the message “For the Ocean”.The four MLS teams involved in the initiative are New York City FC, Orlando City SC, LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders FC.The specially created kits will be worn by the teams for the first time on 23 April when New York host Orlando and LA welcome Seattle.“We are very proud to be working with a new partner in MLS and its participating teams to enforce the usage, messaging and awareness around the beauty and fragility of the Oceans,” said Michael Batz, Adidas’ vice president of football apparel.
p New Balance has created a special commemorative kit for Celtic FC to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions.The new 2017/18 home kit has been designed to pay homage to the jerseys worn by the team when they won the 1967 European Cup against Inter Milan in Lisbon.New Balance live streamed the unveiling of the kit today (4 May) across Facebook Live and YouTube from outside Celtic Park.The kit will be released on 23 May and features a gold version of the Scottish champion’s crest with the phrase ‘Lisbon 50th Anniversary 25 May 1967’ written around it in Portuguese.Three members of the Lisbon Lions squad- Bobby Lennox, John Clark and Bertie Aulds- attended the unveiling ceremony where they discussed their memories of the final and reflected on what the club means to them.New Balance has created the jerseys to be a tighter fit too, not only to reflect the style of 1960s strips but in a nod to the then manager Jock Stein’s tactical instructions for the team to wear slightly tighter strips so that the Inter Milan players could not pull on their tops.
p New Balance has created a special commemorative kit for Celtic FC to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions.The new 2017/18 home kit has been designed to pay homage to the jerseys worn by the team when they won the 1967 European Cup against Inter Milan in Lisbon.New Balance live streamed the unveiling of the kit today (4 May) across Facebook Live and YouTube from outside Celtic Park.As part of the 'Live the Legend' campaign New Balance Football's global creative agency Zak created a film with archive footage from the famous game and voiceover from some of the Lisbon Lions reflecting on their memories of the occassion.Kenny McCallum, global senior marketing manager for Football at New Balance, said: "Celtic is one of Europe’s biggest and most successful clubs and we’re excited to be able to celebrate its past and present success.We’ve created a campaign that is inspired by an amazing moment in the club’s history but is also about looking forward and building on the current success.”
Apollo tyres has come out with EarnTheJersey – an augmented reality app, which makes engagement with ardent football fans possible, on the simple premise of a football game for Manchester United FC.Manchester United has a tough task to engage 35 million fans in India and even tougher when one of your partners exit, as seen in General Motors' India departure, which will 'limit' Manchester United's jersey deal engagement.The onus is now on Apollo Tyres, partners of Manchester United FC since 2013 to market the brand in the Indian market.Directed at the brand’s target audience, they have brought together everyone who followed Manchester United religiously, and those who were football fanatics, while incorporating their own brand.The AR mobile-based app, built inhouse, allows a player to scan an Apollo Tyres logo, and swipe the football in motion to earn a jersey.The more jerseys in your account, the more chances of you winning an exclusively signed Manchester United Jersey, and many other Manchester United signed merchandise.
If you work in social media, sometimes you have to find ways to entertain yourself.On Friday, the official Twitter account of the Carolina Panthers posted this teasing tweet.Spoiler for those who don't feel like scrolling through tweets about former players, strength training, player birthday wishes and ads for jerseys -- your reward is a read through the start of the lyrics of the TV theme song from Will Smith's 1990s sitcom, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."This kind of Hardy Boys hidden-musical-message isn't original to the Panthers.Twitter user Richard Cook pulled one off with Smash Mouth's "All Star" earlier in the week.Some people (including the Chicago Cubs) definitely felt the Panthers owed Cook royalties, or at least a hat tip.
Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten is striving to elevate its name globally through a series of sponsorships and rebrands involving its subsidiary businesses.The latest effort involves, the Spanish video-on-demand (VoD) company Rakuten acquired back in 2012, and which now counts five million users across 12 European markets, including Spain, the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy.We already knew that Rakuten was planning to rebrand, a service that offers movies and TV shows for streaming across various platforms, but now it seems the rebrand is complete.Moving forward, will be known as Rakuten TV, and the company said that it plans to double down on its investment in the U.K. market, where it counts one million users.Reports also indicate that Rakuten plans to integrate San Francisco-headquartered video-streaming service Viki — which Rakuten bought in a $200 million deal back in 2013 — into the broader Rakuten TV brand, alongside and Showtime, which operates out of Japan.The news also comes hot on the heels of a global sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, a move that will see the Rakuten brand splashed across players’ jerseys.
Nielsen Holdings PLC said it began measuring the financial value of sponsoring videogame competitions and teams, the latest sign of the rising interest in so-called esports.The media-ratings company is putting a dollar amount on the exposure companies gain, for example, from putting a brand on players’ jerseys, or in digital form as part of an online or television broadcast.Nielsen similarly began measuring sponsorships in traditional sporting events last year.The move is aimed at giving advertisers a better sense of the value of the growing number of leagues, players and audiences in esports.Nielsen said it is also conducting surveys to count the number of people who identify as esports fans.So far this year, Nielsen said it has analyzed seven global esports events, determining that sponsorships ranged in value from $75,000 to nearly $17 million.